Alpha Mates

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Chapter 56

Julian’s P.O.V

“You’ll lead the hunting trip.” I say as Aiden’s eyes light up with excitement.

“It’s going to be amazing!”

“Just leave the rogue pack alone, all other rogues are fair game.” I say making his eyes widen.

“What happened to rogues being people with families?” He asks smugly.

“We have to start planning the pack retreat for the recently shifted wolves?” I say ignoring his statement, if I told him it was because of what happened to him he’d get mad.

“You can take that one.” He says making my eyes widen in horror.

“It’ll be filled with children!”

“I know, good practice.” He says with a smirk as I grunt and close the book. “Are we done? Please tell me we are, it’s been two hours.”

“That’s enough for today.” I say making him let out a breath of relief before his eyes fill with lust. “No.”

“I didn’t do anything.” He says putting his hands up in surrender.

“You wanted to.” I growl making him groan in frustration, I get up quickly in efforts to flea as I head for the kitchen.

“I already apologized and everything, raise the sex ban Julian.” He begs as he rushes behind me.

“No.” I say firmly as I dodge his oncoming hands that try to grab me as I walk into the kitchen.

“This is unfair!” He complains as I pull out some things I needed to make dinner. “It’s been a week!”

“Can you promise me you won’ what you did to me again?” I ask turning to look him straight in the eye.

“You mean play with yo-”
I cut him off by groaning loudly in discomfort as I try to push back the memories of me squealing like a girl.

“Do you promise?”

“Of course not Jewels.” He says making me roll my eyes as I continue to look for the things I need. “Stop acting like you didn’t enjoy it.”

“It’s not acting, I didn’t.” I growl back making him scoff.

“The fact that you came about ten times begs to differ.” He says laughing as I turn away to hide my blush. “And the way you would cling onto me while shaking as you cri-”

“Shut up!” I shout. “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!”

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about love, it was amazing.” He says trying to corner me but I push him away as much as possible.

“If you don’t leave me alone, you’re going to start making your own meals.” I say firmly as he backs away immediately.

“Fine.” He says with his hands up in surrender. “I’ll get you sooner rather than later.”

I let out a breath as I lean on the counter for support. It wasn’t so much of me being angry as it was me being embarrassed. I know I took on the female role when we had sex, but I was still a man and the memories of how I reacted that day weren’t sitting well.
I try to brush the thoughts off as I make plain alfredo for me and some with chicken for him. It was one of the easier meals to make when we had such different eating habits. I was almost done making the meal when I realized Alex wasn’t making his usual complaints about us being vegetarians.

Alex - I call out hesitantly.

Why do you sound so scared? - He answers after a while with a tone that sounded in pain

You need to talk to Max - I say praying he wouldn’t fade away like he did every time I brought up the issue.

Just drop it Julian - He growls defensively.

I can’t when I know you’re hurt - I say making him sigh. Don’t say you’re not, I can hear it in your voice. I may have you back but it’s not you.

I’m fine

No you’re not! - I exclaim angrily You barely talk and when you do it’s because I called you out. You sound broken and in so much pain, you don’t laugh or make jokes anymore. You never want to come out anymore, I can’t help you because I don’t know what happened between you two.

Drop it. That’s the last time I’m telling you this. - He says before fading away without another word making me groan loudly in frustration.

“What’s wrong?” Aiden asks walking in to the kitchen as I take the food off the stove.

“Nothing.” I reply as I start plating our food while he grabs some juice and utensils. Whenever I told him it was Alex, he said Max would whine in pain and fade away as well. We eat at the table with casual conversation when a plan clicks in my mind.

“Block out Max.” I say making him frown as I block out Alex, not that he was listening.

“What’s up?”

“We need to fix whatever happened between Alex and Max.” I say making him freeze for a second before he nods in agreement.

“How do you suppose we do that when we can’t get the two to talk or even tell us what happened?” He says leaning back in his seat.

“We got about two weeks left of the Christmas vacation and we still haven’t done our project. I say we go on the one week camping trip we planned and then pull them forward, trapping them together.” I say with a smile, proud of myself while he just scowl in disapproval.

“They’re so many holes in this.” He says squeezing his forehead. “For one, when they realise what we did they’ll push us back forward. Two, they’ll hate us and then we’ll have more problems. Three if it doesn’t work out between them, we could lose both our wolves. Four, their wolves and can’t do our biology project, I will not let my grades drop because of them.” He finishes crossing in arms in clear opposition.

“We can get the witch girl to pull them both out for a full week and they’ll definitely make up during that time.” I say confidently while he still looks as me skeptically. “And all they have to do is monitor the wolves and their behavior, they are wolves for crying out loud. It’ll be fine.”

“I do not support this.” He says picking up our empty plates.

“Do you have a better plan?” I ask as he washes the dishes while I sit on the counter watching him.


“Then were going with this.”

“I really don’t think th-”

“It’s decided.” I say ignoring him as he turns around to look at me with annoyance.

“This is going to end horribly.” He says with a sigh as I watch him carefully. “What?”

