Alpha Mates

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Chapter 50

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Aiden’s P.O.V

“Stop glaring at him like that.” Julian whispers dragging my eyes away from his brother and down to him as he walks besides me. He forced me to put him down but I refused to let him more than an inch away from me.

“I’m not.” I say making him frown.

“Behave.” He warns pressing a kiss to the hand he was holding, making my heart flutter momentarily. I focus on that feeling and try to push out the thoughts of killing his stupid brother. I looked around at the little group walking through the woods, they were two guys behind us and three in front us with Oliver directly before us. Oliver still looked like the same piece of shit I knew growing up, just older. He didn’t even look like Julian, the only similarity being those blue eyes.

“Aiden can I trust you to control yourself or should I get the muzzle and the leash?” Oliver says turning around with a sly smile that made my blood boil.

“Why I oughta shove a brooms-”
I stop mid-threat from the sound of Julian’s hand connecting with Oliver’s cheek that echoed throughout the woods. I bite my lip from laughing as I watch in surprise as Julian glares at his older brother who was looking down at him with wide eyes.

"Do not speak to my mate like that.” He seethes through clenched teeth making both Oliver’s and I’s eyes widen. Julian always stood with his brother, even if the guy was wrong so to see him go against him for something so small was mind blowing.

“Y-yeah, sorry.” Oliver says rubbing his coloring cheek as Julian walks back over to me. He opens his mouth to say something, but I stop him by smashing my lips into his. He moans into my mouth as he slides his arms around my neck while I wrap mine around his waist pulling him into me. I bite his lip hard making him moan even louder before pulling back.

“You’re the best mate ever Jewels.” I whisper before pecking his nose lightly making him smile widely, the slight glint of regret I saw earlier, now gone completely. I look up at a clearly upset Oliver before smiling at him in my own personal triumph.

“We’re here.” He says in clear annoyance, ignoring it, we follow him entering the front gates of the pack I didn’t use last time I was hear.

Good times...

Walking in, my eyes dart around trying to map out the layout along with the number of rogues for when we attack. We are going to attack this place, for sure, it’s inevitably truly. There’s a rouge pack in the backyard of our own pack and that’s supposed to end well? Nah, they’re all going to die.

The people’s eyes stay glued to me specifically, some glaring others quivering slightly in fear. I didn’t really care, they’d be dead soon enough. The thought of them all dead was the only thing that was allowing me to keep it together. A entire pack of sickening rogues and witches too, I could bark at the thought alone. It was truly testing my patience and strength, but I filled my mind of thoughts of Julian getting better to keep control.

We follow Oliver into a small warehouse like building, where the men leave us alone with him. It was a little homey space that wasn’t too bad, but wasn’t necessarily good either. But what can you do when you’re a fucking rogue.

“What happened to you?” Oliver starts immediately, after closing the door. “You were M.I.A for a month and then some. I couldn’t check your pack and you weren’t at the meeting spot, what happened?”

“Mate stuff.” He whispers sitting in my lap after I sat down, completely oblivious to his brother’s twitching eye at the act.

“You wouldn’t understand.” I say innocently, Julian gives me his warning glare but I didn’t care cause it was totally worth it to see the fumes rise from Oliver’s head.

“So Julian, why are you here?” He asks trying to ignore my comment.

“It was Aiden’s idea actually.” He replies timidly making the man’s eyes widen. He clearly didn’t feel comfortable talking about what was happening so I rubbed his back soothingly as I pick up the conversation.

“Julian and Alex’s bond is on the verge of disappearing, his wolf is unresponsive.” I say pressing kisses to Julian’s neck each time his tensed up while I talked.

“Jesus Julie, how long has this been going on for?” He asks with evident concern for his brother.

“A month.” He whispers, drawing himself closer to me.

“So it was you.” Oliver growls transferring his attention to me. “He goes missing because of ‘mate stuff’ and his wolf disappears the same time, what the hell did you do!”

“Aiden didn’t do anything wrong!” Julian defends but I stop him before he continues.

“Yes I did.” I say making him turn to me with confused eyes. “I left you and that was beyond wrong. I can never apologize enough for doing that, you know why I had to and I know I truly had to leave. We both messed up.” He stares with me with wide eyes as I look back at Oliver. “Your brother needs help, help I can’t give. We’ve tried what we know and it’s not working, Julian said you had some witches here and I’m hoping they can help.”

“Yeah, n-no of course. I’ll go call Katerina right now.” He says before rushing out the door.

“See, he’s not bad at all.” Julian says as we watch the guy scamper off.

“He’s only like this because it’s you.” I say making his eyebrows knit together. “He has a serious brother complex that I’m not a fan of.”

