Alpha Mates

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Chapter 57

Warning: You all will love me eternally after this chapter

Julian’s P.O.V

“Why are you packing three sleeping bags?” Aiden asks making me frown, you’d think he’d learn a thing or two from me after being together for almost six months now.

(A.N - no clue if it’s been six months, feels like just yesterday they were saying I hate you😭)

“In case something happens to one of our own.” I say in a duh tone. “Now have you packed everything on the list?”

“Yes and I triple checked it to be sure.” He says making me smile proudly. “Now can I please go back to sleep.” He begs, it was his day off and I woke him up at six to help me. I just wanted everything to be perfect for the camping trip for Alex and Max, I didn’t want anything to go wrong because I had forgotten to pack something.

“Yes.” I say before giving him a kiss that he quickly deepened, tugging my hair as he pulled my body into his. I feel my member pulse in excitement when he pulls away leaving me with slightly swollen lips and wide eyes.

“I’ll see you later.” He says with a kind smile before leaving me alone in the living room. I stay stuck in my spot as I beat myself up internally for ever putting on this sex ban. It was supposed to be a couple days not this long and I thought he’d just push me down and we’d go back to normal but he’d been respecting my stupid wishes. Now I just wanted to jump in bed with him but my own idiocy prevented that and I didn’t know how to approach him on the issue.

Today was our last day together for an entire week and I wanted to spend it memorizing each part of his body, but I couldn’t and it was pissing me off. I needed advice and the first person that popped in my mind was Isabel but last time she tried to help I almost lost Aiden, so the next best thing would have to be Emitt and Beckett. I scribble down a little note saying that I would be going to their house and leave it by the nightstand in case he woke up before I was back and head out. I don’t get a chance to catch my breath as a bunch of men bombard me with words of praise and thanks as I make me way out the pack house.

This shit had been going on ever since the little witch attack Aiden and the others helped Kat with. They did wipe out the entire covenant within an hour and returned to the house with wide smiles and blood that wasn’t their own. Aiden told me the next day, that Katerina was way stronger than we’d imagined. Apparently the girl did most of the killing while the others took out those who tried to escape. He said how she was laughing most of the time as she brutally murdered witch after witch, he said it was actually a bit scary how she attacked them. But when news travelled somehow of what happened, they left out the part about Kat doing all the work and put us in the forefront. Our packs rankings and reputation skyrocketed since it was a pretty strong covenant and our pack members loved us even more. Kat said she didn’t mind since she didn’t want news spreading of her, said it’d bring attention, so we bathed in the riches of her labor.

It takes me a while to get to Emitt and Beckett’s house since they lived pretty far from everyone else. They built a large house in the woods that laid in the middle of our land, apparently they left their first home they moved into, which was closer to everyone, because their neighbors complained about their sounds. I didn’t understand until I got closer to the house when I heard moans and screams of ecstasy, even with our hearing abilities, this was surprising. Knocking on the door, the sounds come to a halt as I stand uncomfortably on the wooden porch. The door swings open revealing a disheveled Beckett with a towel wrapped around his waist as sweat dripped down his toned body.

“Julian.” He says in surprise panting severely as he runs his hand through his wet hair. “Didn’t know you were stopping by.”

“I wanted to talk, I should’ve called first, sorry.” I say awkwardly but he just smiles brightly.

“Who is it?!” Emitt shouts from upstairs.

“Julian!” He shouts back making me scratch my head nervously.

“I can go since y’all are in the middle of something.” I say I’m embarrassment as Beckett smirks proudly. Beckett and I were best friends but we never approached the topic of sex and seeing him like this was eye opening for me.

“How about we meet you at the diner in an hour?”

“Make that two!” Emitt shouts making my cheeks heat up again.

“I only need one!” Beckett shouts back with a large smile that was heartwarming. “One hour.” He says to me as I nod in understanding, he closes to door and heads back upstairs as I make my way down their steps.

“We have one hour, let’s make it count.” I hear Beckett say followed by a series of giggles from Emitt that make me run away as the moans start back.

I sit in the diner in Beckett and I’s usual booth while sipping on my lemonade. I passed the time waiting on them by going to the book store and getting some new releases before heading over. This diner was a representation of Beckett and I’s friendship. The place was busted and old, but it’s where our friendship was born.

I was about five when I ran in here a day after school, that day Aiden had taken his bullying a step too far by ripping apart my favourite astronomy book that my dad gave me for my birthday. It had every plant discovered by man, with its stats and a huge picture of it and all the details mankind knew about it. It was one of my greatest treasures and he had destroyed, promising me to do much worse after school. I couldn’t comprehend how it could get worse than that, so when the bell rang I bolted. I ran and ran ending up in the old diner that I knew they wouldn’t check. The owner was kind to me and placed me in a corner booth with his nephew who’d turned out to be Beckett. He was a calm looking kid, glancing me over as if studying me before smiling widely. I didn’t like it. Aiden’s torments had made me wary of people since almost everyone was on his side.

