Alpha Mates

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Chapter 61

Aiden’s P.O.V

“Julian!” I shout but his eyes roll back making my heart stop, his skin was on fire and he was dripping in sweat. I looked to the elevator to see the floor covered in his vomit making my own heart race in fear. The world seemed to stop for me as I look down at him with a wave of panic and tormenting dread takes over me, his body was limp and his breathing staggered.
I pick him up, running to the bathroom, I needed to get his temperature down and clean him up. I bath him in cold water carefully all the while trying to settle my scrambled thoughts on what could of happened.

Once he’s in clean clothes, I lay him on the bed only to find his temperature rising slowly as pained grunts escapes his lips. I had no idea what to do and it was killing me, he was moving too much so I couldn’t give him pack medicines, I didn’t even know what to give him. When he starts shaking a wave of panic and agony overtakes me entirely.

“Kat!” I shout out as I try to still his body. “Kat!”

“What’s wro-” She stops short when she sees Julian and immediately rushes to his opposite side. “What happened?” She asks touching him at different spots of his body.

“I-I-I don’t know, he came out the e-elevator and I found him with th-th-the fever and sweating and he vomited. I-I, Kat what’s happening?” I stutter out as I look down at my mate.

“His body is worn out and he’s in a state of panic.” She says pressing her fingers to his temples while mumbling her chants that make him settle down slightly. “Stay with him.” She instructs as she pushes everything off my nightstand before pulling out different bottles from a void as she starts mixing what I can only assume to be some sort of an elixir. I slide myself around him, holding him in my arms as I shush his low whimpers while brushing his hair, trying to keep him still.

“You’ll be fine.” I whisper, keeping him tight under my chest. “Everything is going to be okay.”

“Keep him steady.” She says as she climbs onto the bed with her finished product. I hold Julian in place, trying to stop him from squirming as she tilts his chin up and pours the pitch black liquid down his throat slowly. When he’s swallowed all, he stops moving and his groans of discomfort die down too.

“What did you give him?”

“It’s my own personal remedy, a boaster and a healing agent. He’ll be up in a bit, let him rest.” She says letting out a breath of exhaustion before getting off the bed as I look down at him. “Aiden, let him rest.” She reiterates, I look up at her with pained eyes as she gives me a weak smile and reassuring nod. I lay him down carefully before getting off the bed, I press a gentle kiss to his forehead before reluctantly leaving the room.
Kat closes the door behind us as I speed walk to the living room, the sight of the elevator floor sends all the emotions rushing to me at once. Kat notices my discomfort and snaps her fingers making the entire mess disappear but I was still unstable inside.
My usual rising rage was replaced with fear as my mind runs rampant with all the things that could’ve happened to him that I wasn’t there to protect him from.

“Kat..” I say turning to her with blurry eyes, her eyes were softer than usual as she looked at me. “What’s wrong with him?”

“I...” She stops herself as she thinks for a bit before speaking again. “I’ll tell you both together, but something happened today to make him like this.”

“He was calling out to me.” I say feeling the tears leave my eyes. “I felt him, I knew he needed me but I-I blocked the link. And now.....”

“Hey, he’s going to be fine.” She says hugging me suddenly, I stay still in surprise before I slowly let my arms grip onto her as I sob in her hold.

“I should’ve answered!” I cry out as I tighten my grip of her while she rubs my back soothingly. “I should’ve been there for him.”

“It’s too late for should’ves now, he’s fine and he’ll be up in a bit. He doesn’t need to see his mate crying when he wakes up.” She says pulling back slightly with a kind smile. “Pull it together and don’t make me think worse of your kind.”
I chuckle slightly as I sniff trying to reign myself in, she rubs my shoulders comfortingly before going to the kitchen to get me some water as I sit down on the couch. I bury my face in my hands when I finally settle enough to comprehend what Julian said before he knocked out.


What did he mean? Is he back? He should be dead, dad said they killed all the rogues that night the rescued me. I assumed he’d died along with them, if he didn’t, is he alive? Did he do something to him? Why would he bring him up now?
It was killing me that I couldn’t ask him these questions myself, but right now I needed to focus on his health and not my own personal scars.

