Alpha Mates

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Chapter 63

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Aiden’s P.O.V

I glance over the group we were left with, I was praying to God it’d be enough. Even though Julian made the right call to let people go back home, it made our numbers deplete by about seventy five percent. The ones who remained were probably the only people who could get through this.
Among others there was my personal rogue hunting team, Emitt, Beckett, Isabel, Kat, her wolves and Julian who was charging forward with only anger lacing his eyes bright blue eyes.

Take a breath - I say making him jump a little in surprise, he looks back at me with a slight nod as he relaxes a little. I needed to keep an eye on him if I didn’t want him to be overtaken by rage and lose himself, he was already slipping after what happened with his brother which was understandable. He shouldn’t have killed him, he needed to die but he shouldn’t have been the one to do it, he was angry in the moment and I think that would be something he’d regret when this was all over.

The scent of rogues hits me hard as we cross over into the outskirts of Greenwood pack territory who had already given us permission to travel through, they’d even sent some of there own to join us.

Stop! - I announce through the link making everyone from my pack halt but the Greenwood members continue a little further before jumping back when they realize that we had stopped. One of them barely missing a claw that’d come out swinging towards his paw, like a bear trap of sorts. I shift before going towards it carefully to examine it, it was dripping in wolf’s bane so if his foot got caught in that it’d be a bitch to heal and would’ve been excruciatingly painful.

“They’re setting traps now.” Julian says kneeling down beside me as he picks up a few pebbles from the ground. “I miss when they just came at you on pure instinct.”

“Yeah.” I say as he throws the pebbles forward as several branches swing out with large wooden spikes on every inch of it.

“We should move to the left but continue using the path.....but he’d know we’d do that. So we should probably move further off course until we can’t smell them anymore.” Julian says making me frown. “We weren’t following a scent before, we were going by location. This scent could lead us straight into a trap, it’s already led us into a few.”

“What if Oliver was leading us into a trip?” I suggest reluctantly, it was too soon to bring up his brother but I needed to put it out there in case.

“He wasn’t.” Is all he says before walking back to the group, I nod to myself as I turn back to face the men, some had shifted back, others were still in wolf form.

“You all heard that so I don’t have to repeat, Greenwood members and Kat stay in the center of the group since you don’t share our link.” I say making them all nod in understanding as we shift back and run far left, continuing to move towards the factory.

What do you think we’re running into? - I ask Max who’s been having a field day since this started, I gave up the reigns sometimes to let him have his fun which he was enjoying immensely.

A shitshow - He says making me chuckle to myself. Your dad said getting in was the hard part, but I bet they’ve improved over the years.

This should be interesting then - I reply as we continue to run. We run for what feels like forever trying to conserve what energy we had left, it was already midday meaning there was no night coverage or surprise attack we could pull.

I see it - Julian calls making me change course as I run to where he was. He went a little off course to see if he could get a glimpse of the place without being seen. The others drink at a nearby stream while I shift to join him at the little hill he was standing on, it was well hidden behind trees and bushes so we wouldn’t have to lay low.

“What’s with this guy and factories?” I question through clenched teeth as I look at the beat up building with rust lacing its metal walls.

“It’s crawling with them.” Julian says as we look at the place which had rogues in their wolf forms patrolling the entrance as well as on the roof with arrows. “I hate arrows.” He growls through clenched teeth.

“There’s at least one hundred on the outside alone.” I say with a sigh as I compare our numbers. “The inside will probably have much much. Got a plan?”

“A bad one.” He says chuckling a little before looking at me.

“Better than none.” I say resisting the urge to kiss him, now was not the time. We walk back to the others who’d all shifted and were catching their breath, I encourage them to sit down and rest as we do, we’d need all our energy.

“The main entrance has the least number of rogues, which means it probably has much more behind the doors. The others are heavily guarded, it’ll be easier to get through there but by the time we get in, they’d already be waiting for us.” Julian says with a sigh of clear exhaustion that had me worrying but he’d kill me if I said anything. “There’s probably an underground entrance, but we don’t have blueprints and it’ll take way too long to find.”

“If we can’t go through any of the entrances, then how do we get in?” Emitt asks as Beckett rubs his shoulders, those two were so close it was worrying.

