Alpha Mates

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Chapter 60

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Julian’s P.O.V

“Aiden..” I trail watching him shove his things into his bag.

“I have to go.” He mumbles refusing to look my way as he scrambles out our room with me following behind him. “We can talk after school.”

“You said that yesterday and then you ran away.” I argue with a bit of annoyance lacing my voice. “I’m going to meet with Oliver today.”

“Okay well that’s fine, now I have to go.” He says as he jumps into the elevator, clicking on the button as if his life deepened on it. I sigh, heading back to our room once the door has closed taking my mate away.

Stupid Aiden. He’d been avoiding me like if I were the plague and it was starting to piss me off. A week had passed since Alex and Max’s little excursion which apparently was a success, Alex said they were working on things and that was enough for me. But over the past week, Aiden had dove head first into his school and alpha work, making sure to avoid me every chance he got.
So you took it up the ass, get over it.

Says the guy who avoided him when you got off on your nipples - Alex says snickering as I scowl while getting dressed.

We were figuring things out then. Plus this is Aiden, he has no reason to be embarrassed, I do it all the time - I argue packing my bag with a rising anger.

Exactly! You do it, never him. The roles were switched and you were much worse than he ever was.

How?! - I exclaim.

The mirror part for one - He says making my mouth shut tightly. So maybe I took it a tad bit too far when I made him look at his reflection while I fucked him, but I didn’t regret it in the slightest. You were embarrassed always because you were taking on the feminine role, maybe it’s the same for him.

I’ll figure it out - I say before blocking the link. He was saying things I already knew, it annoyed me to see him like this because it’s exactly how I was and made me realize how stupid I was for feeling that way. Aiden was not but hot the entire night and had absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about, but I knew how it felt to be in his shoes so I’d have to tread these waters carefully.

I groan to myself when I realise that Aiden took our car and I was stranded. I had options here, steal someone’s car, walk to school or shift and run it. Before I had a chance to decide Emitt pulls up next to me and swings the door open with a large smile. I get in without a complaint, barely getting a chance to close the door as he speeds down the pack road.

“Where’s Beckett?” I question after checking the back to see if he was there.

“He said he had some family issues.” The sentence makes me tense as I immediately reach out to Beckett through our link, when he doesn’t respond I frown with growing worry. “He doesn’t talk about them much, I try to get him to open up but he won’t.” Emitt continues making my attention trail to him, I was a little confused at to why he was telling me this before I realized he was confiding in me, like I had with him.

Were we friends?

“I don’t know if it’s something I did or said, but he shuts me out when it comes to them.” He finishes with a sigh as waves of panic bounce off of him.

“It’s not you.” I say trying to sound gentle instead of the usual harsh tone that came out. “Beckett’s family is complicated, he’ll tell you about it soon.”

“Okay.” He says nodding to himself as he loosens his grip on the steering wheel slightly as we sit in silence. “Oh!” He shouts looking at me as the car swerves making my heart drop as I clench onto the sides.

“What?!” I snap angrily once he regains control of the car.

“How did you topping go?” He all but squeals in excitement, I’ve been realising lately that Emitt was very girly. He was never like this before for all the years I knew him, well, knew of him. He was the popular, party guy that girls swooned over, but nowadays he was like a little teenage girl looking for gossip.

“Really good!” I say in a high pitched voice with a large grin before covering my mouth in surprise.

What the hell was that?

“Really?! I can’t imagine Aiden taking it.” He says laughing hysterically as he pulls up to a small cafe making my smile fade as I frown in confusion. “They have the best breakfast meals, we have some time before school.”

“I’m not hungry.”

“Your growling stomach begs to differ.” He says with a wink before getting out the car after parking, I get out flowing him with a slight blush as I shout at my stomach internally to behave.
After we get a table and order our meals, he gets straight back into our previous conversation. “So if it went so good, why is Aiden avoiding you?”

“Noticed that huh?” I say leaning on one of my arms.

“Well you weren’t sneaking off into closets like usual, so yeah.” He says giggling, I smile for some reason. Usually I’d clamp up, but Emitt had this carefree presence about him that relaxed me. I wouldn’t talk about this so freely with even Isabel, so why was I with him, maybe it’s because he’s in a gay relationship as well.

“I think he’s just embarrassed.” I say with a slight shrug as our food is placed in front of us. Emitt digs into his pancakes while I eat my omelette, drooling a little when I taste how good it is.

“I don’t got any advice for you there, an embarrassed Aiden is a mine field. The wrong words set him off, he comes off aggressive to try and cover his embarrassment.” He says stuffing his face. “Proceed with caution.”

