Alpha Mates

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Chapter 64

Accidentally wrote entire thing in Aiden’s P.O.V. Wayyyyyy too lazy to change it.

Also this is very. Very. Long.

Aiden’s P.O.V

“So you can stay in this ro-”
Julian doesn’t get to finish his sentence as Levi runs into the guest room before slamming the door shut and locking it. He stands there in shock before looking to at me but I just shrug as I pull him away from the room.

“I didn’t talk for months when I came back, spent most of my time alone.” I say with a shrug. “He doesn’t know us, we should just focus on finding his family.”

“I’ll put out a search for them through the Werewolf Council.” He says heading to the study while yawning again, it was already nighttime and we’d been going none stop since this morning, of course he was tired.

“I hate those shitbags.” I say making him laugh as he slides into his chair before typing away on the computer. “Always trying to interfere in pack life because they’re ‘working for a better tomorrow in the supernatural world’.” I mock making him laugh as he types out an email outlining our situation.

“The words of the Supernatural Board, they’ll be contacting us soon enough after this, especially since we’re rising in ranks.” Julian says before pressing send. “They’re usually quick, should respond by midday tomorrow.”

“Let’s just eat and then go to sleep, I’m starving.” I say when we leave the study before stopping us when I remember Levi, God knows the last time he was fed, poor thing was probably starving. Heading to the guest room with Julian, I knock lightly on the door, if we went barging in he’d be freaked out and back away even more. “Hey, Levi. We are going to have some diner, come out so you can eat.” He doesn’t reply making my frown, his heartbeat was racing a little making me pity the kid.

“We’ll make whatever you want.” Julian offers making my frown as I raise an eyebrow to him, he shakes his head to me to tell me to shut up. “Whatever you want to eat, just come out and you’ll get it.”
Just when we’re about to give up, his door opens slightly when he peaks out through the small space with cautious eyes.

“Pizza.” He whispers quietly making Julian smile widely while I frown, how the hell were we going to make a pizza.

“Okay, no problem.” Julian says enthusiastically like if he’d made pizza before, this was the first time a kid was actually interacting with the guy so I couldn’t blame him for being so enthusiastic. “But first, let’s get you cleaned up.” He says glancing over the boy that was still covered in his own filth, the words make his eyes fill with fear as he slams the door and locks it. Julian looks up at me with confused eyes while I just give him a weak smile before pressing myself against the door.

“I know in there they’d dunk you in some dirty old water as a bath, to the point that you’d almost drown.” I say pushing back the rising tidal wave of emotions that threatened to make an appearance. “We won’t do that, you can bathe on your own and we won’t even touch you. But you’ll need to come out first.” I say gently, he didn’t have to come out since there was a bathroom in the room, but it’d make things a whole lot easier. After a while the door opens as he steps out this time, I smile as Julian offers his hand, Levi studies it for a moment before taking it hesitantly. We lead him to the bathroom where we set him up with everything before leaving him, he was old enough to bath himself but Julian was still worried and sat outside while I asked some close pack families for some clothes we can let him use until we buy him some.

Returning to the guest room, I find Julian sitting on the bed with Levi between his legs as he dried his hair with a large smile that surprised me, for someone that didn’t like kids he seemed pretty happy to me.

“What do we have here?” I say walking in making both their heads snap up to me.

“Just helping him out.” He says proudly as the boy throws his head back to look at Julian who makes a silly face that makes Levi’s lips twitch slightly into a wavy smile before disappearing.

“Well I got some clothes here for you, they’re not new but we’ll buy you some tomorrow or something.” I say throwing them his way, he catches it with ease. He gets up, dragging the towel around his waist before running into the bathroom to change. “Don’t get attached Julian.” I say watching Julian who’s eyes were filled with an unfamiliar joy as he looked at the boy run away.

“I know.” He mumbles fiddling with his fingers, before I can say anything else, Levi returns heading straight for Julian who picks him up without hesitation. I’d be lying if I said the sight of Julian with Levi on his hip wasn’t making my heart beat a bit faster, he seemed to fit perfectly in the picture my mind was painting of the two of them.