“Thanks.” I say taking the glass from Kat as she sits down next to me.

“It’s not your fault.” She says gently as she treaded around me carefully when speaking. I just nod even though I knew it was, I was being a complete ass as of late. I should’ve gone with him to meet Oliver, I should’ve been with him when he needed me and I should’ve answered the call. “This makes me really not want a Linker.” She says after a while of us sitting in silence.

“What do you mean?” I question with a slight frown.

“You’re one of the toughest guys I know and you just turned into a crying, stuttering mess because your mate fainted.” She says making me growl in anger.

“He didn’t just faint. He’s got a temperature as hot as hell, he emptied himself on the floor which he’d never do since he hates vomiting more than anything in the world and he is in pain and panicking. He’s still calling for me and I don’t know what to do, I can feel the sense of betrayal coming off of him.” I say getting quieter at the last part, did he feel betrayed because I didn’t answer his call. Would he hate me when he woke up?

“You feel all that?” She questions genuinely.

“I feel everything he does and more.” I say before I light groan emits throughout the apartment. I don’t waste a second, jumping to my feet and running to our room. I open the door to see Julian sitting up slowly before wincing slightly, he looks at me with weak eyes that make my heart break. Rushing towards him, I take him into my arms, holding him tightly as I inhale his scent. He hugs me back with just as much love before pushing me back slightly, I take his face in my hands, studying every feature to make sure he was alright.

“I’m fine.” He mumbles with a hoarse voice that makes Max howl in pain. I give him a glass of water that he drinks quickly before settling, I sit down, pulling him onto my lap as I wrap my arms around him protectively, he clings to me as if I’d disappear if he didn’t.

“What happened?” I ask once I’m sure he’s calm and relaxed. His eyes immediately widen as he sits up seeming to remember the events that took place.

“Reon!” He shouts but winces immediately after, I tense at the mention of the name but try to keep a lid on my rage for Julian. “He’s here, in Oliver’s pack.”

“Start from the beginning.” I instruct as he swallows before taking a deep breath.

“I tried talking to Oliver, about the whole alpha thing, but he was on edge and got suspicious. He left suddenly because a rogue said someone was there, I followed them and I saw him Aiden.” He says looking up at me as I felt my canines extend.

“You don’t know what he looks like, it may not be him.” I say hoping, no praying, that he was wrong.

“It was him!” He insists before coughing a bit, I rub his back to sooth him but he continues. “Oliver called him that and he had those eyes you talked about, black as the night.”

“I’m going to kill them all.” I growl as I feel my eyes glow with the rage bubbling up inside.

“Yo, you got red eyes.” Kat says, I forgot she was here but didn’t pay any attention to her.

“We can’t just attack, we need a plan.” Julian strains, looking at him made me remember his condition and my rage slowing died down.

"We aren’t doing anything, you need to rest. And I don’t need a plan on how to kill mutts.” I growl as he frowns at me in clear disapproval.

“You’re a fool if you think I’m letting you go there without me.”

“You’re not okay Julian!”

“I’m fine!” He argues trying to stand up but I keep him down.

“No you’re not.” Kat says drawing our attention to her. She was leaning against the doorframe watching us bicker amongst ourselves.

“What’s wrong with him? You said you’d tell us together.” I say as we look at her, both of us unconsciously tightening our hold on the other.

“I honestly thought you’d figure it out by now.” She says rubbing her forehead as she walks into the room a bit. “Isn’t it a bit obvious?” She questions pacing a little before stopping in front of us.
We look at each other with confused eyes before looking back at her for direction.

“Nope.” Julian says popping the p.

“Come on guys!” She says, dragging her words as if it was a hindrance to tell us. “He’s tired all the time now, he’s got headaches and he just threw up like nobody’s business!”

“Don’t remind me.” He says as he cringes in my arms. “How do you know that I’ve been t-”

“Besides the point.” She says cutting him off. “Think about it, what can this mean?”

“Mumps?” I suggest making Julian glare at me.