“From above.” Julian answers making us all snap our heads to him, last I checked we didn’t have wings so how the hell was that going to work out. “Kat I know you’ve never transported a group this big, but do you think you could take us to the roof.” Our eyes trail to Kat who looked a little star struck. She goes to answer but Julian continues. “And you have to put us right on top of the wolves who are up there.”

“That’s insane.” I say when silence takes over the group. “She’s strong but not that strong. There’s more than a hundred of us here and to place us each directly above a rogue is......”

“Madness.” Kat says with a smile that didn’t match her tone. “I’ll either have to teleport you all and I can’t do that without a view above myself or carry us all up and position you above and then, I guess, drop you.” She says with a chuckle as she runs her hands through her hair. “I’ll try.”

“Good, cause that’s not all.” Julian says making her eyes widen before he continues. “We need to do this quietly, taking out all the rogues on the roof without them making a single sound, anything can give us away, so Kat you’ll have to cover the roof with some sort of barrier so they won’t smell any blood or hear anything.”

“Am I doing everything?” She says sarcastically as she pets her wolves who were catching up on their sleep.

“Once we’ve taken over to roof completely, we’ll use their own weapons against them, killing every single rogue on the ground with those stupid arrows. If we do this right, we’ll finish all of them on the outside in minutes. For the inside, I think only a handful of us should go in.” Julian says making everyone break off into their separate conversations. “It’ll be safer this way, we don’t know what’s in there and with only a few of us, we’ll be able move faster and kill them easily without being noticed. In the meantime, you guys watch outside to warn us of incoming rogues or to kill those who may try to leave. When we give the all clear, you come inside and help us finish them off.”

“That’s it? That’s the plan?” Griffin asks in disbelief. “We’re going to die.”

“If you have a better one, I’m listening.” Julian growls in clear aggravation. “If we do everything the way I described, we’ll be fine....most likely.”

“Most likely?!” Griffin exclaims.

“You’re free to leave if you want, no hard feelings here.” I say making his troubled eyes travel to me. “You can go or you can fight with the rest of us.”
When he stays quiet I smile to myself before nodding to Julian who gives me a weak smile.

“Rogue packs started with this son of a bitch, if we take him down we stand a chance of taking them all down worldwide.” Julian says looking around at everyone who was gathered. “I rather die trying than go home empty handed, what about you guys?”

“I think I speak for all of us, when I say that we want to fight.” Beckett says as the men nod in agreement.

“Then we’ll wait a little while to monitor them, Emitt you know what to do. The rest of you rest as much as you can and prepared yourselves.” I say before standing up and lifting a very confused Julian with me.

“Can I stay with Emitt?” Beckett asks stopping me in my tracks.

“Absolutely not, I want you on opposite sides.” I say making him frown as his grip on Emitt’s shoulders tightens so much that he winces. “You’ll get nothing done if your together.”

“But he’s my mate, I have to stay with him.” He argues making me sigh.

“Have you noticed something about Aiden and I whenever we fight?” Julian asks making Beckett’s eyebrows knit together accompanied by wrinkles as he ponders it for a moment.


“Because we don’t fight together. If we’re together, we’ll only worry about each other and we can’t do that as Alphas. We stay apart as much as possible and I recommend you both do the same.” He finishes making Beckett’s eyes fill with pain as he turns to say something to Emitt. Leaving that to be that, I grab Julian’s hand and rush us away from everyone and the factory as Julian stumbles behind me.

“Where are you taking me?” He asks as I tug his arm harder. “What are y-”

I cut him off by turning around to slam my lips into his, a quick jolt of electricity runs through my body as he moans into my mouth slightly. I pick him up without hesitation as I slam him into a tree, my lips never once leaving his. I grind myself into his already throbbing erection as I dive my tongue into his mouth, savoring his taste as he whimpers in my hold. He pushes me away suddenly making me growl as I squeeze his ass with both my hands making his eyes flutter shut as he moans silently.

“Not now.” He manages to say as I nibble on his earlobe.

“I know.” I say kissing him hard again before biting on his bottom lip as I pull back leaving him wide eyed with swollen lips. “I just needed to get some of that out, been holding it in since this morning. What did you call me again?” I tease as his cheeks turn a bright pink as he looks away. “I’ll remind you tonight.”