“Hi, I’m Beckett!” He says stretching out his little hand with the kindest smile is ever seen.

“Julian.” I reply coldy as I glare at him, making him retract him hand.

“You’ll never make friends if you act so mean.” He says with a slight pout.

“I don’t need friends.” I spit back.

“Everyone needs friends!” He exclaims leaning over the table as he grabs my hands with his. “I’ll be your friend, you need them desperately.”

“I don’t want you as my friend.” I say harshly pulling my hands away, immediately beating myself up for acting so foolish. Of course I wanted friends, I just didn’t want to trust someone who’d end up on Aiden’s side.

“Well too bad.” He says before plopping back down in his seat as his uncle brought us both lemonades. “If you ask me, you’re not in a place to be picky.”

“I didn’t ask you.” I say through clenched teeth.

“I’ll help you with Aiden.” He says making my eyes widen. “I see you in school getting bullied, I don’t get why you never fight back.”

“He’s stronger.” I whisper lowering my head in shame.

“You’re smarter.” He says making me peak up at him to see him smiling widely. “You don’t have to fight him to beat him.”

“Then how?” I ask making him groan.

“Use that big brain!” He says sliding over the table and knocking my head with each word. “Outsmart him!”

“Get off the table Beckett!” His uncle shouts making him cower as he sits next to me instead of where he was.

“I’ll help you.” He says holding my hands.


“Because I’m your friend.” He says smiling with such kindness it made my chest warm.

The next day when Aiden came swinging Beckett appeared out of nowhere and took the punch for me. It was the first time someone stood up for me besides Oliver and it shocked the hell out of me. From that day own after receiving a beating together, we were inseparable, mostly because Beckett hung on to me, but still, inseparable.

“Sorry for making you wait so long.” Beckett says suddenly making me snap out of my thoughts as he slides into his usual side, but for the first time, he slid in with someone else, Emitt.

“Blame me.” He says nervously, the guy was afraid of me still. I didn’t know why, I blew up at him once at the lunch table but it was more so to Aiden. He still danced on ice around me and tried to win my approval, when I wanted his since he was Aiden’s best friend.

“It’s fine.” I say as the waitress puts down a lemonade for Beckett making us both smile, it was our drink whenever we came here.

“How come I don’t get one?” Emitt asks watching her walk away.

“You’ll get a sprite.” Beckett replies making Emitt smile instantly. “So what did you want to talk about?”

“I usually go to Isabel about there sort of stuff but, that’s not really an option anymore.” I say nervously as I realise, I had to talk about something I retracted talking about with even Aiden. “Um, about...i-it’s just that...”

“Sex?” Emitt blurts out before clasping his mouth shut as Beckett glares at him.

“Emitt!” He exclaims angrily as I play with my fingers under the table.

“Sorry! I just assumed with the sex ban an-” He silences himself as he covers his mouth with his hands while my cheeks go up in flames and Beckett’s face pales. “Sorry!” He says through his hands.

Why did Aiden have to tell him about that!

“T-that’s what I wanted to talk about.” I say nervously making Beckett’s eyes widen in surprise while Emitt’s hands lower. “I didn’t mean for it to go on so long and now I don’t know how to, ya know.”

“Can’t you just say something.” Beckett says letting me know never to come to him ever again for advice on something like this.

“Of course not!” Emitt exclaims suddenly taking my by surprise. “He can’t when he put the ban on.”

“Exactly.” I say letting out a breath, thankful that someone understood my dilemma.

“You have to seduce him.” He says making both Beckett and I choke on our lemonades as my heart races in panic.

“S-seduce him?” I question.

“He has to come onto you, can’t do that without amping up the sex appeal.” He says bluntly making me glance at Beckett who looked just as uncomfortable as I felt.

“I don’t know.” I say, not on board with the nature of his plan. I had no sex appeal to even consider.

“You’re sex on legs so it’ll be easy.” He says making me bury my face in my hands sinking lower in my seat as Beckett clears his throat in discomfort. “What? It’s true.”

“So what do you suppose I do?” I ask after a while of scrapping my empty barrel for enough confidence to talk.

“We’ve got options here.” He was excitedly like if he were on expert on the situation. “My first suggestion is lingerie.”

“What?!” I shriek as my eyes jump out their sockets.

“Here we go.” Beckett mutters like if they’d visited this topic before.

