Alpha Mates

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Chapter 55

Aiden’s P.O.V

“I was hoping we could talk.” Isabel says nervously as she tries to avoid my eyes.

“And I was hoping you’d die.” I say ignoring the pain in her eyes as Julian kicks my shin. He glares at me before looking at Isabel with much kinder eyes.

“Give us a minute okay?” Julian says making her nod quickly as she runs off to sit in the living room. “You need to stop.” He hisses making me frown.

“It’s better to be honest.” I say defensively as he runs his hand through his damp hair in frustration.

“We need to talk this out.” He says making me roll my eyes. “She’s one of my best friend’s Aiden and I’m not going to abandon her because of a mistake.”

“Well you can have fun with the bitch, I prefer to cut out all things negative from my life.” I spit making his eyes glow with rage.

“She’s in mine and that means she’ll be in yours! So you can either come with me and at least try to work through this or you can growl to yourself for the rest of your life every time she comes over or you see her in the street.” He says in a harsh whisper as he checks Isabel before glaring at me. “You’re not a child so stop acting like one.”
I feel my anger boiling but swallow it quickly cause I knew he’d not be saying these things if he didn’t miss her so much. He’d refused to meet up with Beckett and Isabel and I knew it was for me. They were best friends and I didn’t want to do anything to make him sad, I could at least sit there for him.

“Okay fine.” I say making the wrinkles fade from his forehead as he lets out a breath before snickering. “What?”

“I didn’t think that’d actually work.” He whispers making me frown as he doubles over laughing silently.

“If you keep laughing I won’t help you take care of this later.” I say squeezing his obvious erection making him quiet as I walk away. I sit down in a couch opposite Isabel as she straightens up immediately, Julian walks in soon after sitting next to me with slightly tinted cheeks that made me smile.

“So Isabel wh-”

“I’m so sorry!” She shouts immediately cutting Julian off as she looks at us desperately. “I’m so so sorry! It was stupid! I’m stupid! I broke you guys up! I could’ve broken your bond and the pack and I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have gave the idea, it was stupid, I’m stupid. I’m sorry!” She says rambling on as we watch her with wide eyes.

“Isabel breath.” Julian says cutting off her apologies as she takes deep breaths until she settles in shaky pants.

“I’m sorry.” She whispers when she’s less crazed.

“It’s okay.” Julian whispers making both our heads snap to him in surprise. “It was a stupid plan but I was stupid for going along with it. It’s not entirely your fault. It’s okay.”

“I didn’t mean for all this to happen.”

“What did you want to happen?” I ask speaking for the first time as I sit up watching her with threatening eyes. Julian squeezes my hand to try and stop me but I ignore him. “What did you think would happen?”

“Honestly?” She asks hesitantly as she glances at Julian who was shaking his head vigorously while I nod in opposition. “I thought you’d get mad and take him home, tie him up maybe and fuck him.”

“Isabel....” Julian groans as he buries his hands in his face while I watch her in disbelief.

“You didn’t think I might kill the guy?”

“Rough him up a bit, yeah. But I didn’t know you’d go berserk on the man.” She says before leaning back slightly when she hears my low growl. “I wasn’t thinking, sorry.”

“Yeah whatever.” I say walking away from the conversation, those two could sort out the rest. I was halfway through some chick flick that wasn’t half bad when Julian walked into the bedroom. I take off the tv as he crawls onto the bed, deciding to lie on me instead of next to me.

“She’s gone.” He whispers.

“I’d assume so.” I reply making him scoff.

“Do you forgive her?”

“No.” I say making him sigh. “But I’ll tolerate her for now.” I finish making him smile widely as he snuggles himself into me. I run my hand through his silky hair as we sit in comfortable silence.

“We need kids.” Julian says suddenly making me cough on nothing as my heart stops, he sits up along with me, staying planted in my lap.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Some of the pack are already questioning what we’re going to do about it.” He says hesitantly, feeling equally as uncomfortable as I was. “We’re men, but we need kids since we’re Alphas, kids with our blood so what will we do?”

“We just mated a few months ago. Isn’t this too soon?” I argue making him chuckle.

“We both know it’s not.” He replies as he searches my eyes for answers as I search his for some.

“Do you even want children?” I ask looking at him not sure how to paint a picture of Julian with a kid on his hip.