“I don’t have the fucking mumps.” He says angrily, I shrug in response.

“You never know.” I reply, we did it recently in biology and that’s the first thing that popped into my head.

“I do know. I’ve only been kissing you so I know that I don’t have that you imbecile!”

“That’s not the only way you can get it, the-”

“He’s pregnant you fools! He’s pregnant!” Katerina shouts panting slightly as we look at her with with wide eyes before we both start laughing.

“I may have mumps.” Julian says chuckling as we look at Kat.

“I’m serious!” She insists as our laughter settles and I frown at her.

“Kat, come on.” I say as my eyebrows knit together. “He’s a he.”

“And he’s pregnant.” She says stretching the s making us both freeze, shit she was serious.

“There’s no way.” I argue looking at Julian who looked frozen in place. “Are you hearing yourself?”

“Just think about it. All the things he’s been feeling lately are signs of early pregnancy.” She says softening her eyes as her argument sinks in.

“I don’t believe you.” Julian says finally as he looks up at Kat. “This is just some stupid witchy juju your pulling on us. I’m not fucking pregnant! I’m a guy!”

“Werewolves...” She mutters in clear aggravation as Julian goes to lunge at her but I stop him quickly.

“What did you do to me? A disease? Trying to kill me slowly, is that it?” He asks trying to escape my grasp but luckily he was weaker than usual and didn’t stand a chance. “Couldn’t stand us werewolves so you’re going to wipe us all out, starting with the alphas?”

“I wouldn’t do that!” She roars loudly as her eyes turn a vibrant purple. We both freeze as a strong wind blasts into the room, sending loose items flying as Kat starts loosing control. The ground below us shakes as car sirens outside go off, when she realizes what’s happening she stops as her eyes return to their usual color and things around us settle again, we look at her with wide eyes as she sighs in clear exhaustion. “I wouldn’t hurt you like that.” She mumbles keeping her eyes on everything but us.

“But witches hate werewolv-”

“Well I don’t hate you guys!” She shouts looking us in the eye with raw emotion that honestly shocked me. “You’re the closest things I’ve got to friends and I don’t care if you turn into slobbering mutts at night, I wouldn’t hurt you like that.” She says sitting down in a side chair as we both look at her in shock. Julian and I glance at each other momentarily before looking at her again.

“We don’t hate you either.” I say after a while making her eyes shoot up to us.

“Speak for yourself.” Julian says but I punch him in his shoulder making him wince as I glare at him. “Fine, you’re not that bad.” He mumbles while rubbing his shoulder. She smiles at us with a real smile for the first time, she looked genuinely happy. It disappeared in a minute and was replaced by her usual sarcastic, mischievous stare.

“Listen.” She says with a smirk.


“You don’t believe me about him being pregnant right? So just listen.” She says pointing to his stomach. I frown at the idea but don’t see the harm cause she was wrong anyway. We both close our eyes as we focus on the sounds around us, closing it into the room we were in and onto Julian. Inhaling deeply, I focus on him while my ears tingles a little as I listen closely, zoning in only on his stomach.

Budump! Budump! Budump!

“Aghhhh!” Julian jumps off my lap as his hands grab his stomach and then his ears and then his stomach again.

“Holy shit.” I mumble as I look at my pregnant mate. He dances on his toes as he looks down at his stomach where my eyes were stuck to and then up at me.

“I’m pregnant.” He says with a shaky voice with clear panic as our eyes connect. “I-I’m I’m pregnant.” He says clearing losing his shit.


“What are we g-going to do?!” He says hysterically as his eyes dart around like a wild coyote.

“What do you mean?” I ask with a slight frown, he couldn’t possibly be thinking of doing anything but having it.

“Where is it going to come out of?!” He shouts way louder than I’ve ever heard him, he glares at Kat who was snickering in the corner.

“C-sections are real people.” Kat says making Julian relax slightly. Maybe he was just scared about that.

“T-T-There’s a person inside of me!” He shouts looking at me with wild eyes, clearly confused and looking for answers that I didn’t have. “I’m a man, with a person.....inside of me!” He reiterates.