“Noted.” I say with a weak smile. We continue to talk about a number of things before we realise we’re running late and leave in a hurry. Once at school we go our separate ways, I barely make it into my first class in time. The rest of the school day went on like it always had, work, work, work and more work. I left Aiden alone at lunch, if he didn’t want to talk at home there was no way he’d talk at school. Before I knew it, school was done and I was making my way into the woods. I used my usual path, watching carefully for flying arrows as I approach their lands, I was tired but I needed to do this sooner than later. Oliver is waiting at our usual spot, playing with some weeds like he always did since he was a kid.

“Julie!” He says once his eyes catch mine, jumping to his feet he engulfs me in a tight hug that I return with a slight chuckle.

“What have I told you about that name?” I growl playfully as we sit down on some old tree stumps.

“That you loved it and wanted me to say it more.” He says with a mischievous smile that makes me glare at him. “How are you?”

“I’m fine. Alex’s back and things are good for everyone.” I say with a weak smile. I had no idea how I was going to bring up the topic of rogue packs and accusing him of being connected to the ones who tortured Aiden when he was a kid.

“Have you heard from Katerina?” He asks suddenly making me frown slightly.


“What?!” Aiden exclaims in surprise at we look at Katerina and her pups dancing around her feet, I pick one up unconsciously and pet it as we look at her.

“It’s time to leave. I was only there to get juice from them, I got it and now I’m leaving.” She says with a shrug. “I wasn’t going to live with a pack of rogues forever.”

“Where will you go?” Aiden asks with clear concern that the two were oblivious to. They were friends, close friends, they fed off the other’s sick sides and grew close because of it.

“I don’t know. I was thinking apartment, but my babies need land so a house seems better.” She says looking down at her babies.

“With what money?” I ask joining the conversation for once.

“I’m a witch, I don’t need it.” She says with a duh tone as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. She said she was leaving the state and that clearly was messing with Aiden, they’d been spending a lot of time together and I think he was sad she was leaving, though he’d never admit it.
She looks at Aiden for a bit with her usual eyes of hate before they soften for a split second, she sighs loudly, mumbling incoherent words to herself.

“I was thinking of checking out houses here too, so we’ll see.” She mumbles making Aiden’s eyes light up considerably. “Just don’t tell Oliver.”

“Why not?” I ask defensively.

“He’s been acting strange lately, talking about making preparations for someone and they’ve been acting all weird. When I told him I was out he tried everything to keep me there, he actually tried to attack me but I mean, bitch please.” She says scoffing making me frown at her words. “I was going to kill them all for putting their grubby, little paws on me, but then I remembered he was this one’s brother and stopped.”

“What?” Aiden asks frowning as I was. I was grateful, but that was no reason for her to stop. She was a witch and in a case like that, had every right to kill them for even touching her.

“Well I didn’t want your pack coming after me.” She mumbles nervously, making us frown even more.

“When has that ever stopped you?” I ask with knitted eyebrows.

“I don’t know. You know, shut up! Fuck you! Little mutts!” She says all at once before disappearing with her pups, the only one remaining was the one in my hands. It looks up at me and licks my nose making my heart melt before Katerina reappeared at took him from me and disappeared again, ripping my heart out completely.

“We should get a wolf.” I say with a broken heart.

-------end of flashback-----

“No.” I lie hoping he wouldn’t notice. “Why?”

“She disappeared without a word and I’m a little worried.” He says making me nod in understanding.

He was lying to me. Oliver never lied to me, or at least I thought he never did. Why’d he need to lie about Katerina though? What could he possibly need from her to try and keep her so desperately?

“So what did you want to talk about?” He asks with the wide brotherly smile that made my heart flood with guilt for doubting him but I knew I had to find out the truth.

“How did you become alpha Oliver?” I ask getting straight to the point, I listen carefully to his heart that stops for a second before beating slightly faster. I decide not to jump to conclusions and pin that reaction on him being surprised.

“Why?” He asks with a slight frown as the air around us became tense.

“I was just wandering, I heard something about rogue alphas and I realised I never asked you about it.” I lie smoothly, trying to keep an airy tone to relax him a little.

“Well it was a long time ago so I don’t really remember.” He says slowly as his eyes study me intently.

“Oh well, that’s fine.” I say trying to push him away from the subject, he was already getting suspicious.

“I’m not completely alpha, not yet anyway.” He says making me frown internally, I couldn’t give him any tells if he was truly guilty.

“What do you mean?” I question trying to hide my new interest.

“Nothing.” He says standing up as a rogues runs towards us at full speed. “Didn’t I tell you not to disturb us!” Oliver growls angrily at the man who doesn’t even flinch.

“I’m sorry but ...” He says glancing my way carefully, “...he’s here.”