“Okay, what type of pizza do you want?” I ask as Julian sets him on a high stool in the kitchen while we stand on both sides with a tablet in front of the three of us, searching online for a pizza recipe. He just shrugs making me frown, I got that he was closed off after what he’d been through, but I mean speak for food at least. “Meat or veggie?”

“Me..veggie.” He says making Julian smile widely. He was going to say meat but changed when he saw the disappointment in Julian’s eyes.

“We can make both.” I say making his eyes light up, I give him a slight nod before we find some recipes and start taking out the ingredients. We follow the recipe to the T giving Levi the reigns over rubbing out the dough, that wasn’t a good idea really because he just punched it to death, Julian took it away from him after that. We let him do the toppings which he did well, coating the meat pizza with every meat known to man. We pop them in before cleaning up while he watches us intently, he didn’t talk at all through the whole thing but I could tell he was having a good time.

“Can you tell us your age?” Julian asks sitting besides the boy as I wash up the last few dishes. He holds up his hand with all fingers to show that he was five which we’d already expected. Julian was gushing over the boy while I felt my rage rising at his answer, I was taken at seven not five. The whole thing must’ve been ten times as scary for him, no wonder he was basically mute, I had a strong urge to go take out my frustrations on the man who caused it but right now these two were more important than Reon. We pull out our pizzas not too long after with proud smiles as we cut them up into equal slices before moving to our usual table, but this time we had a guest with us.

“Well kid, dig in.” I say as I pull out a slice for myself, he watches us eat the food for a while before stretching over the table and taking a slice, he devours it within second before moving onto the next one. I get him a cup of orange juice, a bit scared that he’d choke at the rate he was going. His stomach must’ve been a black hole because he only stopped eating when there were no more slices, Julian and I had about three each while he gobbled the rest up. He sat back rubbing his stomach with a faint smile that warmed my heart, Julian and I leave him for a second to clean up.

When we return, he’s sleeping soundly in the chair almost falling out, I pick him up without thinking as I cradle the small boy in my arms with Julian watching him right next to me. We don’t say a word as we take him to the room and lay him down in the large bed, tucking him in before leaving him making sure to leave the door open incase of an emergency. We stay in silence as we lie down in our own bed, we were thinking the same thing but none of us were brave enough to say it, I pull Julian against my body as we slowly are overtaken by the exhaustion that’d been knocking on our door for the whole day.


“All of them?” I ask in disbelief looking up at Beckett and Emitt who were seated on the study couch while Julian was scrolling through the laptop with me standing behind him.

“Every single one.” Emitt reconfirms proudly, I nod feeling the pride and joy flood my body at the news that’d they’d hunted and killed every single rogue that escaped the factory. I didn’t even send them out but they did so with their own inchoative, we’d already had a pack meeting a few days ago where we reported the successful mission and it’s results. The pack was beyond ecstatic, we’d made sure to properly reward every person who fought, giving those who stayed with us to the end a little something extra especially Kat, who’d received a very big thank you gift from the entire pack as a home in our lands. The topic of her becoming a member was still subject to conversation as expected, it’d take a bit of talking and negotiating to get that one done.

It’d been a week since our little rogue war and we still hadn’t heard from the council. The Supernatural Board had reached out to us already about sending a representative to there special little academy but we just ignored them. Levi is still quiet but he’s grown attached to Julian and I guess me in our own way, the kid made me laugh with his little actions. He was closed off to everyone else as to be expected, I made sure to take out his frustration and my own on Reon. A piece of me wanted to keep Reon alive until Levi was old enough to go beat the shit out of him too but I didn’t even know if he’d be here that long.

“We’re thinking of going on a vacation.” Beckett says pressing a kiss to Emitt’s cheek making my eyebrows shoot up in surprise.

“Didn’t you go on one a few weeks ago?” I question.

