Alpha Mates

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Chapter 66

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Aiden’s P.O.V

“Happy Birthday!” Levi screams as he jumps on top of our bed, waking me up immediately. I pop my eyes open to see him sitting at the feet of our bed holding a giggling Damon on his hip. “I made breakfast so hurry up.” He says before sliding off the sheets to leave the room, he stops suddenly putting Damon down carefully before running back to us. “And Happy Anniversary!” He says kissing my forehead and Julian’s cheek before disappearing with Damon.

I look across to my beautiful mate to see him already looking at me with those beautiful, blue eyes and a wide smile. Julian pulls himself towards me before pressing his lips to mine, the connection immediately sending a million and one sparks between us. I kiss him back with a hum of satisfaction, pulling away once I’m satisfied.

“Happy Birthday.” He says giving me a light peck, his eyes focusing on mine as he kept the distance between us to a minimum.

“Happy Birthday Jewels.” I reply with a wide smile before kissing him again. He smiles against my lips as I roll on top of him, kissing him down his neck as he giggles below me. “And Happy Anniversary.” I say sitting up as he smiles up at me while panting slightly, I guess it was our anniversary since it was the day we found out we were mates and my life changed for the better.

“As much as I’d love to start this day off the right way.” He says as his fingers trail down my abs. “We have two boys waiting for us and a very long day ahead of us.”

“I’ll make up for it tonight.” I reply before pulling him up, leaving the room with him tucked under my arm and his arm around my waist.

We enter the dining room table to find Damon already hoisted up in his high chair with a spread laid out all across the table making my eyes widen. For a kid, Levi could cook better than most, he’d taken a liking to watching Julian make him food and then started trying it a little and now he was a little chef.

“I made everyone’s favorites.” He announces proudly. “I couldn’t buy anything so I hope this is enough, as a gift I mean.”

“It’s more than enough.” Julian says picking him up before I could as he swirls him around in the air making him giggle loudly. He seats him down before sitting next to him, leaving me next to Damon, since he refused to eat baby food or drink the bottled milk from anyone else besides me.

“So are you ready kid?” I ask Levi looking away from Damon to glance at him, he stops eating his pancakes with a gleeful face as it immediately sinks into an aggressive one.

“Nope.” He says popping the p, “why can’t I just stay inside the pack?”

“Because you’re almost six and you can’t keep hiding out in the pack, time for you to get out there.” Julian says making him groan a little. “Elementary is below you and you know it, so be a bit more enthusiastic.” He finishes, Levi offers us a weak smile before returning to his food.

Levi was a certified genius, it didn’t take long to realise he had some good brains. He’d picked up on so much so quickly, he was way above elementary school level but throwing him into a higher grade would just mess him up. He was barely controlling his emotions now a days and Julian wouldn’t dream of risking it, he started getting a bit snappy a few months ago and we knew what was coming. But it was worst than with me, it wasn’t just the rage and anger, it was like all his emotions went haywire. It took some time, but we were helping him through it and he was getting a handle on himself. I was planning on taking him on a trip soon, to my own little home I made from the factory I was held in and to where we found him.

“You’ll be fine.” I say as he nods a little, I think he was more scared than anything. He hated meeting new people or anything new for that matter, but as soon as he got accustom to someone he’d latch onto them like a leach.

“Bruuuuuuuuuu, there goes the knife, straight into the heart! And they die!” I say, retuning my attention to Damon who started to whine, Julian scowls at me as I dive the spoon straight into Damon’s smiling mouth.

“Stop with the violent themes!” He scolds angrily, shorting daggers into my skin with his glare. “Be normal and do trains or planes.”

“He likes knives and bombs.” I argue as Damon giggles at the words. “He’s going to be a great fighter.”

“He’s going to be violent.” Julian corrects while I just swat him away, ignoring his warnings. I was on a path to make Damon the greatest alpha that ever lived and if he was a bit violent, even better. We already talked to Levi about it and he said he didn’t want to be Alpha, he just wanted to live in the pack with us.

“Thank you so much for the breakfast Levi.” Julian says pressing a kiss to his forehead once we finish cleaning up, “let’s get ready quickly so we can reach to the airport in time.” He finishes, making him nod as he rushes off to get ready. “Give him here.”

“No.” I say holding Damon tightly as his little fingers kept poking my face like a cushion.

“We don’t have time for this Aiden, give him to me.” He growls as I take a few steps back, maybe I could make a run for it. “If you even try it you’ll spend the entire night with your hand.” He warns making me freeze, I stare at him before groaning loudly and handing Damon to him, who smiles widely once in Julian’s hands.