“Let’s just go back.” He mumbles before walking away while struggling to fix his erection through his pants making me smirk behind him. I grab his ass firmly one last time as we approach the group making him jump with a slight squeal before he glares at me. When we walk back I tell Emitt to come back as well, by the time we reach, Emitt is rejoining the group as well.

“Normal, no movements. Nothing went in and nothing went out.” He reports before he gets crushed by Beckett who squeezes him tightly.

“Then we need to go now.” Julian says making them all frown in confusion.

“Shouldn’t we wait a bit, until it’s at least nightfall or we’re more sure of what we’re going into.” Isabel says as the others mumble words of agreement.

“There’s a child in there being tortured by those mutts and we’ve already extended the time he’ll be scarred by planning this attack.” I say making their eyes widen, we didn’t tell them so I couldn’t really blame them for being a bit taken aback. The pack knew a little about what I went through so they didn’t bother arguing and instead gathered themselves in preparation. “Are you ready?” I ask Kat who was petting the wolves who’d have to stay back for this one. Even though they looked like full grown mini werewolves, they were still pups on the inside and were beyond exhausted.

“Why not?” She says with a shrug before the wolves disappear, presumably to their home wherever that was. The group gathers in circle around Kat who was taking deep breaths. “I’ll be taking us all up, it’ll feel weird and I need you to keep your shit together. Don’t look down until you’re over the rogue I place you above and for the love of God, don’t scream.”

We stand still for a while looking at her as her eyes glow that bright purple that was a little intimidating, the air around us was still as she clenched her jaws tightly. A little squeal escapes Julian’s lips as we slowly start to rise, Kat glares at him forcing him to bite his lip as we continue to rise higher. I guess I had an advantage over the guys since I’ve done this before but they hadn’t so they were basically shitting themselves. The trees were giving us good coverage until we were in the clouds, I look across at Julian who had a small smile making its way onto his lips. It fades as we start descending, where the roof comes into view along with the rogues that it was crawling with. The group starts to disperse as Kat struggles to place us directly above a rogue each, if one of them was to look up now we’d be fucked.

Get ready - I say through the link as everyone takes their stance, well, try to.
Within and instance we’re all dropped, I land directly behind a rather small rogue, grabbing him from behind I snap his neck easily before looking around to see that everybody had done the same. Kat had already put up the field so the rogues on the ground didn’t suspect a thing, I encourage the men to move faster seeing that Kat was sweating slightly with prominent frown lines.

Steady - Julian warns as we all draw our arrows aiming them at a rogue each. Steady, on my count. Three, two, one.....shoot.

The arrows push off the bow strings as they fly through the sky all at once, before connecting with the rogues who all fall in unison, their bodies dropping like flies as the arrows stay planted in their hearts.

“Good job everyone.” Julian says in disbelief like he didn’t believe in his own plan.

“I’m so done.” Kat says sitting down as she pants heavily while dripping in sweat. “Have fun kids.”

“Thank you.” Griffin says beating me to it as her eyes widen in surprise, all the warriors say their thanks as she stares at them in shock. They hadn’t been the nicest since this started, but Kat ignored it and seeing this happen wasn’t only a shock for her but for me as well.

“N-no problem.” She says giving them all a slight nod as Julian pulls out a vent exit drawing our attention to him.

“My group, Isabel and Griffin, you’re with us. The rest of you stay up here and follow the plan.” I say as I rushed towards Julian who was already heading down the vent. We’d have to move briskly to avoid us falling through because of our combined weight.

Left, right or straight? - He asks as I catch up to him as we reach a junction in the vents. Left seems to lead to a storage room, right is a empty room and straight, I don’t know.

You head left with Isabel, Roland, Mickey and Beth. I’ll take Frank, Griffin and Noah - I reply through the link, he nods slightly as we go our separate ways. Be careful

Practice what you preach - He replies making me smile to myself. I scan the room to make sure it was empty through the small spaces of the vent entrance before jumping down, followed by the others.

I listen for any sort of life outside the door, if I was right there were about ten in the hall and I was always right. The place was well lit, meaning there was absolutely no way to try and sneak around them.

I got an electricity box here - Julian says through the link.

What are you thinking? Take out the lights and kill as many of them as possible before they get them back up again?

