Alpha Mates

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Chapter 62

It’s a long chapter

Julian’s P.O.V

“And all the neighboring packs have been notified?” I question.

“Yes alpha, they have all responded and have put out round the clock patrols around their areas.” Beckett says making the table erupt into separate conversations, it was still weird for me to hear Beckett talk so officially to me but we had to in meetings like this.

“I think we should just attack.” One Selsa yells, because he’s one of the heads of defenses he believes he can charge in without a plan.

“Same here! We have the numbers and we’ll kill them all in minutes!” Another shouts like some sort of heretic.

“They aren’t like the usual rogues if they’re associated with this man.” I say glancing Aiden’s way, I was careful around the subject since he didn’t like it to be brought up. We’d already told the pack of what we knew, for them to be alert and cautious. For us to tell them, Aiden had to reveal a little about his knowledge of Reon. He didn’t say much about his experience to the pack but he told his parents.
It was hard. There were a lot of tears and apologies and then more tears. Aiden didn’t cry surprisingly, he didn’t go into as much detail as he did with me though. I just held his hand and tried my best to help him through it.

“It doesn’t matter, they’re still rogues.” The man argues making me sigh, Aiden’s people were so hard to talk to. Everything was just, ‘let’s go kill them all without a plan and hopefully live!’

“They’re not just rogues.” Aiden says making the room’s conversation come to a halt.
People feared me because of my usual cold demeanor which was no fault of my own, I was born this way. But they also feared Aiden, especially when he wasn’t laughing, he was usually all smiles so when he was looking just as stone faced as I was, they shut up real quick.

“They have witches too, we thought they were there because they needed shelter but they’re probably there to protect the rogues.” He says standing as I sit down content with the idea of letting him continue. He circles the table letting out his Alpha pheromones purposely to scare them a little, I roll my eyes but stay quiet. “As Julian said, they’re not like normal rogues, they’re not driven by some sort of crazed mind, they think. My father told me that when he went to rescue me, he underestimated their abilities and almost died because of it. They strategize and if we go into there with anything but a plan, we will win, but we’ll loose many lives.”

“But h-”

“But nothing!” He roars making them all bow their heads as a smile plays its way onto my lips. “I want to kill them as much as you, even more, but I’m not going to risk lives to do it. Now listen to the fucking plan.” He says after circling the table completely, I walk over to the smart board that had a map of the woods we lived in.

“The rogue pack we are targeting is located here.” I say circling the area that they were nicely hidden in. “They’re smaller packs closer by and we have to assume that they are working with them. Now, the plan is simple, nothing we all haven’t been trained for. We start with the outer layers, they use arrows laced with a venom of sorts so we’ll have to use the trees. Isabel, your team will be focusing on this.” I say making her lips turn up into a devilish grin, she had this weird obsession with stealth missions.
“Griffin, your team will be dealing with the other rogue packs in the surrounding area. In the case that they are not already with the one we are targeting, we’ll need them gone.” I say circling the areas they’d presided in, he nods in understanding as I look to the both of them. “Now we need this to be done at the exact same time and done quietly. Not one rogues it to get away, because that’ll just make the job harder for the rest of us. Got it?”

“Yes Alpha.” They say in unison.

“Now for the main event.” I say looking at the map. “The rogue pack’s numbers having been growing slowly over the last few months but nothing that has worried us much until now. To hit them hard, we’ll be attacking at the brink of dawn.”

“Dawn?!” One man exclaims as they all watch me like if I’m mad. “We attack at night. Always have and always will.”

“Always have.” I repeat as I glare at the outspoken man. “They know that, their patrols and sentries will be most alert at night, they know as we do that night is the perfect time to attack with the best coverage. If we go at the brink of dawn, their first line of defense will be tired. They’d have spent the whole night awake and if they changed shifts, those people would be tired from waking up so early. It’s the best option.” They don’t raise any sort of opposition to my reasoning so I continue. “We have to treat this like we were attacking another werewolf pack, it’s no longer for the kill, this is serious. If Griffin and Isabel are successful we move on the pack from all sides. No spot left open, none without one of our own. I presume you all know how to fight, should be child’s play from there.”