“You’re sick.” I say as he smiles proudly while Damon tugs on his hair a bit.

“Whatever, just go get ready while I bathe him.” He says before disappearing.

I throw on a cleanish shirt and my usual jeans before squeezing myself into my boots, I head to Levi’s room to see him already dressed and coloring on the floor.

“You’re getting better.” I say sitting besides him, he smiles at me before returning to his work. “You know nobodies going to hurt you there right?” I say making him freeze, he peaks up at me with blank eyes, that held a shimmer of fear behind them.

“They might.” He whispers quietly as he sits up to look me straight in the eye.

“That’s true.” I say making his heart race a bit. “But what do you do if they try to?” I ask making him smile.

“Hold my hand like this and hit the middle of the neck as hard as I can.” He says proudly putting his palm out flat.

“That’s my boy.” I say smiling proudly as Julian calls for us to leave, insisting that we’d be late even though we had two hours to get there.

“Dad.” Levi calls before I can leave the room.

“Yeah bud.”

“Thanks.” He says making me smile once again as I take his hand in mine.

We leave his room together to find Julian waiting anxiously in the elevator with the bags already and Damon on his hip. We make it to the car quickly, bucking both the boys into their car seats before heading off towards the airport.

Julian’s P.O.V now

“Emitt stop crying.” Isabel grumbles angrily as he sobs while clenching onto her.

“I’m t-trying.” He stutters, Beckett pulls him away carefully allowing the rest of us to get to her.

“Don’t kill anyone.” Aiden says making her smile before they hug each other, they’d slowly fixed the fallen bridge between them over the past few months and were thankfully friends again.

“No promises.” She says pulling away only to be attacked by Emitt who’d gotten loose from Beckett’s grip.

“Who’s going to send me porn now?” Emitt whispers even though we could all hear him.

“I’m pretty sure there’s internet up there.” She whispers back, the two completely oblivious that we could all hear them.

“I’ll miss you.” Beckett says hugging her over his mate. “Call at least once a week.”

“Try once a day.” She says making him smile a little, he was trying to keep his tears back and I couldn’t blame him. Isabel joined our little loner group when she moved into town years ago, punching Aiden straight in his jaw when he came at me on her first day. She almost broke it and from that day I respected her like no other, when I heard she was to be my future Selsa it made the bond grow even stronger.

“Can I have at her now?” I ask making them back up a little as she watches me with wavering lips. I basically jump on her as I wrap my arms around her tightly, she squeezes me back as I hold onto one of my best friends that I couldn’t imagine not seeing everyday.

“Don’t make me cry Julian.” She says making me chuckle as I pull away a little. “Here’s a little birthday gift for the both of you.”

“You didn’t have to.” I say taking the big wrapped present.

“Of course I did.” She says with a weak smile.

“I’m glad you decided to go. I’ll miss you like hell, but this’ll be good for you.” I say making her smile a little. “Forget us just a little bit and live for you. It’s not all work for you, I want you to have a good time.”

“Thanks.” She says hugging me tightly again.

It takes us a while to finally let her go, watching her as she walks through the gates sending us one final wave before disappearing behind those white doors, the next time we’d seen her, unknown.

“Okay, give em here.” Emitt says breaking the silence turning to us with gleeful eyes.

“Are you sure? We don’t wa-”

“Shut up and give me the fucking children.” He snaps making my eyes widen, I wanted to blame it on him being pregnant but he was only a month in so that was uncalled for.

“Behave Damon.” Aiden warns the wide eyed baby who looked innocent and confused but we knew how mischievous he was.

“We’ll pick them up around seven.” I say as Aiden hands over Damon reluctantly to Beckett, he was about to start crying but stopped when Beckett directs his finger straight at his closed eye. He giggles happily as he starts poking it contently, he always poked people in the eye whenever he got the chance.

“We’ll see you later.” I say to Levi who nods and attaches himself to Emitt’s leg, his favorite person to be left with if he had to.
We watch the two walk away with our kids, the separation hurting so much I just wanted to go snatch them back but I knew we needed to spend this day together alone, we’d barely had any time for ourselves since Damon was born.

“Jesus!” I exclaim when Aiden pulls me suddenly running towards the car like if some serial killer was chasing us. I watch him with confused eyes when we reach to our car and he throws the boys’ car seats in the trunk before he send me flying inside. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“I’m about six months horny that’s what’s wrong.” He says locking the door behind us as he starts unbuckling my pants hastily.

