Alpha Mates

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Chapter 52

Aiden’s P.O.V

“I really hope this worked.” I say leaning on the wall of the warehouse watching Julian’s sleeping form. Max pushed me back forward only to find a sleeping Julian, I tried talking to him to find out what happened but he was in no mood to talk. I could feel him like usual so I knew he was fine or as fine as could be since I came to with tears running down my face.

“We’ll see.” Katerina mumbles next to me. She came to check on Julian’s mental state and stuck around for some reason, Oliver disappeared. not that anyone cared.

“So what did you do to get kicked out your covenant?” I ask trying to make conversation with a witch of all people.

“Why do you assume I was kicked out? I could’ve left.” She says raising an eyebrow.

“Well did you leave?” I ask.

“Lol, fuck no. They kicked me out.” She saying laughing as I roll my eyes.

“What’d you do?” I ask trying to feed my curiously as well as settle my nerves that were growing each passing moment Julian stayed asleep.

“Power makes you the strongest.” She says growing a rose from thin air as she caresses the petals gently. “I got powerful, so I became the strongest.” She says as the flower literally floats above her palm and spins slowly. “Then I got too powerful.” She says as the rose stops and shakes slightly. “And I didn’t know what to do with all that power. So I tried to lock it up.” She whispers as the petals burn off one by one. “Then one day, it got out.” The flower turns to ash and falls to the ground as she tucks her hand back into her pocket.

“That doesn’t really answer my question.” I say making her chuckle. “So how do you control all that magic now?”

“I don’t.” She says with a smirk. “I’m just rejuvenating before I go back to wipe out my lovely covenant.”

“You sneaky little minx.” I say gasping in realization. “You’re drawing power from the rogues.”

“I hope you can keep a secret Aiden.” She says with a finger over her lips as she walks away. “If you need my services again just say Kat."

“I thought you hated that name.”

“I do, that’s why it’ll work.” She says in a duh tone.

“Hey Kat!” I call making her turn with rage filled eyes. “Let me know when you’re going all ballistic on your covenant, I need to let off some steam.”

“Will do.” She says with a smirk before leaving the warehouse. I head over to Julian not wanting to be in the rogue infested territory longer than necessary, I pick him up carefully as I leave the warehouse walking to the first person I see.

“Tell Oliver bye for me would you?” I ask the rogue which snarled at me but nodded. “And get yourself a fucking toothbrush. What the fuck.”

I walk out the pack and make my way through the woods on foot, I was just grateful the sun was still up. I look down at my sleeping mate praying to Goddess that he was okay and so was Alex. I press a kiss to head making him mewl before snuggling into my chest. I smile to myself as I continue to walk.

“Alpha?” Someone at the gate says in surprise as I make my way to our pack entrance with tired legs.

“Yeah, open up please.” I say not really I’m the mood for reunions.

“What happened? You smell like rogues? What’s wrong with Alpha Julian.” He continues to question masking me groan.

“I thought I told you to open the gate.” I growl making him gulp.

“I’m sorry.” He says shouting something making the gates open as other patrollers watch us with the same look he did.

“I’ll have a meeting tomorrow night, spread the word.” I say blocking all links as I walk tiredly through the pack lands. I greeted a few people not stopping to talk as I just tried to get to the pack house as quickly as possible.

“Aiden!” I look up to see Emitt running towards me at full speed. “Where the fuck were you?!”

“Out.” I say simply smiling at my friend who I actually came to miss.

“I missed you.” He says quietly before looking at Julian. “Is he okay?”

“He will be.” I say looking at Julian as we approach the pack house. “How’s things been without us?”

“Fine. Beckett and I have been keeping things afloat.” He says smiling proudly.

“Good.” I say offering him a weak smile as we walk up the stairs of the pack house. He opens the door for me quickly as I come face to face with the bitch that made me see red.

“A-Aiden.” Isabel stutters in surprise as she looks down at Julian and then back up at me with nervous eyes. I swallow my rage and walk past her and head straight to the elevator.