“Forgive me Alpha, but how do you know so much about them?” One warrior asks making all the others mumble words of agreement. “I mean, that they have witches and the types of arrows they use.” I really hated this guy, Stone I think his name was. He was one of the lead warriors from my old pack that should’ve been born in Aiden’s. Quick to kill with a hatred that drove him insane. He was smart though, always talked respectfully and kept to himself, but once in a fight, it was like dancing with the devil.
I look to Aiden who gives me a slight nod, I take a deep breath before continuing.

“We had a witch on the inside.” I say making them all erupt into loud protests like the kids they were.

We’d spoken it over and Aiden respected my wishes to keep the news of Oliver a secret. If the pack found out he was alive, it could cause all sorts of uprisings. Firstly, me not being the rightful heir. Then the shame it’d bring on not just the pack but my family to have a relative who was leading a rogue pack. Plus the fact that I knew he was alive the entire time and didn’t do anything about it. It’d ruin the pack’s reputation and our ranking in the supernatural world.
So after speaking with Katerina, we decided we’d pin everything on her. Introduce her to the pack as an ally that has given us all the information on the rogue pack since she was living with them before. She was on board with the idea, said she was tired of sneaking around our pack all the time and wouldn’t mind coming over without being worried about getting mauled to death, though it’d take a while to get used to the stench.

“She’s an ally and has given us a lot of information about the enemy. She’s also fought with us before, killed her entire coven to be precise.” I say making their eyes widen.

“We’re supposed to trust a witch and one that killed her own people. Very reassuring.” One man says sarcastically making my canines extend slowly as my eyes glow.

“Watch your tongue with me.” I growl making him bow while apologizing profusely.

“Kat is not some witch, she’s one of the strongest I’ve even encountered and she’ll help us with the other witches the rouges have adopted.” Aiden says but they were all clearly not on board. “She’s a friend and I trust her with my life.”

“Aw Aidennnn.” Kat says suddenly appearing next to Aiden, sitting in my seat as all the men and women in the meeting room stand up to attack but she seems to put a sort of wall between them so their efforts were in vain.

“This is Katerina.” I say as she waves with a large smile at the warriors who reluctantly sit back down realising their efforts to attack her were in vain.

“I know I’m a witch, repulsive.” She says before faking a vomiting action. “Here’s a fun little fact, I feel the same way about you all. You guys need me to take out those other witches, so let’s play nice. Kay?”

“We’ve killed witches before, we don’t need one to do it again.” Griffin growls angrily.

“You don’t know the first thing about witches.” She growls back. “The ones hiding away with the rogues are ancestral ones, you know what that means?”


“Wrong!” She says cutting him off as Aiden struggles to stifle a laugh. “They draw from our ancestors, that’s a shitload of witches with a never ending hatred for werewolves. Can you take on witches who have the power of hundreds of witches at their disposal?”


“That’s what I thought.” She says making the air thicken in growing hatred for Kat. They knew she was right, they just didn’t want to admit it plus her attitude wasn’t helping.

“I’ve fought alongside Katerina.” Isabel says suddenly making all eyes turn to her. “If she wanted to she could kill the entire rogue pack for us, but I don’t think she’ll be down to do all our dirty work for us. She may be a handful, but she is loyal and right now she’s loyal to Aiden and Julian, so we should accept the allies we are able to call upon.” Isabel finishes firmly, I give her a thankful smile as she nods a little.

“That’s all. You know your stations and what to do. We rest up tonight and head out tomorrow. They won’t be expecting an attack so early and we’ll use this to our advantage.” I say making them all erupt into cheers as they leave.

Blood thirsty bastards.

“Well that went well.” Isabel says chuckling as we leave together behind Kat and Aiden who were talking in their little forcefield bubble since people kept lunging at Kat on pure instinct.