“Hear me out.” He says defensively. “I’ve known Aiden most of my life, meaning I grew up with the horny bastard through puberty. We’d share stuff like magazines, fantasies, porn.”

“Oh God.” I say shifting uncomfortably in my seat.

“The guy has a thing for lingerie, more than the usual guy. I could see in his eyes how excited he used to get when he’d fine a magazine with women in lingerie.” He says making me insides turn in discomfort.

“I’m not a woman!” I whisper shout.

“No shit.” He says rolling his eyes, I could tell he was getting more comfortable around me because before he wouldn’t dare blink around me. “You don’t have to get the bra and everything, just some nice black, lace, high knee stockings and matching panties and your set.”

“That was oddly specific.” Beckett says with a raised brow.

“It was his favorite kind.” He defends as my mind run rampant with thoughts of things I’d never dreamed of doing.

“I can’t do that. I’m a man. I may be the bottom or whatever, but I can’t do that.” I say burying my hands in my hair as I stare at the table with wide eyes.

“I’ve done it, it’s not that bad.” He says making my head snap up as I look at the couple. Emitt seemed nonchalant about what he just said but Beckett was staring at him in complete horror and trepidation. “I was the one who asked to do it, but once Beckett saw those pink panties, woowee! Let me tell you, this guy, wow! He wo-”

“That’s enough!” Beckett says covering his mate’s mouth who frowned innocently not even seeing the wrong in his actions. “Let’s keep that part between ourselves, okay love?” Emitt frowns but nods in understanding allowing Beckett to retract his hands barely even glancing my way.

“W-what are the other options?” I ask not comfortable about the lingerie thing.

“Call him daddy.”

“Dear God.” I say hiding my colored cheeks in my knees that I hug tightly underneath me.

Where are you?!
I scream out loud when Aiden’s voice invades my head. Worst timing.

With Beckett and Emitt - I answer nervously, it was strange hearing his voice after Emitt just told me to call him daddy.

Doing what? - He asks possessively like if they weren’t mates.

Talking. Now I got to go - I say before blocking the link.

“So about the daddy thing.” Emitt says making me cry internally.

He’s worse than Isabel.

“Emitt..” Beckett says in disapproval.

“What?!” He exclaims seeing no problem. “The guy has a secret little thing for that. I don’t know where it came from, but he does.”

“I’m not calling him that.” I say into my jeans, to embarrassed to look them in the eye.

“You give and you get Julian. Give in and you’ll get some great sex!” He says making me groan loudly in discomfort as I scrabble to my feet.

“Thanks, but I’ll figure it out on my own.” I say ready to bolt before Emitt grabs my arm.

“There’s one more.” He says making my insides turn, I couldn’t possibly do anything he suggested. “You should be able to do this one.”

Dear Goddess help me.


“You’re back.” Aiden greats from the kitchen as I stroll in drained of all energy.

“Yeah.” I say sitting on a stool as I watch him cook happily, just bursting with life and energy that Emitt stole from me.

“How’d your little talk with Emitt and Beckett go?” He asks making me groan.

“Fine, I guess.” I say forcing my heart to beat at a normal pace so he wouldn’t sense anything was up.

“I’d wish you’d leave a note next time.” He says making me raise an eyebrow. “I didn’t know where you were, freaked me out a bit.”

“I did, on the nightstand.” I say confused, I put it under his new phone so he’d be sure to see it when he picked it up like the phone addict he was.

“Sorry, didn’t see it.” He says making my eyes widen. “I been cooking since I woke up.”

“I find it hard to believe you haven’t touched your phone.” I say making him laugh as I slide off the stool and towards the fridge for some juice.

“I have self control ya know.” He replies making me laugh again as I pour myself a cup full.

“Debatable.” I whisper in his ear, pressing my body against his before walking back to my seat, drinking the juice innocently while controlling myself from showing any signs of what I just did. I felt a shiver run down his spine and heard him suck in a breath when my body indented upon his own. I hear him clear his throat as I smile internally, before putting the glass down.

“I’m going to take a shower, food should be done when I’m finished right?” I ask raising a brow.

“Yep.” He says popping the p, I head for the bathroom taking a quick bath making sure to use his soaps before rubbing myself all over with some of his clothes and rolling silently in his side of the bed. I throw on some boxers and a pair of his loose shorts that wouldn’t show my butt too much before leaving the room once I’m drowning in his scent.

“Need any help?” I ask once I see him taking the food off the fire.

“Yeah, just grab some p-” His sentence stops short when his eyes catch me. I’d usually walk around the house in a shirt and underwear because I knew him almost seeing my ass was a tease and usually got him in bed easily. But today I was selling another part of my body, he was usually the one who walked around shirtless, not me. He clears his throat before gulping as his eyes dart everywhere but me. “Some plates, just get some plates and bowl for the salad.”

