Alpha Mates

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Chapter 6

Aiden’s P.O.V

My eyes slowly flicker open as I gradually wake up from my amazing slumber. I slept through the entire night, without a single night terror. It was as if I was in an eternal state of rest that felt beyond incredible. My eyes search around the bright room, the birds chirping outside told me it wasn’t too late. I could afford to sleep in for once, especially after all the bullshit that happened yesterday with Julian.

Wait a minute, where the fuck is Julian!

I’m about to jump out of my bed when I feel something brush my skin lightly. My eyes trail down to find Julian’s head tucked into the side of my neck with his body wrapped around me like parasitic vines. My eyes widen in shock as I stare down at the position we were in, my arm was around his waist while his hands were resting on my bare chest and his legs were tangled with my own as he slept against me comfortably.

What the hell is going on?

Looking at him, his usually permanent frown isn’t there as he sleeps peacefully, he almost looked angelic with this new, relaxed expression.
I try to make a few moves to pull away but he’d just bring us together more and more until there was absolutely no space between us. Sighing in defeat I decide to wait for him to wake up, I didn’t want to wake him up, I wasn’t a monster.
I try to relax but fail as his warm breath tickles the side of my neck sending every single cell in my being, mad. His hand moves gently across my chest making me shiver slightly, my reaction made him snuggle into me more as his nose buried itself in my neck.
My breathing became jagged as I regrettably enjoyed his unconscious attack on my body. I shouldn’t enjoy it, I didn’t want to, he was an annoying brat who I’ve imagined killing more times than I could count. Yet here I was allowing him to cuddle into my side, I was falling way to easily to the mate bullshit, I don’t think I was even trying to not like it.

“Get off of me.” I say shoving him away from me, I put a bit to much power in it sending him straight off the bed and onto the ground. An agonizing streak of pain and guilt fligh through my body when I see him land on his back with a soft cry in pain. Rushing out the bed I go to touch him but he slaps my hand away as he looks up at me through his long, golden locks with a glare of loathing.

“Don’t touch me.” His voice was too calm, I would be lying if I said it didn’t scare me a little. My wolf growled at me for making our mate angry at us and was even more upset for hurting him, I go to help him stand but he does so ignoring my hand as he rubs his surely aching back.

“Sorry.” I say guiltily as he walks around me and heads towards the bathroom.

“Whatever.” He goes to slam the door but stops himself, he leaves it slightly open instead. I hear the shower water running not to long after, I sit at the edge of my bed feeling beyond horrible for hurting Julian. He didn’t even do anything, he was just sleeping and I reacted likes a fool. I must have gotten lost in thought because before I know it he was walking out the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist.
My heart beat comes to a halt as I stare at his muscularly toned body that had multiple streams of water running down his faint abs. Slowly my eyes find their way up to his face where he was drying his hair with a smaller towel.

“You can go ahead.” He mumbles not even looking my way. I sigh before going into the steaming bathroom with some clothes, I don’t waste any time stepping into the shower soaking in the warm water. I couldn’t even enjoy my bath because the image of Julian’s face after I shoved him off the bed, kept replaying in my head.
I felt even worse after we made a little progressed yesterday, it was more than we ever did in the last eighteen years We actually had a good time or at least I did, we were actually laughing and not arguing 100% of the time. Then I went and fucked it up, getting dressed, I quickly make my way outside in hopes to resolve this so we can return to hating each other the usual way we did.

“Hey Julian, I just wa-”

“Let’s just go eat breakfast.” He says cutting me off as he leaves the room swiftly, I trail behind him quickly trying to keep up with his quick steps. Once in the kitchen, he avoids all forms of conversation brushing me off as he makes breakfast. I hated that I cared so much but I hated the fact that he was angry with me even more.

“Julian.” I say trying for the hundredth time as he cleaned our dirty plates, that was one of the most uncomfortable meals I’ve ever had as he stabbed his food repeatedly. The lid on my rising temper is finally blown off when he makes an attempt to walk away.

“Would you just listen to me?” I shout stopping him. “Look I’m sorry about shoving you off the bed this morning, okay?! I’m sorry, so can you please just stop acting like this?”

“It was my fault.” He mutters the anger clearing from his crystal, blue eyes. “I shouldn’t have slept on your bed, I get it. I probably grossed you out so I’m sorry.”

“No that’s not what I wa-”

“You don’t have to lie.” He says the aggression in his voice and hurt in his face made my heart break a little. “I’ll sleep on the ground or couch or something.” He finishes before turning away once again, but this time I stop him grabbing his wrist. He tries to pull away, struggling to get away from me, soon my temper takes over and I quickly pin him to the wall holding his wrists about his head.