“We haven’t talked about the rouges since you told me about what happened to you.” I say hesitantly as he tenses immediately.

“What’s there to talk about?” He says diverting his eyes.

“I wanted to give you some time before bringing this up.” I say making his worried eyes immediately catch mine. “Let’s sit.”

“You’re acting like someone died.” He says analyzing me carefully. “Just tell me.”

“Listen to me for once and just sit.” I say jumping off the counter before taking his hand and leading him to the living room. He wears a scowl the entire time as I seat us on the couch, holding his hands in my own.

“Seriously Julian, what’s wrong? You’re acting weird.” He says looking down at our hands while I take a deep breath. “Are you going to propose?”

“You said Reon wanted to create rogue packs.” I say jumping straight into it as he freezes instantly as the smile leaves his face. “Oliver has a rogue pack and after he became alpha five years ago, they’ve been popping up ever since. I know you’re thinking it too.”

“I don-”

“I think my brother is connected to what happened to you Aiden.” I say hating myself for even suggesting this. “He knows something.”

“I figured as much.” He says with a shrug as he looks down at me. “And that’s why I’m going to kill every rogue I can get my hands on. There’s a pack full of them just outside our lands, I’m going to kill every single one of them, including your brother.” He says making me heart drop as he utters the words I hoped he wouldn’t.

“I understand why you want to kill rogues now, I truly do, but he’s my brother Aiden.” I say desperately knowing that he’d truly kill them all when the time was right. “He’s my family.”

“He’s a rogue.” He growls as his eyes glow that fiery red, I rub his hands in effort to sooth him. Soon enough they return to their normal dark tint as I take a breath.

“I’m going to talk to him.” I say ignoring the low growl that rumbles from his throat. “I need to know for sure before I just assume.”

“Do you really think he’ll just tell you? Cause he won’t Julian.” He says with a voice so low it lacked all emotion but the rising rage I could feel emitting off of him. “He’s a rogue, a rouge alpha to be precise. The same thing those bastards wanted so badly they tortured me for months, you don’t need to ask him to know he’s connected. I’m going to kill him Julian.”

“Let me talk to him!” I plead squeezing his hands. “Don’t do anything until I talk to him. Promise me Aiden, you’ll leave them alone until I know.”

“I can’t promise you that Julian.” He says honestly as I watch his dark orbs swirl with several emotions.

“Aiden he’s my brother.” I reemphasize. “My one and only brother. If you kill him I will never forgive you.”

“Julian that’s n-”

“I grew up with him looking after me when nobody else would. He’d always be there when you or anyone else would kick me down, he’d hit back twice as hard. He’d sneak me out the pack lands to go watch a movie and he’d always make sure there was something for me to eat while everyone else made fun of me for being a vegetarian.” I say pushing down the rising emotions. “He used to be my number one but you took that position. I’ve given you everything I have and more, but I will not give you his life. I won’t let you just take him from me!”

“Okay, okay.” He says pulling me into his chest. “Shhh.”

“I’m not crying.” I grumble even though I wrapped my arms around him immediately.

“You looked close to it.” He says with a slight chuckle. “I won’t do anything until we know for sure.”

“Thank you.” I whisper as he pulls me back to kiss my forehead.

“So I’m your number one huh?” He says with a smirk, making me roll my eyes as I try to pull away but he keeps me locked in his arms.

“Don’t let it go to your head.” I grumble as he makes a move to kiss me but I block his lips with my hand just in time, he opens his eyes in frustration as he glares at me.

“I can’t kiss you now.” He says into my hand.

“It’ll escalate.”

“If you keep shutting me down, I’ll have to do what Isabel suggested.” He says making me frown as I raise an eyebrow questioningly. “Tie you down and fuck you.”

“You wouldn’t.” I say confidently even thought I gulped at the thought as my heart races in fear.

“You’re seriously pushing me towards it.” He says with darkening eyes. “If you think I had my way with you then, imagine when you’re tied up.”

“Okay fine.” I say before pulling him in for a kiss, his eyes widen in surprise as I immediately search his mouth with my tongue. We fight for dominance, with me winning before I pull away for air. “There.”

“Not enough.” He says moving to kiss me but I keep leaning back until I’m lying down on the couch. He takes my lips in his again as he moans into my mouth while his hands slowly make their way up my thighs. I shiver below him as I moan into his mouth while he kneads my member before I realise what’s happening and push him away.

“No!” I say panting slightly as I slide off the couch and onto the ground.

“I have rope.” He growls in annoyance as he walks towards me while I keep backing up.

Oh hell no

“Now, I’ve waited long enough Julian.” He says squatting down to my level when my back hits a wall. “Let’s have some fun.”

“The guy doesn’t seem to want it Aiden.” A voice says suddenly making us both jump slightly as we look across to see the witch girl looking at us with a slight frown.

“Why are you here?” Aiden asks in annoyance as he glares at the girl who saved me.

“Full strength!” She says brimming with excitement. “Let’s go kill my entire family!”

“That’s dark.” I mutter as she nods in agreement.

