Alpha Mates

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Valentine's Day Special

I thought, hey why not? Enjoy ❤️

Julian’s P.O.V

“Aiden, hurry up!” I shout only to receive a grunt in response as the sound of something breaking fills the house. It’s then of course followed by a stream of cursing by Aiden.

“He’s so dumb.” Damon mutters making me frown as I quickly smack him upside the head. “Ow! Dad!”

“Respect.” I say simply. He doesn’t say anymore but rub his head while his brothers and sister laugh at him.

“I think you should just start dad.” Levi says sitting on the banister before pulling his earphones out. “He’s not coming down anytime soon.” He says referring to the big baby which was his father.

“You’re right. Everyone listen up.” This brings all eyes to me as Peter puts down his book and the twins stop whispering to look my way. “You’re father and I are going out for the weekend, Levi’s in charge. That means you listen to him and you don’t question him.”

“What if he’s being stupid.” Damon interjects making me send a glare his way. “What?! It’s a valid question.”

“If he’s being stupid, you still listen. Now, please for the love of Goddess don’t make us come home early because you burned down the house.” I say begging them with all my heart. I needed this weekend, more than I cared to admit. I loved my kids, I really did, but they were stopping me from banging my mate at least three times a day, Aiden and I were lucky if we got once a week and I was getting desperate.

“We won’t dad.” Hagen says while stuffing his mouth with a handful of chips. That boy ate more than me and he was half my size.

“Josey, keep an eye on him.” I say to my princess making her nod with a small salute.

“There’s enough food in there for you guys to survive a month plus you have Peter.” Peter raises his head from his knees for a moment before hugging them tightly. “There’s money with Levi if you’re lazy and he is feeling generous.”

“I’m not.” He says making them all groan while he smirks as Caspar ran its tail against his owner.
(Caspar his Jaguar if you forgot)

“No fighting inside the house, all matches outside.” I say sternly. “Josey, I mean it.”

“I won’t beat them up inside the house.” She groans like a broken record.

“Good girl.” I say with a smile. “If you need anything, call Emitt and Beckett. If they don’t pick up, call Katerina and Apollos. If they don’t pick up, call Mickey, Chris and Nic. And if none of them pick up, figure it out. But don’t you dare call us.”

“What if we’re dying.” Damon groans.

“Then you better be on you’re last breath making that call.” I say making his smirk drop. “Okay, that should be it. Now give me a hug.”

The twins tackle me first, they were now as tall as my hip and were growing too fast. They squeeze me tightly before kissing both sides of my cheeks.

“I love you dad.” Hagen says before running off.

“Be safe.” Josey says before following.

Peter inches his way to me before letting his arms snake around my waist, giving me a tight hug while I kissed his head.

“Do I have to cook?” He asks sheepishly.

“If you really don’t want to, hide in your room. They can starve.” I say with a wink making a smile tug its way onto his lips. “I left a couple new books on your bed, don’t finish them all tonight.”

“Thanks dad.” He says giving me another hug before going upstairs to his room.

Damon stands besides Levi with a strong glare that told me he was still holding a grudge against me hitting him. Levi sucks his teeth before shoving him towards me, I hug him tightly besides his protests and lay a wet kiss on his cheek.

“Ew! Dad!” He groans trying to whip it off while Levi and I laugh.

“Don’t be a complete shit this weekend.” I say making his frown deepen. “I’m kidding, you’ve been good recently. No fights, no dead bodies and no decapitated rogues. I’m proud of you, that’s why this weekend you can go to that party with Amelia.”

“Really?!” He shouts in disbelief while I nod. “Oh my Goddess, thanks dad! You’re the best!” He groans before tackling me in a bear hug. “Now I don’t have to sneak out.”

He runs upstairs while calling Amelia leaving me alone with Levi. He struts his way down the last two stairs before giving me a tight hug.

“I’ll look after them with my life.” He says seriously making me smile as I pull back to palm his cheek.

“I know you will, just look after yourself as well.” I say making him nod. “How are you feeling?”

“Better. Haven’t gotten mad recently.” He says while rubbing the back of his neck.

“That’s good Levi. Small steps, okay?” He nods at this. He’d had worse reactions than Aiden ever had in situations that brought his rage out. He was uncontrollable and unrecognizable when he was set off and they were much more frequent. But we were learning how to handle it, together.

