Alpha Mates

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Chapter 59

Alexander’s P.O.V

“Okay....Max, let go......stop..” I groan as I struggle to part from Max’s lips. He’d been kissing me like his life deepened on it whenever he got a chance lately, barely giving me a second to breath. Once he lets me go, I jump back panting slightly as I glare at his smiling face.

“Let’s head back to camp.” He says cheerfully as he grabs my hand, leading us back through the woods.

We were already on day three and had basically finished the little project. Gathering as much information as possible, the wolves didn’t mind or presence since we were wolves ourselves. The only thing we’d noticed was that a few pups went missing, we searched for them, but they weren’t in the space which was strange. The parents didn’t seem to be concerned, they searched a bit but as any animal would, I think they just assumed death as a lot pups died from young.

Max and I had been making steady progress lately. We talked more and hadn’t fought at all, he was always eager to help or do anything really. I knew he was trying really hard to show me he was really sorry. He found something for us to do every single day when we weren’t with the wolves. He had this unwavering hope for us that was I doubt contagious.

I stare at our hands with a slight frown as the vibrations ran through us like wildfire before looking back up at the back of my mate.

Was I doing the right thing?

I knew I gave in too easily, but I was happy I did. We’d had a week to try and work through our issues and I knew we needed to desperately. I didn’t forgive him quite yet but I wanted to try and he seemed more than happy at the offer I made a few days back. Still, the skin to skin contact stung a little as it weighed heavily on my shredded heart. I wasn’t lying when I said I was in pain, everyday, every second. What Maximus did to me broke me, it broke my trust in him, in my mate. As a wolf, it weighed heavily on me, causing me daily agony and would until I trusted him again, just holding his hand stung slightly as I remembered the days I went without him, a torment I had to endure quietly.

“We got the whole day, what’d you like to do?” He asks eagerly making me blink ferociously to see that we were already at our sight.

“I don’t know.” I say quietly, yawning slightly as I glance at him. His eyes were much livelier than I’d seen them lately, it warmed me inside to see him so happy.

“Why don’t you get some sleep?” He suggests with a kind smile. “You said that you couldn’t sleep again last night because of a headache right?”

“Yeah.” I lie. I kept telling him that it was the headache that was tormenting me and that’s why I was not sleeping lately.

“Then you go to sleep.” He says kindly, I go towards the tent, glancing back to see him already digging through our bags. I take off my outer layers of clothing and slide into my sleeping bag with ease.

I let out a breath as I look up at the top of the tent. I couldn’t sleep last night because I was too busy watching him sleep. I spent the entire night like I spent every other night, with my head on his shoulder as I watched his chest rise and sink while inhaling his intoxicating scent. I took comfort in watching his so still and calm, it settled me and before I knew it, the sun was rising.
I did have a headache but it wasn’t anything to lose sleep over. Yawning once again, I slowly fall asleep focusing on the light breeze passing through the trees around us.


I groan loudly as body wakes me up without permission. After struggling to come to my senses, I sit up with dazed eyes as I look outside to see the sun nearing its daily disappearing act. I crawl out of the tent lazily looking around for Max but he wasn’t anywhere to be found. I call a few times but he doesn’t answer, I frown as I slip on my boots and coat before going to look around.
The bitch said there was a forcefield in play so I kept a handful of pebbles that I threw in front of me in case I came close to it. I followed his faint scent in search of my mate who seemed to disappear, this area we were enclosed in seemed to be so big that I almost thought that she was lying until my pebble hit into it and got roasted. Max’s scent ended around here but there was no sign of him and he couldn’t of been out of the forcefield so where the hell was he.

“Alex!” I look up to see him sitting in a tree on its tallest branch making me frown.

“What are you doing up there?” I question, squinting slightly as I look up at my monkey of a mate.

“Watching the sunset, come up!” He shouts making me frown as my brain tells me how much work that would intel.

“I’m fine down here.”

“Come on Alex!” He begs making me groan as my body begs against it. My body had been a shitshow lately, headaches and an incomprehensible form of laziness. I don’t know what shit Julian decided to smoke but I wasn’t on board with it.

I start scaling the tree, ignoring the will to give up and the feeling of my muscles cramping up. Eventually I reach the top, where Max pulls me up to sit between his legs on the large branch he was seated on. I pant heavily as I lean into him, my body completely spent and on the brink of giving out.

“If we fell, we’d die.” I say glancing down before looking out at the scene before me again.

“No we wouldn’t.” He says with a chuckle as he snuggles his neck into the crook of my neck. I shiver from the feeling as his arms tighten around my waist ignoring the slight ping it caused in my chest.

“It’s pretty.” I comment watching the golden sky with red streaks stretching across it like the trail of a rough paintbrush.

“It is.” He says, his breath brushing my ear lightly. I try not to squirm too much at the effect he was having on my body, especially because of the position we were in.

