Alpha Mates

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Chapter 65

Julian’s P.O.V

“Stop touching my feet.” I snap angrily at Aiden who’d insisted on giving me a foot massage even though it turned out he sucked at them.

“Sorry.” He says nervously stepping away from the bed. “What can I get for you?”

“Nothing. Aiden, I’m fine. Just let me rest.” I say as I sink back under the sheets of our bed. “Go to school, I’ll be fine.”

“Okay.” He agrees finally before giving me a quick kiss and grabbing his bag before looking at me for the hundredth time to see if I’d change my mind.

“Aiden go!”

“Okay, okay.” He says giving up before disappearing from my sight. I let out breath of exhaustion as I stare at the ceiling, contemplating what my life had become over the past few months.

I’m five months along and the kid’s supposed to pop out next month, even though it feels like he’d be coming out any second now. My stomach was the size of two watermelons and I’d been banned from all things stressful, Aiden’s orders. I refused to drop out of school, so we got my parents to make up some load of bullshit of a condition I had and now Aiden brought my assignments home for me and I corresponded with my teachers online.

Everyone knew now, telling them about it was probably the worst part of this whole pregnancy, it was the most awkward experience of my life to try and convince thousands that me, a man, was pregnant. No one believed us at first, no matter what we said, but then Aiden lifted up my shirt without permission for them to see the bump, those who still weren’t convinced listened for the heartbeat and boom, they were believers.
It was a bumpy road amongst many but in time people had come to accept the situation and were excited about us having a kid. It’s what they wanted an now they had someone to be the next alpha, Levi could never be the pack Alpha and that’d be a subject we’d have to sit him down and talk about when he was older.

Levi hasn’t changed much over the last few months, well at least I think so, Aiden says he’s getting better. The pack accepted him with open arms that he’d tried to bite, he didn’t let anyone touch him besides Aiden and me. He’s a quiet kid, but he talks more now which I see as a big accomplishment. Levi and Aiden have grown closer in their own little way, they clash heads a lot but I think it’s cute because he’s like a mini Aiden. When he wasn’t with us, he was in the pack school that we were slowly integrating him into. He’d go on his good days and stay home when he really didn’t want to go, it was more about him becoming a member of society than learning. He needed to start interacting with people besides us and so far he’s been doing pretty good.

“Julian.” I look across, following the voice, to find Levi in the doorway.
Even though we adopted him and he was our child now, he didn’t call us dad or anything like that which we didn’t mind. He was still yet to open up about his past and family so I didn’t know how close he was with his parents. We told him he could call us whatever made him feel comfortable, so he had stuck with our names.

“Hey, did you just wake up?” I ask making him nod lazily. “Let me make you something to eat.”

“It’s okay, Aiden left food for me.” He says quickly, he didn’t like me doing anything when he found out I was pregnant. He accepted it without any questions, I think it’s because he’s young and doesn’t realise that men usually don’t take on the role of baby carrier. He didn’t have much of a reaction either when we told him he’d have a baby brother, a bit of a smile but that was it.

Levi didn’t have much of a reaction to anything. He always does exactly what he’s told, he never complains about anything and he never misbehaves. I loved him the way he was, but I couldn’t help but think that he wasn’t truly being himself. He was being the perfect child and I believe it was his way of making sure that we’d never send him away.

“I’ll come warm it for you.” I say slipping out of the bed carefully, before he could say other wise.

“I can do it myself.” He says holding my hand, it was instinctual for him now to do that, he’d cling to Aiden and I whenever he got the chance.

“You can’t even reach the microwave.” I say chuckling as he pouts a little. He didn’t like not being able to do things, a burden of trying to be perfect at everything. “You’re growing so much, you’ll be able to reach it by next month.”

“That’s what you said last month.” He says with a slight attitude, making me laugh as I warm the food for him while pulling out a tub of ice cream and some Doritos, using the chip as a spoon and eating it was the best thing on this planet.

“Julian.” Levi calls putting down his fork after finishing his meal, I hum slightly to tell him to go on. “Where is the baby coming out of.”
I almost choke on my ice cream as my system does a reboot, going haywire with the topic that I wasn’t prepared for. I knew he’d ask about it eventually, but I didn’t think it’d be this soon. He gets up quickly to pat my back as I pant slightly to catch my breath.

