Alpha Mates

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Epilogue 2

---------another six years later------

Aiden’s P.O.V

“Didn’t I tell you to take out the trash Damon.” I growl angrily barging into his room to see him clicking away as he plays Call of Duty on his game console.

“I’m going to.” He grumbles not glancing my way.

“Do it now or I’ll break the game.” I growl making him groan loudly as he pauses the game and stands up to glare at me, his long hair cascading down his face like his father’s.

“Using children as your own personal slaves, what has this world come to.” He grumbles making his way past me and down the stairs as I let out a sigh. I make my way into the kitchen to find Julian whisking around accompanied by Peter as they make lunch together. I swear to Goddess that child was a splitting image of Julian, with the same hair and blue eyes, the face was identical. He looked like a child made after Julian had sex with himself, not me.

“Hey, can you make sure the twins set the table properly?” He asks as he spins some mixture in a bowl. I nod as I make my way to the large dinning room to see the twins dancing around as they set the table, things were in place and they hadn’t broken anything so I was happy.

“Dad! Dad! Look I did it!” Hagen says shaking my leg vigorously while he looks up at me with those bright brown eyes that made me smile. “And I didn’t break anything!”

“I see that, good job!” I say patting his head as Josey straightens the things he’d left crooked. He tried to do so much but often failed or was off a little, Josef was always cleaning up his mistakes before he could see them. “We’re eating soon so go clean yourself up.”

They nod and run to their room, I swear they were almost as obedient as Levi just a little more prone to being distracted. All the kids were easy to take care of for the most part, well all except Damon, he was more troublesome always.

“Stop right there.” I say when I hear him renter the house, I make my way to him to see him tying his hair up in one.

“What can your loyal servant do for you today your highness?” He asks sarcastically, folding his arms behind his back and everything.

“Drop the attitude. We’re eating soon, I want you down in five and if you behave maybe I’ll take you out hunting after we eat.” I say making his face light up immediately, hunting with everyone else meant game in the woods, with Levi and Damon, it meant rogues.

“For real?” He asks as I nod with a weak smile. “Thanks old man.” He says patting my shoulder before running up the stairs.

“Stop calling me that!” I shout angrily as he disappears with only his laughter echoing after him. I catch a glimpse of Caspar running out of the woods, his jet black fur easy to spot in the day letting me know his owner wasn’t too far behind.

I leave the house, making my way to the woods that surrounded the house like a thick wall. I pet the jaguar a little before shifting and making my way out to where I knew Levi was. He was already eighteen and it blew my mind, the years had just flown by with him and now he was a man. It made me feel old but mostly proud.

LEVI: AGE 18 😍

“That looks nice.” I say after shifting as I look over his shoulder to see him sketching in his little journal.

“Thanks.” He mumbles as he continues to scribble away, I take a seat besides him on the cliff edge as we overlook the glorious view at our little spot. He closes the book letting me know he wanted to talk about something as he started growing anxious.

“Spit it out.” I say making him sigh.

“I don’t know what to do now.” He says running his hand through his hair that had straightened out over the years. “I finished high school, I’m eighteen almost nineteen with no mate and I don’t know what I should be doing.”

“I already told you we’d pay for you to go to college.” I say looking at his stressed expression.

“But then what happens after that? What do I do then?” He asks in frustration. He was frustrated because his wolf was and his wolf was frustrated because they had Alpha blood and were meant to lead people but couldn’t, he had no pack to lead and his genes were kicking him because of it.

“I don’t know kid.” I say looking out at the view. “But you’ll figure it out when you get there. So go to college with Sammy, do your art or stay in the pack, work your way up in the ranks or join a circus and become a fucking clown, it doesn’t matter. Do whatever makes you happy and then go from there.” I finish as he looks at me thoughtfully. “You decide.”

“Thanks dad.” He says with a weak smile that I return, I stand up ruffling his hair as I stretch. I catch a glimpse of Caspar who was hiding in the trees making me groan.

“That jaguar is too possessive.” I say watching it crawl out the woods as Levi stands only to be thrown down as it starts licking him like a damn dog.

“He’s loyal.” He corrects as I roll my eyes.

“Lets head back, you know how Julian gets when we’re late for lunch.” I say with a slight groan before shifting with him as we make our way back to he house, once we’re back we walk in through the back door leaving Caspar with his food.

“Smells good Peter.” Levi says with a smile as we enter the kitchen to see them plating the food for everyone.

“Thanks.” He says in a barely audible voice. I thought Levi was shy when I got him, I didn’t know the meaning of shy until we had Peter. I mean the guy was already a certified librarian, he never and I mean never talked. He was so quiet it was a little scary and he had Julian’s brains so it was dangerous to mix that together. He was a sweet child though and cared for the family more than anything.

“Everyone to the table now!” Julian shouts as we take the food to the table in several trips. We settle finally when the table is overflowing with food that’d be gone in seconds. “Everyone, a word of thanks.”