“Yeah, but a lot has happened since and it’ll just be a weekend or so.” He says with a weak smile, I knew they were asking permission, for both Betas to be gone was troubling but they deserved it since they took care of the pack when Julian and I were going through personal issues.

“Okay. Take a week.” I say making them smile widely, they leave the room soon after allowing me to redirect my attention to my mate who’d been quiet the entire time. “What’s wrong?” I question leaning down to get a better view of the desktop screen.

“I’m just waiting for a response from the council.” He says pressing refresh on his Gmail account as he’d been doing for the past week. “They should’ve replied by now, they’re usually very quick with their responses.”

“They won’t reply any faster because you keep refreshing.” I say making him roll his eyes as he presses refresh again. This continues until the email finally pops up making him freeze as he stares at it. “Open it.”

He obliges but I immediately wish he didn’t. Goddess, I thought my story was depressing, Levi’s was a whole new level. The council apparently found a case earlier this year in Canada of a small pack far up north being attacked by a group of wild rogues, the entire pack was slaughtered, most remains unidentifiable, but the members of the pack were accounted for in number. All except one, the alpha’s son, Levi Stone. They’d searched for the boy for months but had assumed him dead when there was no sign of life, none until we found him. If this report’s information was right, that meant that Levi had spent months Goddess knows where with Goddess knows who before he was put onto Reon’s path. They went onto congratulating us on our recent achievements and asking for someone to be sent out to the academy as a representative of our pack, but I couldn’t even be concerned after what I just read.

“They’re leaving us to deal with him.” Julian says after a while, his voice as distant as I felt. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what horrific events he’d gone through before he landed with us, before he landed with Reon. Before I could respond the door opens slightly drawing my attention as Levi slowly peaks his head inside, I feel my heart shatter as he studies us carefully while staying completely still.

“Come here Levi.” Julian says with a agonized voice as he takes off the computer, the boy comes in slowly and cautiously. He’d spent most days sleeping and we’d left him knowing he needed to rest, he rubs his eyes with a slight yawn as he gets closer to us. When he’s in arms reach, Julian pulls him into his lap hugging him tightly making the boy squirms slightly as Julian visibly struggled to keep himself from crying. Eventually, he pulls back as I pull a chair up next to the two as Levi watches us with confused eyes.

In cases like this he’d be put up for adoption to a pack that needed an alpha heir and for some reason couldn’t provide one, he’d live a good life with a good family and hopefully move on from this in time. We’d take him down to our pack corresponders and they’d handle it from there, that’s how it usually went or at least that’s how we were told to handle it.

“Um, Levi would you mind telling us what happened to your pack?” Julian asks carefully making the boy stiffen, I was holding onto the unrealistic hope that he didn’t see it all happen. “Do you know what happened to them?” He questions as the boy nods slowly. “Then we have to find you a home.” Julian says making his eyes fill with panic.

“We can set you up with a nice family of your choice and y-”

“No!” He shouts cutting me off as my eyes widen at his outburst. “Please don’t send me away! I don’t want another family! I don’t want to leave! I’ll be good and I won’t do an-”

“Hey, calm down. Calm down, Levi.” I say rubbing his small arm gently as he pants heavily from his little rant. I look across at Julian whose attention was one hundred percent on the boy. “Nothing’s decided yet. If you don’t want to leave the pack we can get you a family here.”

“I want to stay with you!” He shouts hugging Julian’s waist tightly as Julian looks down at the boy with wide eyes before looking at me with worried eyes as he hugs the boy back. He falls asleep soon after, the exhaustion getting the best of him, Julian rubs his back gently as he sleeps on his shoulder.

“That was the most he’s ever said to us.” Julian says as my eyes dart to his crystal blue ones, he didn’t have to say it, I knew what he wanted. “Let’s keep him.”

“Julian y-”

“Hear me out.” He says cutting me off. “He’s already moved around so much, to give him to someone else would be cruel. He’s been through Goddess knows what, but you’ve gone through some of it to, there’s no one else better suited to help him get through the rage. He’ll be feeling it soon, if he got injected with what you did, he’ll need someone Aiden.”