“Um....well....uhhh.” I stutter over my words as he watches me with his large, dark olive eyes.

“You don’t have to tell me.” He says retreating into himself making my beat myself up internally.

“No it’s fine.” I say quickly before taking a deep breath. “Someone will open me up right here and take the baby out.” I say pointing at my stomach.

“Open you up?” He asks worriedly.

“Yeah, it happens all the time. I won’t feel a thing.” I say nonchalantly making him relax a little as his eyes dart around, I’m sure he had much more to ask but wouldn’t on his own. “You can ask me anything you want you know Levi, I won’t get mad.”

“Will I ever find my mate?” He asks in a quiet whisper, my eyes widen in surprise.

“Of course you will.” I say taking him on my lap as he fiddles with his fingers. “Why would you ask that?”

“Rogues don’t get mates, I’m a rogue.” He says with agonized eyes making Alex whine in discomfort at the pain that erupted inside of me at the sentence.

“You are not a rogue!”

“That’s what they tell me in the school. The teacher said that I’m a disgusting rogue, an abogimatiun.” He says tearing up a little as I feel my eyes glow as my canines descend. Someone called my kid an abomination and was still breathing, when I get my hands on that little piece of shit. “They said you’d send me a-away soon.” He says sobbing making me suppress a growl as my anger bubbles over.

“Levi listen to me.” I say pulling his chin up so he could look me straight in the eyes, his cheeks were laced with tears that made my heart squeeze itself. “You are not a rogue. You are and will always be my son. You are a member of our pack and nowhere close to being a rogue. You’re not an abomination, you are our beautiful, boy with the kindest heart.” I say wiping away his tears as his sniffs a little. “We will never send you away Levi, you are our family and I love you too much to send you away.”

He starts crying harder at my words as he loops his arms around my neck and continues to sob. I rub his back soothingly as I try to settle him, but the tears seemed never ending as he poured his little heart out. Goddess, I was going to kill whoever put these thoughts into his head. He eventually falls asleep, leaving me to cuddle him into my chest as he sleeps soundly with red eyes.

“Julian, you home!” Emitt voice blares through the house making me groan as Levi shifts slightly. I rise carefully as I walk with him to meet Emitt who was looking around with wide eyes.

“Hey.” I say making him jump as he spins around quickly, I chuckle at his reaction before sitting down on the couch as Levi snuggles into my neck a bit more, the little thing was very clingy despite his cold exterior. “Shouldn’t you be in school?”

“Free day for me.” He says before sitting down on the couch. “Thought we could keep each other company for the day.”

“That’s nice, but I know you’re only here because you rather my sofa over your own.” I say as he ignores my comment and googles at Levi like he always did whenever he saw him. He’d rush at the kid since apparently he was obsessed with children, but Levi would always run away from him. This was the closest I think he’d ever gotten to him and he was having the time of his life because of it. “Just say it.” I say rolling my eyes watching him bursting from the seams.

“He’s so frickening adorable!” He all but squeals as he goes to touch his head but Levi groans in his sleep making him pull back quickly. “You’re so lucky.”

“What makes you say that?”

“You’ve got a little boy and another on the way!” He says falling back onto the sofa frantically. “What I wouldn’t give to have a kid.”

“I mean, I think you guys can have kids if I can.” I say chuckling slightly but his smile just fades. “What’s wrong?”

“I said the same thing to Beckett, you know if we were with girls we’d already have kids and stuff.” He says as I nod a bit. “He said that he doesn’t think we should even try because I’m not ready. He didn’t say we, he said me. I’m the one who’s not ready.”

“Well are you?” I ask as he glances at me before grumbling angrily.

“No.” He mumbles. “But I want one!”

“Children are not toys, they’re more like little devils but still.” I say making him chuckle a little. “Come on, what’s the real reason why you’re so down?”
Emitt and I had grown close, I mean I’ve grown close to everyone in our little group since meeting Aiden. But Emitt and I were something else, I found myself consulting him and confiding in him, he’d always had the solution and answers to all my problems.

“We have to use condoms now.” He groans while I burst out laughing making Levi squirm a little from my rubbling chest, I try desperately to settle myself but I couldn’t with the reason he just gave.

“Let me go put him in bed.” I say chuckling as I make my way to Levi’s room, tucking him in under his favourite blanket before returning to Emitt who was munching on some Pringles. “So condoms.” I say as my laughter starts up again while he scowls at me.