“Okay.” I say innocently, making sure to act like I didn’t even notice his little hiccup or how his eyes trailed my body before he snapped out of it. Goddess was on my side because the salad bowl and plates were in the highest cupboard that I couldn’t reach. It usually pissed me off because Aiden’s extra centimeters over me allowed him to reach it but today, I couldn’t be happier.

“Hey could you get them for me, it’s in that stupid cupboard again.” I say feigning annoyance that makes him chuckle. I make sure to be facing him as he stretched over my body to get them, he freezes when his nose traces my shoulder blade. He inhales deeply as our chest press against each other, his racing heart easy to hear. I smile to myself as he inhales me greedily, he’d told me on multiple occasions that he loved smelling his scent on me. I liked when he smelt like me too, drove out your possessive side and was always a big turn on for any mated wolf.

“Um Aiden?” I question faking being confused as to what he was doing as I press forward to look like I was trying to move but pressed our members together instead, his hard already. “You okay?”

“Y-yeah.” He stutters grabbing the plates before backing away with wide eyes as his eyes raked down my body lustily.

“You sure?” I ask walking towards him as I reach up to feel his forehead making sure to press our bodies together. “Werewolves can get sick sometimes too.” I say feigning concern as I bring out faces unnecessarily close making my eyes focus on his forehead as his trailed my lips that were almost touching his to the point were they felt tingly.

“I-I’m fine Julian.” He says gulping nervously as I bring my eyes to his.

“Okay.” I say smiling as if relieved before taking the plates and heading to set the table leaving him hot and dazed.

Step one - Completed


“Want to watch a movie?” I ask after we finish cleaning the dishes and clearing the kitchen.
Throughout the meal, I made sure to appear distant as I only talked when he asked something. I’d respond with short answers as he tried to drag information out of me desperately. He’d ask me several times if he did something wrong but I insisted that I was fine. So when I asked for the movie, his eyes lit up with joy at me finally showing some sort of interest.

“Yeah.” Aiden replies with excitement, I force him to take a shower before we head to the little home theater where I sit in my own chair instead of in his lap like usual. He frowns at the action as he stares at me in confusion.

“What?” I ask mocking his confusion.

“You just, you usually sit with me.” He says sounding a little hurt, it broke my heart to hear it but I couldn’t break. Things were going well and if I pressed on, I’d have him exactly where I wanted him.

“Aren’t I?” I ask in confusion as I frown at him. We were sitting next to each other so technically I wasn’t wrong.

“Yeah, n-nevermind.” He says sounding a little dejected, oh Goddess it took everything in me not to climb into his lap as wrap my arms around him.

We decided on a romantic comedy much to my delight, hopefully it’d tug on his heartstrings a little. A piece of me was worried about this ending the way Isabel’s plan did, him leaving and feeling betrayed and me alone. But I scrapped my brain on how this could go wrong and couldn’t find one way, worse case he’d ignore the signs and we’d go to sleep. Another case, he’d get too riled up and end up tying me up. And the last, me being left happy and delighted cause it went my way.

I prop myself up on the opposite seat handle as I pretended to watch the movie intently. I usually snuggled into him as we meshed our bodies into one, but instead I created as much distance without it looking too suspicious. I could feel his eyes drift to me repeatedly throughout the movie as he emitted vibrant waves of discomfort and need. I felt his hand run up my thigh but I expected this and made sure to make no signs of being affected even as he traced his hand further up.

“Aiden, stop.” I say feigning annoyance, not even glancing his way as I shove his hand away aggressively. I hear his heart stop as his jaw drops in shock. It shocked me as much as it did him, his fingers barely grazing my skin sent shivers down my spine but I was forcing myself to keep it down and presented a cool front instead. Not even a moment passes before he slides himself into my lap making my eyes widen as I mentally fist pump.

“What are you doing?” I ask barely glancing his way as he inhales me deeply. “Aiden I’m watchi-”

“I’ll just want to be closer to you.” He mumbles placing his head on my shoulder so I couldn’t see him. I was a mess inside at the sound of desperate voice as he clung onto me like I’d disappear.

“Can’t you just g-”

“Please.” He basically begs as he gripped me tighter.

Jesus Christ, he’s adorable.

“Okay.” I say rubbing his back gently, he jumps a little making me smile as he snuggles himself into me, not even bothering to watch the movie anymore. I continue rubbing his back soothingly as I rub his thigh as well, it was so gentle and slow that it didn’t suggest anything sexual but his staggered breath in my ear suggested differently. Throughout the movie I continue my silent attack on his body as he withers in my grasp letting out a few low moans as I touch him all over discreetly.When the movie finishes he’s panting slightly in my ears as I pull him back to see his face, his eyes are basically dripping in lust as I continue to rub him.