“I’ve got Caspar to pull me back.” He says with a weak smile while petting his jaguar. I didn’t want the thing at first but he helped Levi through a lot of things we never could and I now appreciated the animal immensely.

Plus he got along just fine with my wolf. Yep, I finally got a wolf. Rex’s direct descendent and Katerina made sure she was healthy and happy. I loved that thing too much, Aiden hated it. But that didn’t matter.

“I found it!” Aiden shouts running downstairs with the keys in hand.

When he reaches the bottom he ruffles Levi’s hair making the boy groan in annoyance while swatting his hand away.

“Don’t miss me too much.” Aiden says shoving him away playfully. Levi gives me a small wave before making his way to where the twins were. “Where did everybody go?”

“You took too long.” I reply as I grab the small suitcase and make my way out the front door.

“Assholes.” He mutters before following me out. I put the luggage in the trunk before circling my way back to the front. I slide into the front seat as Aiden leans over capturing my lips in a kiss.

I hum against his lips as my hand finds it’s way into his hair. Our tongues move in sync as our body soak in each other’s company, the connection sending sparks throughout my excited body.

“I’m going to have so much fun with you tonight.” He growls against my lips before biting my bottom one and pulling it. “So. Much. Fun.”

“Mhmm, I can’t wait.” I say in response before pecking his lips one final time.
I buckle in while he starts the engine, taking one last glance at the house, I make a silent prayer to Goddess to protect our children in our absence.

“Ah shit!” Aiden exclaims stopping the car suddenly making me jerk forward. I sit up with a glare while he sends me a sheepish grin. “Sorry.”

“What did you forget?” I ask while he digs deep in his pocket pulling put a thick piece of cloth.

“Blindfold.” He says before stretching over and tying my eyes with it. “Should’ve washed it...”

“Aiden!” I groan trying to take it off but he tightens it.

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” He mumbles before he takes off on the road again. “It’s a bit of a drive so I’d take a nap if I were you.”

“I rather play One Word.” I say with a smile as I lean back in my seat.

“How long had it been?” He groans with an audible smirk. “Do you remember Jessica and the Rhinos?”

“Of course I do.” I reply chuckling at the memory. “I say we start a new story.”

“But I liked Jessica.” He whines childishly.

“Well she died. So too bad.”
He doesn’t protest anymore and we start a fresh new story.

There once lived a giraffe named Dark Vader. He was called Dark Vader because all his spots were black, nobody knew why but some said it was because he was drowned in a bowl of tar in a past life.
So Dark Vader had a wife, Martha. Martha was the best wife ever; she cooked, she cleaned and she was incredibly flexible.

“How does flexibility make her the best wife ever?” I question laughing at this description.

“The stuff you do in bed should answer that Julian.” Aiden replies smugly. I feel a heat take over my cheeks and ears but I try to ignore it and continue with the story.

And Martha thought she had the perfect husband. But what Martha didn’t know was that Dark Vader was gay!

“Shut up!” I say in surprise. I though he was going to say a killer or something not gay.

“Yeah, takes it from all the other giraffes.” Aiden muses making us both break out in a fit of laughter.

So Martha one day, decided to surprise Dark Vader at work with his favourite, Wendy’s triple bacanator with extra fries and an apple pie. She expected to find her husband working hard not him bent off taking it hard.

“I see what you did there.” Aiden says giggling.

She screamed so loud that Dark Vader came.

“What?” I question while Aiden shook in his seat laughing his ass off.

Dark Vader tried to explain but Martha didn’t let him get one word out before she shot him in the head. Right between the eyes.
After that, she shot the guy that was fucking her man. Right in the dick!
She then killed everyone in the building and became an assassin. Killing anyone who reminded her of Dark Vader.
In her old age, she felt bad for her murders especially Dark Vaders and decided to create something that would make the world remember him forever.
And that’s how Star Wars was formed.

The End.

“Jessica’s was better.” Aiden says once we’ve finished.

“Well you’re the one that killed her by drowning her in rhino shit!” I reply.

“She didn’t die from that, it was candle wax.” He protests making it my turn to frown.

“No, Ramen died from candle wax.” I say ready to start an argument.

“It doesn’t matter, we’re here.” He says cutting the conversation short.

“Where exactly is here?” I ask as the sound of waves fills my ears. “The beach, again? You couldn’t be more creative.”

“Um, rude.” Aiden says mocking the way Josey often said it. “And don’t be so quick to judge.”

