Alpha Mates

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This chapter is very. Ummmmmmm.....different. More sexual than usual.


Aiden’s P.O.V

I mutter profanities to myself as I make my way to our room after playing a very annoying game of hide and seek with Julian.

It was a full moon tonight and he felt it as much as I did, the need and lust to be with each other, yet he’d been avoiding me all day. I’d been chasing him, the kids with Kat for the day while I looked for him. She agreed to watch them for the night when I finally got a text from Julian telling me his was waiting at home, on the bed. The fucking nerve he had after making me run around all day with absolutely no releasal.

I stalked into our room angrily stopping immediately when my eyes landed on the scene before me. My member was hard in a second and my heart was racing a mile a minute as I look at Julian sitting kneeling on the bed with a blindfold over his eyes and black, knee high stockings running up his long legs.
My eyes dart across to the table next to the bed covered in all sorts of sex toys that made me leak in my pants.

“What are you doing?” I ask cautiously, closing the door behind me and locking it as I make my way slowly in front of him to get a better view.

“I’m waiting for you daddy.” He says making a shiver run down my spine as I clenched my fist to control myself from pouncing on him like I wanted to.

“What’s all this?” I ask looking at the table and then back at him. Julian had never looked so sexy with his hair pulled back, a leather blindfold over his eyes and those beautiful stockings that came with laced panties that was hiding his obvious erection. “You do know that it’s a full moon right.” I say taking slow and quiet steps towards him.

“Yes daddy.” He says making my member pulse again. I trail his skin gently with my hand making him jump a little as the sound of his heart racing along with my own fills the room.

“Meaning this is the worst possible time to make me like this.” I say barely holding myself together as his scent invades my nose making Max scratch at the surface for me to attack him.
He raises himself off his ankles, still kneeling as he brings his lips to my ears, his hands trailing my body as I look at him.

“Or the best time.” He whispers before lying down on his back as he stretches out his legs with a sly smile.

I lose all control as I lie down on top of him spreading his legs as I lie between them taking his lips with my own. I groan hungrily as my hands grab onto his thigh pulling him into me more making him moan loudly as I claw my hands up his beautiful thighs.
Thank Goddess for full moons. Our already extreme sexual drive heightened and it makes you extra sensitive.

I pull away watching his panting form as he lies their wandering what I’d do next, the fact that he was wearing a blindfold made me tens times as hard. I knead his erection through the fabric making him whimper as I touch him ever so gently. He raises his hips a bit but I push him back down immediately, he whines a little as I grab his erection through the thin fabric.

“Goddess you’re so fucking sexy.” I growl as I lower myself as suck him teasingly through the fabric that was already a bit wet.

“Thank you daddy.” He pants making my eyes glow, he was going all out tonight and it was bringing out the worst in me, if I wasn’t careful I’d fuck him without even prepping him. I was about to pull the panties down but I stop myself, they were to perfect on him and the blush that took his cheeks every time I touched him there made my skin tingle.

“So many things we can use.” I say sliding off the bed as I examine the table, there was no way in hell Julian would ever buy these things himself, even online. I had to take Emitt out for dinner as a thank you sometime soon, I’d always begged Julian to try some of these with me but it was always a hard no, so knowing that I got to do whatever I wanted to do with him tonight made member twitch. “What do you want?”

“Whatever you want daddy.” He says in the same place I left him, I growl as I pick up a small vibrator and scissors from one of our draws. I pull him onto his knees and arms, cutting a perfect hole for in the panties so I could get inside of him without having to take them off. I go to prep him but he stops me making me frown as I look up at him.

“You don’t have to, I already did.” He says making my resolve snap as I discard the vibrator and slam myself into him without warning. He cries out as he arches his back letting me slide in a little deeper.

“You just thought of everything didn’t you.” I growl pulling out slowly before ramming myself straight back into his dripping hole, I don’t know what he used to prep himself with but it felt amazing sliding into him.

“D-daddy.” He calls as I pull out slowly, my hands planted firmly on his trembling ass.

“Yes baby.” I answer as I slam back into him making him whimper as his arms shake below him.