“He doesn’t even misbehave, he’s obedient and he’s warming up to us. He likes me, at least I think he does. What kid has ever liked me?”


“Tell me you didn’t feel the same thing I did the first night when we tucked him in or whenever we eat together. He fits perfectly into our lives Aiden, he belongs with us and nobody else.” He says gripping Levi so tightly that he started to squirm a little in his sleep.

“Are you done?” I question once he’s sleeping soundly again.


“I don’t want to keep him.” I say making his face drain of all hope. “I want to adopt him.” I say smiling as the joy takes over him all at once, his lips rising into a smile like a balloon in the sky. “We can do it through the pack, take him as our own, if he wants to. But we have a child coming Julian, do you think we can really handle another right now?”

“Yes! Yes, Yes. Yesss!” He shouts loudly making Levi wake up angrily as he grunts before glaring at us both, when he slowly comes to, he returns to his usual cautious stare. He puts Levi to sit on the table while we sit down in our chairs still looking at him.

“Levi.” I say making his eyes draw to me. “You said you didn’t want to leave us, so we talked about it and you can stay with us if you want to. If you’ll let us, we’ll take you as our own, like family. Think about it beca-”

“I want to.” He says eagerly making my eyes widen as his lips turn up into a weak smile. “I want to stay with you.” I look at Julian who looked like he was on the verge of tears as I try to keep the cool for the both of us.

“We’ll figure things out and talk about it some more, but yeah, I guess you’re stuck with us kid.” I say making his eyes fill with tears that he tried desperately to keep down, meanwhile Julian started crying before hugging the kid once again who hugged him back tightly. I knew we were rushing into this, that’s why I wanted to talk things out a bit, but it just felt so right. I watch the two with a growing smile knowing that relationship would be unbreakable, the kid was already attached to Julian and he him.

“We have to go to the mall! Buy him clothes and things for his room!” Julian says shooting up before rushing off to get his money no doubt and measure the guest room that would become Levi’s, leaving me alone with the kid.

“You sure about this kid?” I question not wanting to let Julian get carried away if he was to change his mind, he nods before climbing onto my lap without permission. “Okay then, let’s go before Julian starts measuring the draws.” I say with a sigh before putting him down, I take his hand though as we walk out to find Julian rushing towards us with a small bag before rushing straight towards the elevator. I look down at Levi who returns the look I’m sure I had on my face before we join a very excited Julian in the elevator.


“That’s enough Julian.” I say as I loop the twelfth bag of clothes and toys that I doubt he’d use on my arms, he didn’t look like the toy type of kid, but who was I to argue with a wild Julian. “Let’s buy some lunch and head home.” I say but he doesn’t budge as he sifts through the shoe aisle for the hundredth time, even Levi was fed up though he didn’t show it, I could see it. “Look at him, he’s hungry.” Julian turns quickly just in time to see Levi’s fake pained expression.

“I’m sorry, lost control a bit.” He says apologetically, with a nervous chuckle. As I follow behind Julian, I smile proudly at Levi who I had propped up on my hip with a slight nod that he returns, I really liked this kid.

We buy some food before heading back home with most of the day already behind us, we set the table as usual with an extra place for Levi before we dig into our separate meals contently.

“When was the last time you went to school?” Julian asks making me frown, of course he was already thinking of long term education and probably enrolling him in what, elementary? What school did five year olds go to? When he shrugs, Julian goes on about doing some tests to figure out where to put him. He’d have to go to school while we did, thank God it was our final year. But the more I thought about it, the more I doubted that we’d actually finish school. Julian was pregnant and was showing a bit, Kat was right, he was going at a faster rate than most. He hid it by wearing baggy clothes since we were still were yet to tell the pack and there was no way in hell he’d be going to school when he started getting really big.

