Alpha Mates

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Chapter 47

So we reached 50k 🙂🙃😱😶


HERE’S A SEXTUPLE UPDATE (that means six for the idiots. Lmfao, don’t get offended I had to look it up to find out the real name)

P.S. - that extra was a PAST EVENT, so Alex is still M.I.A

Julian’s P.O.V

“I don’t want to.” I say hugging my knees under the big tree, it’s become my spot over the past three days.

“Come on Julian.” Aiden says glancing at me for a second before returning his attention to the piece of wood he was hammering away at.

“I don’t see why we have to.” I grumble making him sigh, he puts down the hammer and walks towards me a sweating mess that made his abs completely visible under the shirt that was now stuck to his skin. He squats down in front of me forcing me to look at his face.

“We’ve spent the last few days in the middle of nowhere and it’s time we got out.” Aiden says rubbing my knees gently.

“Then lets go home.” I say making him tense a little.

“Not yet.” He says clearly, leaving no room for discussion. “Lets go to the little town tonight, it’ll be good for the both of us.” He says trying clearly to dig me out the shell I’d slowly been retreading in lately without Alex. I knew what was happening to me, I was a werewolf separated from his wolf, that said it all. I tried reaching out to him but he never answered, I knew he was there but was just too far gone. The only person who could help him was Max and he’d been trying but whenever Aiden let Max come forward, that little warmth that told me he was still there would dissipate. It was slowly eating at me, I’d become very distant and depressed and now I clung to my bond with Aiden to keep me afloat.

“Okay.” I agree reluctantly. He smiles widely warming me up a bit, he hugs me suddenly making me groan angrily. “You’re nasty and wet! Get off me!” He just hugs me tighter, rubbing himself against me purposely. My groans mix with laughter as I try to escape from his grasp. “Aiden!”

“Yes.” He says laughing before finally pulling away before resting his chin on my knees.

“Now I have to bathe again.” I complain glaring at his smiling face.

“We can bathe together.” He says suggestively while leaning in. My eyes widen as I look at him panicking slightly, he’d been trying to inject some type of intimacy into our mending relationship but I’d been the one holding back. He stops when his lips brush mine slightly before popping his eyes open. “I can hear your heart on the verge of collapsing.” He says pulling back slightly, still keeping his eyes focused on mine.

“Sorry.” I mumble looking away in shame but he lifts my chin up not allowing me to retreat into myself.

“What’s wrong?” He asks sincerely, his warm eyes searching mine for answers.

“I’m scared.” I say truthfully.

“Of what?” He asks with a slight frown.

“You never t-trusting me.” I whisper hoping it’d be inaudible.


“I don’t want to go back to how we were with you still not trusting me.” I say pulling my chin from his grasp and burying my head into my shaking arms. I didn’t want to look at him and see his reaction, I didn’t want him to hate me.

“We will never go back to how we were Jewels.” He says warmly running his hands through my hair. “I’m hoping we’ll come out from all this better.”

“What if we don’t?” I say peaking up a little.

“I’m trying to think optimistically, ma says it’s good for the soul or some bullshit.” He says making me laugh. “There he is.” He says smiling as I slowly raise my eyes to meet his.

“I love you.” I say a bit louder.

“I love you too.” He says before leaning in to press a soft kiss to my cheek sending my body aflame. “And as for the trusting part, I’m almost there.” He says filling my heart with both joy and hope. “Just give me a little time okay?”

I nod quickly felling my lips tug into a weak smile, I look into his dark eyes warming at the sight of that familiar gold streak. Gathering my courage, I take a deep breath before leaning in and pressing my lips to his for a split second before retreating with sizzling lips. My entire body buzzes in an uncontrollable current running through my veins from the connection. He watches me with widening eyes while his fingers trace his lips softly, I felt my heart hammering away along with his own. I knew we’d done much more in the past, but never had I felt such a strong reaction from just a kiss that wasn’t more than a second.

He stands suddenly before reaching a hand out for me, I take it as he pulls me up. I follow behind him relishing in having him hold my hand as he leads me inside the little house. He leads me into the bathroom before closing the door behind us, I ignore my racing heart as he walks behind me before grabbing a hair tie from the counter. I watch him in the mirror as he pulls my hair up into a bun without a word, I relax as he works slowly. When he’s done he runs his hand along my shoulder gently, his calm eyes meet mine in the mirror as he presses a light kiss to my shoulder making me gasp slightly from the rush it sent all the way to my toes. I stay silent as he unbuttons my shirt slowly not letting his eyes leave my own, the intensity so strong that my heart was on the verge of giving out. He slides my shirt off revealing my upper body that thankfully had much more meat on it since coming here, he presses another kiss the back of my neck making me shiver as his hands leisurely make their way down my body. Unbuckling my pants, he slides it off along with my underwear. My cheeks flood with colour at the sudden reveal of my shamefully harden member, his hands continue to trace my body brushing past my member purposely. He gives me a light push towards the shower before taking off his shirt, I get in turning on the water taking a deep breath when the warm water hits my skin.