“I never really thought about it as if I wanted them. I’m an alpha, I have to.” He says making me frown slightly. “Don’t tell me it’s a choice cause it’s really not. The pack expects certain things and I need to provide them, an heir is part of the deal. I’m truthfully not the best with kids though.”

“I know. I’ve seen you spend your childhood a loner and then I’ve seen how you react when pack kids try to talk to you.” I say making him look away guilty. “You look at them like they’re parasites.”

“Cause they are!” He defends. “Pooping themselves, peeing their beds, babies cry all the damn time and they always want to play, why can’t they just relax!”

“You were one of them.” I say laughing in amusement at his little outburst.

“I know, it makes me cringe at the thought.” He says with a sigh as I laugh while running my hands through his hair. “What are we going to do?”

“You could always get pregnant.” I say after a while making him scowl as he hits me everywhere his hands could reach while I laugh at his reaction.

“Shut up and be serious!” He exclaims as my laughter continues along with his attack.

“I am. You’d be a great mom.” I snicker making his rage double as he puts some kick into his punches that start hurting a little. “Imagine you with a kid in you.” I say rubbing his stomach as he slaps my hands away angrily.

“Aiden.” He groans.

“What? I can call up Kat and she can help me get a baby in you. Ya know, pop one in the oven no problem.” I say laughing even harder, making him growl angrily as he slides off of me and stomps away.

“There is no oven you imbecile!” He shouts making me laugh harder at his little tantrum. I slide off the bed and follow behind him before he gets too mad.

“I’m kidding, don’t take it so seriously.” I say following him to the elevator where he glares at me, he goes to touch the button for the library but I push for the roof. “Don’t look at me like that, I was just playing around.” I say pulling him into me, he doesn’t pull away but the scowl doesn’t leave his face. When we reach to the roof, luckily the whole thing is empty. Most people tend to come up here at night to hang out with the nice barbecue and bar areas we put in.

We were so high up we got a great view of most of the woods with a slight glimpse of our old pack houses from here. Most young people moved into this house, it was a major upgrade so I couldn’t blame them. The older members stayed in the old pack houses since it’s where they grew up which was expected. Isabel was in the pack house since she still was mateless, while Emitt and Beckett moved into a house they got built recently. We sit in one of the couches as we snuggle into each other watching our lands comfortably.

“Such a beautiful view.” A voice says making Julian and I jump to our feet as we find Kat sitting on the opposite side dangling her feet over the edge of the roof.

“What the hell.” Julian whispers in shock as she smiles back at us. “What are you doing here?!” He growls as he walks over to her.

“I was summoned so here I am.” She says looking at us. “You guys got some nice land.”

“Thanks..” I say as Julian bores holes into the girl with his eyes.

“Nobody summoned you, so why are you really here?” He says making her frown.

“Did you not say Kat?” She asks towards me making me realise what I did by accident.

“Sorry.” I say when her face drops in disappointment and anger.

“A girl has a life you know.” She says but makes no moves of leaving.

“If you don’t go soon you’ll have a pack on your ass any minute.” I say making her laugh.

“I’m not dumb enough to come here without blocking my scent from you weirdos with your little scent fetish.” She says making Julian growl as I just snicker in amusement. “Stop growling at me, Jesus.” She says as I sit next to her.

“Killed your covenant yet?” I ask making her smile widely.

“Not yet, I’m at a strong ninety five percent. A couple more days and you’ll get the call.” She says making me smile eagerly.

“I can’t wait.” I say as her eyes twinkle with excitement.

“Are you two friends?” Julian asks still standing behind us as we turn to watch his confused expression.

“Goddess no!” I shout.

“That’s disgusting!” She exclaims with a shudder.

“She’s a witch babe.” I say relinquishing the thought from my mind.

“And he’s a slobbering beast when the moon comes up.” She says snickering as we both growl at her. “So kids!” She says taking us by surprise as she smiles brightly while my mind runs rampant with thoughts.

“How did you e-”

“I hear everything after you call for me.” She says cutting me off. “So you want to get pregnant Julian?”

“No! I don’t!” He shouts in frustration as his cheeks heat up. “I do not! I never....Aiden.....n-no!” He shouts as he lets out huffs of clear rage before running to the elevator and disappearing as we laugh together.

“He’s adorable.” She coos making my laughter stop as I look at her while Max growls angrily. “I’m not trying to bang your man, so lose the look.” She says looking away. “Werewolves, sooo emotional.”