“As well as could be expected.” I say with a breath of exhaustion. “How are you Isabel?”

“What do you mean?” She questions with a slight frown .

“How are you?” I reiterate slowly stopping her so we could talk. I’ve never really cared about others as much as I do now and even a blind man could see that Isabel’s bubbly personality was slowly fading. She still hadn’t met her mate and it’s been months since her own coronation, she’d searched the neighboring packs and had come up empty handed. It was sad to see her like this since she wanted a mate more than anyone I knew.

“I’m coping.” She says with a weak smile. “Not much you can do if your mate doesn’t exist.”

“Don’t say that!” I warn but she just laughs sadly. “There’s someone for all of us.”

“Not for all. Some people go their entire life with never meeting their mates and it’s still early for me, but I may be one of them.” She says with a slight shrug waking away before I could stop him.

“Julian!” Aiden calls, I turn to tell him not now but by the time I look back for Isabel, she had shifted and was running into the woods. I groan angrily as I watch her disappear knowing that things were getting bad for her, I’d have to talk to Beckett about us having a talk with her or at least doing something to cheer her up.

“What’s wrong? Is it the baby?” Aiden asks going to touch my stomach but I slap his hands away.

“No it’s not the fucking baby you scoundrel!” I hiss angrily.

He’d been like this since we found out. Always talking about the kid like if he’d be popping out tomorrow, I was still wavy about the subject but I tried my best to keep it together. We haven’t told anyone yet, figured it’d be best to wait until after we deal with the local pest problem. Kat was like our personal doctor, I’d been pregnant apparently for a little over a month now. The morning sickness started yesterday, worst thing I’ve ever experienced.
Werewolves usually had a speedy pregnancy since we grew faster and were stronger than humans, women had their babies in seven to eight months. But Kat said she thought I’d be quicker at the rate the baby was growing. Aiden claimed I was already showing but I didn’t think I was and he was an idiot so I usually just blocked out his foolish claims.

“It’s too early for you to be this hormonal.” Aiden says making me growl as we walk together and catch up to Kat.

“Aiden, shut up.” I say through clenched teeth.

“I’m thinking Jaden or Damon.”
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“For baby names?” Kat asks with a raised eyebrow making Aiden nod viscously. “Aiden it’s too early for that.”

“Jaden? Did you just combine our two names?” I ask as both Kat and I start laughing while he holds his chin up high.

“Yes, I happen to like it a lot.” He says proudly as I double over laughing.

“You unoriginal ass hoe.” Kat says making me laugh even harder as he pouts slightly.

“Shut up, we’ll talk about it later.” He grumbles before he stomps off angrily leaving me with Kat.

“So have you found a home?” I ask awkwardly, we weren’t close and I’d never been left alone with just her.

“No, there’s nowhere with enough land for the wolves and I don’t want to move out of state.” She grumbles angrily. “They’re getting so big, you should see them!”

“Can I?” I ask with equal excitement. She smiles before we suddenly appear in a large open field with grass up to my knees. I shiver involuntarily when the cold air brushes past my skin, it seemed to be a never ending field with nothing but open land. Kat whistles suddenly taking me by surprise as heavy footsteps violate my ears, my eyes catch the wolves running at us at full speed making my eyes widen at their size.

“That’s unnatural Kat.” I say as they sprint towards us. “What did you do to the pups?!”

“I gave them a little something and boom, they’re like mini werewolves without the disgusting qualities.” She says snickering to herself as they tackle us to the ground. Well only one comes to me, while the others lick Kat all over. I laugh at the furry beast who was pouncing around me playfully. It doesn’t take me long to realise it was the same one who licked my nose a little while back, it was so damn adorable and had white fur just like me.

“That’s Rex.” She says as I stand to my feet only to be pushed back down by Rex making me laugh again. “He’s a bit of a loner with the others, never seen him so happy before.”