“Do me a favourite Emitt?” I say once inside. “Make sure nobody comes up to our suite.”

“Okay!” He says eagerly looking at Isabel awkwardly. I let my eyes settle on her as I stare at her imagining all the ways I could end her life, I don’t break the gaze until the elevator door comes to a close.

Fucking bitch.

I look around our suite which seemed so dead and abandoned. There was a broken window with glass all over the floor and it was mostly a mess. I head to our room only to find it in a state of all my clothes scattered around the bed which was covered with ruffled sheets. I head to one of the extra bedrooms instead, laying Julian down on the bed and pressing a kiss to his lips before leaving him when I’m sure he’s fine.

I start by washing our sheets and packing away my clothes before tidying our room. Once it’s clean I tuck Julian under the new clean sheets before heading outside to the glass. I clean that mess up, deciding to question Julian about that later before cleaning up the rest of the house. I cleared out the fridge of all the rotten food, before going down to the pack kitchen and grabbing a piece of salmon and some bread.
By the time I’m done it’s around ten as I renter our room with the meal in hand. I rest it on the night stand before sitting next to Julian and brushing the hair out his face.

“Hey, time to get up Jewels.” I say softly as he shifts slightly. “Come on.” I say making him groan. “I have Salmon.” One eyes pops open making me smile as he looks at me before shutting his eyes again. He squirms a bit before sitting up muttering profanities under his breath.

“When did we get home?” He asks rubbing his eyes sleepily.

“I brought you here after what happened with Alex and Max.” I say carefully. “Can you feel him?”
He stays silent for a while as he closes his eyes to focus on reaching his wolf.

“He’s here!” He exclaims suddenly. “He’s talking!” He shouts with a wide smile. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding as he visibly drifts away to their mental conversation. I hand him the food before leaving the room for him to talk to his wolf. Sitting down in the living room I try reaching out to my own.

He’s back - I say hoping for a response.

Good - He says after a while, he sounded so sad and broken.

What happened? - I ask only to be met with silence. Max, what happened?

H-he won’t forgive me - He says his voice cracking a bit at the end.

What did you do? - I ask with growing concern.

I destroyed us - He cries before fading away. My concern grows as my mind runs rampant with thoughts of what the hell happened between the two. Julian walks out the bedroom with a wide smile as he jumps into my lap completely disturbing my thoughts.

“How’s Alex?” I ask resting my hands on his waist.

“He says he’s fine but I know he’s not. I didn’t want to push it too soon though, I’m just happy he’s back.” He says joyously. “He left when I asked what happened with Max.”

“Max sounds pretty broken to me.” I say making my worry transfer to his eyes which I didn’t want so soon. “Did you eat?”

“Yeah, I loved it.” He says kissing me suddenly making my eyes widen as he pushes my against the couch, kissing me aggressively.

“Mhmm.” I hum kissing him back enjoying this moment of pure bliss. We had finally resolved all our issues, well all but one. “Julian..”

“Let me go bathe.” He says getting off me and disappearing before I can respond. I sigh as I contemplate how I was going to talk about this, there was really no good way to start a conversation so shitty. Heading to our bedroom, I throw on a loose t-shirt and sweatpants happy that I bathed earlier before sitting on the edge of our bed with my knuckles to my mouth as my mind tried to piece everything together reluctantly.

“What are you thinking about so seriously?” Julian says taking me by surprise as he leans over my back. “Sorry I took so long, I just missed hot water so much.” When I don’t reply he slides down to sit next to me watching me with worried eyes. “Aiden...”

“I was seven, not six.” I say pushing back the fear that rose with the memories.

“Is this..” He questions carefully.

“I was seven when they took me.” I say looking at him prepared to repeat what happened with the rogues for the first time in my life.

52 chapters and we finally get to find out. Oh shit, I meant 53. You still have to wait.
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