“What?!” Oliver exclaims as he visibly pales. “He’s early.”

“He’s looking for you.” The man says causing a bunch of curse words to spout out of Oliver’s mouth, surprising me since he never cursed.

“I have to go Julian, I’m sorry.” He says turning to leave without even glancing at me.

“I can come too.” I offer with growing curiosity.

“No!” He shouts making my eyes widen considerably as I look at him. Oliver was a peaceful guy, never raised his voice, was mostly free and happy. “Just go home.” He growls before disappearing into the woods with his subordinate.

I stand there in shock as I replay all that just happened. Something was up, it was clear as day but I didn’t want to believe it. If I did, it’d mean Aiden had free reign to kill him and I wasn’t going to let that happen without be absolutely sure. I was exhausted beyond belief and I’d barely done anything for the day, I knew I should head home but instead I masked my scent and followed behind them. I moved carefully and quietly, knowing they had scouts on the look out. I knocked out the ones I approached with ease before I finally came to the outer boarder of their land. I move carefully along their make shift houses where my eyes catch all of the rogues surrounding a tall man with slicked back, black hair and a fitted, red velvet suit with shiny black shoes. When my eyes see his own I froze in my spot praying to God that it was just a coincidence, Oliver approaches him with a nervous smile.

“You’re late.” The man says with a voice so cold it made me tense momentarily.

“I’m sorry, I was a bit caught up.” Oliver replies rubbing his hands together.

“With that brother of yours again.” He says in a tone that didn’t suggest it was a question. “Part of the agreement was for you to stay away.”

“I know.” Oliver says with a pained voice that made me frown.

What the hell was going?

“Maybe we should’ve taken him instead of the other boy.” The man says making my heart drop as the world around me comes to a complete stop. I cover my mouth to prevent any sounds from coming out of it. “It’s not too late, we’ll be needing one if this doesn’t work.”

“Don’t you dare touch him!” Oliver growls ferociously.

“Don’t make me.” The man growls back with a much deadlier voice that made them all cower away slightly. “Let’s get to work.” He says walking towards Oliver’s home.

“Reon..” Oliver calls making my eyes tear up as he confirms what I already knew.

This man was Reon. The one who spearheaded the experiments on Aiden and scared my mate for life. I was so close to running out there and attacking him but Alex warned me against it, I was in no shape to take them on all by myself and I’d end up dead. I forced myself to keep my feet planted in place as I looked at the disgusting man with eyes dark as coal.

“You can’t back out now. I’ve worked too hard for you to have second thoughts.” He says aggressively, stepping closer to Oliver who broke out in a cold sweat.

“I know.” He mumbles making my rage double to know my brother could be involved with such a revolting creature. What he said about taking me instead of the other kid told me he knew about what happened to Aiden. It was supposed to happen to me but he traded me out for Aiden.
He made me sick.

“Who’s there?!” Someone shouts making all heads snap my way, my eyes connect with Reon’s for a second before I shift and take off into the woods. It felt like I was looking into the eyes of a soulless creature, a never ending black hole of despair.

I don’t bother to be careful of sounds and just run. I ran with everything I had towards our pack, I was fast and on any other day would loose them without a problem, but my body wasn’t the same and that slowed me down considerably. But I couldn’t allow myself to get caught, I needed to tell Aiden, warn the pack, make a plan and kill them all. If I didn’t tell them, they’d never know and I couldn’t let anything happen to my people or Aiden. I hear a group of rogues behind me but push myself harder, there was no way in hell I was getting caught by rogues. I try calling out to Aiden but he blocked our link making me curse, I needed him now and he was being embarrassed somewhere.

I take a short cut Oliver often used when we were younger when he snuck us out, the thought of him made my insides twist in agony. When I break through into our lands I hear their steps fade, they weren’t stupid enough to come in our lands. Once I’m closer inland, I slow down feeling like if I was going to collapse but force myself to keep going.

I shift when I reach the pack house, I ignore the countless people who try to help me and question me on what was wrong. I force myself to head to the elevator, pressing the button to our suite, I pant heavily as I slide down sitting on the ground with a rising bile. I empty my stomach on the elevator floor making my entire body shake, I ignored the disgust I felt for myself barely keeping my eyes open. Once the door opens, I force myself on my feet only to fall immediately.

“Aiden!” I try to shout by my voice comes out hoarse and burns after vomiting. I knew he was here, I could hear his heart beat and smell him.

“Aiden...” I barely make it out the elevator before my body gives out and I lie on my back with the world swirling around me. I hear steps rushing towards me before a blurry figure appears over me shaking me violently as they scream at me.

“Reon..” Is all I’m able to say before darkness takes me completely.

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