Alpha Mates

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Chapter 48

Aiden’s P.O.V

My eyes stayed trained to Julian instead of the menu it should be on, his eyes were much livelier and his skin had a sort of warmth to it that I hadn’t seen in a while.

“Would you stop looking at me.” He says keeping his eyes on his menu.

“I don’t think I can.” I say making his cheeks pick up a tint of color that made my smile grow wider. When he doesn’t respond, I rub my foot against his leg under the table. He jumps in surprise with wide eyes before glaring at me. We were in a low lit restaurant, at a corner table with the table cloth going as far as the floor so I knew no one would see.
When he ignores me, I run my leg higher against his, but he doesn’t falter. I push his legs apart making him groan, I quickly slide my shoe off before kneading his member with my toes. He gasp in surprise as he leans over the table, his hair blocking his face. He pushes my foot away while I laugh at his reaction, he slowly sits up when he’s regain control over himself.

“What is wrong with you?!” He hisses harshly, adjusting his pants while glancing around to make sure no one noticed.

“I’ve had a taste for something I like very much and now I want more.” I growl licking my lips, his cheeks go up in flames as he lifts the menu to block me from seeing him.

“I’ll get angry if I can’t see you.” I say while laughing as I try to tug the menu down but he wouldn’t budge. “Jewels..”

“No.” He snaps making my smile grow wider. I slide my foot back between his legs making him squeak a little while his hands shakily hold onto the menu, I press my foot against his slightly harden member as he slowly leans forward.

“Either you let me see you...” I say while brushing his thigh. “...or I have some fun.” I say pressing into his member slightly harder.

“F-Fine.” He stutters lowering the menu revealing his beautifully, lit face with the color running up to his ears. I remove my foot making him let out a breath of relief even though I caught a glimmer of disappointment in his eyes. “Now behave.”

“What are you getting?” I ask picking up the menu and looking through it for the first time.

“The Vegetarian Wonton special.” He says with new excitement.

“Of course.”

“You?” He asks ignoring my comment, I look through the menu quickly picking out the things I usually liked.

“I think a couple wontons, some noodles and the sweet and sour chicken.” I say closing the menu happy with the choice. “I love Chinese food!”

“Clearly.” He mumbles closing the menu as he glances around the restaurant. It was pretty nice for such a small town and there was a good number of people, it took us two hours to get to the town since the house was literally in the middle of nowhere. “What do we do about Isabel.”

“Who?” I say sipping my water, my joyful mood now gone.

“Don’t be like that.” He says while I groan in response. “She was just trying to help, give advice like any friend would.”

“Yeah, but friends don’t give shitty advice.” I spit making him sigh.

“I know she’s been trying to reach you as much as me, we should at least talk to her.” He says leaning over to table when I don’t respond. “We can’t just cut her out of our lives.”

“Here’s some scissors.” I say making his eyebrows knit together in clear frustration. “She’s a stupid person with fucked up ideas on how to make someone’s mate jealous. When is it ever a good idea to make your mate jealous?! Exactly.”

“I was the one who did it.” He mumbles with eyes filling with immediate guilt. I sigh when I realise I’m just scratching at a healing wound. I take a deep breath before reaching over the table and taking his hand in mine.

“I don’t want nor need her in my life.” I say truthfully. “Now, we can spend the night arguing about that bitch or we can have a good night, just the two of us.”

“Okay.” He agrees as I rub his hand soothingly with my thumb. We order our food soon after and dig straight into another conversation, it was nice to see him let loose, well as much as Julian could. He’d been growing more distant lately and I knew it was because of Alex, Max was starting to slip as well with the separation but Julian didn’t need to worry about that. He was laughing and smiling so brightly it blew all my troubles away.

“I’m so full!” Julian shouts loudly as we walk through the streets of the little town. He starts laughing at absolutely nothing as I tuck him under my arm, chuckling at his peculiar behavior.

“You didn’t even drink.” I say with a smile as he runs away from me to swing around a nearby pole. “Trying out the stripper biz?”

“I already know my stage name.” He says climbing up high before spreading his legs. “Jewels.” He says before sliding down.

“Julian, what the fuck.” I say clenching my stomach as I double over laughing. He bellows out a series of laughs before standing up, he grabs my hand and pulls me across the street without even looking, dragging me towards a small park area. He jumps the fence completely ignore the No Entry sign since it was closed.

“Come on.” He says biting his lip before turning and strolling away. I groan as I start scaling the fence, angry that he knew just how to draw me in like prey. When I catch up to him, I grab him from behind him, kissing his neck as he laughs against me.