He stops the car and gets out before circling his way to my side. He helps me out the car and carefully leads me forward.
As we walk the sound of the ocean gets louder and louder as we set out on a dock.

“I swear to Goddess Aiden Heil, if you push me into the ocean I will not have sex with you for a year.” I warn making him tense behind me.

“Jesus Christ Jewels, I wasn’t going to but a year?!” He asks in surprise. “I’d go mad.”

“I know.” I say leaning back to kiss him quickly. “Me too.”

“Stop exciting me, I’m barely keeping it together.” He groans before our footsteps come to a halt. “Now, don’t start crying I forgot the tissues home.”

“Very funny.” I say sarcastically as he undoes the tight cloth that was starting to give me a headache.

The cloth slips from my eyes allowing me to see the beautiful, large, white yacht that stood in front me. All rooms were luminous under the night sky as the boat sat patiently on the calm, evening waters.

My mouth hung low and Aiden kindly picked it up before circling around to face me with a large smile.

“In white, you’re favorite color.” He says proudly as if people got green yachts before puffing his chest out. “There’s enough rooms in there to get lost and it lights up at night. Oh, I got you a little office too and reading area on the upper deck.”


“Say something Jewels.” He says nervously while taking my hands in his.
I open my mouth but nothing comes out. I try again and get the same effect. My eyes dancing between the beauty and my husband.

That’s all I could muster.

“Julian..” Aiden groans with a bit of frustration.

“D-did you...” I beat my chest a bit to get the words out since they came out as a squeaky whisper. “Did you buy me a yacht?” I finally manage to squeeze out my choked lungs.

“Yeah....” He strains with a wrinkling forehead. “I thought you’d like it. But maybe I was wrong.”

“I do like it. No, I love it.” I say quickly as disappointment ran across his face. “I just....” I start as my eyes drift to the boat. “ entire yacht.”

The thing was making me brain dead.

“So you’re happy?” He asks patiently.

“Yeah, just have to wrap my head around it.” I say letting out a breath before my eyes return to him. “How much did you spend on this Aiden?!” I say finally letting the question that was circling my head out.

“It doesn’t matter.” He says as if money grew on trees. “Please don’t worry about that.”

“Okay...” I agree reluctantly before taking a deep breath. “Thank you Aiden. I love it.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day Jewels.” He says making a large smile spread across my lips.

“It’s not Valentine’s Day yet.” I say as he pulls me against him. My arms immediately circling his neck as his his hands rested on my ass.

“Doesn’t matter.” He mumbles against my lips. “I’m still going to fuck you all the same.” He says squeezing my ass making me groan in excitement.

“Promise?” I tease making his eyes glow momentarily.

“I love you.” He says looking straight into my eyes.

“I love you too.” I say kissing him hungrily before parting with a smile. “Thanks for being my valentine.”

“Any day baby.” He groans making me laugh.

“So are you going to show me around or are you going to fuck me? I’m hoping for the latter.” I say before biting my lip.

He doesn’t reply with anything but a grunt as he picks me up and swings me over his shoulder making me laugh as he rushed up the dock and boarded the yacht. I looked around at the place where I could, ooooing and ahhing and the beautiful gift that was now mine.

I was soooo rubbing this in Emitt’s and Mickey’s faces.

Soon enough we were in what could only be the master suite. He threw me down on the bed before mounting me with a growl that made my member leak in excitement.

Our lips attach instantly in a heated battle while he grounded his erection against mine with an unforgiving force. I moan against his lips as I unbuckle his pants as he does mine. We part momentarily to strip before colliding once our bodies were open for one another. With heated, urgent kisses we molded our bodies together in lust and need.

“So perfect.” Aiden whispers as he kisses his way down my chest. “Fuck, Julian. I love you so much.”

“I love you too!” I moan out as he takes my cock into his mouth. He breaks me down to nothing within an instant as his skilled mouth begins to work on my throbbing erection. “Aiden!”

“Mhmm!” He hums around me sending vibrations around me that make me wither beneath his grasp. He holds my waist tightly to keep me from moving as I suffer at his glorious mercy, his fingertips sending static pulses through my body. His tongue raking its way up my length as he bobbed up and down, taking in every drop of precum while dragging me closer and closer to the edge.

“Uhh fuck, I’m going to cum!” I warn trying to push him off. I loved cumming down his throat but I wanted to cum together.