“Faster please.” He squeaks making me smile as I transfer one of my hands to his shoulder before slamming myself deep inside of him. I pick up the paste, fucking him mercilessly as he moans loudly, struggling to stay in place. “A-Aiden..” He stutters making me growl as I smack his ass causing him to whimper as he trembles below me. I feel myself drawing closer to edge as my member continues to ram itself into his dripping hole. “Ahhhh! C-can I cummm daddy!” He screams making me instantly cum inside of him, he realeases right after, shaking as we ride out our orgasms together.

“What’s the point of asking if you’re just going to do it anyway?” I question as I slide myself out of him, loosening my grip on his waist allowing him to fall instantly as he trembles on the bed, cum leaking out of his twitching hole.

“S-Sorry daddy.” He stutters biting his lip as I raise his ass up again.

“You never listen.” I groan slapping his ass as I rub his tip making him cry out as he whimpers uncontrollably.

“Ahhhh!” He moans loudly when I bite one cheek while squeezing the other making him leak onto my palm as I continue to tease his head. “C-can I c-cum please?” He says stuttering over his words as I continue to spank him.

“No. If you don’t hold it, I’ll get the toys.” I say before rolling him onto his back and driving myself deep inside of him. He squeals in pleasure as I continue to ram into him while stroking him quickly.

“F-feel so goodddd.” He groans loudly clenching onto the sheets beneath him as he moans loudly, emitting waves of pleasure and lust. “Daddy!” He screams making me leak as I quicken my stroking causing him to squirm slightly.

“Look at how hard you are.” I drawl as he whimpers beneath me trying desperately to keep himself from cumming. “I wonder how much longer you can keep it together.”

“P-please!” He screams as he pushes my hands away to squeeze his own member, whimpering from the action as he tried not to cum. “Daddy please!” He screams as tears cascade down his cheek from under the blindfold making my member pulse inside of him as he clenched down on me.

“Cum.” I instruct as I bury myself deep inside of him making him raise his hips as streams of cum spray out of his member and onto his chest as he moaned uncontrollably. I stroke him, staying balls deep inside of him as he rides out his orgasm, whimpering for the world to hear as he shook beneath me. “Good boy.” I complement as I pull myself out.

“T-thank you daddy.” He stutters lying back down as his chest rose and fell rapidly.

I hold his twitching member up before rubbing the tip with my other palm making him scream loudly as he tries to move away from my grasp.

“Stop, no p-please!” Julian begs as he whimpers from the attack on his sensitive member. I hold him in place by grabbing his thighs before taking him into my mouth, sucking on his head while licking his base. “Ahhhhhh! Daddy, s-stop!” He begs crying even harder when I push him deeper in my mouth, his pleads making my member leak. When I feel him shaking a bit more, I pull away looking down on his trembling body as whimpers escape his beautiful lips.

“Do you have any idea how beautiful you look?” I question as I gaze down on him, using my hands to trail his legs that were turning me on so much. “They fit you perfectly....and favourite color.” I say admiring the stockings. I look down to Julian who was panting heavily, still recovering, the words probably not even registering.

I lift his legs up, holding them in both my hands before I slam myself back into him, making him gasp loudly.

“We’re nowhere close to done baby.” I growl as I start driving myself in and out of his quivering hole, licking his legs that I couldn’t help but admire. The stockings were driving me crazy along with his beautiful moans, I almost came just looking at him.

“Ahhhh!” He moans loudly as I continue my attack on his beautiful body.

It’s about to be a long night.


“Daddy please!” Julian screams as I stroke myself while looking down at him.

I’d tied his arms behind his back and his legs far apart so he couldn’t move, leaving him completely exposed. I didn’t know I was into this kind of thing until I saw the rope on the table and now we were here. Unfortunately I hade to remove the panties, I tied two vibrators to his balls and put in a vibrating dildo into his ass, it was the most beautiful sight to see him trembling from the various sensations and he kept cumming on his own, over and over and over.

“I can’t, I c-can’t...” He pleads making me leak into my palm as I push the knob to speed up the vibrations making him moan loudly as he cums again all over his already drenched chest. I had planned to stop a while back, but he just kept cumming and who was I to take away such pleasure. I release along with him as tears stream down his face while he whimpers from the vibrations that continue to attack him despite him being in the middle of an orgasm. “Stuopppp!”