“It is what it is.” She says before looking towards Aiden. “You coming or what?”

“Yeah, I need to blow off some steam.” He grumbles while eyeing me as if to say it was my fault.

Just then the elevator bings as the doors open revealing Emitt, Beckett and Isabel who were all immersed in deep conversation until they saw the three of us. My mind immediately goes to how I’d get he blood off the walls once they pounce on her before I realized she masked her scent again, she’d be fine.

“Who’s this?” Isabel asks eyeing the girl as if she was a long lost rival or something. Isabel had a sick sense for bad things, so her radar was probably going off because she’s a witch but they couldn’t tell.

“Katerina.” Aiden answers while the three study her skeptically, she wasn’t in our pack and didn’t go to our school, so I’m sure they were trying to figure out who she was. “She’s an acquaintance.”

“Okay...” Emitt says skeptically as he narrows his eyes at her, while she just smiled brightly. Even though she looked friendly, I’d spoken to her enough times to know she was imagining how to kill us all in her head. “Someone from school’s throwing a Christmas party, we wanted to know if you guys wanted to come.”

“Never again.” I say immediately. I remembered nothing initially from my first party, but a few days later, the memories of me dancing on tables, singing into microphones, crying with a group of girls and so much more came pouring into my mind.

“Oh you’re coming for sure.” Beckett says wrapping an arm around my shoulder making both Emitt and Aiden tense slightly. “A party will never be the same without you in it.”

“I can’t imagine you at a party.” Katerina says with a smirk. “You seem like a future librarian.”

“That’s what I told him!” Aiden exclaims in agreement as the two start laughing.

Acquaintances my ass.

“Julian is a completely different person with some alcohol.” Emitt says as I groan in embarrassment.

“What about you two? You coming?” Isabel asks Aiden and Katerina.

“I never said I was going.” I say but they all wave me off.

“I’ve never been to a party before.” Katerina says making Aiden frown.

“What about killing your covenant?” He grumbles in annoyance before he covers his mouth when he realized what he said.

“Did you just say covenant?” Emitt growls.

“She’s a witch?!” Isabel exclaims as they all take on an aggressive stance while I yawn feeling suddenly exhausted.

“And you’re werewolves, moving on.” Katerina says rolling her eyes as the others growl angrily.

“She’s cool guys.” Aiden says when they start to advance on her. “She helped us out when we weren’t doing too well and she’s not all bad for a witch.”

“Aw.” Katerina says touching her heart. “You still disgust me.”

“That’s nice to hear.” Aiden says smugly. “Now, can we go kill some witches?”

“I want to go to the party.” She says excitedly.

“Invitation has been revoked.” Isabel says glaring at her with hatred that Katerina ignores.

“I really need this Kat.” Aiden says desperately, I’m a little surprised she didn’t go ballistic when he called her that. She didn’t even seem to notice. “I’ll throw a party myself some time and you can come, just give me tonight.”

“Fine.” She agrees reluctantly. “I’ll probably enjoy killing them more anyway.”

“You’re going to kill your entire covenant?” Emitt asks in shock while she just nods eagerly. “Why?”

“Revenge.” She says simply.

“And you believe you can take on an entire covenant.” Beckett questions skeptically.

“I’ve got an Aiden.” She says making me laugh, I immediately swallow it not wanting to like this girl remotely.

“There’s two of you and God knows how many of them, you’ll die.” Isabel says seeming happy at the thought of Katerina dying. “You’re just a witch.”

“A witch that could kill you all with no problem.” She says making them all growl, I wasn’t her biggest fan, but I wasn’t dumb enough to test her. She was clearly beyond powerful and I wasn’t willing to be her test subject.

“I highly doubt that.” Emitt says with a chuckle.

“Only one way to find out.” She says making a ‘bring it on’ motion with her hand while a smug smile forms on her lips.

“No time for this, let’s go Kat.” Aiden says walking between them making Kat mumble words of disappointment.

“Can we come too?” Beckett asks the question I knew the others were too proud to, the thought of killing witches probably made their spines tingle.

“One werewolf is all I can take. It gives me headaches just being close to this guy.” She says feigning being apologetic.

“Stop being dramatic you live in a rogue pack.” Aiden argues. “We’ll do better with them.”

“Why don’t you just invite the rest of your pack. Let’s have a picnic after too and braid ea-”

“That’s a yes guys.” Aiden says cutting her off making her mumble profanities under her breath. “You coming Jewels?”

“I’m really tired, I’m going to bed.” I say with a yawn as I wave them off.

“Dude, it’s barely nine.” Beckett says frowning.

“He’s always tired these days, let him be.” He says before winking at me. “I’ll be home soon.” I nod in understanding as I watch the little group gather closer.

“How are we getting to y-”
I never hear the rest as they all disappear into thin air without a trace. I shrug before heading to bed, too tired to shower. I roll onto Aiden’s side, taking a deep breath as I quickly fall asleep wrapping myself into the sheets.

I love no one as much as I love Kat. Bitch gives me life.


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