Alpha Mates

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Epilogue 1

-------Six Years Later--------

Julian’s P.O.V

“Levi! Damon! Hurry up or you’ll be late for school!” I shout loudly as I pack their lunch kits. Levi comes rushing down the stairs of our new home with his curly hair a complete and utter mess. “We’re cutting that hair this weekend.” I say as he slides onto the counter stool and starts stuffing his face with cereal.

“Okay.” He says with a shrug.

“Where’s your brother?” I ask looking up the stairs and back at the time, they were running late and we needed to be out in at least five minutes.

“That can’t be a serious question.” Levi says with a raised eyebrow, Damon was getting ready, of course. I’ve never met a kid so self absorbed as that boy was, he was only six and only cared about making sure he looked good.

“Damon! I will burn all your clothes if you don’t get down here right now!” I shout loudly, the sound of hurried footsteps fill the house as he runs down the stairs before falling and landing flat on his face. The first time that happened I took him to the doctor to make sure he was okay, this was about the billionth time, he got up and dusted himself off before waddling into the kitchen as Levi handed him some cereal.

“Why must you take so long?” I question leaning on the counter as I watch the two eat.

“Time just goes. Whoosh.” He says while chewing quickly on his food. Once they’re done I rush them towards the car as I grab the keys.

“I’ll be back soon!” I shout up to Aiden who just groans from bed, I smile to myself as I run after the boys to find Levi already seated and buckling in Damon and Amelia into their car seats. I slide in the driver seat looking next to me to see Emitt already waiting in the passenger seat, handing Amelia a toy to play with.

“If you have time to ride along with me every morning you could drop them some days while I sleep.” I grumble as I pull out the driveway and make my way through the pack lands.

“It’s more fun this way, we get to talk and bond.” He says making me roll my eyes, I glance in the back to see Damon and Amelia chatting away while Levi reads silently to himself.

“Twenty bucks says their mates.” Emitt says looking at his daughter and Damon.

“Fat chance.” I say scoffing making him frown clearly offended. “Fifty says you’re wrong.”

“You’re on.” He says as we shake on it before he turns around to look at Levi. “So are you excited about your birthday?!”

“I’ll be the same person I am right now. A few seconds won’t change that, so why should I be excited about being a little older.” He answers not looking up, his focus on the book before him.

“It was a yes or no question Levi.” Emitt says scowling at the boy who looks up at him sensing his annoyed tone.

“I guess.” He answers with a shrug before returning his attention to the book. Emitt turns back to me for an answer but I just shrug as we pull up to the elementary school pouring with kids, the same one Levi went to and now Amelia and Damon were going to.
They were doing well amongst humans and never made us worry, well Damon, yes.

“I’ll see you later for the party.” Emitt whispers getting out before taking the kids from the back seat. I wave them goodbye as Damon sends me an air kiss which I catch making him smile widely.
I drive off heading to Levi’s school while he slides into the front seat, he closes the book as he lets out a breath. Even though he adored Emitt he still was very closed off to him, he still didn’t know how to interact well with others and that was just the type of person he was. So he hid himself behind his work and books, when he was comfortable he’d return to the clingy, little Levi I knew well.
His birthday was today and we showered him earlier this morning with gifts but we’re keeping the best for last tonight as his surprise birthday party.

“Do you think everyone hates me now?” He asks shyly as I glance at him, he was sweating buckets.

“Nobody hates you Levi.” I say soothingly. “It was self defense.”

“I broke his leg.” He argues making me smile, I have never been as proud as I was when I got the call from the school that Levi broke that school’s bully’s leg when he tried to touch him.

“He was a bully. They’ll all love you for it and if they don’t, you have Sammy.” I say making him smile a little. Sammy was one of Levi’s only friends, she reminded me of Isabel in one too many ways in how intrusive she was and broke her way into his life from his first day in elementary school. She was human and he hated lying to her about what he really was, but understood why he could never tell her. “I was going to tell you later but I think I should now.”

“What?” He asks frowning a little as I park outside his school, Sammy sitting on the steps poking a lizard with a stick as she waited for her friend.

“You can bring Sammy over after school today.” I say making his face light up like a Christmas tree. “I already talked to the pack about staying in human form and we’ll be-”

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” He screams over and over and he hugs me tightly making me laugh as I hug him back. Sammy never came over after all these years because we couldn’t risk her seeing something she shouldn’t and I knew it killed Levi though he never complained. “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome, now go before she kills that thing.” I say making him laugh as he pulls back a bit.

“Love you dad.” He says before jumping out the car and rushing towards his best friend. I find myself smiling like an idiot when I see all the kids rush at Levi with gleeful faces as they surround him like fans to a pop star. I drive away before he could spot me still hovering, heading home with a full day ahead of me.


“You can not still be sleeping.” I say entering our bedroom to see Aiden sprawled across the sheets.

“I would be if you weren’t talking.” He grumbles in annoyance as I lean down in the crib to pick up Peter who was starting to wake up.

“You’re sleeping to much, get up and do something.” I say as I head to the bathroom to clean the toddler that was stinking like two week old trash.