“Can I keep him?!” I beg as I hug Rex’s head like the giant teddy he was.

“You’re having a baby, you really want a wolf around when that happens. Plus, I don’t think it’ll be good to separate him from his family, I already took him from his pack.” She says with a little guilt tracing her tongue as she stands up and starts walking.

“Where are we?” I ask curiously as I follow behind he with Rex at my side.

“Canada.” She says making my eyes widen considerably.

“Canada?! You can move that far?!” I ask in disbelief.

“Before no, but since I wiped out the old family, all the ancestral power comes to me whether they like it or not.” She says snickering to herself as she flips off the sky.

“But why Canada?”

“It’s cooler than back home, witches are treated better up here so I can relax too.” She says with a shrug as we approach a large tree with a small hut like structure with a hammock under the tree. “It’s not much, but I make do.”

“This is where you live?”

“Don’t say it like that!” She scolds making me clasp my lips shut. “I like it out here.”

“Don’t you get lonely?” I ask a little quieter, she freezes for a second before sitting down on a tree stump.

“I mean yeah, but life.” She says with a shrug as I sit besides her.

“Why’d you kill your coven?”

“You’re just full of questions aren’t you.”

“I’m serious.”

“I told you guys, revenge.” She says simply as the wolves surround her before lying at her feet.

“Revenge for what?” I ask watching her closely. “What did they do?”

“Besides keeping me locked up in a dungeon for a couple of years, not much.” She says sarcastically with a chuckle, my eyes widen before I rub her back soothingly making her jump at the gesture before she relaxes. “I don’t like talking about it.”

“It’s fine.” I say with a kind smile that she hesitantly returns. Her story reminded me of Aiden’s, I didn’t know the details but she had the same pain in her eyes as he did whenever it was brought up.

“You know, you can always come live with our pack.” I suggest not registering what I was saying before it was already out.

“What? No.” She says laughing as she shifts away from me. “Just cause I tolerate you guys doesn’t mean I’m going to come live with you all. A pack of werewolves and a witch, sounds catastrophic.”

“They’ll come to accept you. Our people aren’t like most, they’re compassionate as they are aggressive.” I say making her laugh a little. “Look how Isabel came to your defense today, she didn’t have to but she did.”

“One out of thousands. Plus I rather not be a weird outsider.”

“We can accept you as a member of our pack.” I suggest making her eyes widen.

“Are you hearing yourself?” She asks in disbelief. “You want a witch to join a wolf pack. Can that even happen?”

“Humans join, why can’t you?” I argue as she opens her mouth before shutting it, coming short of a real point to argue. “You can live in your own house if you want, they’re new ones being built all the time and we have never ending woods for the wolves that I’m sure everyone will love. And I can take Rex!”
At the mention of his name the wolf rushes towards me, laying his head in my lap as I pet him happily.

“You just want my wolf don’t you.” She says watching me with a raised eyebrow.

“You know it’s a good idea.”

“It’s actually a terrible one.” She says laughing. I decide to give up as she breaks into a completely different conversation. Hours pass before I know it and the sun is setting slowly.

“How do you know when one of us calls you?” I ask suddenly making her smile widely.

“I set up a sort of line between us, kind of like your link but for only me.” She says making me frown not understanding. “Call my name.”

“Kat.” I say when my own voice echoes in my head like a silent siren. “That’s so cool!” I exclaim as it slowly fades away.

“It gets annoying.” She says with a grunt while I laugh watching her make her dinner.

Where are you?! - Aiden asks through the link.

With Kat

Did you forget what’s happening tomorrow? Come home and rest. - He instructs making me grunt knowing that he was right.

Be there soon - I say before cutting the link.

“I got to go.” I say making her eyes fill with disappoint. “Think about the offer, I think we can make it work.”
She stays silent for a while before nodding a little.

“Talk to Aiden and your people first, I won’t unless the majority of them agree.” She says making me smile widely. I kneel down to say goodbye to Rex who whines a little clearly understanding what’s happening. With the snap of her fingers I’m in our bathroom landing in front of Aiden who was flexing in front of the mirror.