“It’s not funny.” He growls as I try to keep a straight face.

“It can’t be that bad.”

“Wearing a condom during sex is like getting a massage with a winter coat on and when Beckett’s wearing the condom, it’s like he might as well fuck me with a plastic bag.” He groans while I burst out laughing, Emitt was so dramatic that I couldn’t help but laugh at how he viewed the world. “I’m serious.”

“I see that.”

“At least this gets you thinking of other things besides sex for once.” I say making him roll your eyes. “It’s all you think about.”

“Let’s not get carried away here, it takes up a good ninety eighty percent of my thoughts.” He says making me scoff, the guy was a sex addict and we all knew it. “Can you guys speak to the Supernatural Board already? It’s been like a year.”

“It’s been a few months and we already planned a meeting with them, to tell them for the final time to leave us alone.” I say making him frown a little. “What?”

“You know how big of an honor it is to get an invitation to that academy. That’s Beyoncé asking you for an autograph. It’s supposed to be the other way around, yet here they are begging for someone to attend that place.” He says using his hands to talk. “Plus, it’ll just carry our ranking up even further. We’re the number fifteen pack in the entire world, having someone go would shoot us up to the top ten no problem.” He says as I ponder it for a moment. Everything he was saying was true, but it was also troubling.

The academy was an institute built a couple centuries back as a little UN of our world. It contained every single supernatural creature on the planet, they’d all study new policies and rules, methods and train to one day return to their homes and boost their pack. Going to that place was like going to heaven and returning, the problem with werewolves and witches is that we couldn’t stand each other. Because of this irrefutable fact, there’s never been a werewolf there when a witch was there. It didn’t end well for anyone.

“Who would we send? Every member in this pack would rather die than go there.”

“Not everyone. Kat.” He says making my eyes widen.

“That wouldn’t work.” I say waving his proposition off.

“She’s a member of the pack now. She lives amongst us with barely any fights breaking out. She’s a witch and can represent us.” He explains with gleeful eyes, clearly proud of himself.

“She’s a witch. The Supernatural Board wanted a werewolf and the council would never let a witch represent us, no matter how close we are to her.” I say making his proud expression deflate like a sad balloon.

“So it’s just better to reje-”

“Isabel!” He shouts shooting up from his chair, I shush him immediately before listening to see if he woke Levi. When I’m sure he’s still sleeping soundly, I glare back at Emitt angrily.


“Yeah! She’s a trained warrior, she a damn Selsa for crying out loud, she’ll make it through the physicals with ease. She’s a smart ass too and she gets along fine with Kat, she’ll be great.” He says as I frown a little. “What?”

“But she has no mate, putting her in an old castle up in the middle of nowhere will keep her away from her mate, wherever they may be.” I explain sadly as his lips settle into a straight line.

“It’s been almost a year now and she hasn’t found her mate. He’s clearly not anywhere around us and she’s suffering living here seeing us happy everyday. You see how depressed she is and no matter what we do, she won’t light up. This will keep her mind busy from that and who knows, she might find the guy amongst the werewolf packs who live on that side of the world.” He argues bursting with excitement as I contemplate the idea. In theory, it’d probably be best for her and for the pack as well. But I doubted she’d want to leave her home to go to a school right after finishing high school.

“I’ll talk to her about it.” I say with a sigh as I check the time, not even a full hour had passed yet I felt like I was sitting here forever. “You can stay if you want, I’m going to bed.”

“Can I come?” He asks making me glare at him. “Just to sleep.”

“Last time you did that Aiden almost broke my back.” I say shivering a little as I remember the night Aiden came back home and smelt Emitt on the sheets. I didn’t get any rest or sleep for almost two days while he literally drilled it into me that I was his and to never let anyone else on our bed again. “Leave Levi alone too.”

“Yeah, yeah.” He says swatting me away as he put on Netflix to watch that show he was obsessed with, river something.


“He called him what.” Aiden grinds out through clenched teeth as his eyes glow and his canines extend with a dangerous snarl. “I’m going to kill him.” He says slamming his fist into the elevator button.

“Please don’t.” Levi squeaks as we enter the elevator, him running after us quickly.

“Someone hurt you and they’ll pay for it.” Aiden says picking up Levi who frowns at the proposition.

