Alpha Mates

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Chapter 54

Julian’s P.O.V

“Julian!” Aiden and I turn to see my father rushing out of the newly built hall among the other pack members.

“You can go ahead, I’ll be home soon.” I say turning to Aiden and pressing a light kiss to his cheek. He gives me a weak smile and makes his way home without a word. I let out a breath as I watch him walk down the road with slightly slouched shoulders as he kicks a lone pebble along.

When Aiden stopped crying after telling me the brutal things those wretched creatures did to him, I took him to bed and tried my best to comfort him. He feel asleep after hours of me holding him while whispering words of love to try and sooth his mind of the frightening events he had to relive.
The next day I catered to his every need, he didn’t like that much, told me he didn’t want to be pitied or treated differently. But I couldn’t help but want to hug him when he looked so beaten down, I kind of wished he hadn’t told me seeing how it affected him but he assured me that it was for the best.

I told him to rest today while I go talk to the pack, but he insisted it was important we both were there. We apologized like our lives deepened on it to the pack, we’d been absent and more concerned with our personal lives than the pack and that was unforgivable. But they forgave us, they actually didn’t seem to mind much, understanding our situation without a complaint. We dealt with pack issues, some future plans and before I knew it we were leaving.

“How can I help you?” I say turning to my father who was wearing a slight frown.

“I wanted to give you some more time before bringing this up but some pack members are already asking questions on the issue.” He says making his frown transfer to me as I clench my fists unknowingly.

“What is it?” I say lowly fearing for the worst like an uprising of sorts.

“They want to know your plan for kids.” He says making my eyes widen considerably as I swallow the lump in my throat.

“K-kids?” I stutter in disbelief.

“We know you’re both male but you’re also both Alphas, you need to start looking into your options.” He says as I run my hands through my hair in frustration.

“We’re only eighteen.” I say making him scoff.

“Don’t try that. If Aiden was a girl, he’d already have a pup in him. You know how it works.” He says as I shake my head to try and clear my head of images of a pregnant, female version of Aiden.

“Now’s not really the best time.” I say trying desperately to get myself out of this conversation.

“Well make it the time.” He growls steeping closer. “If you meant any word in there about being better Alphas, then make this a priority.”

“I’ll bring it up, somehow.” I say making him smile widely as he backs away.

“That’s my boy!” He says before attacking me with a surprise hug before running away to join my awaiting mother.

I sigh as I look up praying for a solution to fall from the sky. When bird poo falls in my hair instead, I decide to head home ignoring the disturbingly warm liquid running down my face.


“A bird took a shit on your face.” Aiden says laughing at the door as I finish up washing my hair and face in the sink.

“It was more in my hair, but yeah.” I say grabbing a small towel to dry myself. He continues to laugh as he walks over to me, sitting me on the counter before drying my hair while I watch him.

“That just made my day.” He says glancing down at me with amused eyes.

“Glad I could be of service to you.” I say keeping my eyes looked on his beautiful face as I inhale his intoxicating scent that made my heart beat faster.

“If you keep looking at me like that, I just might think you’re obsessed with me.” He says leaving the towel to hang on my head once he’s finished, as he looks down at me with a mischievous smile.

“And if I am?” I ask raising an eyebrow as his hands trail my sides.

“That’d be a little creepy.” He says making me laugh. “But I wouldn’t mind.” He says kissing my forehead. I pull him down by his neck attaching our lips, sending vibrations all the way to my toes from the connection. Our lips move in sync and I pull him closer, wrapping my legs around him tightly as he moans into my mouth. I let my tongue invade his mouth, taking all of him I could reach as my body relishes in the spectacular feeling of his warmth surrounding me. I pull away with a smile as he watches me with slightly dazed eyes while panting slightly.

“I love you.” I whisper making him smile widely.

“I love you too Jewels.” He says giving me a quick peck. “And I’d love you even more if we could eat lunch right now, we skipped breakfast.”

“It’s always about food.” I say wrapping my legs around him as he picks me up and makes his way to the kitchen. I peck teasing kisses down his neck before making my way up and trailing his ear with my tongue as he shivers from the touch.

“Not now Julian.” He strains as I start grinding myself against him, he quickens his pace making me smile against his skin.

“Why not?” I whisper seductively as I bite his ear making him moan to my satisfaction. “Let’s play.”

“Oh God.” He mutters as I scrape my teeth along his mark. He finally makes it to the kitchen much to my dismay, he puts me down on the kitchen island as he backs away panting with an obvious tent in his pants.

“Come on.” I say taking off my shirt and lying down on the island as he stares at me with lustful eyes. We hadn’t had sex since that one time in his little sanctuary, which I loved truly, but I was shamefully horny the last few days and I needed him more than ever. “Aiden..” I call with a smile as he visibly fights with himself to control himself.

“N-no. We need to ummmm.... no.” He says stumbling over his words as I slide off my pants throwing them his way. “Jesus Julian.” He all but moans out as I palm myself through my underwear.

“Aiden.” I moan as I stare at him with need with a leaking member.

“W-we need We n-need to eat!” He says as his eyes dart down to my member constantly before returning to my eyes. I smile to myself as I slip off my underwear revealing my erection as he licks his lips while sinking his hands into the counter.

“Eat me.” I say making his eyes glow as his resolve breaks and within a moment he’s on top of me peppering kisses down my body as his hands find my member almost instantly.

“I’m not stopping.” He growls bringing his face to mine as he squeezes me making me moan while his licks under my neck sending shiver down my spine. “Not until I’m satisfied.”
I smile against his lips as he leads me in a heated kiss while stroking me mercilessly. I moan into his mouth, withering below him as I feel myself already approaching the edge.

“I’m g-going to c-”

“Hello.” I freeze instantly as Aiden makes an effort to move but just sends us both to the floor, me lying naked on top of him with a pulsing erection.
I get off him quickly as I stand to my feet to see Isabel wandering the house seeming a bit lost until her eyes connect with mine, never have I been so grateful for paying extra for the kitchen island that was now blocking her view of my, well, my Jewels.

“Hey.” I say panting as Aiden stands as well handing me my clothes, I put on my underwear and pants quickly as Aiden gives her a deadly glare. I throw on my shirt which was hanging on top of the fridge before returning my attention to the destructive situation.

“What do you want?” He seethes as Isabel gulps nervously.

This should end well.



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