Alpha Mates

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Chapter 5

Julian’s P.O.V

This is so embarrassing, no the better word would be demeaning.

I was sitting in Aiden’s lap clinging to him like a child who had a bad nightmare, for probably an hour now. To make matters worst I actually liked it.
I liked the feeling of being in his arms inhaling his intoxicatingly beautiful scent that I shouldn’t love so much. That stupid scent that seemed to throw all my reasoning out the window, I think it was Apple Cider and Pine Wood or something like that.

“Maybe we should..” I start.

“Yeah.” He finishes. I take one last whiff of his scent before reluctantly letting him go and standing. “Uh, you have to get some things from your room right?”

“Yeah.” I say before walking in the direction of my room. Neither of us said anything, not like we had anything to say. How could we, we just sat they’re hugging and sniffing each other like ....I don’t even know!
When in my room, I pack a bag with some clothes and my basic necessities.

“I think you’re good.” Aiden says from my bed where he was laying down while playing with a ball. I had triple checked my bag and was going to check again before he stopped me.

“I didn’t ask you what you thought.” I retort grabbing some of the books I was currently reading before standing with my things.

“Finally.” He groans sliding off my now ruffled bed sheets and strolling out my room. I wanted to tidy them but the stupid pull prevented me from doing so, mentally cursing I run behind him leaving my room in such a disgusting state. We make our way through the pack house as quickly and quietly as possible, everybody was celebrating, not that there was anything to celebrate.

Once outside, I head towards my car but Aiden grasps my wrist quickly pulling me away from it. The contact with his skin sends that amazing burning flame of pleasure throughout my body.

“We’ll use my car.” He mutters keeping his grasp on me. I wanted to tell him to let me go but I couldn’t, it felt too good, besides I don’t think he could. It became clear that once we touched it became nearly impossible to let each other go.
Once in his car, my wolf went haywire. His scent ambushed me from all sides sending my skin aflame. I felt as if he was surrounding my entire body, almost as if he was touching me. I felt uncomfortable, very, very uncomfortable.

“What’s wrong with you?” Aiden asks as he speeds through some private roads our parents built to commute between our packs.

“N-nothing.” I stutter before clearing my throat. “I’m just thinking about what I’d what to eat for dinner.”

“Shit.” He says before taking a sudden turn putting us on a main road away from the packs.

“What the hell!” I shout, my hands clenching onto the car handles as he made his way down the road. “Where are you going?”

“Walmart.” He answers nonchalantly, I stare at him in confusion as my mind tried to piece together what was happening.

“Go to Target.” I say still unsure of what was happening.

“Where everything is doubled? No.” He says with a slight chuckle driving down the highway.

“But I h-”

“I’m driving so we’re going to Walmart.” A string of mental curses play throughout my mind, I was still not sure why we were going to a supermarket. I stay in the same state of confusion until we’re standing in the entrance of the store with a large trolley.

“We’ll go on.” He says shoving a random cart my way.

“And do what?”

“Get you’re vegetarian stuff.” He says avoiding my eyes as he looks around the store. I stare at him studying him, deciding against one of my usual comments I just start pushing the cart following behind it.

I make my way through the aisles grabbing the usual things I needed for a simple meal with Aiden trailing behind quietly. We stay that way until we enter the snack aisle.

“Cinnamon Toast Crunch!” Aiden shouts running and grabbing the large box with a wide smile playing on his lips. He looked like a five year old as he smiled brightly chucking it into the cart, when he catches me staring at him and the smile quickly fades away. “What?!”

“Nothing.” I say a smile tugging on the corners of my lips.

“Do you not like it? Is that it?”

“No. But truthfully Lucky Charms is much better.” I say grabbing one box for myself before turning out of the aisle.

“Take that back!” Aiden demands following me quickly.

“I will not, it’s the truth.” I say getting some juice.

“What is wrong with you? Wait, never mind, there’s so much. That was a dumb question.” He says with a smirk as he climbs onto the front of the cart.