“You didn’t really think that I’d let you get away with that.” I growl licking his ear, smirking at the whimper that escapes his lips. “So sensitive.” I whisper running my hands up his shirt to brush his nipples.

“S-stop Aiden.” He stutters, trying to escape my grasp.

“But look at how you’re reacting.” I say using one hand to knead the obvious tent in his pants.

“N-no.” He says squeezing his legs together. I oblige, removing my hands and back away from his slightly panting form. He looks at me with wide eyes as I walk ahead of him.

“You told me to stop, so I listened.” I say sending him a wink as he fixes his clothes. He was too proud to ask me to continue, so he’d spend the night with blue balls.

“I hate you.” He grumbles as he catches up to me. We walk in comfortable silence as we talk about the strangest things, with Julian adjusting his pants every now and then. He was acting happier than usual, jumping around like a fucking chimpanzee. I didn’t want to kill his vibe, so I kept my comments to myself and let him continue his mental high.
We approach a large fountain that was still running because apparently this town has the money to do that. Julian jumps onto the edge of the concrete boarder before I could stop him. He balances himself as he walks around the edge with a goofy smile.

“Come on.” He says offering his hand for me.

“I rather not.” I say shaking him off but he grabs my hand pulling me up. We shake a bit before we’re stable again, he giggles as we hold onto each other’s shoulders for support. He takes a step back forcing me take one forward testing both out balance, we continue circling the thin edge as laughter slowly bubbles up my throat.

“Would you be mad if I pushed you in?” He asks making both me and my laughter freeze.

“Yes. Yes I would.” I say seriously. He nods in understanding before tilting purposely, dragging me with him into the freezing water. I resurface with chattering teeth as the water falls directly on my head, swimming away I look around to find Julian floating peacefully as he stared up at the stars. He looks down when he hears me approaching before he starts splashing around to run away. I catch him before he can escape me as he makes pleads for his life, after rolling around a bunch, I finally paralyze him, holding his wrist tightly with one hand while keeping him in my lap with the other. The fountain was so shallow, I sat on the floor with ease.

“I didn’t push you in.” He says quickly. “I fell in and you decided to come with me.”

“Bullshit.” I say tightening my grasp making him hiss.

“No harm done.” He says with a nervous chuckle.

“My phone is in my pocket.” I growl making him laugh.

“What? You don’t need a phone when you’re a werewolf. The link works fine.” He says defensively.

“Some of us have social lives Jewels, with humans.” I say making him open his mouth several times, only to shut it shortly after.


“Yeah.” I say watching his amused eyes. He wasn’t even sorry, he was just being extra mischievous tonight. “Why are you so happy?”

“Am I supposed to be depressed?” He asks raising an eyebrow.

“No. But this is different for you.” I say honestly making him roll his eyes. I let his wrist go as I rub his cheek with my hand. “What’s going on? I say seriously, his eyes study me for a while before he sighs, the once vibrant joy fading away quickly.

“I’m really happy tonight. The dinner, laughing and just talking with you. I’m happy, and I don’t know if I’ll be happy again.” He says quieting down with each word as his eyes become teary. “I can feel it already, what I’m becoming without Alex. I don’t want to be that way, b-but it’s happening.”

“Hey.” I say wiping away his fallen tears. “Everything going to be fine. You’re going to be okay.”

“No I’m not.” He says crying harder, my heart squeezes itself as I watch him visibly unravel before me. He rests his head over my shoulder, preventing me from looking at him as he continues to sob. “I won’t be okay. It’s already happening and I hate myself for letting it. I want to be happy with you every night, every day, all the time and not worry about if I’ll be like this ever again. But I can’t, c-cause I’m already changing.”

“Stop talking like this!” I growl angrily pulling him forward to look at him. “You’re always going to be you! My Julian! My perfect, little Jewels! And you’re g-going to be fine! You still feel him and there’s still time and we’ll find a way! So s-stop!” I shout before I rest my head on his chest to hide the tear that escaped my watery eyes. “Just stop...”

He doesn’t say a word as I hold onto him tightly, hiding myself in the safe blanket I felt covered in when I was close to him. He rubs my back gently as he buries his hand into my wet hair.

And we stay like that.

In silence.

With the tables now turned.

Me crying in clear fear of losing him and him comforting me already accepting the only future he saw for himself.

Am I crying? Y-yes....
I’m so fucking weak.


I’m sorry. I’m sorryyyyyyyyy.
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