“I don’t know what that means and I don’t care, he’s my brother and I trust him.” Julian says turning so he can straddle me.

“Yeah well I don’t.” I say as I look around the small, makeshift house. “Something’s off about him.”

“Let’s just drop it.” He says with a frustrated sigh. “Don’t you love being back, the smell of the woods.”

“All I smell are rogues, so I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I say with a chuckle when he hits my chest angrily. “It’s the truth!”

“You’re the worst.” He mumbles trying to get off of me but I pull him back before he can, grabbing onto his ass to keep him in place. I knew now wasn’t the time nor place and I wasn’t going to do anything, I just liked to see his face turn red whenever I touched him here and how he’d whimper when I’d squeeze him.

“I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to you and you know it.” I say smiling as he pushes my chin up before trailing my lips with his finger.

“It’s the other way around.” He says with a smirk as his fingers continue to brush my lips gently. “I bet I’m in your dreams.”

“Hell yeah, you want to make those dreams into a reality?” I growl squeezing his ass as I grind myself into him making him smile as a mischievous laugh bubbles up from his throat.

“I don’t see why not.” He whispers as he continues to trail my lips while pushing himself down onto my hardening member. “Do you want a kiss?” He asks seductively as he lowers his lips to mine. I hum, nodding slightly as my eyes stay trained to his as perfect little lips. I give into my desire and start kneading his ass, low whimpers escape his lips causing his warm breath to brush my lips as if his lips hovering over my own wasn’t torture enough. He tilts his head to the side to kiss me but doesn’t as a sly smile stretches across his lips, he continues to tease me not letting our lips connect as I grind myself into him.

“Oh God!” A voice exclaims making our eyes find the door where Oliver stands with a young woman who’s smiling widely. “No! Nooooo! Not on my furniture! Not on my land! No!”

Julian doesn’t say anything as he slides off my lap much to my dismay leaving me with a quite aggressive boner.

“Some things, a man doesn’t need to see his brother do.” Oliver mutters without letting his eyes meet mine. “T-this is one of those things.”

“Chill, I held back. It could’ve gotten much worse.” I say smirking at Julian who’s cheeks immediately flooded with color.

“If I had a gun...” Oliver mutters as he rubs his temples.

“Hello, I’m Katerina.” The girl greets walking into the room. She was dangerously beautiful, like all witches, she was smiling brightly but that couldn’t blind the fact that she was a witch.

Witches and werewolves are two species that just do not mix. Nobody really knows why we hate each other so much, we just can’t stand the sight of the other. Some say it’s because we’re like the original, natural supernatural creatures before pixies and vampires started popping the fuck up and naturally hate each other. Others say it’s because they created vampires, so we hate them for that shit. But I love vampires like all werewolves and witches, they’re the fucking Switzerland of the supernatural world. They don’t suck our blood to survive, they kill the humans so it doesn’t affect us. They’re was also the theory that the Moon Goddess was not on good terms with the Original Witch so that fucked us all over for life. I don’t know nor care why, all I know is that the scent of the girl made my eye twitch. Since she was a castaway obviously the urge to kill her wasn’t as strong, but rest assured, it was still there.

“Hey.” I say trying to sound civil for both Julian and I.
Julian hated witches more than I did since they tried to kidnap him as a kid once, never got out the house though. All Alpha kids stood the risk of being kidnapped, I don’t know why witches and rogues get so wet off of it, but they do. They never got far but every once in a while there was a case like mine when they did.

“I hate you as much as you hate me so it’s cool.” She says with a bright smile that confused me momentarily. “I don’t like beating around the bush about it, you want to kill me and I really want to kill you along with all these rogues. But we can’t right now, so let’s just try and keep it together.”

“Why are you in a pack of rogues if you hate werewolves.” I ask frowning slightly as she took a seat before folding her legs as she twirls her hair.

“I was trying to make lemonade but life handed me some prunes, so I’m stuck here making prune juice.” She says with a shrug making me chuckle. “Now I heard that your wolf’s playing hide and seek.” She says to Julian who growls as I bite my lip to stop my oncoming smile.

“He’s fading away.” Oliver interjects. “I know you’re the best so help us out Kat.”

“Do I look like a fucking pussy to you? No, my name is not Kat.” She snaps at Oliver making me snicker. “It sounds easy enough, I gotta feel around first.”

“They say to keep witches away from your mind.” Julian says making her laugh.

“With good reasoning too. Good thing I’m not that bad of a witch.” She says cracking her neck and knuckles. “Come here.”