“It’s okay Julian. Cum as much as you want.” He says before engulfing my member in a mouth watering heat that sets me off the edge. I release in his mouth and he takes it all without complaint.

I tremble below him, struggling to recover from my orgasm as he works his way back up my body with gentle kisses before settling once again on my lips. My legs wrap around his frame as we kiss slowly, my member rubbing against his abs while his throbbing cock ran along the path of my entrance.

“Stop teasing me so much.” I groan against his lips as we part, my eyes fluttering open to look at him.

“I love the sounds you make when I do.” He replies kissing my neck as he rubs his cock against me. “The way you whimper and moan, twisting and squirming beneath me. I love it.”

“You’re a pervert.” I mumble making him laugh. “Hurry up and put it in.”

"It has feelings.” He says as he draws back. “And I need to prep you.”

“I already did.” I say making him freeze. “I used that gel you love.” I mumble making his heart hammer away as he looks down at me.

About three months ago while shopping for sex toys, Emitt came across this gel that was used for sex.
It had this effect of making the top feel like they were fucking a cum filled hole. I thought it was dumb and probably a rip off, I mean that was just being lazy. You could do it yourself right?
Besides the point, Emitt bought it and after a couple of times demanded that we did too. Aiden went first and the way he lost control on me made me want to try. And it was good, it was really, really good.

So now we only used it one rare, special occasions. This was one.

“Are you trying to make me lose control Julian?” Aiden groans, he lowers himself on me allowing me to circle him with my legs again.

“A little.” I say as he lines himself up before thrusting in without hesitation. The action taking my breath away as I gasp, arching my back against him as I clenched down on his pulsing cock.

“Fuckkkk.” He groans as he settles within me. “There’s nothing better.”

I swallow my spit as I try to adjust to his size, tonight he felt bigger and I’m not sure why. I liked it though.

He doesn’t ask permission as he starts thrusting himself in and out of me. I grab my feet allowing him to slide in deeper making both of us moan out in satisfaction.

“A-Aiden..” I whimper out as he kissed my neck while he drove himself in and out of me at a lustful pace.

“Julian.” He groans against my ear, his warm breath sending tingles down my spine.

“Right there!” I call out as he hits the spot that made my throw my head back allowing him to kiss my throat. “T-there!”

I curl my toes while my palms grip the base of my feet as my body melts from his attack, his body dominating mine completely. His thrusts get rougher, they go deeper and my moans get louder.

“Ahhh!” I scream out as I give myself to him completely. “Aiden please d-don’t stop. Please!”

He moans my name directly in my ears making me shiver beneath him. I could feel him getting close and that just dragged me along with him.
I loved how he fucked me. The way he panted breathlessly, the way his buried himself desperately inside of me. The way his leaked inside me while my walls clenched down around him. How he claimed me as his own and how he loved me. I loved him.

He thrusts himself into me with such force that make my eyes roll as he buries himself inside of me shooting his essence straight inside of me. I cum at the feeling of him filling me, he throbbed inside of me while pumping himself straight into me.
He delivers a few final stray thrusts before pulling out of me. He rolls into his side, taking me with him so that I laid on him partially. His hands finding their way to my ass again, I try to talk but my words don’t come out.
My body still recovering.

I thanked the Goddess above that we didn’t have to worry about having kids. I hated condoms and thanks to Katerina, we were now free to have sex like usual.

“You better keep all of this inside.” He mumbles against my skin as his fingers traces my abused hole. His pushed the leaking cum back in making me whimper against him. “You’re already want it back, don’t you?”

I can’t do anything but moan as he drives two fingers inside of me. I spread my leg over his body so that he had better access. Smiling at this he kisses me while he fingers me mercilessly. The action making me harden again in an instant, when I’m on the verge of releasing he pulls his fingers out making me whimper at the loss.

He sticks the fingers in my mouth making my eyes widen but I don’t protest and suck them clean instead.

“We’ll continue after I give you a tour.” He says making me frown but I nod anyway.

We climb off the bed, not bothering to put on any clothes as we walk hand in hand together.

“I wish you were always like this.” I groan as I hug him tightly.

“Naked?” He muses running a hand through my hair.

“Precisely.” I say making him laugh.

“When did you get so dirty?” He questions wiggling his eyebrows as we begin to walk again.

“When I fucked you.” I say making us both laugh.