“I’m thankful for my family.” Peter whispers, his answer was always the same and never changed.

“I’m thankful for my big toe.” Damon says but winces when Julian kicks him under the table. “I’m kidding damn, I’m thankful for Levi.”
Damon and Levi were very close, despite the age gap, they were more than brothers with this indescribable love between the two and for a moment I was scared they’d be mates but Levi turned eighteen and nothing happened.

“I’m thankful for food.” Josey says making me smile.

“I’m thankful for pizza!” Hagen exclaims like some sort of warrior making us all laugh.

“I know Peter already said it, but I’m thankful for my family too.” Levi says making us all smile, the kids knew he was adopted but didn’t see him any different because of it.

“Well, I’m thankful for all my princes and my one little princess, as well as my king.” Julian says making everyone smile as they turn to me for the final one.

“You guys said it all, even covered the food part.” I say making the twins giggle. “I guess most of all, I’m thankful for this. Sitting here with you all, together.”

“Can we eat now?” Hagen says breaking the silence, I laugh along with the rest as I nod and everyone digs in like the savages they were. Peter and Julian were the only vegetarians in the house so they often made meals that could accommodate them.

“Dad and I are going hunting later, you’re coming right?” Damon asks Levi while ripping off some meat from a drumstick.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” He says making Damon smile grow wider.

“Why can’t we go?” The twins ask in unison.

“Because we’re going to slaughter so-”

“Damon.” I say calmly stopping him before he could infiltrate the kids’ minds with his venom.

“Because you’re not old enough.” Julian says making them pout. “But you’re old enough to watch Looney Tunes.” Julian finishes making them cheer in excitement, forgetting the case instantly.

“Why don’t you come too Peter.” I say trying for the billionth time.

“I rather not.” He whispers chewing his greens slowly.

“You need to get some sort of training in, you can’t just sleep all day.” I argue as he winces a little, I barely raised my tone and he was retreating into his shell already.

“I’ll take him with me to my training session tomorrow.” Julian says making Peter break out into a cold sweat.
We still lead training sessions, but Julian’s owns were vigorous and intense. He selected a new group every week to train four times a week, warriors went crazy clawing at the chance to train with him. He was still the same stone cold bastard to them so I guess I saw the appeal of training with a ‘soulless creature’.

“Can I come?! Please! Please! Please!” Damon begs eager to fight any chance he got.

“No.” Julian says simply.

“Peter doesn’t even want to go! He’s already shitting himself, look!” All eyes drift to Peter who was looking close to vomiting.

“Would I ever lead you wrong?” Julian asks Peter in a calming voice, the only thing that seemed to break through to the child when he got like this.

“No.” He answer quietly.

“Then trust me.” Julian says rubbing his shoulder gently, he nods before eating again. Peter and Julian were very similar in many ways and I guess that’s why he was able to help him in many situations when no one else could.

“Damon, you’re on clean up today.” I say once everyone finishes their meal.

“What?! Why me?!” He protests as the kids leave one by one.

“Because he said so.” Julian growls making him gulp a little.

“Child Labour is real.” He whispers making Levi laugh as he starts gathering some of the plates.

“I’ll help you.” He offers making Damon smile widely as he immediately starts cleaning up and chases after his brother into the kitchen.

“Peter do you mind watching the twins?” Julian asks, he shakes his head and leads the eager children into their little play room. “You’re taking them hunting so we don’t have long.” He says grabbing my hand as he leads me up the stairs in a hurry. As soon as he closes the door and locks it, I slam him into the wall as I connect his lips with mine. He moans into my mouth, draping his arms around my neck as sparks erupt between us while I grind myself into him.

“Aren’t you excited..” Julian says with a smirk as I lift him up and carry him to the bed. “Was last night not enough or this morning?”

“It wasn’t.” I growl lying him down before sitting up and pulling off my shirt as he takes off his own pants.

“Let me see what I can do to fix that.” He groans as he takes me into his mouth before I could get my pants down completely. I moan loudly, loving the feeling of his tongue trailing my tip as his lips wrapped around my member tightly.

“Oh fuck!” I groan when he slides his fingers into my ass, we’d done so much this morning that he didn’t have to do much. “Hurry.” I groan feeling myself leaking inside of his mouth, he hums around me as he drives his fingers deeper making me shiver as I try not fall with my wobbly legs.

“So impatient.” He growls after taking me out of his mouth, he pulls me on the bed forcing my ass up as he digs through the draws for some condoms. “We’re out.” He says making me groan loudly.

“Pull out before you cum.” I groan angrily, it’d been ages since we’d fucked raw and I wanted to feel him inside me completely.

He doesn’t answer as he slams himself into me making me moan loudly as my eyes rolled back from the spectacular feeling. He doesn’t give me a moment to adjust as he starts ramming himself into me mercilessly making me moan loudly below him.

“Y-yes! Harder!” I scream making a low growl emit from him as he shoves my head down into the sheets, grabbing my hips and starts driving his leaking member deeper. I clenched around him purposefully making him moan loudly, I love feeling him pulse inside of me and I couldn’t help but start circling my hips.