“Oh God.” I say in disappoint making him jump five feet high before falling on his ass.

“How did you e-”

“I’m so disappointed in you Aiden.” I say rubbing his cheek gently before taking off my clothes and getting into the shower.

“It’s not what it looks like!” He shouts over the warm water hitting my skin.

“Keep telling yourself that.” I reply laughing at the sound of his angered grunt as he left the bathroom.
I take my time in the shower before getting out and heading to bed in only my underwear. When I don’t see Aiden, I frown and head out the room only to find him coming in with a large salad.

“I made you dinner.” He says proudly, every time he made me a salad he got happy for no reason.

“I see that.” I say taking the bowl from him before giving him a quick kiss and heading to the small couch in our room. “Thanks.”

“How are you feeling?” He asks making me roll my eyes.

“The same way I felt this morning when you asked me, then again today at lunch, and the day before and the day before that.” I say snappishly. “I’m fine.” I guess it was sweet that he cared so much but he was getting annoying and I didn’t know if I’d last seven months or less with this.

“Okay.” He says with his hands up in surrender. “I wanted to talk to you about something.”

“What?” I ask chewing my greens goodness happily.

“I don’t want you in the front lines tomorrow.” He says firmly making my happiness fade quickly to be replaced by anger.



“No!” I reiterate. “I’m not staying home like those annoying little human Lunas that can’t do shit but watch from the sidelines and then cry when they get roughed up a little.”

“I don’t want to risk anything happening to you.”

“And you think I want you leading out there?!” I exclaim putting aside my meal, my appetite long gone. “We’re mates and I want you clear of any danger as much as you do me but I also understand that we’re alphas, meaning we have responsibilities that I’m not going to cower away from.”

“I know that, but I’m not just worrying about you anymore.” He says gently making my anger dissolve quickly. “We can’t risk anything.”

“The pack doesn’t know, what excuse besides cowardice could you give for me not being there.” I grumble knowing I already lost the argument.

“I never said I don’t want you there. I think you’ll actually do better leading the teams with the outer attacks.” He says encouragingly as I ponder it. Technically it was the front lines but not really since it was more quiet kills, I was worried about it not happening the way I wanted so this could be a way for me to make sure things sail smoothly.

“I’m joining everyone after though.” I say as he nods in agreement. “Save Oliver for me, he’s the only one I want to kill.”

“Are you sure? He’s your brother.” Aiden says, the words were sweet but his tone betrayed them.

“He stopped being my brother the moment he became a rogue.” I mutter ignoring the pain in my chest, before taking up my salad again. “I invited Kat to live in the pack and to become a member.”

“You did what?!”

“And we’re adopting a wolf, his name is Rex.” I say with a wide smile.

“A wolf?” He asks blinking in clear confusion.

“Yeah, cutest thing.” I say putting aside the bowl. “I have to head to bed if I’m with Isabel, big day tomorrow, you should sleep now too.”

“Nah, I’m heading down to the Hall with my usual team.” He says making me frown.

“Why?” I ask crawling into bed and wrapping myself up in sheets.

“We pray to the Goddess before we go kill rogues.” He says with a shrug before kissing my head. “Makes us feel like she’s with us ya know?”

“No I do not know.” I say cheekily making him scoff.

“Night Jewels.”



“Call me if anything and I mean anything looks suspicious.” Aiden says as men and women run all around us like soldiers, I guess they kind of were.
My team would be leaving in five and Aiden managed to grab me.

“Okay.” I say trying to pull away from him but he keeps a firm grip on my arm.

“And if you feel any sort of pain, leave.” He says holding my face in his hands.

“That’s just ridiculous.” I say scoffing but he was dead serious. “I’m going to be fighting rogues, a punch and scratch here and there are inevitable.”