“I’m sleeping for three, let me be.” He grumbles from the bed.

“Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can lounge around, get up and bathe you fat hobo.” I say snickering to myself at the loud gasp that travels my way.

“I’m not fat!” He protests from the bed. “And I’m like a week away until these twins come out, I’m allowed to rest.”

“You need a bath.” I say coming out the bathroom and placing Peter down in the crib before going to Aiden. I help him up since he stomach was much larger than mine ever was, then again I never had twins. Finding out Aiden was pregnant had to be the most hysterical thing I’ve ever seen and then finding out they were twins, priceless.

“Hagen won’t stop kicking me.” He shouts at his stomach as I help him into the bathtub after undressing him.

“Oh God, that name. Jaden was better than that.” I say making him scowl, he always wanted to name one of our kids Jaden but I refused it. “What about Phillip or Ch-”

“No. I get to name him, he’s Hagen and she’s Josey.” He says firmly making me roll my eyes.

“It’ll be you dealing with their wrath when their older, not me.” I say as I scrub his back while he scrubs his arms.

“What are your plans today?” He asks curiously, he’d been living bicuriously through me since he was so close to having the babies and couldn’t do much anymore.

“Pack stuff and prepare for Levi’s party.” I say as he nods in understanding. “Isabel is coming in for his birthday so that’s good.”

“So we can finally meet the guy she claims to be the greatest man on the planet.” He says with a slight smile. “It took her a couple of years, but she found him.”

“Yeah.” I agree as I clean his skin with the fresh water. Once we’re all done, he sets up camp in the tv room with too much food and HGTV. I leave him to get Peter who was sleeping as always, picking him up, I take him to the office with me as I start work.
Peter was only three years old and was the quietest little thing ever, I loved him for it though. He was so much easier to take care of than the tornado that was Damon as a baby.


“Why are these balloons blue?! I said black! I specifically said black!” I shout angrily at Beckett who looks at me with wide eyes.

“Aren’t they black?” He questions squinting to look at the navy blue balloons.

“No they’re not.”

“No one will notice.” He says with a shrug as I feel my eye start to twitch, he backs away knowing that I was about to snap.

“Deep breaths Julian.” I spin around on my heels to see Isabel strolling into the house that was being decorated with a large, bear of a man behind here.

“Isabel!” I shout running to her as she does to me, we crash into a tight embrace, clinging to each other as I latched myself onto my best friend whom I hadn’t seen in years.

“Julian, meet Kane.” She says once we pull apart. I look up at the man who looked like he could kill someone by accident and then back down at Isabel who was smiling widely. “My mate.”

“Hey, I’m Julian.” I say stretching out a hand.

“Kane.” He says kindly making me relax a bit. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“All good things I hope.” I say glancing at Isabel who starts whistling as she looks around the house.

“Yes, I’m hoping that you’d be as nice as I’ve heard you are to let me into your pack.” He says making my eyes widen as I look at Isabel who was glaring at a confused looking Kane.

“You’re moving back?!” I question in surprise.

“It was supposed to be a surprise.” She grinds out through clenched teeth to Kane who’s eyes widen.

“Would you look at that lamp.” He says before walking away quickly making me laugh.

“I like him.” I say making her smile instantly.

“He’s the best!” She all but squeals. “Oh Julian, I thought I was never going to get a mate and then I found that bear last year.”

“I’m happy for you.” I say as she basically dances on her toes.

“Thanks. Where’s the others?” She asks glancing around at the busy household, filled with family prepping for Levi’s birthday. “Oh no, more importantly. Where’s pregnant Aiden?” She says excitedly, like most when she heard the news she couldn’t stop laughing. I don’t know why everyone was so amused by the idea but it was a big joke in the pack and Isabel had been dying to see him.

“Tv room.” I say watching her eyes twinkle with mischief.

“Oh Aiden...” She calls rushing off to the room which is soon followed by a scream belonging to Aiden. I chuckle to myself as I glance at the time quickly, we had an hour until Emitt brought the kids home. Levi’s birthday was a few tomorrow but we had to do the party on today since everyone was busy and could only meet tonight, we were taking him and the kids away after Aiden gives birthday for a little vacation and to celebrate his birthday.

“Let’s get to work people!”


“Out. Get out, he’s almost here.” Aiden instructs as he sends the wave of people out the house leaving us only with out usually group except for one.

“Where’s k-”

“I’m here! I’m here!” She says dramatically popping out of nowhere with a cake floating beside her and a little puppy of some sort in her hand.

“Is that that a jaguar?” Beckett asks as we study the black cub.

“As a matter of fact it is.” She says proudly as she rests the cake down and join us in the line we were in not too far from the door.

“Why do you have a jaguar?” I ask when she doesn’t explain.

“It’s Levi’s birthday gift.” She says making my heart drop.


“We have a full pack of wolves running around us now because of mwa, they’re like our own attack squad.” She says referring to the descendants of her first six wolves, who were still alive and well. “And I thought, why not add some spice? So I got him a jaguar.”

“It’s still a no.” I say but she ignores me and pets the animal that would be a pain to get rid of, especially if Levi saw it. It was his favorite animal for some reason, jaguars and sharks and I knew he would get attached instantly.