“Don’t witches have a mate of sorts too?” I ask making her groan as she jumps off the edge making my heart stop, but she floats up while just lies in the air like if she wasn’t levitating.

“You see that? That’s what the thought of a Linker makes me want to do. Kill myself.” She says laughing as I stare at her in a state of shock. “You want to join me?”

“No.” I say quickly but she just smirks mischievously and before I know it I feel my body slowly moving off the edge. “Katerina! Stop!” I shout as I clenched onto the sides while the rest of my body hovers over. She just laughs in amusement as I’m finally clawed away from the edge and levitating too. I hold in the scream that wanted to leave my mouth as I look down at how high up we were.

“Relax Aiden.” She says laughing as she props her hands under her head. “Just relax.”
It takes me a while for my breathing to settle as I catch a hold of myself, I refuse to look down and instead focus on the psychopath next to me. I eventually settle enough to lie down as I look up at the sky, it felt like I was on a surface of some kind but also like I was floating but I tried not to focus on it.

“You called it a what?” I ask trying to redirect my thoughts. “Your version of a mate.”

“Linker.” She says with clear aggravation. “It’s sort of like mates but much, much worse. Like you, they’re our other half, all that soulmate bullshit, can’t live without them yada yada. But the Original Witch didn’t give us an out like your Goddess lady did, we don’t get to reject and move on. We’re not so lucky.”

“What do you mean?” I ask slightly intrigued.

“You see, witches draw power many different ways. We don’t get to choose what you draw from, they’re the earth bitches, the dark magic whores and the ancestral dicks. I’m a lovely abnormal who draws from all, but that’s not all, this girl draws from people too.” She says making my eyes widen in surprise. “I know, I’m a catch.”

“So what does that have to do with these link things?” I ask making her sigh.

“When we find our Linkers, you stop drawing from whatever you used to. You start drawing from them, they’re your little battery for life. It doesn’t hurt or damage them, it’s a two way deal with witches. Your power strengthens considerably and you have your other half. I know, sounds just peachy. But if you reject them, then what do you draw from?”

“You both die.” I say in realization.

“Oh, both of us?” She says as her eyes widen. “I never realized the other person dies too, that sucks.”

“So why don’t you want to meet yours?” I ask in confusion. “You’re already super powerful, won’t it just boost you.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” She says glancing my way. “I’ll go from drawing from everything to one person, it’ll just weaken me.”

“Oh shit..” I say feeling kinda bad for the girl.

“Yep.” She says looking up at the sky. “That Original Witch is a real bitch!”
She shouts angrily as I watch her silently.

“Why’d you tell me all that?” I ask as she stands.

“You asked.” She says in a duh tone. “Don’t think anything into this you friendless pig.”

“I’m not friendless.” I defend.

“You’re right, that’s me.” She says laughing. “Self projecting.” She says with a shrug.

“You’re a bit weird.”

“Who wants to be normal? Plain bitches if you ask me.” She says scoffing. “Now I’ve had my fair share of werewolf today, so I’ll be on my way.” She says making my heart drop as I realise I’m hovering on nothing. My body slowly moves back to the edge where I grip onto like never before.

“Katerina, what a mouthful.” I say making her smile.

“You do know that you two can get p-” She stops herself as she smirks at me with a devilish grin. “You’ll figure it out.”

“What?” I ask in confusion as she laughs like the demon spawn she was.

“Bye Aiden.” She says with amusement before disappearing in thin air, with absolutely no trace of her.



“Is your witchy friend gone?” Julian asks as I walk into the study where he’s jotting things down into his little notebook.

“We are not friends.” I growl defensively.

“Sure, cause werewolves are usually so chummy with witches.” He says sarcastically as I circle the table and slide my hands around his chest pressing kisses to his skin as he lets out a low staggered breath.

“Want to continue what we started earlier?” I ask nibbling on his ear making him moan lowly.

“I’m w-working.” He stutters while his pen slips out of his fingers as I slide my hands down his shirt, searching his broad chest while worshipping his skin with my lips. “P-pack business...”

“But didn’t you want to play?” I ask squeezing his nipples making him moan out as he shakes a little in his chair.

“Not now.” He moans out as I pull away my hands making him let out a breath of relief but I just twist his chair to me as I sit in his lap, sucking on his mark while kneading his member through his pants. “Nghh!”