“Just promise me you’ll be careful Julian.” He says seriously as he presses his head against mine. I could feel the worrisome waves erupting off of him, I think the fact that it was our first physical conflict with others as mates, he was in edge. Mates often lost their other half in times like this but we’d never had to worry about that until now I guess.

“I promise.” I say taking his lips in mine as I savior the feeling of having his warmth engulf me completely. I pull away when I hear Isabel call for me.

“I love you.” He says kissing me quickly again.

“I love you too.” I say before I start walking away.

“Be vigilant!” He shouts.

I will daddy - I say through our link as I look back to see his body frozen while his eyes glowed accompanied by waves of lust and need that ran widely across the land.


I wipe the blood off my face as I lift the filthy rogue up by the neck with my other hand. He spurts words of hate but I ignore them as I dive my hand into his chest, brushing past his heart before grabbing his spinal cord and breaking it in my fist. I crack his neck for good measure before throwing him on the ground next to my other kills.

“What is it?” I growl wiping my hands before turning to the young girl who’d been trailing me since we left. Her eyes were trained to the man I just killed and the look of pure horror took her face. “Do not make me repeat myself.”

“T-That’s all of them Alpha.” She stutters out as she looks me in the eye before quickly looking down, I think she was scared since this was probably her first encounter with rogues and so she decided it’d be best to stick with the alpha.

“That’s not enough.” I say to myself as I look around the bodies that were only about a hundred.

“We’ve killed so many.” Isabel says coming to my side along with the others in our team.

“But not as much as they should be.” I say knowing they probably joined Oliver sometime over the week we were planning.

How many did you kill? - I ask Griffin through the link.

No more than two hundred - He reports making me frown, the little shits ran.

Continue with the plan, head to the pack - I command all of the teams that were with me through the link.

Expect greater numbers at their base - I warn Aiden who was probably approaching the pack by now, my groups should be joining them a bit after they attack, a second wave of sorts.

Okay - He answers instantly.

We lay off the trees and head to the pack on foot, making our way through the woods swiftly and quietly, taking out any rogues we’d found.

“I’ve missed this, haven’t you?” Isabel asks after snapping a rogues neck, running besides me quietly.

“I guess.” I say with a shrug. We’d done a lot of things like this when she started training to be a Selsa and I, an Alpha. “But back then, Beckett used to be able to keep up.”

I can hear you - Beckett growls lowly, he was far behind us since he was determined to watch the back of our group.

We squash the conversation as we get closer to the rogue pack with the sounds of growls take the morning air. When we get closer they all shift but I stay in my normal state wanting to keep my energy, the place was a bloody mess, literally. Rogues were getting torn apart limb by limp as their warm blood flew through the air. I kill those who come at me easily, the wolves who charge at me are stopped by my own who kill them first.

My eyes find Kat who was levitating in the sky with witches surrounding her from all sides as they fought each other viscously. Blast of energy leaving their palms as Kat shot back twice as hard, her wolves were ripping people apart like if they were werewolves themselves. I shift reluctantly knowing it’d speed up this fight up if I was at my strongest. I focus on making my way over to Oliver’s house, unfortunately it was where most of the rogues were congregated.

-------spongebob voice---- hour later...

It takes longer than I’d like it to, but me accompanied by some other warriors kill all the rogues who really did put up a fight. By the time we’re finished, my coat is no longer white but a tainted red as the sun rises quickly.

Where are you? - I call out to Aiden through the link.

Just chasing down some rogues who tried to run away - He answers laughing sickly.

They’re all dead here, come back when your done - I say before shifting back as I look around the land with red dirt under the fallen rogues.
I walk over to Kat, climbing over bodies that were crowding the dirt path, she was sitting against a tree panting heavily as she drank water from God knows where.

“Are you okay?” I ask touching the side of her head carefully, she was bleeding and was pretty banged up.

“Yeah.” She says swatting my hand away. “Those bitches gave me a run for my money but they died in the end, they always die in the end.”

“You did good, thank you.” I say making her smile widely as someone runs towards me.