He shows me the living room, lounge, both decks, the office, kitchen, gaming room and the jacuzzi in the middle. I was speechless needless to say for the majority of the time. It was so beautiful and it looked so expensive. I thanked Goddess above that the kids probably wouldn’t go to university.

“This makes my gift look like shit.” I mumble against Aiden as we sat comfortably in the jacuzzi. Me in Aiden’s lap of course.

“I don’t doubt it.” I punch his shoulder at this. “I’m kidding!”

“Why must you be so perfect?” I groan angrily as he rests his head on my shoulder.

“Genetics.” He says feigning sadness. “All the doctors say there’s nothing they can do.”

“Shut up.” I reply though a smile was lingering on my lips.

“So what did you get me?” He asks turning me so that I was straddling him.

“It’s a surprise.” I say with a smile as I drape my arms over his shoulder.

“I love surprises.” He replies as I grab his member before lowering myself down on it. “I really love surprises.”

“I know.” I reply before I start riding him. His hands grip my hips firmly as I ride him for all he’s worth. “Ahhh!”

“Faster.” He groans but it was hard to go faster in water. Basics physics but I failed physics in high school so I don’t say anything.

“I c-can’t.” I moan out once he says it again. He pulls me off of him making me frown, but quickly turns me so that I was standing on the small step. My ass sticking out in the air with my head against the outside tile. He rose out of the water as well, leaving only our feet submerged, before driving himself back into me.

“Aiden!” I scream as he gripped my ass tightly while fucking me so deep that my eyes rolled. “Ah! Ah! Ah!” I moan with each thrust as he abused my hole.

His hole.

“Give me your hands.” He grunts out without stopping for a moment. I oblige as I stretch my arms back, he grips my hands firmly making my back arch back as he pushed forwards completely stretching me forward.

“Ahhhhhh!” I moan out as he impales me on his member. He begins thrusting into me brutally fast making my cock hit against my stomach as my body suffered at his mercy. I cum much to my own surprise as my body trembles around him and whimpers flood out of my mouth.

He drops my hands allowing me to support myself before gripping my hair tightly with one hand, the other on my ass while he fucked me through my orgasm.

“A-Aiden!” I stutter as my body struggles to keep up with him.

“Who’s are you!” He boomed possessively making me leak all over myself.

“Yours!” I reply instantly as he slammed himself into me. Over and over and over again.

“Again!” He groans as he grows closer.

“Yours! A-All yours. Every part o-of me is yours!” I moan out for him pushing him off the edge of he releases within me once again. The feeling of his heat encompassing me making me cum as well as I push back on his cock, jerking him off with my hole as we both rode out our orgasms before sinking back into the water breathlessly.

“Julian.” He calls making my daze eyes drift to him. “You’re the best mate ever.”

“Because I let you fuck me?” I reply cheekily making him grin.

“Because you’re mine.” He says as we drift slightly. Some time passes before he continues. “I love you too much, it hurts sometimes. All you have to do it smile and I know everything will be okay. Ya know, Goddess blesses me everyday letting me wake up by your side. My life belongs to you and only you. We’re forever Jewels.” He says while palming my cheeks, his thumb swiping away my fallen tear. “I told you not to cry.”

“Well it’s not my fault you’re perfect!” I cry before kissing him. I let my lips claim his, returning his loving words through my desperate actions. In an instant he had me crying like a baby, with a few thoughtful words I was reminded of why I was the luckiest guy in the world.

I got Aiden as my mate. There was nothing better.


Aiden’s P.O.V

I slip out of bed after watching Julian sleep for a good hour. He was knocked out cold, I didn’t blame him, we went all night long. Until the sun came up to be precise. It was worth every single minute.

He groans at my absence making me stuff a pillow in my place. Once he settles, I make my way down to the car where I get our things.
Slipping on some underwear and sweats, I grab the ingredients I needed for pancakes and start cooking.
I call Levi when I’m halfway through, desperate to check in on the kids.

“This is Damon also known as Demon, you have reached Le Pandemonium what can I do for you Satan.” Damon says into the phone making me smile.

“I’m surprised you’re not dead.” I reply making him chuckle. “Everyone good?”

“Fucking superb now that you’re gone.” He says challengingly. We bantered more like friend than father and son.

“Julian should’ve swallowed.” I say making him gasp.

“Good one.” He replies making me laugh as I plate the last pancakes. “Did dad like the yacht?”