“Julian, let him relax. We have time, we can talk about this some other time.” I say making him frown slightly, I knew he was excited but no matter how much Levi liked us, he’d been put through the ringer and needed time to adjust before we even thought of putting him among other kids. I almost broke Julian’s leg the first time I went back to school and he came at me, I was defensive and on edge. “It’s pretty early, but you can go back to sleep if you want to.” He gives me thankful smile before waving goodbye to Julian and going back to his room.

“I’m attached.” Julian says sighing as he sinks into his seat.

“I know.” I say chuckling as I walk over to him to massage his shoulders after clearing the table. “It’s only been a couple of days, we still have to talk about adopting him properly Julian. So just try and take a breath here and there.”

“Okay.” He says as I lean down to press my lips to his, he hums in surprise but kisses me back as I deepen the kiss, letting our tongues dance together as sparks erupt between us as I pull him up. He moans into my mouth as I wrap my arms around his waist where they belonged, he jumps without hesitation as I catch him with ease allowing him to grind against me as we continue the kiss. I smile against his lips before he pulls away pressing kisses to my jaw and down my neck making me moan lowly as I walk us to our room. Lying him down on the bed, I climb onto his body before I continue to grind my erection into his own until he pushes me away making me growl angrily as I glare down at him. I had about three weeks of pent up sexual stress that needed to be let out and let out on Julian. “What about Levi?”

“What about him?” I question hovering over him as he frowns at my answer. “The room is soundproof, so what about him?”

“I just.......Lock the door.” He groans making me smile as I rush over to lock the door while he strips his clothes quickly. I basically pounce on him licking his neck as I pin his hands above his neck, he shivers under me sending an irrefutable wave of arousal throughout my entire body. I suck on his mark making him moan loudly as he arches his back, pressing his body into mine as I slide my leg between his. It’d been a very long time since we’d done anything and just the sound of him moaning made my member leak through my sweats. I push his body down with a low growl before kneading his member through his underwear while sucking on his neck making him pant slightly, I tug his underwear down before taking his member in my hand as I stroke him quickly making him cry out below me as he squirmed slightly with waves of intense pleasure coming off of him. I remove my hand right when he was about to cum making him whine angrily as he glared at me before flipping us over making my eyes widen in surprise.

“If you play around too much, I’ll fuck you against the mirror.” He growls making me tense as he hovers over me before pulling off my clothes quickly. “Relax, I was just kidding, kind of.” He says trying to kiss me but I was a bit stiff now. “What’s wrong?” He questions pulling back as he sits on my lap.

“How is this going to work now?” I ask slowly. “Am I the bottom now or are y-” I don’t get to finish as he starts laughing loudly making me frown angrily as he shakes above me in never ending laughter that bubbles out of him.

“I haven’t laughed like that in a while.” He says sobering up from his laughter. “Is this why you were avoiding me before?” I shrug avoiding his eyes, but he pulls me towards him before kissing me deeply making my eyes widen in surprise. “You can be so cute sometimes Aiden Calderon.”

“Don’t call me cute.” I grumble but he ignores me as he wraps his arms around my neck with an amused grin.

“Aiden we can switch you idiot.” He says giving me a quick peck. “If you want to I mean, maybe you didn’t enjoy it much last time so we can just continue what we used to do.”

“I did.” I whisper making him smile widely.

“Then there’s no problem is there.” He says before smashing his lips back into mine, I groan in satisfaction as we tangle our bodies together while drowning in each other. I felt myself hardening when my mind conjured up flashbacks of Julian ramming himself into me, I would never say it out loud, but I liked how rough and aggressive he got, although I did enjoy being inside of him much more.

He slides his hands down between our bodies as he takes both our members into his hands, I gasp breaking the kiss as he squeezes our members in our hands, he bites my bottom lip while rubbing our tips making me moan loudly as I slide my hands down to his ass pushing us together more.

“Nghh!” I grind out as we moan together while he draws us closer to the edge, I squeeze his ass tightly making him whimper as he unconsciously tightens his grip making us both cum into his hands as we moan from the spectacular feeling that I missed too much. He raises his hands before pushing his fingers into my mouth for me to suck, I oblige knowing it was a huge turn on for him.