“Ahhh! Yes!” He groans as he meets me with his thrusts that make me see stars, his member hitting against my prostate repeatedly.

“Stroke m-me.” I command feeling myself close to releasing, he pulls me up by grabbing my hair roughly until I’m right by his head, as soon as his hand wraps around my member I cum instantly while he nibbles on my mark. “F-fuck juliannnnn!” I scream as he continues to drive himself into me deeper.

“You came without me.” He groans licking my ear sending a shiver down my spine as I descend from my high. He pushes me down onto my back before raising my feet above my head making me yelp a little in surprise. “Hold your legs.” He instructs, I obey grasping them tightly as he lowers his head to my ass before sticking his tongue inside.

“Holy fuck!” I shouts as he starts massaging me with his tongue while his hand strokes my throbbing member, his eyes never leaving mine. “T-there!” I scream as my eyes roll back. His thumb rubs against my head making me scream as the sensitivity sends a rush through my body.

“I love hearing you scream because of me.” He says bringing his tongue to my tip as he traces it seductively.

“Ju-Julian...” I stutter watching with dazed eyes as he studies me like his pray. “Put it in...”

“What? My fingers?” He asks driving in three of his fingers making me moan loudly as my legs shake next to me, while he fingers me, still attacking my member with his lips.

“No.” I moan out making him stop as he pulls them out making me whimper slightly.

“Then what? I won’t know unless you say it clearly.” He insists making my cheeks heat up. “This?” He asks sitting up as he rubs his erection against my awaiting hole.

“Y-yes.......fuck me.” I groan, he immediately drives his leaking member inside of me, the position sending him deeper.

“Oh God, you feel so good.” He groans as he slams himself into me while I gasp silently, my eyes rolling as my body drowns in a sea of unfamiliar pleasure.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” I most to each thrust as my eyes fill with tears from the attack on my body as he pushes my hips up higher. “Ahhhhhhhh!” I scream loudly as he drives himself into me much deeper than before, my member leaking straight onto my lips.

“I’m going to cum and I want you to swallow it all.” He growls as he continues to fuck me mercilessly. “Do you understand?”

“Nghhhhh, yessss!” I cry out as he starts stroking my member making me whimper in excitement. “I’m cumming!” I squeal as I empty myself straight onto my face making me shiver as he continues to fuck me, he pulls himself out and shoves his member into my mouth, immediately cum as he holds my head in place as I swallow it all. I look up at him with blurry eyes as he pumps his essence inside of me while he looks down at me with lustful glowing eyes. Once he’s done, he pops his member out only to leave it against my cum covered face as he sits on me. He slides down, licking all the cum off my face slowly before kissing me hungrily as our members grind against each other making us both hum in satisfaction.

“My turn.” He says before sitting up, pulling me with him as he quickly prepped himself before lowering himself onto my member steadily. I press kisses to his collarbone as he adjusts while panting against me heavily. When he’s adjusted I push him down onto his back before slamming myself into him making him moan loudly.

“W-wait, n-not so fast!” He stutters wrapping his legs around me as I continue to slam myself into his awaiting hole. “A-Aiden, n-no I’m nghhhh!” He cums onto his chest making me smile proudly as I continue to drive myself into him mercilessly.

“So quickly.” I growl licking his ear as he whimpers below me, his arms wrapping around my shoulders as he rakes his nails down my back.

“Ahhhhh!” He screams once I slam myself into his spot as his eyes flutter open his moans like music to my ears. I sink my teeth into his mouth without thinking making him cum again as he shakes below me, whimpering as I continued to fuck him as I got closer to the edge. “Don’t.....i-inside.”
I groan angrily knowing he was right. I sit up pulling myself out before emptying myself all over his heaving chest. I ride out my orgasm with a staggered breath as he laid there completely spent below me. I roll onto my back next to him as we stare up at the ceiling panting heavily.

“Thirteen years later and I still can’t get enough of you.” I say turning my head to look at him, he laughs to himself as he looks at me.

“Same here.” He says before leaning over and kissing me as we moan in each other’s mouths.

“Are you perverted freaks done?! Cause Levi and I are ready!” Damon shouts slamming on the door making me groan angrily as we break the kiss to look at each other.

“Go away before I cancel the trip!” I shout angrily before returning my attention to Julian. “I’d love to go for round....., I lost count, but he’ll be back if I don’t.”

“It’s fine, we’ll continue tonight.” He says rolling onto his side as I get off the bed and get dressed after cleaning myself up a bit. “I’ll be waiting.” He growls making my member pulse a little as I watch his spread out form against the sheets as he rests his head on his arm, winking at me seductively.

“You little minx.” I growl before kissing him hard once again, pulling back when I hear Damon’s steps reproaching. “Love you.”

“Love you more.” He says as I leave the room with a smile lacing my lips.

God I love you so much Jewels


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