“But I’m hungry.” I say pulling back to look at his panting form, I quickly unzip his pants as I take his member in my hands. “What was it you said earlier to do?” I asks letting my lips brush his as I stroke him quickly.

“No.” He moans out even though he was thrusting himself into my hand.

“You said eat me.” I say looking into his lust filled eyes as he moans uncontrollably. “And I’m very hungry.” I finish taking his lips with my own as I start stroking him with both hands, he moans into my mouth as he clings to me while struggling to return to kiss.

“Cumming.” He says breaking away from the kiss as I press kisses down his jaw. It doesn’t take long after for him to cum as he empties himself in my hands while I continue to stroke him. He moans shakily as he clings onto me while I continue to stroke him. I circle his tip with my thumb making him whimper as he tightens his grip on me. I knew how sensitive it was right now and that’s exactly why I’d be taking advantage of it. He tries to stop me but I continue to tease his tip making him whimper uncontrollably, I put one of my hands into his mouth making his eyes widen in surprise.

“Lick it.” I say making him frown clearly opposed to tasting his own cum. When I push my thumb down on to his tip he complies immediately, licking my fingers cleaning as I continue to tease his now hardening member. When thats hand’s clean, I switch to the other smiling at him as he watches me with teary eyes while sucking my fingers, the sight was enough to me shiver as he moans around my fingers.

I pull myself of his lap as I kneel between his legs and stroke him with one hand while I focus on sucking his tip, circling it with my tongue while watching him intently.

“Aiden n-no!” He cries as he leans over trying to push me off, but his hands were weak as I continued my attack on him. “It’s sensitive!” He tries but I continue loving how he was shaking in pleasure and whimpering uncontrollably. I use my other hand to push him back against the chair before taking his nipple into my fingers. Circling it teasingly, pushing into it and squeezing here and there as he arches his back moaning loudly. I switch to the other when its sticking out nicely while still teasing his tip with my mouth.

“Ahhhh!” He cries out when I take him completely into my mouth. His voice was lighter than usual, softer, more vulnerable and I was loving this new side of him. I continue to suck him attentively as he whimpers every time my tongue swept over his tip. “S-stop!” He cries as tears stream down his face as he shakes, if he wasn’t so hard I’d be worried but I found myself loving the image of his crying face while whimpering. He gave no warning but a high pitched mewl as he emptied himself into my mouth while shaking like a leaf. I swallow it all pulling away once he’s done as I watch him panting while shaking a little in the chair, drying tears lacing his cheeks.

I give into temptation and circle his tip with my thumb making fresh tears escape his eyes as he doubles over with a high squeal. I pushed Max back as I watch him shaking while panting vigorously. “N-no moureh! A-Aiden I c-can’t!” He tries desperately, usually he said stop even though he wanted more. But this time he seemed a little scared of what I was doing to his body, but I could see the twinkle of excitement and lustful gaze he gave me despite his words. And for some reason this version of him turned me on so much.

“I told you I wouldn’t stop.” I say trying to hide my excitement as I pick him up and head to the bedroom.

“I can’t.” He says as I walk into our room, laying him on the bed before crawling on top of him, my mind running rampant with thoughts on what I could do to him.

“It’s not good?” I ask feigning being hurt. He looks at me with concerned eyes before biting his lip.

“I don’t like what you’re doing to me.” He says as his cheeks up.

“I love it.” I say trying to keep back the flood of lust that pushed me to attack my mate. “I really love it.” I say stroking him suddenly making him squeal again, that sound making my resolve crack.

Before I know it, I’m ripping off his clothes until he’s looking up at me while his body shivers slightly. My eyes trail his mouthwatering body as I try to decide how to unravel him completely.
He was weaker than usual so I could do whatever I wanted to him.

I sound like a pervert.

I flip him over before pulling his knees up so his ass was right in front of me, I squeezed it without hesitation, kneading it and massaging it as he clings to a pillow in front of him while moaning loudly. I pull his hand up from behind him making him look back with a slight frown.