I lie down on my back before pulling him on top of me, he presses his lips against mine making me moan in satisfaction as I keep my hands planted firmly on his ass.

“A-Aiden..” He moans breaking the kiss and I grind him into me while squeezing his ass causing our erections to rub against each other’s, he sits up suddenly with a mischievous grin before turning so his beautiful ass was right in front of me. Before he could say anything, I lick my finger before slowly pushing it inside of him, he winces slightly causing me to slow down, I slowly start fingering him making him moan loudly as I put in a second. I freeze momentarily when he takes my length into his mouth, circling my tip with his tongue making me moan loudly. I continue to finger him adding more until we were up to four and he was whimpering above me while I was shaking below him. Unable to wait any longer, I pull my fingers out before smacking his ass hard making him moan loudly.

“Ride me.” I command before licking his member from the root up.

“Ahhh!” He moans as I take him into my mouth, he starts thrusting himself deeper down into my throat as I take him all in, I was just teasing him a little but he was enjoying himself so I wouldn’t stop him. I grab his ass firmly as I pull him down so I can take more of him into my mouth. “Aiden!” He squeals as my tongue traces his length, he pulls himself out right when he was on the verge of releasing, he shakes above me as his clenches his eyes shut. I was starting to realise that Julian liked stopping when he was about to cum, I don’t know if he enjoyed that feeling but I didn’t mind since the sight of his whimpering form was a turn on for me.

He turns around quickly, letting his legs lay at my sides as he slowly lowers himself onto my awaiting member. He winces slightly as he takes all of me in, but doesn’t stop until I’m completely buried inside of him. It’s takes a while for him to adjust but he eventually starts moving as his pained expression turns into a pleasure filled one.

“Ahh!” We moan together as I thrust up to match his rhythm, he trembles slightly but continues his fast past movements. I take his member into my hand making him whimper as I stroke him quickly, when he’s about to cum I pull away making him cry out loudly while clenching down on my member. I continue to thrust into him as he struggles to recover, moaning loudly as I drive myself deeper into him, drawing closer to the edge.

“D-don’t!” He stutters as I grab his leaking erection once again, I stroke him attentively as I feel myself on the verge of releasing. I tighten my grip as I empty myself inside of him, making him moan loudly while I prevent him from cumming with me. “Nghhhh! L-let me ahhhh!” He tries as he moans loudly while I fill him up completely. Once I’m finished, I raise him off me before lying him down as I roll onto him and slam myself back into him.

“You feel so good baby.” I moan licking his ear making him shiver as I continue to thrust myself into his awaiting hole.

“I w-want to cum.” He begs as he goes to reach for his member but I keep his hands down, pinning his arms besides his head as I continue to slam myself into him while he wrapped his legs around me.

“No.” I growl as I continue to fuck him mercilessly while he moans beneath me, I grab his member to stop him every time he looked close to cumming making him whine as he trembled below me.

“I can’t Aiden! L-let me cum!” He begs desperately making me smile, I loved when he pleaded. I kiss him hard as I continue to slam myself into him, drawing closer to the edge. I roll us again, making him ride me since I loved seeing his body entirely. I lay there as he does all the work, with one hand under my head I stoke his throbbing member with the other.

“P-please!” He begs with watery eyes as I stop him from cumming yet again, each time he’d clench down on me, making me see stars.

“You know what I want to hear.” I say rubbing his tip making him whimper as I drive myself deeper inside of him.

“I don’t.” He pleads, I squeeze his throbbing member a little more making him tremble above me. “Ahhh!”

“You’re not cumming until you say it.” I say slamming myself into him, hitting his spot each time.

“Say w-what?”

“Say it.” I growl as I draw closer to the edge while he whimpers on top me, shaking like a leaf. “Say. It.” I growl as I feel myself leaking inside of him. He watches me with teary eyes as I squeeze his tip slightly making the tears spill from his eyes as he cries desperately on top of me.