“Hey, calm down.” I say pulling him into my arms as he pants heavily against me, his arms immediately wrapping around me tightly.

“Aiden.” He calls, his voice showing clear panic. I hold him tighter as he grips my shirt like his life depended on it.

“It’s going to be fine sweetheart, just take deep breaths.” I say soothingly, he listens as he takes deep consistently breaths as his heart finally calms down. “What’s wrong? We wanted kids Julian.”

“We were discussing having kids and I didn’t think we’d be the ones carrying them.” He says as his heart rate picks up again, making me shush him back to a delicate state of serenity.

“Do you not want to keep it?” I ask carefully as I pull him back to look at him. I couldn’t force him into it but I also wouldn’t be on board for not having the child. I mean, it was our kid. Made of the both of us, I wouldn’t let that go.

“Of course I’m keeping it you imp.” He says giving me a little shove. “Im just need to wrap my head around the fact that we’re having a baby.”

“We’re having a baby.” I repeat with a growing smile as I allow the news to sink in. I could feel my heart pick up speed as I look down at Julian who was smiling as well. “We’re having a kid!” I shout picking him up and spinning him around making him giggle as I slow down to take his lips in my own.

“Congratulations.” Kat says making me remember she was still there, I put down Julian who nods at me before we rush over to her and hug her tightly. “Touching. You are touching me!”

We eventually let her go as she bends over to catch her breath while flipping us off making me laugh as I pull Julian into my arms.

“That poor boy has to grow up with you two as parents.” She says making my laughter come to a sharp haunt as I look at her.

“Boy?” Julian questions as his hand trails his stomach lightly.

“It’s a witch thing.” She says with a shrug as I look back at Julian who was letting out a breath of relief.

“Oh thank Goddess, I can’t raise a girl.” He says before laughing. “I can’t believe I’m talking about raising children.”

“I’ll leave you two, to it.”

“Wait!” Julian says before running towards her and whispering something so quiet I couldn’t hear it. She nods making him laugh mischievously before she disappears.

I don’t bother to question him as I pull him into my arms and take his lips in my own, he moans into my mouth as he wraps his arms around my neck deepening the kiss without hesitation. I fall back onto the bed as he climbs on top of me kissing me slowly as we laugh through the kiss before he pulls away with a smile lacing his lips.

“I can’t believe you knocked me up.” He says making me laugh even harder.

“I can’t believe it took this long.” I say making his smile grow wider as he kissed me again, this time with a growing hunger. I let my hands travel down to his ass where I squeeze and kneading it making him whimper against my lips as I grind myself into him. Man I felt like I was on cloud nine, I was so happy that I almost forgot about Reon.


“Wait, wait.” I say sitting up making him straddle me with a look of confusion as his hands stayed buried in my hair.

“What’s wrong?” He questions with clear concern.

“We have to figure out what we’re doing with Reon,” I say looking at him carefully before finishing. “..and your brother.”

“Kill them.” He says simply making my eyes widen. His tone was cold and sharp, like if he wasn’t the same guy who was close to tears when I wanted to kill the guy. Where did all the talk about him being his family go?

“What happened?” I ask making his eyes soften as he looks away from me. “Julian.” I warn while turning his chin, forcing him to look at me, his eyes like unsettled waters.

“You’ll hate me.” He says, his voice cracking at the end as his heart rate picks up again.

“I can never hate you Julian.” I say going to touch him as an effort to comfort him, but he gets off of me before I can, backing away a great deal as I stand to follow him. “Julian..”

“You will.” He says with blurry eyes as I back him into a corner, I didn’t want to make him more scared so I approach him slowly. “I can’t have you leave me again, I c-can’t go through it’ll go again.” He says sobbing making my heart break as I pull him into my arms. “I can’t..”