“We should head down.” I suggest after a while as the sun sits comfortably on the horizon line being pushed down by the oncoming night.

“Okay.” He agrees reluctantly, I climb down carefully as he jumps down branch to branch as if he were invincible.

At the camp, we make a quick fire before eating our dinner, canned foods every night was punishment enough. We went to the waterfall like usual to bathe before walking back to the camp to find the witch girl sitting on one of the logs with a few baby wolves at her feet. I frown as I slowly recognize them as the ones that went missing. She was petting them like dogs as some stayed seated at her feet, while she held two in her hands.

“What the fuck...” I trail making them stand to their feet as they stand in front of her defensively. It was truly adorable when they tried to growl, but it sounded more like a cute purr.

“Aren’t they just the cutest little things ever?!” She practically squeals after telling them to lie down.

“What did you do?” Max questions carefully. “Did you steal pups?”

“No!” She defends. “I realized the pack would have nothing to eat since I locked them in here, I fed them and these little ones stuck to me like glue. I think I’m going to keep them.” She says with a genuine smile that me almost forget she was a crazy witch.

“How are you going to look after six wolves, they’re going to grow ya know.” I question skeptically.

“We’ll figure it out.” She says petting them as they jump around her feet like small puppies. “I was just checking in with you two to make sure you haven’t killed each other yet.”

“We’re fine.” I stretch not really keen on having her around.

“Well, I’ll be on my way.” She says before smiling down at her pups before they all disappear.

“A witch with pet wolves, the irony.” Max says with a chuckle as we take seats of our own on the logs.

“Nobody can touch her now, imagine her with six grown wolves at her command.” I say sighing as I stretch before lying down on the log and looking up at the starlit sky. We stay silent listening to the natural world that was hosting us as visitors, the sound of the wind rushing by making me sigh contently.

“Do you remember back in our world when we got stuck in the woods with Tobias and Chris?” Max asks suddenly making me start laughing immediately as the memories flood my mind all at once.

“And we had to spend the entire night hiking back because someone decided exploring without a plan was truly living." I say laughing as he laughs along with me.

“And we kept losing Chris because he’d trail off without saying anything. Then we’d find him in a corner crying because he saw something.” Max reminds me making me laugh even harder as images of Chris huddling in a corner fill my mind. “I miss it sometimes.”

“Weird coming from the guy who used to say how much he couldn’t wait to leave.” I say scoffing.

“You seem to forget saying how The Spirit World was too small to contain you.” He says making my lips settle into a straight line as I remember my own words.

“Touché.” I say sitting up to see him lying down on his own log with a smile tracing his lips.
My legs move on their own as I walk towards him, straddling him suddenly making him sit up instantly with a slight frown wrinkling his forehead. I rub my finger into the spot making them fade as he laughs at my actions.

“I missed you so much baby.” He says making me freeze as my eyes drift down to his own. They were becoming slightly watery as his smile wavered a little making my heart clench as I pushed the hair out of his face to see him clearly.

“Max, what’s wrong?” I question worrying at his sudden disposition.

“I thought I lost you.” He says with a shaky voice making me tense as I look at him. “I didn’t think that I’d ever hear you laugh that way again or that you’d talk to me after what I did. I’m so sorry Alex.”

“I know Max.” I say wiping away the tear that escapes his eye with my thumb.

“I’m so so sorry Alex. Goddess, I was such a fool and I almost lost you because of it.” He says looking down, blocking me from seeing his face. “You never asked for anything ever, you were always there for me, always put a smile on my face and the one time you asked something of me, I let you down.” He says looking up at me with his darken eyes swimming with tears, his cheeks now completely soaked. My chest tightens as I look at him crumbling before me.

It was hard on the both of us and I forgot that. I forgot that when I was in pain, Max was in pain. He was suffering as I was from being apart and was blaming himself constantly, it made my entire being cry out in excruciating agony to fix this.

“I know you’re sorry Maximus. I know you’re sorry.” I say wiping away the tears as I offer him a weak smile. “It hurt and still does, I don’t completely trust you again, but I forgive you.”

He starts crying even harder as he hugs me tightly, I wrap my arms around him, holding the back of his head as he lets everything out. The sounds of him weeping brought me to tears as well, Jesus, the poor guy was holding everything on his shoulders. I pull him back when he settled down before kissing him gently, I press my lips to his soft ones, my entire body sizzling at the connection that made me feel like I was flying.

“I love you.” I whisper making his eyes fill with tears again. “Stop crying you big baby.” I say chuckling at his quivering lip.

“I l-love you too.” He says before hugging me tightly. I hugged him back, taking in a deep breath as my body slumps contently at the connection before I realise there was no sting. I felt no pain or discomfort from touching him, just put bliss and joy.

We’d be okay.

God I missed these two!!!
*Cries to self*


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