“What are y-you doing?” He asks as I lick his fingers before lining them up with his ass making his eyes widen. I’d always prepared him, he never done it himself and I would be lying if it didn’t make my member leak at the thought. I push one of his fingers in making him moan as I direct him carefully while he shakes from his own touch. Soon he’s going at his own pace and adds a second finger which makes him whimper as he erection leaks before my eyes, I direct his other hand to his member which he strokes hesitantly. I take off my clothes quickly before palming myself as I watch him finger himself while stroking himself as a series of moans escape him. I didn’t think Julian used to masterbate before me so this must of been new to him. When a lovely mewl escapes his lips as his body shakes, I surprise myself by cumming in my hands. I ride out my orgasm, groaning in pleasure as I watch his lustful eyes. I resist the urge to slide in a finger of my own and decide to go for his over sensitive tip instead, sliding under him, I take him into my mouth making him cry out desperately, music to my ears.

“N-no!” He tries again as his hand stops stroking him.

“Don’t stop.” I growl as he whimpers before he continues to stroke himself while fingering his ass as I take him back into my mouth. He cries out as I look up to see him looking down at me with tearful eyes that brought my member back to life immediately, I stroke myself unable to resist as I continue to suck his head mercilessly.

“Nghhh!!!” He strains when I circle my tongue around his head as his body shakes like a leaf. “S-stop!” He squeals making precum pour out of me like a faucet. I loved how he begged me to stop but stroked himself faster while thrusting into my mouth slightly. He whimpers profusely as his body shakes, he cries out suddenly as he cums once again into my mouth while I cum into my hands as he shakes while I suck him mercilessly. Once we’re both done, I pull back panting as he drops both his hands while he shakes above me. I slide out from under him as I watch him nowhere near done. I told myself not to but I couldn’t help it, I loved his new reactions and cries so much I couldn’t help but want to draw out more. I press into his tip once again making his body fall as he cries out for the world to hear while he shakes on the bed.

“N-n-no..” He says shaking as a shiver ran down my spine from his current state.

I don’t think I can stop.

“God I love you so much.” I say hovering over him as I press kisses to his skin, sucking on his mark as he turns in efforts to stop me but doesn’t work in the slightest. I press out bodies together as our erections rub against each other while I suck on his mark.

“P-please.” He tries as I raise his leg to to give me better access.

“Don’t want me to?” I ask pulling back as I press my member against his entrance. “You don’t want this?” I ask innocently as I thrust myself into him completely making him arch into me as he moans loudly, him clenching around my member as I stay buried inside of his moaning form. “Well fine.” I say pulling out as he whimpers from the loss, his watery eyes catching mine. “Are you sure?” I ask slamming back into him, smiling down at him as he gasp with wide eyes. I make no effort to move even though my body screamed at me to do so, instead I stay perfectly still as he lets out low cries below me, adjusting to me quickly as he starts moving against me but I pull out wanting it in words. He stares at me in clear frustration as his body squirms slightly under my own.

“I-in.” He stutters with rosy cheeks, I knew it was the most he would be able to say for now.

“Only if you stroke yourself.” I say loving the low cry that escapes his lips which he bites roughly. I lean down, taking his lip between my own teeth before kissing him viciously as he tries to keep up. I pull away when his hands slowly find his member which he touches hesitantly, with a low cry he starts stroking his erection before closing his eyes right before I thrust myself back into him making them pop back open. I waste no time, thrusting into him mercilessly, feeding my insatiable hunger for the man as I took his body for all he was worth. He moans below me as he strokes his leaking member, I hook my arms under his knees before pushing forward to bring him up a bit before thrusting back into him with a quickened speed. Tears burst from his lovely blue eyes as he looks at me desperately as he strokes himself, I swear the man would drive me crazy with that look. Feeling myself growing closer, I drive myself deeper making sure to avoid his spot as he moans under me.

“A-Aiden!” He cries out bringing me right to the edge, I make sure to hit his spot as I empty myself into him as he does so into his arms as he squeaks under me. I keep myself buried inside of him as we ride out our orgasms, panting I look down at my lovely mate who looked completely drained in the best way.
I sit up keeping my member inside of him before doing what I now loved doing to his body, he clenches down on me as I tease his member while he cries with fresh tears.

“S-s-stuhgg itft!” He tries but his words are incoherent as his eyes roll, I feel myself hardening as I start pumping him some more. “N-nnnooo!” He cries as I watch him with lustful eyes.

“We’re no where near finished.” I growl pressing down hard as I thrust myself into him. He mewls much to my delight as he lies open and for the taking, just how I like him. “Enjoy baby.” I whisper into his ear before licking it.

Maybe I am a pervert.

I wrote it and I’m shook. I don’t know how I did this, but I’ve never been more turned on in my life.

Long ass chapter too, 4835 words.


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