“It doesn’t matter.” He argues at I groan my disapproval.

“Yes it does, you matter Levi.”

“But everyone will hate me.” He says making Aiden’s eyes soften slightly, still glowing as bright as day though.

When Levi first saw Aiden’s eyes, he ran like hell. Avoided him like the plague and wouldn’t go near him, until Aiden trapped him into a room one day and told him his story the best way he could so he could understand. We were still waiting to see the effects of the injections on Levi, whether he’d have the red eyes too, he already got the dark ones. He wasn’t unusual temperamental or angry, so I was hoping that whatever they gave him didn’t work.

“Do you really not want the guy dead?” Aiden asks carefully as I frown at him, I needed this man dead. What kind of sick person tells a child that they’re an abomination before they’re even old enough to spell the word or say it properly.

“I don’t.” He says firmly as Aiden frowns at him, clearly disappointed not to get his hands dirty. He had no rogues to hunt these days and Reon was his only thing to take his anger out on, I can’t believe he kept him alive this long.

“Fine. We’ll take away his job and just rough him up a bit.” He grumbles as we leave the pack house together. “You do know that we love you though right?”

“Yeah.” He mumbles sounding unconvinced.

“What’s with that?” I question making his eyes shoot to me. “Aiden, I think he needs to be convinced a bit more.”

“Is that so?” He questions with a smirk before tickling him as he holds him in one arm. Levi squirms around as he laughs loudly with one big smile on his face that warmed my entire soul. Passing members smiled at us as Aiden continued to tickle the boy to death. “Do you believe us now?”

“Yes.” He says painting with the smile still tracing his lips as Aiden presses a kiss to his forehead.

The happy atmosphere dissipates when we reach the little pack school for kids, it was barely after lunch and Aiden came home early so the school was still packed. We look around, smiling at those who saw us while I waved uncomfortably at the kids who looked up at us with eyes filled with awe. We eventually find the teacher when Levi points him out in the little teacher’s lounge.

“I’m just going to put you down real quick, okay buddy?” Aiden says as Levi nods in understanding. He immediately attaches himself to my leg as Aiden walks towards the man, each step like a hammer hitting a wall as his talons extended. The man wasn’t facing him and unfortunately didn’t see him coming as Aiden looped his hand around his neck before lifting him from his chair and slamming him down on the table making all the others back away with surprised gasps.
Aiden leans down with a steady growl as he glared at the frightened man, tightening his grip around his neck as the guy clawed at his hands for air.

“What gives you the right to call my boy a rogue?” He growls as Levi tightens his grip on my leg a little, I rub his shoulder a little to calm him as I watch the satisfying scene before me. “Does he look like a fucking rouge to you?” He growls as he lifts his head up before slamming it straight back into the metal table as the man gasps for air. “Do you think I am a rogue?” He says through clenched teeth. “Answer me!”

“No.” The man says hoarsely while gasping for air.

“You must’ve since you called him one, cause we’re the same, except I got the red eyes.” He says with a sinister chuckle before throwing him onto the floor, pouncing on him immediately, delivering punch after punch after punch into his bleeding body like if he was a punching bag. When he’s done, he lifts up his barely conscious body and slams it into the wall, holding him up by his neck. “Now you listen here you little piece of shit, my boy is nothing but spectacular and to make him think anything different almost got you killed today. The only reason you’re still breathing is because he begged me not to, the same child you called an abomination. You do well to remember that.” He says before throwing him on the ground as he gasps for air while the rest of the teachers look at us with fearful eyes as Aiden grabs a napkin to wipe his bloody hands.

“If we hear of anymore cases even remotely similar to this instance, amongst any child not just our own, you’ll be in much worst shape that he is.” I warn as Aiden picks back up a wide eyed Levi who was staring at the man in shock. We leave without another word as we walk back home in silence, mostly because Levi looked like he was in another world after what he just witnessed. It was a bit violent for him to see but kids in werewolf packs saw much worse and I wanted him to see that we loved him and would always defend him in any instance.

“Thank you.” He says as soon as we enter the house, drawing our attention to him. “Thank you for everything.”

“I think we should be telling you thank you for coming into our lives.” I say as Aiden smiles happily at Levi. “You have to tell us when anything like that happens so we can deal with it.”