I think they’ll have it back up before we get through a handful. It’s labeled really well with each room that electricity is running through. I say we have someone stay and take off the lights for each place we go to attack as we make our way through - He replies as I ponder it for a moment.

And if they take off the wrong light or not the right one when we go out? - I question

I guess we’ll see if that happens - He says before cutting the link.

I didn’t know what hallway I was coming out to, so they’d either have to take off all the hallway lights throughout the building or we’d have to deal with it on our own.

Bait em - Frank says through the link making my eyes snap to him as he positions himself close to the door. Let them come running and we take em all out.

Sounds good - I say as we all attach ourselves to the walls. Take out the light, Noah you’re bait.

What? Why me? - He whines as his eyes fill with panic.

Because you’re most bait like - I say simply before crushing the light causing the footsteps outside to move towards us as the room goes dark. The door opens where the light shines brightly on Noah who was against the back wall with a nervous smile, the rogues mutter words to themselves as they move into the room towards him, when the last one is in, Frank shuts the door engulfing us in darkness once again as we rush them, killing them with ease.

We exit the room swiftly, moving through the halls with haste and vigilant eyes while confronting those who cross our path. We check each room we come upon, killing the rogues we find inside. An alarm blares through dusty stereos making us stop quickly.

What’s going on? - I question through the link.

Someone saw us, they’re dead but they warned the others before we could get to her - Julian replies making me growl angrily.

Call the others on the roof and someone cut the damn lights. All of them - I command before shifting, I needed to focus on killing as many as I could as quickly as I could.

The rogues come at us with all they had, lunging at us one after the other as they shifted as well. We focus on killing them as quickly as possible, it wasn’t about the enjoying or prolonging the kill, I just wanted them dead. Fighting our way through the halls I focus on making it to the one heartbeat in the building that was going a mile a second. It encourages me to push harder, as we gain level after level getting closer to the heartbeat until I was directly outside the room. With the majority of the rogues killed, I shift without hesitation as the others block off the hallway from any oncoming rogues.

I enter the room to find Reon standing over a small body pulling out a needle from their chest making my blood boil as my vision turns a bloody red, blurred by oncoming rage as he looks back at me with wide eyes. I rush at him without hesitation, punching him straight into his jaw, the sound of his bones cracking under my fist making my heart fill with joy. I continue to attack him with everything I had until he was a bloody pulp, I lift him by his neck, holding him against the wall as I look at him closely. He was older now, less put together, he looked desperate, scared and beyond all, hopeless, I tighten my grip around his neck as he gasps desperately for air.

“Don’t worry I’m not going to kill you.” I say feeling the sick smile make it’s way onto my lips. “I’m going to take my time repaying you for what you’ve done to me, I prepared a room for you in the dungeons back home. It’s dark just like you like it, has all your favourite tools and some of my own. I’ll break you, the same way you broke me.”

I don’t wait for a response before slamming his head into the wall, making him knock out before I throw his limp body across the room. Taking a moment to catch my breath, I look down at the child, it was a small boy, no more than five with a caged muzzle, with every single piece of him strapped down to the table, his olive green eyes were flooding with a dark tint, until they were completely black with only a little of his old green shining through. His dark orbs connect with my own showing nothing but panic and fear, something I recognized too well. It felt weird being on the other side of the situation, eighteen years later and I was plunged back straight into the scenario I’d tried so desperately to run from, but I didn’t have time to worry about me, the kid needed me right now.

I rip off the muzzle as he immediately bites my hand making me hiss out in pain as I push his head down with my other hand before examining my bleeding one as he glares up at me while trying to get out of the restraints.

“Did you not see me take him out? I’m on your side!” I hiss angrily as he settles a little but still glares at me, I didn’t get why he was so offensive until I realized he didn’t know me. When I was on the table, my dad saved me, here was a man who he’d never seen before, of course he’d be snappish. “I know you don’t know me but I’m not a rogue, so don’t attack. I’m going to take off the restraints okay?”

He doesn’t answer so I pull the leather bands off until he’s completely free, he immediately jumps off the table grabbing a knife to try and stab me but I knock him out first. I catch his small body before he can fall off the table, the kid was a fighter, I had to give that to him. I look around the room to see a familiar syringe table with blood laced the tools, my eyes widen when I see a small notebook, no doubt with the same information mine has in it. I pick it up without thinking before slinging the little guy over my shoulder, I leave the room to find the others shifted and leaning against the wall lazily.