“Yes, there was a lot of stuttering first though.” I say making him laugh. “Are you taking Amelia out today?”

“We’re just friends dad.” He groans making me roll my eyes.

“Why are you on my phone?” I hear Levi say through the phone.


“Talking to Satan.” Damon responds innocently. There’s a bit of a scramble but it ends with a pained howl from Damon and a ‘Hey Dad’ from Levi.

“Hey. I was just checking in.” I say as I light a few scented candles.

“We’re all good. The twins are sleeping and Peter is reading. Damon is bothering me and Sammy is coming over later.” He says making me smile. That human was a load of trouble.

“That sounds good. Keep an eye on Demon, I mean Damon.”

“Funny old man!” I hear Damon shout.

“I’ll see you guys Sunday night. Love you.” I say laughing into the phone.

“Love you too.” Levi says before hanging up.

I look up to find Julian walking in sleepily as he rubs his eyes. His clothed body telling me he found the clothes I laid out for him. He walks straight up to me before kissing me softly.

“Happy Valentine’s Day.” He says against my lips.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Jewels.” I respond with a smile before pulling out the chair for him to sit. He takes it and I sit besides him before pouring him a glass of orange juice. “When am I getting my gift?”

“After breakfast.” He says with a smile. “Thanks for this by the way.”

“Anything for you baby.” I say kissing his hand.

“It’s hard to hate you.” He mumbles while biting into a pancake making me smirk. “Was that Levi you were talking to?”

“Along with Damon. Everyone’s fine.” I say making him nod. “How are you feeling?”

“Used.” He says making me choke on my juice. “In a good way.”

“I’ve changed you.” I say making him send a wink my way.

We continue to eat with minimal conversation before Julian stands and runs away before returning with a gift bag.

“There isn’t a yacht in here.” He warns as he hands me the bag. I simply swat him off before digging inside to find a shade casing and an envelope. “The box first.”

I oblige and open it to find a black, titanium bracelet with diamonds rimming the side making my eyes widen.

“Julian, this is amazing!” I praise immediately putting it on. He smiles widely at my content as I look at the dazzling item. “This is too much.” His face falls as he looks around with lifted palms.

“And a yacht is not?” He questions crossing his arms.

“Sorry.” I say giving him a smile before I pull him down for a kiss.

I undo the envelope next wondering what on earth it could be. My eyes roll out my skull at the two plane tickets to Hawaii.

“You didn’t?!” I exclaim standing to my feet. Julian simply laughs as I pull him into bear hug. “Oh my Goddess, I love you!”

I’d been begging Julian to go on a vacation since our wedding. To go somewhere outside the country for a while. But he’d decline with the excuse of the pack, the kids, our life. That’s why I chose something that didn’t require us going anywhere. But here his hypocritical ass was booking tickets to Hawaii.

“The kids are old enough, Damon is going to be alpha soon and we deserve this.” He says as I beam in my spot.

“We’re going to Hawaii!” I exclaim as I lift him in the air making him laugh as he holds onto me.

“I’m happy you like it.” He replies after I kiss him roughly.

“I love it.” I correct. “And I love you.”

“I love you too.” He replies kissing me as he pushes me back until I hit the deck banister. “I’ve let you have your fun, now it’s my turn.”

“On the deck?” I question. We were out in the open where anyone could see, not that there was anyone here.

“On the deck.” He confirms while tugging my pants down and sinking to his knees.

Before I can respond, his tongue flicks my tip teasingly making the words linger on my tongue. He tastes me a bit before swallow me whole making me grip the banister firmly.

I look down to find him looking up at me with those sparkling blue eyes as his mouth swallowed my length. The image making me leaking down his throat as he moaned around me.

I grab his head as I shut my eyes tightly before I begin to fuck his mouth mercilessly. He doesn’t protest and takes it all, leaving his tongue to work me as I tested a non-existent gag reflex.

His eyes begin to cloud with tears as I invade his mouth with my cock, making me pulse with excitement. It doesn’t take long for me to empty myself inside his awaiting mouth with a grateful moan.

He doesn’t give me a moment to catch my breath as he licks his fingers and drives them into me making me moan loudly as his tongue curled around my quivering tip.

“Julian!” I cry out as he fingers me while playing with my over sensitive tip. Those blue eyes never leaving my own.

“You’re too tight.” He mumbles against my cock as he withdraws his fingers and stands. “Wait here.” He says giving me a light peck before rushing off.