“Get off.” I command but he ignores me, knowing there’s no winning I just continue pushing. Watching Aiden, I confirm something my mind already suspected for a few years now. He’s a kid at heart with the shortest attention span I have ever seen and is way too easily amused. He started arguing with me a few times but would drop it in a heartbeat when he saw something he wanted and whenever a child fell down or started crying he would laugh like the sick bastard he was.

“This should be enough.” I say looking at the overflowing cart, he nods in agreement as I lead us towards an empty cashier. After arguing about who had to pay we decided to split it.

“Can I just say how perfect you two are together?” The cheery lady says with a giddy smile.

“No.” I snap grabbing some of the bags.

“I think I’m going to be sick.” Aiden says grabbing the rest as we leave the now sad lady.

“That was just so wrong.” I mutter in disgust as we make our way to the car.

“I know!” He agrees as he opens the trunk. “Like.....what kind of sick person would say that?” A chuckle escapes my lips at his comment as we place the bags in the truck.

“I hate people like her. Why are they always so happy? Like nobody should be that happy!” I confess still smiling.

“Me too! They’re so annoying, I swear they shit rainbows.” He says sending me in a fit of unfamiliar laughter as we close the now full trunk. He stares at me as I continue laughing even though I was trying desperately to stop.

“I’m going to go put the cart back.” I say sobering up from my laugher slightly, without waiting for his response, I walk away quickly.
I hadn’t laughed like that in a long time, a smile still played it was on my lips as it shoved the cart with the others. I feel the pull between us tugging on me aggressively, so I didn’t waste anytime walking back to the car

“What are you doing out so late by yourself beauty?” I turn swiftly to see a guy emerging from the shadows with a disgusting stench and lustful smile.
Ignoring him I turn heading back but I’m stopped when I bump into someone. I look up to see another man who wasn’t there before, looking around I see many more emerging front the shadows like the creeps they were.

“Where are you running off to?” One ask tracing my cheek I slap it away making him whistle in delight. “I like it when they’re feisty.”

He makes a move to grab me but I dodge it easily before punching him straight in the jaw, the crack I heard told me he wouldn’t be talking anytime soon. Without warning they all rushed at me, I fought them off easily, throwing punches and kicks taking them down one by one but they just kept coming.

“Julian!” Aiden’s voice breaks my focus as my eyes find his figure rushing towards me. A punch to my jaw brings me back to reality as another hits my side. I regain my footing before refocusing as I fight them off with Aiden’s help it doesn’t take long for us to finish them all off.
Without giving me a chance to catch my breath, he grabs my hand in his own leading me away from the group of now disabled men. I stumble behind him as he walks with long, fast strides. Before I can respond he shoves me in the driver’s side of the car before getting in behind me.
My eyes grow in surprise as he slips himself under me before hugging me tightly. I was going to push him away but I felt the series of waves made of worry and anger emitting off of him, he must’ve been freaking out with the mate nonsense. Hesitantly I hug him back but this just making his grip tighten.

“You idiot why didn’t you call for help?” He mutters squeezing me for dear life.

“I didn’t s-”

“Or run! Or hide! Or anything else!” He says making my temper rise.

“Because I didn’t need it. I’m an alpha too!” I say sternly leaning back to look at him with growing anger that instantly faded when my eyes met his broken ones. His shades were no were to be found and I was staring straight into his eyes, it was the first time I was really seeing his eyes since he was always wearing shades. They were brown but had a goldish tint to them that we incredibly beautiful, I’d never seen anything like it, it was almost hypnotic as I drowned in them.

“I was so scared.” He says softly bringing my attention back to him. “I’ve never felt fear like that, seeing you in danger.... it was too much.”
His words render me speechless as I stare at him, I didn’t want to see him so miserable and sad, it hurt me more when he was like this.

I’m really starting to hate this mating nonsense.

“I’m sorry.” I didn’t know what I was apologizing for but it was the only thing that I could say. His eyes search mine before glancing down to my throbbing jaw that was slowly healing, the torment in his eyes made my wolf whine in discomfort as his fingers traced it my skin softly.