“Can’t you wait until we get home?” I ask as he pulls my pants off along with my underwear leaving me completely exposed. “Aiden!”

“No.” Is all he says before sliding down attaching his lips around my member.

“Not here! You...stop! N-not in..nghhhh!” My lust gets the best of me as I moan loudly, arching my back against the car door as he pushes my shirt up with one hand while he licks my tip making me shiver from the spectacular feeling. He forces my shirt fabric into my mouth as his hands find my nipples making me moan into the shirt as he squeezes them. “Ohhh G-God..”

He places one of my balls into his mouth as well making my eyes roll back as I thrust myself into his mouth. He hums around me sending vibrations around my member and throughout my entire being as I’m dragged closer to the edge.

“I’m g-gonna ahhhhhh!” I moan loudly as I use one of my hands to keep his head down as I empty myself into his mouth, I catch a glimpse of him looking up at me with a lustful gaze as he stroked himself making me cum harder. “Fuck.” I say panting when he raises himself from my member, licking his lips in delight as he smirks at me.

“Tasty.” He whispers making me frown, I tasted him enough to know it was far from it. I kiss him hungrily making him hum in my mouth as I push him back before straddling him with ease, he grabs my ass like if it were a magnet, squeezing it hard making me whimper slightly as I grind our members together. “We can continue home, I just needed a little s-”

“Oh no, we’re doing it right here.” I say kissing my way down his neck as I start stroking us together making us both moan in ecstasy.

“In the a-airport parking lot?”

“Don’t act like if this isn’t turning you on.” I say before reconnecting our lips, I push one of his hands into my pants so he could prep me. He kneads my ass for a while making me whimper and moan before finally pushing a finger into my awaiting hole. I grind myself down on it while still stroking us together.

“R-right there!” I scream when he hits the spot, he was up to two fingers now and I was melting in his arms. “Ahhhhh!” I scream when he inserts another, at this point in our relationship the pain was almost nonexistent when he prepped me. By the time we’re up to four, I’m leaking profusely all over my hands. “Hurry!”

“I wanna see you get off with my fingers.” He says making me frown slightly. “Just my fingers.” He says pushing away my hand from my member, leaving it only to stroke his.

“W-why?” I moan as he fingers me while licking my ear making me shiver against him. He doesn’t answer my question, only quickening his movements as I get dragged to the verge of releasing as I take him with me.

“Cum for me baby.” He growls making me moan loudly as we both release together, riding out our orgasms together in a cloud of lust and need. I tremble on top of him as my skin heats up from the spectacular feeling. Before he could do anything, I lower myself onto his member making me wince a little as I take him all in. Once I’m adjusted, I start bouncing on his already hard member as I breath against him, my arms looped around his neck.

“Goddess I love you so much.” He groans thrusting into me, making the car shake even more as I ride him for all he’s worth.

“I love you too daddy.” I say looking straight into his dark eyes that glow a bright red with a wave of lust escaping him. The word had become a signal between us that the other wanted things to get a little rougher, wilder in a sense. “Ahhhh!” I scream as he smacks both sides of my ass making my member leak immediately, I don’t know why I loved it so much but my body went crazy whenever he did it and I couldn’t get enough.

“You liked that?” He growls nibbling on my mark making me whimper with need as he gripped my ass tightly.

“Y-Yes daddy.” I moan burying my hands into his hair, grabbing onto him for support as he starts thrusting himself into me mercilessly. “Ah! Ah! Ah! Ahhhh!” I scream as he slaps my ass one after the other, hitting it extra hard with the last one.

“Goddess you’re perfect.” He growls taking my lips into his, I moan into his mouth as I feel myself getting closer to edge. He bites my lips aggressively making me part my lips, allowing him to explore my mouth with his tongue, we clash together as our tongues dance in a hungry battle for more of the other. I pull away when I feel myself about to cum, looking down at him as his canines started to descend slightly.

“Thank you daddy.” I say making him basically roar as he cums inside of me making me release immediately, whimpering on top of him as he continued to smack my ass while stroking me making my eyes blur as he drowned me in indescribable pleasure. It was like he was taking all he could get of me, which was working seeing how I couldn’t stop cumming as he stay buried inside of me. “L-let’s stop for now.”

“Why?” He asks angrily as I pant on top of him trying to settle myself to the best of my ability.

“Because someone will see us soon.” I say in a duh tone that makes him make an o shape with his mouth. “Don’t worry, I’ll repay the favor tonight.” I say trailing his thigh with my hand while pressing gentle, soft kisses to his neck making him gasp under me.