Julian was constantly afraid of me leaving him and every time he got like this it broke my heart that I’d caused him to be this insecure about our relationship. He didn’t deserve this much pain.
Sometimes he’d wake up in the middle of the night crying cause he’d have a nightmare about me going and it’d take all night to calm him down. He’d freak out sometimes if he woke up and I wasn’t there and anytime we’d argue he’d apologize without getting his point out and beg me not to go if it was a serious argument. I hated myself every time he broke down like this because I brought this fear onto him. What I did would effect him for a long time and he’d always have a slight fear of me going in the back of his mind and that killed me since I would never let him go. Never again.

“Julian, I love you so much and I will never ever leave you again.” I say firmly as I pressed a kiss to his forehead. “Now tell me what happened baby.”

“R-Reon said that Oliver gave you up instead of me.” He sobs looking up with tear stained cheeks as my arms stayed wrapped around his waist while his hands were gripping onto my shirt. “He g-gave you to him when I should’ve gone. I-I should’ve been on that table in the darkness not you.” He cried as my eyes widen in surprise and my arms loosen a little. “It’s all my fault! You went through all of that because of me!” He cries as he clings to me.

So Julian was supposed to go instead of me, he was the one who should’ve gotten tortured, not me. Why would he think that I’d hate him for that though? The only person I felt resentment too was that bastard Oliver, who gave me up like some sort of sacrificial lamb.

“I knew it! Y-You hate me!” He cries pulling away from me making me snap out of my daze. Shit, I got too quiet thinking. He runs out the room making me take off after him knowing I couldn’t leave him alone to his own thoughts, they’d eat him alive. I groan angrily when he locks himself in the study before I can stop him.

I’d usually say he was being stupid being this emotional, but he wasn’t. He had every right to feel this way.
Julian usually didn’t give two shits about how someone felt towards him but after what happened between us, he’d changed in that aspect. He cared more for others and their company, especially mine. It was torturous to see him fear being left alone so much to the point he’d hide rather than face the possibility of being rejected.

“Julian.” I call as gently as I could. I could easily break down the door but he needed to come to me on his own. The separation was already agonizing to Max and I, I needed to convince him quickly. “Julian.”
He doesn’t answer leaving only the sound of his distant sobs, each one a knife wound to my heart.

My biggest regret in life will always be leaving Julian, I knew I had to and he understood why I left, but that didn’t change the effect it left on him and it never will.

“Julian, I don’t hate you.” I say calmly. “If I hated you, I wouldn’t be here right now trying to get you out.”


“I’m not mad that I was taken instead of you.” I say pressing my head against the door, stifling the groan that threatened to come up at the silence he delivered. I couldn’t stand him blocking me out, it drove me insane in every sense of the word. “I’d go through it all again if it meant you didn’t have to. I would never wish that kind of torture on anybody and I am happy that I went through it and not you.” He sobs settle down as he sniffs to himself. “You’re my entire world Julian, I will give my own life if it’s means you are okay.”

“I’m sorry.” He mumbles his voice closer to the door now making smile happily, almost had him.

“You have nothing to be sorry about.” I say firmly, making sure to project nothing but surety in my voice. “Now open the door love.”

It’s quiet for a while before the bolts click and the door opens, Julian immediately jumps into my awaiting arms, wrapping his legs around me tightly as he starts sobbing again. I let out a breath of relief as I relish at the amazing connection that sent my skin aflame.

“Hey.” I say pulling his head back as I wipe away his tears with a smile.

“Sorry.” He mumbles sniffing a little. “I always get so stupid.”

“No you don’t, you’re just mending.” I say with an encouraging smile. “Now let’s get you to bed.”

“How am I supposed to raise a kid when I act like one?” He grumbles making me laugh as I take him back to our bedroom. Laying him down under the sheets, I get in behind him as he quickly attaches himself to me.

“We’ll figure it out.” I say kissing his forehead lightly.

“After we deal with the rogues and my brother.” He growls as his eyes glow momentarily.

“We’ll talk about that tomorrow, let’s rest for now.” I say gently pulling him into me. It doesn’t take long for him to fall asleep, he was truly exhausted and his body had went through enough. I still didn’t know the full story of what happened today but it’ll have to wait.

I keep my eyes focused on the ceiling, with Julian tucked into my side as I spend the night thinking of the most painful way I’d kill those bastards.

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