“Until you’re old enough to deal with it yourself.” Aiden adds making Levi smile widely. “I’ll be taking you hunting and teaching you how to fight, grow up quickly so you can do what we just did on your own. Okay?”

“Okay.” He says with a big smile that was almost blinding.

“What type of ice cream do you want?” I ask looking at him carefully.

“Chocolate.” He says making me frown a little, he always said chocolate because I liked chocolate and when he was with Aiden he’d say vanilla cause Aiden loved vanilla.

“What ice cream do you really want Levi? Be honest.” I reiterate as he threads his hands together while dangling his little legs over the counter.

“I like lime.” He says as I swallow the urge to frown, it’d just make him clam up. “My mama used to make it for me. Lime ice cream.”
I immediately freeze as I look into his sad eyes, this was the first time he was talking about his family in all the time he’d been with us.

“I happen to know we have some lime ice cream in the fridge in the pack kitchen.” Aiden says snapping out of the daze he was in as well before leaving to get some quickly.

“You like lime?” I ask trying not to freeze up on him.

“We had lime trees.” He says with a faint smile. “Lots and lots of them.”

“Oh yeah, how come?” I ask trying to keep him going.

“Mama liked putting plants in the ground and had a lot of fruits.” He explains as Aiden returns and hands him a little plastic cup with lime ice cream.

“That’s nice.” I say with a faint smile watching him devour the ice cream.

We continue the day like always, me doing the work Aiden brought home for me from school while Aiden helped Levi color. He claimed that the kid had his artistic genes that were coming out more, he’d spend hours painting now which warmed my heart to see him doing something he loved so much.

“Julian.” Levi asks sleepily as I tuck him under his dark blue quilt.

“Yes.” I say running my hand through his curls as his heavy eyes looked at me.

“I love you.” He says making my heart speed up as I looked down at him with blurry eyes, he’d never told me he loved me before and I think it just broke my heart hearing it.

“I love you too Levi.” I say shakily, kissing his forehead before taking off the light and leaving the room.

“What’s wrong?” Aiden asks as I walk into our room to find him butt naked on the bed.

“Nothing.” I say wiping away the tears as he looks at me worriedly. “Put on some clothes.” I snap sliding into the bed as he watches me lustfully.

“I was thinking maybe tonight we could...” He trails pressing light kisses to my skin, making his way up my arm but I quickly shove him away.

“No.” I snap making him whine angrily as he rolls onto his back, revealing his erection.

“Oh come on!” He groans. “It’s been an entire month Julian! A month!”

“I already told you I’m not having sex with you until the baby comes out.” I say reading my book as he continues to complain.

“That’s not for another month! I won’t make it.” He groans desperately trying to climb on me but I just shove him off again.

“You made it this month, you can make it another.”

“I’ll even let you fuck me.” He begs as I struggle to keep in a smile.


“Last month you were all over me, now you won’t even touch me.” He groans angrily as I frown to glance at him.

“My hand begs to differ.” I say making his cheeks take a little color. “I already told you I don’t feel comfortable doing anything like that so just drop it.”

“Is it because of the belly? Because I still think you’re beautiful.” He says desperately.

“Good night Aiden.” I say putting the book down, unable to get any reading done, before lying down and taking off my lamp.

“Julian.... This is torturous.” He complains rubbing my shoulder a little.

“Apparently real torture is wearing condoms.” I say snickering a little as I remember Emitt’s comments. “Don’t worry, the kid will be out before you know it.”

“I highly doubt that.”


“AGHHHH!!!” I scream as I dig my talons into the car seat, boring holes straight into the leather.

“Hold on love! We’re almost there!” Aiden says in a panicked voice as he speeds through the pack roads.

“Tell that to the baby!” I shout before screaming again.

“L-Levi, take him through the breathing exercises just like we practiced.” Aiden says making Levi look at me with nervous eyes as he panics internally just like Aiden was doing externally.

“In.” Levi says shakily as he takes a breath in with me. “And out.” He says letting it out as I try desperately to follow with him, though the devilish pain of contractions were making that a tad bit difficult.

“AIDEN!” I shout as my eyes threaten to explode along with my entire body as the baby made it known that he wanted out.