“P-please can I cum daddy.” He says making me cum immediately as I release my hold on his member allowing him releasal as well. I stare at him with lustful eyes as he presses his hands on my chest for support as he continues to cum all over me while I fill him up.

I pull him off me as I get off the bed before lifting his body as he watches me with a dazed, confused stare. I walk into the bathroom before placing him on the counter that thankfully was not to high, putting him to sit on his ankles a little as I watch his reflection through the large mirror. I ram my member into him making him moan loudly as he presses his hands against the mirror for support. I slow down tremendously while I keep my hands on his hips to keep him in place, he watches me with lustful eyes through the mirror as I continue to slowly push myself into him.

“Tell me what you want.” I whisper into his ear before licking it as I gently brush against his prostate making him whimper against me.

“Please fuck me harder daddy.” He says biting his lip as I force myself not to cum immediately, I tighten my grip on his waist before slamming into him as I quicken my paste. I had absolutely no idea how Julian knew that I had a kink for that considering I never told anyone, but thank God he did because I’ve never been happier. I continue to thrust myself into him as he presses himself against the mirror, watching him moan loudly as his erection shamefully leaked in need.

“Ahhhh! More daddy more.” He moans making my grip tighten as I fuck him faster and deeper, hitting his prostate each time, slamming him into the mirror as he moans uncontrollably. “Ah! Ah! Ah!” He cried with each thrust like music to my ears. “Fuck me daddy!” He screams making me growl loudly as my eyes glow along with his own as we started losing control. I press both hands next to his head on the mirror as I fucked him with everything I had feeling myself drawing closer as he moaned below me. I don’t even get a chance to warn him as I empty myself into him making fresh tears sprout from his eyes as he cums all over the mirror while I pushed myself deeper into him. We ride out our orgasms with an unquenchable need for more of the other.

He sits up a bit making me pull myself out of him as he turns quickly before pressing his lips to mine. I moan into his mouth as we deepen the kiss quickly while pressing our bodies together, I pull away reluctantly needing air as he presses kisses down my abs before making his way back up to my lips.

“What do you want?” I growl possessively, I wanted to please him. I wanted to take all over him as my own and never let him go. I wanted to make him so that he couldn’t cum without me. He looks up at me, our eyes still glowing and our lust still ran rampant as sparks erupted between us like a live circuit. He smiles at me before dragging my neck down so his mouth was right by ear.

“I want you to take me back to the bed,” he whispers seductively as his hand travels down my abs slowly “, throw me down,” he says taking my hardening member into his hands, “and fuck me.” He says biting my ear making me moan as he strokes me faster. “I want you to have your way with me. For you to use me until you’re satisfied.” He says before pulling back to look me in the eye as his crystal, blue eyes glow brightly. “Fuck me daddy.” He moans making me growl as my need along with lust takes over, I lift him up and do exactly what he wanted.

I throw him down on the bed before raising his hips up, he tries to lift his head up but I slam it straight back down. Usually I wouldn’t be so rough but I wasn’t really myself, I didn’t have control over what I wanted and right now I wanted my mate. I grip his waist firmly as I slam him myself into him making him moan loudly, I don’t waste a second as I continue to thrust myself into his dripping hole while he moans loudly below me.

“Ahhhh!” He moans as I continue to fuck him mercilessly, letting my instincts get the best of me as he does to. “I’m cumming!” He cries as he empties himself on the sheets while shaking below me as I continue to fuck him. I lean over pressing my hands next to his head allowing me to go in deeper as his back arches beautifully.

“You’re so perfect.” I moan pressing kisses up him spine as he trembles below me. “Whose are you?”

“Yours!” He moans as I continue to slam myself into him as he strokes himself with staggered moans.


“I’m yours!” He moans through clenched teeth. “I’m all y-yours.” He cries as he clenched down on me causing me to growl as he whimpers under me.