“Put it back Kat.” Aiden says sitting on a chair close to us as he munched on some fruit.


“They’re going to be here an-”
I stop my sentence when I hear the car door slam outside, I glare at Kat who just smirks as I try to run to her but she just levitates up to the ceiling so I couldn’t reach her. I growl below her as the door opens revealing Levi, Sammy, Amelia and Damon along with Emitt.

“Surprise!” Everyone shouts in unison, his eyes go wide as he looks around the decorated house in shock before a smile makes its way onto his face.

“Happy Birthday Levi.” I say watching him with the brightest smile ever, he runs to me hugging me quickly before going over to Aiden and hugging him and thanking everyone else.

“My gift first!” Kat says dropping in front of him making him jump back instantly. “Sorry. I got you a ja-”

“A jaguar!” He shouts louder than I’ve ever heard him taking the cub from her hands as he stares at it in awe.

Great, now we’re stuck with it.

“Wow!” Sammy says joining his side as the two marvel at the creature that was practically clawing his skin out.

“I know, I’m the best aunt ever.” Kat says flipping her hair while winking to me over her shoulder. I roll my eyes and pick up Peter who started whining for his bottle.

“Well, are you going to introduce us to your little friend?” Aiden asks pulling up the blanket he had covering him, he looked more like an overweight father this way than a pregnant man.

“Everyone this is Sammy. Sammy this is everyone.” Levi says making me frown. “Okay, fine. That’s aunt Kat, uncle Beckett and Emitt, aunt Isabel, a strange man and my dads.”

“Hello.” She says brightly, her gleeful atmosphere putting a smile on all our faces. “You live far.”

“Yeah.” I say chuckling as the two dive into their own conversation about the stupid jaguar, while the rest of us fade off into separate discussions.

“Damon!” Aiden scolds. “Stop pushing the girl down!” He exclaims angrily to Damon who looks back at us with innocent eyes like if he didn’t just push Amelia down. Amelia struggles to get up but once she does she kicks Damon straight in the shin, sending him falling with a cry of pain while she giggles. Sometimes I forget they were both devilish together, best friends who were both mischievous, I knew it’d be catastrophic in the end.

The day passes quickly as Levi gets drowned in gifts by all except Aiden and I, we’d give him his final gift in private. He didn’t even ask about us, he never expected to be given anything so when he was it was like the biggest surprise of the century for him. Beckett and Emitt got him a collection of books that he was saving up for, Isabel got him some souvenirs from her time in the academy which apparently was brutal and Kat got him a fucking jaguar. The night passes quickly and before I know it we’re saying goodbye to everyone, while Kat takes a sleeping Sammy home. I clean up with the help of Damon who was nice when he wanted to be, once we’re done, I put him to bed with Peter after bathing them, both sleeping in seconds. I return to find Levi helping Aiden up while making jokes about his pregnancy that made him scowl.

“Okay, now that everyone is gone. Time for your last gift.” I say making his eyes shoot up to mine in surprise.

“I already got enough, it’s fine, really.”

“Oh shut up and follow us.” Aiden says smacking him upside the head before walking down the hall and up the stairs with me. We stop at the attic door before looking back at him, he looked both confused and a little scared.
I push him forward for him to open it after handing him the key, he looks at us hesitantly before opening the door. He switches on the light only to gasp when his eyes search around the newly designed art studio we had built for him. He opens and shuts his mouth several times as he looks around the place in a sort of daze before finally turning back to us.

“For me?”

“No for Satan, yes for you!” Aiden says in annoyance making his smile grow wider as he attacks us both with a hug, squeezing us like his life depended on it.

“You guys are the best! Thank you soooooooo much!” He squeaks into my chest making me smile as we hug him back happily. Levi was just as much our son as the rest of our kids and I’d be damned if we didn’t spoil him the day way we’d spoil the others.

“I’m happy you like it.”

“I love it!” He says pulling away with blurry eyes. “I love you guys.” He says as tears spill down his cheeks. “I love you both so much, for everything. I can never thank you enough.”

“Levi stop or your father’s going to start crying.” I warn as Aiden’s lips wobble a bit, he bites it defiantly not wanting to show his emotional side. “We love you too.”

“Now go to bed, it’s still a school night.” Aiden says lifting his head up so the tears don’t leave his eyes. Levi just laughs and thanks us again before going to his room.

“Now let’s get you to bed big guy.” I say making him scowl as we make our way to our bedroom.

“You are never fucking me again without a condom.” He grumbles angrily making me laugh as we both lie down in exhaustion.

“We already got three kids and now we have two more coming.” I say looking up at the ceiling as my body starts to drift to sleep. “This is going to be a shit show.”

“It’s going to be fun.” Aiden corrects.

“We have two very different meanings for the word fun.” I say making him laugh as I pull him into my chest. “Love you.” I say pressing a quick kiss to his lips.

“Love you too.” He says smiling up to me before his eyes slowly flutter shut followed by mine as we drift away slowly.

Ughhhhhh. Everyone is so fucking grown.


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