“I didn’t mean it like that!” I shout as his stiffens under me with wide eyes, I could feel my eyes glowing and I wasn’t wearing my shades so I took a second to calm down before opening them again. “You can sleep on the bed, it’s fine. I was in the wrong, not you and I’m disgusted with you. I could never see you as disgusting.” I say calming down as his eyes remained wide in shock, an expression I’ve been seeing a lot lately. Slowly his cheeks start to flood with colour until there’s a bright, peachy red.

“Are you.....are you blushing?” I ask in disbelief squinting.

“N-no.” He stutters as the colour grows ten fold after I pointed it out.

“You are.” I say the amusement leaking through as I stared down at him. He just turned his face to the side, trying to hide his flushed cheeks as I kept his hands in place.
He looked so damn.....adorable. I couldn’t stop looking at him as he tried to hide, which just made him even cuter in my eyes. My Goddess, he looked so fucking adorable as his colour continued to grow, if that was even possible. My wolf slowly starts to push itself forward as we admired our mate who looked just about perfect right now.

“I like it when you blush.” I whisper making his cheeks just about explode. Moving downwards, my eyes study his arched frame, using one of my hands, I grip his waist in place. I blamed my wolf for this, I knew exactly what I was doing and I think I could stop if I tried hard enough but I didn’t want to. So I blamed the wolf. My nose finds the familiar crook of his neck, bury itself their to inhale his addicting scent.

“S-stop.” He stutters out as I unconsciously press my body against his own.

“Say please.” I instruct knowing his pride would stop him from doing so.

“Hell no! Just l-let me go.” He demands as I slip my leg between his own. What the hell was I doing?

“Last chance Jewels.” I say leaning back to look at him along with his still flamed cheeks. His eyes met mine in pure defiance with a little vulnerability and a twinkle of excitement.

“N-no.” He stutters trying to sound confident. Smirking to myself I return to the crook of his neck but instead of sniffing it, I let my tongue lick the dip of his neck.

“Ahhhhh!” I stop immediately and pull back to look at Julian in complete shock at the sound that just came out of his mouth. He returns the same look as his eyes grew so wide I thought they’d burst.
That was probably the sexiest thing that I ever heard in my entire life. No that was definitely the sexiest sound that have ever met my ears. Looking back at his still red expression only made me want to hear it even more.

“I t-told you to s-stop!” He mutters shyly making my wolf and I grow in equal excitement.

“And I told you to say please.” I retort before continuing my work on his skin with my tongue. He tries to stifle his moans but when I bite his skin they ripple out. His moans continue to caress my ear, riling me up more and more until the thin string of restraint I was clinging to burst leaving me a man hungry with desire. Dropping his hands, I use my own to slip they’re way under him forcing him to jump. He wraps his legs around my waist, his hands gripping onto my shoulders as I force his body into the wall using my own to keep him there.

“Fuck!” He moans out as I start kissing his skin. All I saw now was my mate and all I wanted to do was pleasure him, my hatred so far away I couldn’t even comprehend it. Slowly I start grinding myself against him which seems to make him melt in my arms. I think even if he were to say please now I wouldn’t stop, my mouth made it’s way up to his ears where I let my tongue trace it slowly.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” His moan was louder than before as his grip tightened tremendously, he was heaving and trembling under me as I continued to attack the same place.

Note to self: Go for the ears

“Y-yes!” He was a mess, putty in my hands, all his previous resistance now replaced with lust. The continuous stream of his pleasurable moans made me beyond happy as I let my tongue turn him into a panting, lustful beast who was mine for that taking.

“What the hell....” I immediately stop, turning to see Emit along with some other people I’ve never seen before. I didn’t let Julian go, I physically couldn’t, if anything I felt possessive over him now. He didn’t make any move to separate or complaints so I assumed he didn’t want to let go either. But that didn’t change the shocked look on our visitors’ faces.

“It’s the mating bond.” Julian starts, the colour slowly fading from his cheeks much to my dismay and is replaced with the usual stone cold mask.

“Yeah, we can’t control it.” I finish for him as he nods in agreement.

What a load of bullshit....

Too much? Nah, they’re mates, right? I don’t know.

Let me know what you thought?

Thanks for reading though, I appreciate it. Oh and please vote, it means the world to me.

Until next time,
Byeeeeeeeee humansssssss

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