Step two - Completed.

“Admit it, y-you’re doing this on purpose.” He says making me frown faking ignorance.


“You’re doing this to me,” He groans as I carry my hand up further up his back, barely brushing the nape of his neck with the tips of my fingers. “.. I wanna...”

He takes my lips in his suddenly, kissing me with so much aggression and desperation that I almost whimpered as he tried to unbuckle my pants desperately. I pull away before he could deepen it while grabbing his hand to stop him before looking at him with shame.

“What is wrong with you?” I say frowning upon him as his eyes shattered before me in the rejection he felt.

“I j-just want to hold you Julian.” He whines in a pained voice as Alex himself scratched at me to comfort him, but I resisted.

“Is that all you think about? Sex?” I spit, sounding hurt myself as I look at his eyes fill with worry.

“No. It’s not!” He defends desperately as I put him back in his seat before getting up and walking away as he quickly scrambles after me. “Julian, it’s not!”

“Sure.” I say scoffing as he grabs my arm to stop me in the hallway, twisting me to see his almost teary eyes that broke my heart.

This better work out in the end

“I just, I just..” He says scrambling for the right words. “I want to hold you not because I’m horny but b-because I need my mate and I want to spend this night together remembering every inch of you.” He says desperately.

“You ca-”

“I’ll do anything Julian! I won’t do anything you don’t like. I just want you.” He says grabbing my hands. “Anything you want.”

Almost there!

“Anything?” I ask holding back my inner smile as I look at him.

“Anything.” He confirms making me smile as I push the hair out his face before pulling him into a much more aggressive kiss than the one he delivered earlier. I didn’t give him a chance to try and dominate it as I kissed him roughly with everything I had, he moans into my mouth as I slam him into the wall.

Running my hands up his shirt, I lead the kiss with him following as I ran my hands back down his sides making him shiver against me. I drive my leg between his, rubbing it against his raging erection before breaking the kiss to such his little spot as I rake my nails down his skin, a whimper escapes his mouth making my own member leak as I pull away to look at his panting form. Grabbing his hand, I lead him to the bedroom before pushing him onto the bed.
Not giving him even a second to recover I slam my lips back into his making him moan as I pushed myself between his legs, grinding our bodies together. I let the sparks erupt between us at the connection as my mouth search his mouth hungrily, dancing together in a heated kiss of lust. I sit up when he runs out of breath, taking off my shirt before stripping him of all his clothing. He looks at me with dazed eyes and swollen lips that bled a little from me biting it. He sits up to try and switch positions but I push him straight back down, hovering over him suddenly I suck on his mark as my hand immediately found his leaking erection.

“Ahh!” He moans loudly as I work his weak spots making him cum almost instantly.

“That was fast.” I tease making his cheeks pinken slightly as he pants. I lick his cum off my fingers, making sure not to break eye contact as he watched me with need. I take off my pants making sure to keep on my underwear, I didn’t need him going Hulk on me at the sight of my ass.

I slide down to suck on his member making a series of moans bellow out of his as I run my hands up and down his body. His back was arching and he was squirming here and there when I’d swipe his tip with my tongue.

Packback’s a bitch.

“Julian!” He moans as his precum leaks onto my tongue. I lick my fingers quickly before pressing them against his entrance making him freeze before trying to sit up instantly, but I keep him in place as I push him down quickly.

“Woah! Woah! Woah! Woah!” He says quickly as I sit up leaving his member twitching slightly.

“What?” I ask as his eyes widen at my nonchalant attitude.

“You were about to...” He trails seemingly uncomfortable. “I don’t want to. You’re the bottom, I’m the top.” He says more to himself than to me.

“You said you’d do anything.” I say trailing my hand down to his member as I stroke it slowly making his eyes shut slowly as low moans left his lips. “Were you lying?” I ask squeezing him.

“N-no.” He moans out. “But I didn’t m-mean that. I can’t.”

“I do it all the time Aiden.” I say sliding up to him while I continue to stroke him, I lick his ear slowly making him shiver as he moaned slightly. “I promise, I’ll make you feel good.” I whisper seductively.

“Okay.” He says so quietly I barely heard him.


I force my fingers into his mouth making him suck them as I thrusted them in and out of his mouth while watching him closely, letting my breath tickle his skin while stroking him attentively. When he was about to cum, I slowed down making him whimper in denial as I slide back down his body, pressing kisses to his chest on the way down. I push him to lie down as I press my fingers to his entrance making him tense, I licked his tip causing him to instantly relax as I slid in one slowly.