“I can’t wait.” He says before pulling out, he helps me back into my clothes after cleaning us up as best as he could. We slide into the front seats and drive off, like if we hadn’t just fucked in the back seats and my ass wasn’t still dripping.

“Car sex is amazing.” Aiden says suddenly, I resist the urge to smile knowing it’d only encourage him to do more outrageous things and simply look out the window instead.

“Where are we going now?” I ask glancing back at him to see him smiling widely.

“A special place for us.” He says making me frown a little as I try to think about where he was taking me. “Don’t try and figure it out because you will, as a matter of fact, just close your eyes.”

“Where’s the blindfold?” I ask with a little hint of amusement to my tone that makes him chuckle a bit.

“Damon should never be given anything to hold is all I’m saying.” He says making me laugh a little, he wasn’t even a year old and was already so troublesome.

We drive for a long time before he tells me I can open my eyes, I immediately recognize the land filled with skyscrapers for trees as the smell of pine invades my nose. I take his hand along with our things as we walk through the overgrown grass until we come to that big, old tree that held one of my most precious memories with Aiden.

“Why isn’t the picnic already done?” I ask making him laugh.

“I’m not giving you a planet or anything so I don’t need it to be all romantic.” He explains making me scowl which he just shrugs to. We set up our little space before we lie down together, looking up at the sky through the trees. “Can we open Isabel’s gift now? I’m dying to know what it is.”

“Sure.” I say reaching over to grab the heavily wrapped gift that was a book of some kind. We sit up together, placing it between us before Aiden rips off the wrapping paper like a child on Christmas morning. A smile stretches across my face when I read the cover while my eyebrows frown, I didn’t exactly know how really to react.

Julian and Aiden: Their Journey

“Did she scrap book us making out in school?” Aiden grumbles as we open the first page, the frown disappear as our eyes widen in surprise. It was a picture of Aiden and I as babies next to each other in an old crib, I recognized the picture immediately since it was probably the only one with us together without us fighting. Aiden flips the page to see us a bit older in a tub with Aiden trying to shove me under water, he laughs while I scowl at the memory that made me afraid of swimming for years. We continue flipping through the book filled with pictures of us growing up, always fighting in each and every one.
It continues like this until it reaches us last year when we found out we were mates, it was a picture of us walking together, faces downstruck yet we were holding hands.

“Oh my goddess, is that what we looked like?” I exclaim laughing as I stare at the picture with wide eyes. The next one makes my laughter fade as I freeze, the picture showing that time Isabel caught us basically dry humping close to the woods. The next one makes my face pale showing us in the car that time in the drive in, it showed us making out but I knew she saw more by the comment she left under it.

I watched the whole thing 🖤

“I knew someone was watching us.” Aiden grumbles making my eyes widen.

“And you didn’t stop?” I question with knitted eyebrows as he shrugged.

“It was the first time we were doing anything so good, I wasn’t stopping for shit.” He says making my eye twitch slightly. I decide to leave it alone as we continue looking through the book to see a picture of us in school together, me smiling widely as Aiden laughed next to me, his arm around me making my heart beat a little faster. The picture continues to make my heart melt of all the moments she’d captured without us even knowing, the one that stole my heart was a graduation picture with our entire little group smiling widely next to one of us when we were kids fighting on opposites sides.

Aiden’s P.O.V

“There’s one more.” I say flipping the page, the picture makes my heart stop as my eyes study it like it was a precious jewel, which it was.

Julian and Damon😭

“When did she..” Julian trails as we both stare at the picture. My eyes wander down to the little note she left at the bottom.

When I first heard you two were mates, I went ballistic. I knew from the start it’d work out since there’s a very fine line between love and hate, and you guys were dancing on it for years.
It’s been a pleasure watching you two become one of the most beautiful pairs of mates I’ve ever seen. I can only hope that one day I can be as happy as the two of you are.

Yours truly,

“She’s amazing.” Julian whispers closing the book as I look up at him. “I hope she finds her mate up there.”

“She will.” I say firmly pressing a kiss to his forehead. “So what did you get me for my birthday Mr.Heil?” I question after some time.

“Me.” He says making me glare angrily at him before he puts his hands up in surrender. “I’m kidding, I have your gift right here.” He says causing my mind to wander in anticipation as he digs in his bag for the gift. He pulls out a large rolled up piece of paper with a large smile.