Before I could say anything his lips found my skin kissing the bruised area lightly. I stiffen in shock as the feeling of his lips on my skin sent unfamiliar waves of pleasure throughout my body. His lips linger there making me involuntarily shiver slightly as I grip onto the car seat for support, his hand gripping my waist steadily didn’t help with my now wild emotions. He removes his lips, but the effects still run rampant as his eyes look back into my own, he brushes some of my hair behind me ear. Giving me that palatable feeling of heavenly pleasure as his fingers graze my highly sensitive ears.

“Y-you can’t do t-that.” I stutter out gripping the leather seat.

“Sorry, my body moved on its own.” He says honestly, I was still feeling the effects and the fact that I was sitting in his lap once again, didn’t help my condition. It took a while for me to calm down, when I did I quickly moved into the passenger seat letting out a relaxed breath. He starts driving as I stare out the window, my hand secretly tracing the place that was still hot from his lips.

I was so focused on the feeling that I didn’t even realize we were in his pack territory, until we pulled up to the front of the pack house. We make little conversation taking the groceries up to the Alpha’s Suite, I explore the amazing apartment, making sure not to go too far, while Aiden packs the food away. The place was really nice, it was surprisingly clean with sparse furniture, I rest my bag in a corner before returning to the kitchen.

“I’m really tired so I’m going to bed, you can cook and eat or whatever.” He says stretching while yawning.

“You need to eat.” I say making him frown. “I’ll make it so just sit.”

“I’m not in the mood Julian.” I ignore the pleasure I found in the way my name sounded rolling off his tongue and focus on the conversation.

“Mate bond. You can’t go that far.” I say with a smirk while anger fumed in his eyes.


“For a man who doesn’t eat meat, you make a damn good burger.” Aiden complements while taking another large bite into the burger.

“And for a man who wasn’t hungry, you sure can eat a lot.” I say earning me a glare from his side of the table.

“What is in this?” He asks ignoring my comment.

“Food.” I answer eating my large, Caesar salad contently.

“Haha, so funny.” He says before finishing the last bits of the meal. I finish not too long after allowing us to head to bed. I follow him to the amazing master suite that made my mouth water, I swear I saw the floor sparkle. It was so clean.

“I’m going to shower.” I say spotting the bathroom, he nods sleepily as I head to the bathroom.
Reluctantly leaving the door open, I quickly step into the lovely shower soaking in the warm water contently. When I start dozing off I get out quickly, I brush my teeth and put on a comfortable shirt and sweatpants before heading back into the bedroom.
Not surprisingly, I find Aiden already rolled into the large sheets in a deep slumber. I thought about sleeping on the ground, but I happened to like my back and the couch was way too small for my long body, leaving only the bed.
Sighing to myself I switch off the remaining lights before heading to the empty side of the bed, the room was still clear with the night light so I didn’t stumble over anything.

My heart stopped when I lifted the sheets to see a shirtless Aiden. My eyes rake over his defined abs lustfully before I snap out of my trance, thinking of my grandmother, I climb into the bed trying desperately to ignore the feelings seeing him half naked gave me. I sink into the comfortable mattress happily as I lay on my back, my body loving the cloudy texture.

Today was a lengthy day. I became alpha of my pack, I met my mate who turned out to be a guy. And not just any guy, nope, I got Aiden. Aiden fucking Calderon. Then I find out we can’t be separated, lovely right? Clever of the Moon Goddess to make it impossible to be away from the one person I hate.
Then the icing on the rotten cake!
I sat in his lap twice, hugging that scoundrel and sniffing him like an addict on cocaine. Clinging to him, letting him run his hands down my back and around my waist. Letting him kiss my skin! It was all so wrong and beyond horrendous.

But that doesn’t change the fact that I absolutely loved it and wanted it to happen again....and again.................and again.

I liked this. I liked this a lot.
What about you guys?

Hope you enjoyed, please make sure to leave your thoughts and vote. I really do appreciate it and all of you so much.

Have you watched the video to Bad Liar - Selena Gomez. I was sitting there lik 😶.
Good song

Anywaysssssssss, thanks for reading.
Until next time,
Byeeeeeee Humansssssssss

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