“If you really wanted me to, you wouldn’t be cumming so much.” I growl standing up and taking his tip into my mouth.

“Aiden!! N-no, dunttt!” He pleads making me smile as the vibrations from his balls could be felt all the way at his tip. I pull at the dildo in his ass a little before pushing it back in making him cum once again straight into my mouth, I take it all in as I listen to his beautiful cries and pleads. Turning off all of the vibrators, I leave them in place as I look to the table for something else to use.

“I was going to give you a little break but then I remembered how you deprived me of a great day we could’ve had, so I’m going to take every piece of you until you can’t go anymore.” I growl as I pick up the toy that I knew would send him mad.
He tries to apologize but his words come out mumbled and incoherent as he pants heavily on the bed. It was almost sunrise and we’d been going all night, I was honestly surprised he made it this far after how many times I fucked him earlier.

I take off his blindfold to see his beautiful blue eyes that were blurred and a little red, he looks at me with lust that defied his words as he silently urged me to go on. I kiss him hungrily as he kisses me back eagerly making me smile against his lips, he moans anxiously as I trail my finger up his member gently before pulling away. I grab the mini fleshlight that was connected to a vibrator as I hold his member up.

“W-what’s that?” He questions panicking a little as I lie on my side besides him, tucking his head on my arm as I hold the toy up.

“Something you’ll love very much.” I say before lowering it down on his member making him moan loudly as his erection pushes through it on the other side.

“Oh my God!” He screams as I start moving it up and down letting his erection poke through it sometimes.

“Beautiful.” I growl pressing a kiss to his head after turning his face so he’d look at me as I turn the switch to make all the vibrations turn back on, including the fleshlight that I was stroking his member with.

“F-f-fuck! I-I...AHHHHHHH!” He moans looking me straight in the eye as he cums again making me smile as he trembles while whimpering. He orgasm dragging him to cry again as he moans loudly from the pleasure he was receiving. I kiss him hungrily while he shakes next to me with fresh tears escaping his eyes moaning into my mouth. I pull away leaving him panting desperately as I turn the vibrations a notch higher, making him arch his back as he leaked all over himself.

“Nghhhhh! More! More!” He demands making me smile as I push the fleshlight to his base before taking the rest of him into my mouth. “Y-yes! Daddy! Thank you daddy!” He moans loudly as I move the fleshlight up and down with my lips. I stroke myself as I work on his trembling body that was close to its end. I turn the vibrations up to one before its highest making him whimper on the brutal attack on his body. “C-cumming!” He screams as he empties himself into my mouth making me hum in satisfaction as I take it all in. He rides out his orgasm still trembling as I sit up leaving the toys to do their work on him as he continued to whimper.

“That was beautiful baby.” I say licking his ear.

“E-enough...that’s enough.” He groans as I look at him carefully, he looked like he was serious yet his member was twitching a bit which confused me. “P-please.”

“Too much?” I question worrying a little as I watch his heaving chest.

“N-no. J-just take it off.” He begs moaning between his words making me frown. “Please!”


“Quickly!” He begs making my eyebrows knit together, I go to turn off the vibrations but accidentally push it to it’s highest making him scream out in ecstasy as his back arches off the bed. “N-n-no. It’s c-coming. No!”

Before I could comprehend what was happening he basically screams as a clear liquid sprays out of him making my eyes widen in surprise as he shakes on the bed, moaning uncontrollably as the liquid continued to pour of him. I find myself leaking at the sight as he drenches himself in the substance, once he’s done I take off the vibrations and look at him carefully. I don’t think he peed himself but what could this b-


“Julian.” I call looking at his flickering eyes as his body trembled on the bed, his eyes were closing.

“Daidtttuggdte.” He mumbles as his eyes flutter shut, before I could question him he faints as his body settles with him. I untie him and remove the toys as I look at his spent body. I heard of this happening to some guys when they got really into the sex but I didn’t think it was true.

“I think you just squirted baby.” I whisper as I pick him up, walking to the bathroom to clean him up.

We are sooooo doing this more often.


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