“Wow! You got me...paper.” I say faking enthusiasm as he growls angrily before smacking me with the roll. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding.” I say making him stop before repositioning himself in front of me.

“A couple years back I did something horrible to you, I regret it now but it was so worth it at the time.” He says with a nervous smile as I watch him in confusion. “I burnt down your art room. I did it cause I knew how much you loved the place and how much time you spent in there. When setting my trap, I started pouring gasoline all over the pieces. One by one to make sure I’d get them all, b-”

“Julian, I don’t know what the point of this story is but I do-”

“Let me finish!” He grinds out through clenched teeth, I sigh but nod for him to continue. “So one by one I covered them in gasoline, I was onto the last few when I came across this one particular piece that made me stop. I had never seen something so beautiful in my entire life and it made me question if I should continue. I did, but I saved that one for myself since it was so beautiful. Y-”

“Julian you didn’t!” I exclaim grabbing the paper from his hand, slipping off the rubber band as I unravel it to see the painting that was probably my best piece ever. “H-how..”

“I was digging through the attic in my parents old house a few months ago, they had some of my books up there and I found this laying perfectly there waiting to be found. Back then I thought it was just some pretty painting of a cottage of some sort, but when I saw it again, I realise it wasn’t some cottage. This is the home you built after destroying the factory.” He says with a weak smile as I look at him and then back to the painting that I thought was gone forever.

“It was the design piece. When I started tinkering around with the idea of building something there, I painted this as what I wanted my hideaway to be like. Something far and quiet, separated from the world and everything in it. When you burnt the art room down, I was mostly mad that I lost this than the others.” I admit as I set it down to return my attention to my amazing mate. “Thank you Julian.” I say before leaning over to kiss him, he hums against me before I pull away and hug him tightly. “Truly, thank you.”

“I’m happy you like it, even though it’s yours and I’m just returning.” He says awkwardly making me laugh as I roll it back up and put it away carefully. “Now for me!”

“I don’t think I’ll be able to top that.” I say I dig into my bag for the gift.

“It doesn’t matter.” He says beaming with excitement that told me it did. Julian always was a sucker for Christmas and birthdays, he loved gifts so much that it used to be the only times he’d smile.

“Close your eyes and count to three, open them when your done.” I instruct, he shuts them without hesitation and starts counting as I open the box right when he reached to one. His eyes pop open with excitement only for them to freeze as he stares down at my hands before his eyes fill with tears and then drift up with me.

“Julian Heil. You were a pain in my ass since day one and I always wanted you gone. You were the annoying ass batman to my joker and I couldn’t stand you. But then I found out we were mates and I stopped seeing you as my enemy. It was bumpy at first, I was confused, I didn’t want to love the way you felt against my skin or the way my name rolled off of your tongue, but I did. I loved every little thing you did. How you’d come sit with me to watch a show at night, how our hands would touch a little by accident, how you looked at me when we’d wake up and when we’d go to sleep. When you would wake me up with a kiss, how you’d always cook my favorite meals and worry about me when I wasn’t at my best. I started loving everything about you, until I fell in love with you and I have loved you everyday since and I will continue to love you until my very last breath.” I say blinking away my tears as he cries silently with a quivering lip that was smiling at my words. “So I ask you today, Julian Heil, my old enemy, my friend, my mate, the love of my life, the person I hope to wake up to every single morning to with a kiss. Will you marry me?”

“Yes. Yes. Yes. A million times over yes.” He says crying as he jumps onto my lap, hugging me so tightly that my air became thin. “I would love to marry you, Aiden Calderon.” He finishes with tear stained cheeks before kissing me so hard that I fall back with him on top of me.

We laugh as he lies on top of me, looking down on me with the widest smile I’d ever seen as I looked up at him feeling nothing but love and wholeness. I push the hair behind his ear as he looks down at me with those crystal blue orbs that made me swirl, that cute laugh that made me heart beat a bit faster, that voice that made me feel protected and that smile that lit up my entire world.

“I love you so much Julian.” I say blinking away my tears as I stare at the man that was my other half, my entire soul. The one who stood by me through it all and never once stopped loving me, even after what we’d been through, all our fights, the rogues. He stood by me for it all and I couldn’t ask for anything better.

“And I love you, more than you could ever imagine.” He says smiling at me as the tears escape my eyes. I couldn’t imagine life without Julian next to me and I didn’t want to. I loved him more than I could even comprehend and I couldn’t thank the Goddess enough for giving me such a precious Jewel.

The love of my life.

My one and only.

My soulmate.

My precious Jewels


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