“They’re all dead, at least the ones that stayed.” Frank says making my eyes widen. “Cowards bolted when the others left the roof.”

“We’ll track them later, someone pick him up and take him to the dungeon.” I say before walking through the halls that walls were splattered with rogue blood, the ground covered with their bodies. I find Julian running towards me, his eyes widen when they land on me before they fill with relief, he hugs me as soon as I’m in arms reach before pulling back when the kid gets in his way.

“Why’s he sleeping?” He asks examining the kid carefully.

“He kept coming at me so I knocked him out.” I say making his eyes fill with disapproval as he glares at me. “Don’t give me that look, he’s fine.”

“Let’s just go.” He mumbles before we leave the building to find the other’s including Kat waiting patiently outside. “Got any more juice to take us home?” He questions Kat who rolls her eyes angrily.
Next thing I know we’re standing in front of the town hall, people immediately start swarming us as men are reunited with their mates and families, I look down at Julian who looked beyond exhausted but I was just happy that we made it through all this. I take his lips in mine, kissing him slowly as I preserve the flavor of his lips as cheers erupt all around us.

I’m so fucking tired.


“He’s dangerous.” I warn as we look at the kid that was slowly coming to, we were in the pack hospital to get him checked, he was cleared by the healers so we were just waiting for him to wake up, I didn’t want him to wake up to speak to anyone besides me, I knew what he went through and what he’d be feeling. He had shaggy, jet black hair with pale skin that was severely bruised, he was covered in grease and dirt, but I didn’t want someone to bath him, he’d feel violated when he woke up.

“He’s a child.” Julian replies scoffing.

“A dangerous one.” I reply as his borderline black eyes flutter open, the kid slowly awakes from his dazed state immediately jumping away from us as his eyes dart around the room frantically, I knew it was a good idea to remove everything harmful. He runs to the door which we’d locked, he tugs on it aggressively before looking back at us with frightened eyes.

“We are not rogues, we don’t want to hurt you.” Julian says calmly as the kid’s eyes dart between the two of us. “See?” He says before making his eyes glow, the kid relaxes a little but still remains alert.

“Next time someone is saving you, don’t try to kill them.” I say making his eyes focus on me before they widen, clearly remembering who I was. Julian nudges me with an angry glare before returning his attention to the kid.

“What’s your name?” He asks but the kid doesn’t reply. “I’m Julian, this is Aiden. We’re the alphas of the Dark Moon pack.” Every time I heard our new pack name I wanted to laugh, we merged our old pack names and were stuck with it. The kid doesn’t say anything and stays planted in his spot near the door.

“Maybe he doesn’t speak English.” I say studying the kid that frowned a me a little, I frowned back.

“What’s your pack name? We can contact your family.” Julian offers kindly, still nothing, he had alpha blood so somebody was looking for him.

“Maybe we should let the pack corresponders deal with him.” Julian says after a while of us trying to talk to him looking at the boy sadly, I didn’t want to leave him but they were people trained to deal with things like this and he was clearly unresponsive to us.

“Okay.” I say reluctantly, we stand up making him run into the opposite corner, I sigh as I walk out the room after Julian. We don’t make it out the hall when a scream pierces the air, turning back I see the kid running towards us at full speed, he slams into my leg as he wraps his arms around it tightly. I look up in confusion to see a healer coming out the room with a bloody hand glaring at the kid, I look back down at the kid to see his lips laced with blood, I can’t help but smile as Julian goes to apologize while I lean down to wipe his lips. “Want to stay with us?” He nods making my smile grow as I pick him up to put him on my hip.

“He’s coming with us?” Julian asks studying the kid who looked him dead on without any sign of fear, which was strange considering how kids ran from Julian.

“Yeah, at least until we find his family.”

“Do we get a name for taking you home?” Julian asks the boy who seems to ponder it for a moment.

“Levi.” His voice comes out as a hoarse whisper that breaks my heart, he was so small for his age, barely any meat on his bones and he looked so fragile.

“Nice to meet you Levi.” Julian says with a kind smile but the boy looks away making him frown, I chuckle as we leave the building heading home with the strange little fighter.


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