“I don’t like it! I don’t like it! I don’t like it!” He says tensing around me, sitting up quickly but I push him back down.

“Relax.” I growl as I lick his leaking member from the root up making him moan lowly as I pulled my finger out a bit before pushing back in. He stays in a state of discomfort for much longer than I ever have making me worry that maybe this really wasn’t for him.

“Ahhh!” He moans out suddenly when I drove my finger slightly deeper. My heart did flips as I smiled looking up at my wide eyed mate. I slide a secound finger in after a while as he adjusts much quicker than before, whenever he showed signs of discomfort or anxiousness, I’d lick his tip making him moan as I teased the pulsing erection. “I-Iahhh don’t l-likeee this!” He grinds out through moans as his body emits waves of unfamiliar pleasure as he squirmed around unsure of what to do with himself, we were up to four fingers now and he was a beautiful mess.

“Yes you do.” I say unable to hold back my fingers as I drive my fingers deeper making him moan loudly as he arched his back as cum shoots out of his erection. I hadn’t even touched his prostate yet and he was shooting loads onto his chest as he unconsciously pushed himself onto my fingers, riding out his orgasm as he continued to moan loudly. I pull out my fingers as I look down at his cum covered chest while he shivered slightly below me. I lean over him taking his lips in my own as he kisses me back, pulling my neck down sending those lovely jolts of electricity between us. I sat up pulling him with me so that he was in my lap, if I was hovering over him while putting it in he’d panic. I knew he’d feel more comfortable on top or at least at the same level and I could see that I was right by the breath he let out once seated in my lap. My member was poking at his entrance as I continue to kiss his soft lips while he wrapped his arms around me while our chests rubbed against each other, building the fire of lust between us from the sizzling feeling of our skin touching. I pulled back looking him in the eye as we panted lightly, he gives me a hesitant nod as I line myself up with his entrance before slowly pushing in. He grimaced as he clenched his teeth while gripping my hair tightly, I stopped a bit for him to breath before pushing again until I was completely buried in his tight, little hole that almost made me cum immediately. He shakes slightly as he slowly adjusts while I press kisses along his jaw and down his neck in efforts to comfort him. It took a long time of me waiting patiently, forcing myself not to move or cum until the guy gave me the okay that made me rejoice internally. I immediately pull out before driving myself back into him as he clenched his teeth, I tried not to lose control at the new sensation his untouched cavern gave me. It was a first for both of us and I was loving every second of it. I refused to pick up speed as I slowly drove myself in and out watching the pain slowly leave his face to become replaced with pleasure. I continue to slow movements as he clenched onto me with low groans that soon erupted into full scale, pleasureful moans. His member was leaking against me as he clenched down on me while I moaned along with him, he tries to bounce a bit but I tighten my grasp on his waist to stop him.

“Y-you can go f-faster ya know.” He says as if he wasn’t the one trying to speed things up.

“I don’t want to.” I reply licking the crook of his neck making him moan as I drove myself deeper into him.

“I’m go-gonnaa ahhhhh!” He moans loudly as he lathers my chest with his cum while shaking on top of me as I kept myself buried within him, forcing myself to hold back my own release. When he’s calmed down a little, his body going limp as he looks at me to say something, I slam myself into him hitting his spot that I’d been carefully avoiding, making his mouth shut close as he empties himself on my chest again groaning loudly as I thrusted myself into him as a brutally fast pace. He dug his nails into my shoulders as he hung his head back in ecstasy as I slammed my pulsing member into his spot repeatedly, I lowered my head to suck on his nipple making him moan even louder as I make sure to hit his prostate every single time.

“Ju-ju-juhhh..” He stutters with moans rippling out of him as I thrust myself into him moaning myself at the amazing feeling.

No wonder the guy was always on top of me, this felt fucking amazing. Having him cling onto me while his moans caressed my ears as he looked at me with dazed, lusting eyes that were filled with need as he clenched down on me. I slam into him as I get closer to the edge, I drive myself in deeper while pushing him down on me making us both moan loudly as I empty myself into him as he came all over me again. Riding out our orgasms, I kiss him hungrily as he quivers on top of me, his tight hole sucking out every drop as we moaned in each other’s mouths. I pull away as we rest our heads against each other’s panting heavily as I stay buried inside of him.
I pull back a bit when I catch my breath to look at him, he was shaking still as he looked at me with need making my member harden again as I thrust myself into him slowly.

“More.” He groans demandingly making my eyes widen as I stop in shock. “I said m-more not stop!” He groans angrily as he pushes himself down on my erection throwing his head back in pleasure. My resolve to be gentle and careful broke as I pulled out making him whine before turning him over and pushing him down, I slid a small pillow below him knowing how that did wonders for the back the next morning. He goes to sit up a bit but I push him back down wanting him lying down completely on his stomach for me, I spread his ass before sliding in to his dripping hole making us both moan in ecstasy.