The shower door opens shortly after before closing again, I try to steady my breathing from the feeling of Aiden’s presence behind me. I made sure not to turn, enjoying the feeling of his breath tickling the nape of my neck. He reaches over my shoulder for the soap, breathing into my ear making me tremble a little before pulling back. I jump a little when his hands start lathering soap onto my stomach, he makes his way up and down my body at a painfully slow paste as I stand perfectly still for him. He suddenly presses his body against mine making me aware of his awaiting member, he continues to rub soap onto the both of us, I don’t dare to look back as he moves his hands skillfully. I gasp when he reaches my member, his hands moving slowly on purpose. I lean back into his chest, closing all space between us as he rests his head on my shoulder. I whimper slightly at the attention my member was receiving while he presses light kisses along my shoulder and up my neck. All too soon, he redirects his hands to another part of my body before putting down the soap allowing the water to wash me down, I turn my head slightly to look at him as he runs his hands along my body removing all traces of the soap. His eyes connect with mine suddenly making my heart stop at the sight of those beautiful, dark orbs. He leans in slowly stopping when his lips hover over my own, brushing them ever so lightly as our eyes stay connected. My breathing quickens as our lips graze each other’s teasingly, I close my eyes as I press mine to his inhaling deeply at the electricity that ran through my body instantly. We stay completely still, not moving from the connection that was paralyzing me from everything else as I start floating from the vibrations that ran through every blood cell in my body. Slowly our lips start moving as our bodies rejoiced from the connection I missed so much, I turn around not breaking the kiss as I press my hands to his chest while his slide around my waist pulling me in closer. Our lips move at a steady paste as we deepen it, our tongues dance to a perfect melody as we explore each other’s mouth relishing in the taste I’ve missed so much. Reluctantly I pull away for air, panting as I look straight into his eyes that held so much emotion I could cry.

He takes off the water before reconnecting our lips, I kiss him back without a complaint as he lifts me up opening the door and walking us to the bed as we continue to kiss with flaming bodies. He lays me down before lowering himself over me taking my lips in his again, I moan into his mouth as I dig my hands into his hair while wrapping my legs around him pulling him in closer as the kiss slowly becomes more heated. After a while he breaks it much to my dismay before licking his fingers quickly and reconnecting our lips, I feel his fingers trace at my entrance before he pushes one in slowly. I tense up a little since it’s been a while since we’ve done anything, he kisses me harder to draw my attention from the slight sting of pain that it was causing. After a while, the pleasure replaces the pain as he quickens his pace a little while placing another in. He drives them deep inside of me making me moan loudly as he presses kisses along my jaw and down my neck. It doesn’t take long before I’m moaning as he drives four fingers into me while kissing me everywhere his lips could reach. He removes his fingers before taking my lips in his again, our lips move in sync, completely driven and filled with hunger. He pulls away leaving me panting as I slowly open my eyes to look at him, he stares down at me with loving eyes that made me feel so safe. He lines himself up before stopping to look at me, I nod slowly giving him a weak smile. He slowly pushes himself in making me tense up but I force myself to relax as he continues until he’s completely buried inside. He leans down kissing me again trying to distract me from the pain as I slowly adjust. I pant against his lips as I open my eyes to look straight into his beautiful, black orbs that showed nothing but a love I’d hang onto forever.

I nod encouragingly as he stares at me, he slowly pulls out before thrusting himself back in. He continues while I tighten my grasp on him trying to ignore the pain, slowly it’s drowned out by pleasure as he pushes himself deeper into me. We moan together as he buries himself hitting the spot that made me see stars. I throw my head back as he quickens his pace slightly, I moan as he brings me to a world of unforgettable pleasure that was blinding. I feel myself verging the point of releasing as I open my eyes to look at him again.

I love you - I say through our link as he continues to thrust himself into me.

I love you too - He says kissing me as I empty myself onto my chest, he releases soon after, shooting himself deep within me. I whimper from the incredible feeling, trembling against him as he pulls out of me before lying down next to me. He pulls me into his chest as we lay on our sides, we look at each other for a long time before I lean up and kiss him again while his legs wrap around me, using his arms to pull me into him. I inhale deeply as we relish in the feeling of each other’s lips, with hearts that beat as one.

This is personally one of my favorite chapters I’ve written. Wrote this while listening to a bunch of sad songs, a whole new world I swear.


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