“Alpha, we’ve trapped their leader in the hut.” A man says making me tense slightly.

“I’ll be there in a minute.” I answer making him nod before returning to his post.

“Need me to come with you?” Kat suggest kindly but I shake my head no.

“Thanks but no, just do something to keep to conversation in there between us please.” I say before taking a deep breath and heading towards the hut that was heavily maned with people that were clearly tired.

“Don’t let anybody in.” I instruct as I open the door before shutting it closely behind me leaving me alone in the dark with my brother. Walking over the the closed window, I open it slightly letting the sunlight invade the darkened space were I find Oliver tied to a chair in the center of the room.

“Hey Julie.” He strains looking up at me with pained eyes that I was surely returning.

“I don’t get it, I really don’t.” I say after a while as I start pacing the floor in front of him. “You were going to be alpha, you had a great pack and a loving family, yet you traded it all to become an alpha of people you don’t know.” I say looking at him as she keeps his head down. “Rogues.” I spit in distaste.

“I told you before, it’s the freedom.” He says like if it was the simplest thing in the world. “The kind of freedom I feel here with them, you could never feel in your entire lifetime.”

“And you’d do anything to obtain this freedom, including give up a seven year old kid to be tortured!” I spit as his head snaps up, his eyes widening in surprise. “Yeah, I know. You gave up Aiden like some sort of trophy to get what you wanted.”

“I didn’t know! I didn’t know they’d do that to him!” He defends making me role my eyes as I pick up as knife from the table, twiddling it in my fingers. “At the time, I thought they were taking blood and that’s all.”

“With that logic, you could’ve just gotten mine.” I say glaring at him as I walk closer to his pitiful body. “You knew, deep down you knew, that it was more than blood and you still gave him up.”

“To save you!” He shouts making my eyes glow as I cut his arm with the knife making him cry out in pain. I already knew he did it for me and it killed me to even think about the fact that Aiden went through all that pain instead of me.

“You know our pack is pretty calm and collected, but the one thing we hate more than anything is betrayal.” I say wiping the knife clean of his blood as he bites his lip to stifle his screams while his wound heals slowly. “I never thought you leaving before was betrayal, I didn’t see it before.” I say before cutting his thigh. “I do now.”

“Julian...” He cries but I just cut him again across his cheek making his tainted blood leak down his skin as he screams so loudly the wooden hut shakes a bit.

“The punishment for betrayal is never ending cuts from each pack member until you stop healing and bleed out.” I say cutting his skin again. “I couldn’t bring the whole pack, so I’ll have to do it myself.”

“I’m sorry!” He screams as the door opens making a deep roar erupt from my throat.

“I thought I told you to not let anyone inside!” I shout turning to see Aiden standing there panting slightly with wide eyes.

“I didn’t think that included me.” He says making me relax slightly. “What kind of fucked up torture is going on here?” He asks closing the door as he comes inside.

“Nothing.” I mumble putting down the knife as Oliver breathes heavily trying to catch his breath. “Let’s just kill him and go home.”

“No.” Aiden says making my eyebrows knit together. “It’s not over yet. I killed so many rouges my feet were dripping in their blood but I should’ve been knee deep in bodies. Plus my old pal Reon is nowhere to be found, and I checked the bodies this time.” He says making me glance at Oliver who was quiet now, his heart racing and his eyes dilating.

“Where are they?” I growl walking closer to him but he remains silent.

“I swear to God Oliver I’ll get it out of you one way or another and I’ve got eighteen years of pure hatred for you backing me up.” Aiden warns cracking his knuckles but Oliver doesn’t budge.

“You said you didn’t know.” I say making his eyes dart to mine. “I don’t believe you b-”

“I’m telling the truth! I didn’t know!” He protests looking at Aiden. “I am so sorry! I didn’t know they’d do that to you! I’m sorry!” He apologizes repeatedly to Aiden whose canines extend along with his talons.