Jesus Christ this is amazing.

I slide out slowly before slamming back into him as he moans into the pillow he was clenching onto. Sliding back out steadily, I throw my head back as a wave of absolute rapture takes over my entire body as I slam back into him still keeping his ass spread open allowing me to go deeper.

“F-fuck!” He groans as I slam back into him, clawing my nails down his back making him push back onto me. I lie down onto his back letting me slide in balls deep as I grabbed onto his shoulders before I start thrusting myself into him mercilessly. I push the pillow away from his mouth so I could hear he beautiful moans as I rested my head against his, letting my breath tickled his ears.

“Julian!” He moans loudly making me quicken my pace, Goddess his voice was so much sexier than usual. When I was the bottom, he’d mostly grunt, moan here and there and had a growl that made me shiver. But now he was moaning for the world to hear with an angelic voice that pushed me to new heights. I sucked on his mark making him whimper as he trembled under me, his hands clenching onto the sheets as I continued to slam myself into him. Unable to control myself, I sit up pulling him with me, causing him to kneel as he supported himself with shaking arms. I grab onto his waist before returning to my quickened pace as I slam myself into him as he drops his head trying to hide his moans by putting his mouth to his shoulder. I circled my hips telling him to stop but he wouldn’t listen, when I slow down he whined but still wouldn’t listen, so I grabbed a fist full of his hair with one hand forcing his head back as he arched his back allowing me to slip in deeper. I put more force into my thrusts amping up the speed making him moan uncontrollably as I slammed myself into him mercilessly.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” He screamed with each thrust as I kept a tight grip on his hair. “Ju-li-an! I’m cumming a-againnnnn!” He moaned as he trembled against me as he came for the..I lost count time. I continue my unsparingly attack on his body as I slam myself into him at a quicken pace while he continued to come. I don’t stop when he’s done and let myself be taken over by a need to have every inch of him, until there was nothing left for me to take.

I stay in the position as I let go of his hair letting his head drop as I pull him up by his shoulders. His back arches as I pull him up until his head was next to my own, resting on my shoulder, leaving his already hard member completely exposed. I grab his hips to keep him in place as I thrust myself deep into him, my erection sliding in easily hitting his prostate immediately as he whimpers and moans while trembling. He bends his arms over my head as he grips onto my hair and neck as I continue to slam into him moaning straight into his ears as my eyes study his face. His eyes were filled with unshed tears as a little drool ran down his mouth since he was moaning so much, I couldn’t help but stare as I continued to slam into him watching him completely unravel before me.

“Are you sure you’re not the bottom?” I growl into his ear, sending shivers down his spin as I continue to fuck him.

“I’m n-not!” He defends making me slam into him harder causing a loud moan to ripple out of him.

“Then why are you like this?” I ask nibbling onto the bottom of his ear as I let one of my hands gently grasp his erection. It was barely holding it so that he’d feel it but only enough to drive him completely insane.

“I-I-I don’t k-know....” He stutters through his moans.

“Maybe we should stop then.” I tease stopping right when I buried into him to the T, we pant heavily together as he stays silent. I slowly pull out at a snail’s paste as he whimpers slightly, he clenches down on me but I continue anyway letting my hand slowly fade from his member as well.

“No!” He says when I’m almost out pushing himself so far back that I’m completely in as we both moan loudly while electricity ran between us like an open circuit.

“I thought you didn’t like it?” I question referring to earlier as I licked his mark making him cry out before clenching his teeth.

“I d-do.” He says finally. “It’s! So! Good!” He says each word as he pushes himself back into me. I almost came as he continued to fuck himself moaning loudly as I stayed still allowing him to suck my cock with his beautiful little hole.

“You’re so greedy.” I growl in his ear as he quickens his own pace.

“Fuck me!” He groans angrily as he stops to grind himself into me, circling his his while clenching down on me. I was starting to realise we were using each other’s tricks on the other, I knew what he’d like since I was usually in his position and he knew what I’d like. This grinding thing was driving me crazy as I clenched my eyes close letting myself get lost in the undeniable pleasure I felt from it. “Julian!” He groans snapping me out of my trance as I tighten my grip on hips circling my hips with his to match his movements as we both moan out in pure ecstasy. “Fuck me!”