Julian stand reluctantly as he goes to the girl who pats the seat beside her, he sits as they turn to face each other. She takes a deep breath before closing her eyes and pressing her fingers to his temples. A cold air passed through the room as she starts humming, I thought it was some witchy juju but I soon realized it was the melody to Hello by Adele. She pulls away after a while, smiling at Julian who just rubs his head with a slight frown.

“You are all types of fucked up.” She says laughing making Julian’s frown deepen. “It’s an emotional thing. Your wolf has buried himself into one of the deepest parts of your mind, hiding himself in growing darkness. I felt a lot of pain, he feels betrayed and hurt.”

“What happened between us wouldn’t be enough to do that to him.” Julian says glancing towards me.

“No it wouldn’t.” I mutter.

It’s me - Max says lowly, the pain so clear that it made my heart clench.

What did you do? - I ask with growing curiosity.

I broke a promise - He mutters with evident guilt and regret in his tone.

“It’s Max. I knew something was up, I don’t know what, but he said it’s him.” I say interrupting the conversation that branched out between the three.

“Max being your wolf?” Katerina asks. I nod as she thinks on it for a while. “I can bring him out, but that’ll be by force. If I bring him out and this doesn’t work, he’ll slip back into a deeper part of you’re mind and make both of you even worse. I can only bring him out a few times before he’ll be gone forever.”

“What makes you the wolf expert?” Julian Asha aggressively. “I don’t like the idea of forcing him to talk, he’s a hardheaded guy it wo-”

“Wolf.” Katerina says interrupting him.


“He’s a hardhead wolf. ” She corrects looking around awkwardly. “He’s a wolf, not a guy.”

“Would you shut the fuck up.” Julian asks politely making Oliver laugh.

“Look, I don’t know what happened that caused your wolf to retreat but he’s a wolf. W O L F. Wolf. Meaning the things they feel are much deeper than any of us. Wolves are a family type of creature, they move on bonds which is why a mate bond is so strong. If your wolf feels betrayed it would’ve cut deeper than it could ever do you or me. So when you say guy, I have to correct you because he is a wolf and you can’t approach this situation as if he were anything else.” She finishes confidently.

“I really hate witches.” Julian mumbles after some time before looking at me.

“He’s not coming out any other way, so we should do this while we still can.” I say but his doubt doesn’t change.

“I don’t want to betray him like this.” Julian says with troubled eyes.

“You have to before he’s gone.” I say gently.

“Did you guys just ignore everything I just said about betrayal? Cool. Cool, cool, cool.” Katerina says before she starts hovering a ball of fire in her hand.

“Fine.” Julian agrees finally, before turning to Katerina. “Will this hurt?”

“Like a bitch.” She says laughing before turning to me. “I’m going to need you to not attack me, can you do that for me?”

“No promises.”

“Forcefield it is.” She says before snapping her fingers. I’ve sadly had the pleasure of seeing some witches practice magic and they were never as quick as she was, they needed spells and ingredients but she just did it like if she was just breathing.

She places one hand on Julian’s heart and another on his forehead as he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. She starts chants some incoherent gibberish when shit starts shaking. This is exactly why I don’t fuck with witches.
I watch intently as wind start blowing and her chants get louder, that’s when Julian’s screams start piercing the air. My immediate reaction is to run help him but as I do, I’m hit by such a strong charge that I go flying into the wall. I keep forcing myself up to go help him, but end up just hurting myself.

“It’s like watching a dog with a shock collar.” Oliver mumbles making my growl in frustration as Julian’s screams replace my every thought.

Let me come forth, you can’t take it - Max says as I stare at my bawling mate completely confused. Reluctantly I let him come forward as I sink into my mind with Julian’s screams getting quieter and quieter.

Maximus’ P.O.V

“So you’re the wolf. What’s up with the red eyes?” Oliver asks, his voice much different from the one he had when speaking to Julian and Aiden. “He’s not a rogue, so why does he have red eye and is such a powerful alpha.”

“You have red eyes and you’re an alpha.” I reply making his eyes darken considerably.

Sore spot.

“I’m not an alpha completely.” He mutters. “Not yet..”

“And you won’t be anytime soon, I can not wait to detach that smug head from your body.” I say smiling at him as Julian’s screams quiet down. “Now can you shut up, I’m about to see my mate.”

He mutters some words under his breath before leaving the hut with rage filled eyes, similar to Aiden’s own. The screams die down completely as I look at the two before me, Katerina removes her hands from his body before waving her hand like a wand walking towards me.

“He’s here.” She whispers before exiting the room. Leaving me along with my little Alex.

Alex has entered the bu-bu-bu-building! *sirens*
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