He returns with a tube of lube, retaking his position, he lathers his fingers before getting back to work. He strokes me himself with his other hand making me shiver at the visual. He knew I loved the see him play with himself.

“This making you excited?” He mumbles against my cock as he licks it teasingly while driving his fingers even deeper. His fingers tightening around that beautiful cock.

“Very!” I admit once he’s up to four fingers. “I’m ready.”

“I know.” He replies with a smirk before sucking on my cock head. I whimper at his mercy as he quickens his paste suddenly, sending my body in complete overdrive.

“I’ll c-cum...” I warn as he took more of me again while driving his fingers deeper.

“Cum.” He says around me allowing me to release within his mouth again while he continued to stroke himself calmly.
He swallows it all without complaint before standing and kissing me.

He lifts one of my legs before slowly pushing him into my awaiting hole. I grip onto his shoulder tightly as he drives his lathered length into me.

“No matter how many times I fuck you, you’re still so tight.” He growls against me as he waits for me to adjust. His words leave me breathless, I knew exactly what was to come. “I should fuck you more.”


“Go ahead.” I say after some time. He doesn’t move fast, he goes especially slow knowing it drove me mad. I liked when he was rough, demanding, so he’d become slow and teasing.

“Look how you clam down on me.” He groans as he pulls himself in and out of me smoothly. Pulling moans out of me as he created a path through me. “Just begging for more.”

“Ahh!” I moan when he slams himself into me before grinding him length into me to the hilt. I could feel the precum oozing out of my cock as he toyed with my body. “J-Julian...”

“Yes.” He answers while kissing his way up my neck making me shiver on his grasp.

“Faster.” I beg as the outdoor wind pushed past our molding bodies.

“After you cum.” He says licking my mark making me whimper. “I’m going to fuck all the cum out of you.”

“Ahhhh!” I moan as he begins going deeper and rougher, his balls slapping against my own
Julian became so hot when he was fucking me. His words were a big turn on and I loved each and every moment of his treatment.

“Are you close?” He asks as he kissed the corner of my lips.

“V-very.” I groan out making him smirk suddenly.

His pace increases tremendously as he begins fucking the living daylights out of me. The shock on my body forces the cum straight out of me as I release all over myself with loudly needy moans but this doesn’t stop him. He fucks me through my orgasm and doesn’t falter a second after as he begins ramming himself into my shaking form.

“Going to cum again?” He pants against me as he lifts both my legs pressing my back against the steel banister as he continues to invade my hole. “So soon?”

“Julian!” I moan as I clench down on him, I knew he liked when I did that. His eyes roll in contentment as his picks up the pace, making me cum yet again. “F-Fuck!”

“Let’s go to the bed.” He says kissing me possessively before walking back to the bed with me still on his cock. Each step driving him in and then back out, I grind down impatiently making him groan as his grip tighten.

Once on the bed, he lays me down on my stomach before mounting me as he drives himself back into me. Claiming me clearly as his own, his arm circling my chest as he drove himself in and out of me.

“Aiden..” He moans against my ears making my balls tighten as his thrusts became more desperate.

“Cum inside!” I beg when I feel his movements growing rougher and more erratic. “Don’t pull out.”

He buries himself balls deep before shooting his hot load straight into my awaiting hole. I take it all and cum in response as he grinds himself into me, pumping out every drop from me.
He lays on my back without pulling out as we both try to recover, though it was hard with his dick up my ass.

I see what you did there, dick and hard - Max muses in my head.

“Sometimes I forget how good this is.” Julian mumbles against my skin. “I still prefer you being on the top.”

“Remember when you didn’t know what a bottom was?” I joke as he pulls out before plopping down besides me with a series of laughter.

“I was innocent before I met you.” He says in protest making me scoff. “I’m being serious!”

“Uh huh.” I say as I lean across to kiss him.

“You corrupted me.” He mumbles against my lips.

“No, I just brought you to the light.” I correct making him smile against me.

“What are the plans for the day?” He asks looking into my eyes.

“Sleep.” I say making him smile. “We could use it.”

“I needed this.” He groans as I tuck him into my chest. “Thank you again Aiden, for everything. I love it.”

“You’re welcome Jewels. Expect better next year.” I say making him laugh.

“Should I start buying gas for my private jet?”

“Maybe.” I reply before kissing the top of his head. “I love you jewels.”

“I love you too.”






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