I waste not not time pulling out before slamming back into him as I grab hold of his erection. I return to my quick, deep thrust into him as he threw his head back crying out letting me have better access to his mark. I rubbed my thumb into his tip making him whimper as I stroked him while fucking him mercilessly. When he was about to cum I pull my hand away making him whine incoherent words as his member leaked with need. I feel my sadistic side rise as I leak inside of him from his own needy cries, I looked across to see our dresser with the huge mirror that made me grin, I turned us without warning, keeping the same position as I caught glimpse of my beautiful mate. Sweat was dripping down his body, rolling down his outstretched abs as I slammed into him. When he saw his reflection, he closed his eyes within a moment making me growl.

“Open your eyes.” I demand with a voice so low it scared me a bit. He opens them slowly as our eyes connect through the mirror.

“Nghhh!” He tries to hold in his moans, biting his lips as he looks at himself. His cock bouncing up and down with each thrust while he clung onto me with tears eyes. I knew he wouldn’t moan, too embarrassed to see himself do that and I wouldn’t push him too far so instead I push a few of my fingers into his mouth while gripping his waist with the other as I continued slamming into him. I stop fucking his mouth with my fingers but keep them their as drool slides down my fingers and his mouth.

“Look at you.” I whisper with a smirk as we look at each other’s spent forms. “Dripping wet from getting fucked.”

Since when did I talk dirty.

“Nsshhs!” He says into my fingers as I smile against him.

“I can’t understand you.” I whisper not breaking eye contact as I lick his ear slowly making him cry out. “Look at how hard you are.” I whisper making him tighten up clearly embarrassed as his cheeks took aflame. “You must really love this.” I growl tugging on his ear with my teeth, I take out my hand as he tries to look down but I force his head up with my hand.

“N-no. Stop J-Julian!” He begs making me frown as I instantly stop my thrusts.


“I d-didn’t mean...” He trails as I slowly push back in as he trembles in delight.

“Oh you want to get fucked.” I growl slowly picking up speed.

“Y-yes.” He answers watching me in the mirror.

“You love it don’t you?” I ask teasingly as I push myself deeper making him moan.

“Y-yes.” He whimpers as I slam into him harder.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, I love it.” He says as tears streams down his face as I thrust myself into him mercilessly as he clings onto my hair. I was enjoying teasing him, loving seeing him cry as I now understood how he felt. He was crying while moaning, creating the most beautiful sounds I’d even heard. “I love it!” He screams making me smile as I quicken my pace. “I l-love it!” He says again making my heart race with his own as we both stare at his tear stricken face along with his shameless body in the mirror.

“I love it!” He cries out as we both release in unison with pleasure filled moans as tears stream down his face while he whimpers against my body while I tremble as I fill up his now coated walls.

I slide out of him pushing him down on his back as cum leaks out of his ass making me smile as he trembles on the bed with a tear stricken face. I push myself back into him making him moan as he throws his head back arching his back in pleasure. I thrust into him slowly as I watch his member pulsing to life again. Rubbing his tip, I continue to thrust into him slowly as he whimpers and cries that he couldn’t go on.

I can’t!

“Stop!” He cries as I continue to tease his tip, stroking him the way I liked it while slowly fucking him as he leaked out his pulsing tip. I continued until he came surprising me as he cried out with tears running down his face as I continue to slow thrusts. Once he’d done I lick the tip making him whimper as he tries to push me away, I hold him wrists down next to his body with my hands as I continue to suck him making him wither and moan crying for me to stop. I pull away from his erection, thrusting into him nice and deep as he pushes his back up letting his cock tremble on display for both of us as I thrusted into him mercilessly.

“I cshsh! No m-m-muore!” He cries as he shakes while I fuck him. “Let gggo!” He tries desperate to cover his cock that was leaking now as I slammed into him repeatedly.

“No.” I say looking at it which just made him squirm more, it was hot to me. Seeing it leak and tremble so desperately as he cries for me for stop, with tears lacing his pink cheeks while he clenched down on my throbbing erection.

“Cummjjijsh!” He shouts as he shakes crying out but nothing comes out. I look up at his euphoric face as his member trembles but nothing comes out.

“Ahhhhhh!” He moans riding out his orgasm.

“You’re shooting blanks.” I say making his cheeks heat up as he tries to look away. The thought alone made me leak as I leaned down biting into his mark fucking him with everything I had as he cried below me, dragging me to edge as he clung onto me. I pull back licking my lips as I grip his hips before slamming into him allowing myself to cum inside of him as he cums again. Withering before me as I fill him up but nothing comes out of him as his member pulses. I ride out my orgasm before slowly pulling out as I kiss him hungrily before looking down at his spent form as he faints before me. I wanted to clean him up but I was exhausted, flopping down next to him I pull his naked body into my own with a large smile on my face.

Emitt you are a genius!




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No fuck you, I am. I have the cover and I really want to start but I won’t.

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