“If you really are sorry then you need to tell us right now where they’ve gone so we can put an end to them.” I say bending down in front of him. “Where are they Olie?”

“Reon set up shop in a old factory up north, not far from here, just off the main highway on the edge of town.” He says making Aiden groan. “He took the rest of the rogues with him a few days ago.”

“Great now lets kill him.” Aiden says grabbing the knife but I stop him, I turn back to my brother studying him hard as the room falls silent.

“What else?” I question looking down at him. “When we were younger and you were hiding something you’d always tap your foot three times to try and settle yourself.” I say pulling his chin up to see his eyes filled with unshed tears. “You’re tapping your foot Oliver.”

“I’m a horrible person!” He cries out as I squint in confusion. “Reon came here to try one last time to make me the Alpha, a real and whole one. He tries his new serums but none worked, not a single one.” He cried as Aiden comes closer with a stern frown as we look down on him. “He said eleven years had gone to waste trying to use this route, so h-he’d have to go back to his roots.” He says with tears streaming down his face as I feel my eyes glow, my vision become blurred with only rage.

“You’re telling me there’s a kid strapped down to a table right now?” Aiden seethes through clenched teeth as his eyes glow a bright red with his canines extended just like me. When Oliver starts crying louder we know the answer to the question.

“I’m so-”
He doesn’t get to finish his sentence when my talons scratch across his neck leaving a pool of blood pouring out of him as I stare at his dying figure with so much pain and anger, along with a sense of loss that I didn’t want to be there.

“Julian.” Aiden says calmly after a while of us standing there in silence as I tried to reign myself in but failed miserably.

“We have to go.” I say going to leave the room but he stops me. “There’s a child being tortured as we speak, we need to go!”

“We’re not going anywhere until you get your shit together, it’s not doing that child or us any favors if we charge in there on nothing but rage.” He says tightening his grip on my arm to steady me. “Reon will be expecting us, we need to be as calm headed as he is.”

I nod after a while as I take deep breathes to try and settle myself, we leave the hut to find the warriors already gathered and waiting patiently.
They were clearly exhausted, some on the brink of collapse as they looked at us with tired eyes.

“We’re not done yet.” Aiden says, his voice booming so they’d all hear him. “Reon is still out there along with the rest of these bloody creatures, as long as he’s alive, they’ll be back in a couple of years. We need to kill him before he takes off again.” Aiden explains as the men look around at each other in clear exhaustion. “We move in five!”

“Not all of us.” I say stopping those who began to move as Aiden frowns at me. “We know some of you are tired and have been fighting for hours, it makes no sense bringing you along if you can’t fight.

We also know that you’ve already risked your lives fighting and we appreciate that greatly. You’ve all fought for what you were informed about, this is new information for all of us.
If there is anyone who doesn’t want to continue we will not force you to. If you are too tired, go home. If you want to settle your family or your mate’s growing anxiety, go home. We will not think of you any less than how we view you right now. Those who wish to continue can, but those we do not are free to leave.”
I finish looking around at the men and women who stare up at me with wide eyes. One person goes and then another and another, until we’re left with a quarter of the men we came with.

“Right well, thanks for staying.” Aiden says looking around the group. “We’ll be leaving shorty so replenish while you can.”

“Is there room for a witch?” Kat asks walking towards us with her wolves surrounding us.

“Yeah.” Aiden says with a smile as he walks away while I look back into the hut at Oliver’s corpse.

I felt sick. Sick that he’d been involved with such people. Sick that he’d given Aiden up knowing what they’d do and even more sick at the fact that he knew another kid was going through what Aiden did and did absolutely nothing about it.
I regretted ever helping him fake his death, talking to him once he was a rogue for years and even standing up for him when I knew what was happening.

But my biggest regret of them all was killing him so quickly.

“Let’s go!” Aiden roars snapping me out of my thoughts as the remaining warriors shift before taking off into the woods. I glance back one more time at my brother before shifting as well as we headed straight into the lion’s den.

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