“We’re here! We’re here!” He shouts parking horribly outside of the pack hospital that was already crowded with excited members before jumping out the car, coming to my side to help me out. “Levi get the bag!” He shouts helping me as other pack members rushed to our side to help me inside while Levi ran next to us with the bag trailing behind him. Once I’m in a wheelchair, Aiden takes the bag and rushes us to the room that had been prepared for us since they heard about the pregnancy.

“One, two. One two.” Levi says looking at me as he ran besides us.

“Three, four. Three, four.” I say panting as he clearly tried to distract me from the pain with the little game we created to help him with his numbers. By the time we’re at twelve, we finally make it to the room they prepared me in before the surgical one that was crawling with pack healers.

“Have you eaten in the past six to eight hours?” One questions me as they start undressing me and preparing me for the procedure.

“No.” I grind out as my body drenches itself in sweat.

“Have you taken any medication in the past eight hours?”


“Have you drunk any liquids in the past two hours?” They ask making my resolve snap.

“It’s three o’clock in the fucking morning, what do you think?!” I growl feeling my eyes glow as they back away a little.

“Hey, they’re just trying to help.” Aiden says pulling my chin to look at him. “Breath baby, breath.”

“I’m trying!” I’m growl as I start taking fast breaths while Levi looks up at me with scared eyes. “I’m fine, so perfectly fine.” I say trying to muster up a smile for him as Isabel, Kat, Emitt and Beckett run into the hall only to be stopped by some people. “I want you to do something that will help me so so much.”

“Anything.” Levi says eager to help.

“I need you to stay with them while we get your baby brother okay? So I know you’re okay and don’t worry.” I say making him frown a little, he didn’t like being with other people if he could avoid it.

“Okay.” He says wiping away the disappointment in his face and replacing it with determination.

“Good boy.” I say with a wavy smile before screaming out as another contraction hits me like a train.

“Okay we need to get you on the table now.” One says as Levi eyes fill with panic while Aiden leaves quickly to get sterilized and prepped, so he could stay with me through the whole thing.

“Be a good boy okay Levi.” I say as they lie my down, he nods with watery eyes filled with fear as they take me away. I catch a glimpse of him running into Emitt’s arms that lets my body fill with relief momentarily as I head to the room.

I’m about to have a baby


“Can you make sure he gets an innie, I struggle through life with an outtie and I wouldn’t want anyone to live that way.” Aiden says to one of the doctors.

“Aiden, shut up.” I growl angrily.

“You’re doing great.” He says holding my hand as I focus on him so I won’t focus on the people operating on me.

“I’m not doing anything.” I say a little hazily. “I’m just lying here while they get the baby.” I say taking deep breathes.

“And you’re doing great.” Aiden says nodding to himself as his eyes waver down a little before frowning.

“What’s wrong?” I ask, my insides filling with fear.

“Nothing. Nothing. I just thought I saw a bee.” He says returning his attention me as I let out a breath.

“We are almost...” One doctor says making me hold my breath in fear. “....there.” She finishes as the sound of a baby crying fills the air letting me breath again as my heart races a mile a minute.

“Here’s your baby boy.” They say handing the baby to Aiden whose eyes fill with unshed tears as it cries in his arms. He leans down so I can see him, I feel tears spill down my cheeks as I watch my son squirming around in Aiden’s arms.

“He’s so beautiful.” I cry with a weak smile as I look at the little angel that I could stare at forever.

“He’s so big.” Aiden says making me laugh a little as he holds him like the precious jewel he was. I try to pull myself together as they leave to make sure he’s okay, running some test while they close me up, but fail miserably as tears of pure joy still streaming down my face.


I look up as the door opens, revealing Aiden who was holding Levi’s hand as he walked into the room shyly, his eyes filling with relief as soon as they land on me.

“Are you ready to meet your brother?” I ask cradling him in my arms as Levi nods vigorously. “Come here.” I say making him run straight to the bed, struggling to climb up before lying besides me.

“Levi, meet Damon.” I say smiling at the baby that was reaching around with his tiny little hands as Aiden circles to bed to join me on the opposite side. “Your baby brother.”
Levi watches him with wide, curious eyes before hesitantly stretching his finger out to Damon that immediately wraps his tiny hand around his finger making Levi smile as he looked down at him.

We stay there for Goddess knows how long, my amazing mate on one side, my handsome boy on the other and my beautiful little Damon in my arms.

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I’m a mess.

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