“All mine.” I growl before sinking my teeth into his mark making him moan loudly as tears spring from his eyes, while I continue to thrust myself into him.

“I’m cufhmg!” He warns as I thrust myself into him mercilessly.

“Don’t you dare!” I growl not slowing my pace, he trembles below me with a tear stricken face as I speed up my thrusts. The only thing better than stopping Julian from cumming was him having to stop himself, he was whimpering uncontrollably as he cried desperately for releasal that he could easily give himself.

“P-p-please...” He cries as I drive myself deeper.

“No.” His eyes widen as I start stroking him while fucking him, making sure to hit that spot every time. I stroke his leaking member just how he liked it while he kept crying below me.

“A-Aiden!!!!” He cries out in a high pitch squeal that drags me closer to the edge. “I canhgd...hfsry!”

“Hold it.”

“Daddy!” He cries causing my entire body to pulse as I start fucking him rougher. “Can I p-please cum daddy!” I feel a shiver run down my spine as my member leaks like a broken faucet.

“Stop that.” I growl but he ignores me and continues his pleads while circling his hips.

“Daddy please!” He cries making me moan as he clenched down on me. “Daddy let me cum for you!”

“Julian...” I warn feeling myself about to release inside of him.

“Daddy!” He moans opening his beautiful eyes to peak back at me while circling his hips as I thrust myself into him. “Please Daddy, I can’t hold it any longer. Ahhhh, daddy!”
I cum involuntarily moaning loudly as he moans with me, emptying himself as well as I coat his walls with my seed. I keep my member deep inside of him as I lean against him while panting heavily, pulling out eventually, I watch the cum leak out of him before pushing some back in with my finger. He was still trembling as his ass remained puckered high up and waiting, I let my tongue trace his member making him moan loudly as I hold his waist in place. I let my tongue trace his tip knowing how he got when it was extremely sensitive, he tried to run away but I kept my grip firm as I attacked his member.

“N-no!” He squeals as I continue to suck on his tip alone making him cry out as his eyes fill with unshed tears. “I’m going to c-cum again. Stop it!” He cries out even though he was thrusting himself into my mouth. When he was about to cum, I pull away making him let out a high pitch squeal as he whimpered while shaking from neglect. Not giving him a moment to recover, I slap his ass harder that usual making him jump out with a moan that made my member leak.

“I told you to hold it.” I growl before slapping the other side. “Yet you came anyway.” I knead the reddening ass as he whimpers with dazed eyes as his member started leaking from the action. I guess this whole daddy thing was bringing out another side of me, I usually smacked his ass but I never spanked him, it seemed a bit painful since it was making his ass so red but he was leaking and smiling so much that I think he liked it as much as I did.

“I’m sorry.” He whimpers with a slight smile that went against his words. I smack his ass again, this time a little harder as he shoots forward with a trembling body that went perfectly with his red ass. “Ahhhh!” He moans out when I slap the other side. “Ah! Ahhhh! Ah!” He continues when I smack one side only making him whimper as I knead it after.

“Then you played with me, trying to make me lose control.” I say slapping the other side making him tremble as he pushed himself back into my hands.

“I’m sorry.” He says shakily making my heart race as he looks back at me with his eyes glowing brightly as he smiles in delight, clearly enjoying the treatment that was making my member pulse.

Jesus Christ Julian.

“You’re sorry what?” I growl slapping his ass again, it was a bright red now as it trembled before me accompanied by the most delightful moans.

“I’m sorry daddy.” He says seductively before I slap both sides harder than before causing streams of cum to shoot out of his member, I watch in amazement as he cries out while riding out his orgasm with tears streaming down his face. When he’s done, he falls onto the bed with his eyes rolling a bit, still trembling with low whimpers.

“You never learn.” I growl climbing on top of his spent form as I kiss him hungrily. I open his legs widely before slamming myself back into him as he gasps in surprise, I continue to trust myself into him mercilessly as he moans uncontrollably below me.

What door have we opened...

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