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The diner (part 1)

Ellie: floral tattoo on the hip down to the thighs, 5'2, 18 years old, tan skin, hour glass body, Brown eyes, wavy dark brown hair, feisty Mexican, semi-thick thighs

Lawrence: 5'10, 20 years old, caramel skin, 6 pack, green eyes, curly black hair, two tattoos sleeves and a tattoo behind ear
Lawrence POV:
Me and the boys where at a diner to get burgers.
"So there's a party on Friday, you guys up for it." My friend Mark asked.
"Sure I'm down, what time?" I asked
"At 10:00pm" he replied

We kept on talking until the waiter came to get our orders.
"Hi my name is Ellie, I'll be your waiter today" he said with a bubbly smile on his face. I look him up and down, he was wearing black pants with a white shirt and a blue striped apron that was a little above the knee. The curves on this boy made me want to bend him over the table and fuck him so hard.
"What can I get you guys to drink?" He ask taking a notepad out of his apron.
"I'll get a coke" I say looking up at him with a smile and wink at him. He smiles back with his face a light color of red.

Once he's done writing down our drinks he walk to another table that are full of 16 or 17 years old.
"I'm not gay but I'd smash him" my friend, Julian said "ay Lawrence why don't you ask for his number."


We turned around to see where the sound came from and we see Ellie and teenagers that where at a booth.
"Qué crees que haces tocándome así (what do you think your doing touching me like that) Ellie yelled.
""The fuck, why did you hit me?" One of the guys said.
"es mejor que te vayas antes de que te arranque los putos huevos y te los meta por el culo! (you better get out before I rip off your fucking ball and shove them up your ass)" Ellie said pointing his finger in the boys face.

"No I think I'm fine. I'll stay" he smirked. He checks the time on the clock that's on the wall.
"Well then I guess you can stay cause my shift it over so have a good day" he smiled walking away but the guy grabbed his wrist and sat him in his lap.
"The fuck do you think your doing to my son" a voice that behind from us. It was a guy that was about 6'0ft and had tattoos everywhere, his face, arms, and his legs and he was buff. He looked like a guy that you don't want to mess with. The guy let go of Ellie and Ellie ran to his dad. The dad walks up to the boy and grabs him by the collar of his shirt and pulls him up so he was face to face with him.

"You ever touch my son again I'll rip your throat out do you hear me!!" He said looking at the boy dead in the eye.
"Y-yes s-sir" the boy stuttered. The dad let go of the boy and walked over to Ellie. Ellie said something to his dad and started walking towards our table. He took out a pen and his notepad, ripped out a paper and wrote on it. He handed me the paper. He put his face next to my ear.
"Call me" he whispered in my ear and winked before walking off to his dad. His dad turned around and looked at me dead in the eye and mouthed 'I'm watching you.' He glared at me one more time before Ellie hit his shoulder and told him to stop.

"What did he say to you?" My friend Dallas said
"Don't worry bout it" I said with a smirk.
It was Sunday morning, when I decided to get up and go to the gym. I change into my gym clothes. And started to walk to the gym.

POV Ellie
When I first say Lawrence, I was like damn he is fine as fuck. So I gave him my number.

I took out my phone and started to watch shameless. After what seemed like 2 hours, I decided to text Lawrence.

Hey it's Ellie from the diner
What u doing
Just got done working out. U?
Nothing.Want to hangout?
Sure, let me shower first
Ok here's my address(**********)
See you later.
Ok bye

Here's a little sneak peek for later today😏
Damn baby🥵
See you later

I smile to myself. Maybe I can have a serious relationship with him and not just be fuck buddies. My past "relationships" is where we would just have sex and that's it. I once dated this guy named Hunter and we "dated" for about almost a year, we needed one more month to hit a year but he never would talk to me. I mean he asked me to be his boyfriend but he would just want sex and nothing else. But I broke up with him 5 months ago.

30 minutes later, I heard a knock on the front door. When I opened it, there stood Lawrence.
"Hi" I say with a smile
"Hey baby" he smirk.

POV Lawrence
As I was getting out of the gym, I got a message from an unknown number. I checked it.

Hey it Ellie from the diner
What u doing
Just got done working out. U?
Nothing. Want to hang out?
Sure, let me show firs.
Ok here's my address (**********)
See you later
Ok bye

Here a little sneak peek for later today 😏
Damn baby 🥵
See you later

When I saw that picture I started to run
fast to my house. I eventually got to my house and ran upstairs to go shower. Once I was done showering, I put on some cloths. I left my house and walked over to my car. I pulled up to his house and parked on the sidewalk. As I walk up to his door, I remembered the look on his dads face. Ugh that scary. I'm just hoping he's not home. I knock on the door. It opens and there stands Ellie wearing camo shirt and short shorts.

"Hey" he says with a smile
"Hey baby" I smirked. He grabs my hand and leads us to the living room.
"My dad not home. He'll be gone for 4 days, so I'll just be us." He says seductively.
He turn on Netflix and puts on Fairytale. He goes to the kitchen as grabs snacks.

POV third person
Ellie walks back in to the living room with popcorn, chips and sodas. He hands a soda to Lawrence and sits next to him.

It's been two hours seance they began Fairytale and Ellie wasn't comfortable sitting on the sofa, he wanted to sit on something else so he got up and sat in Lawrence's lap. Lawrence gave him a questionable look and Ellie just smiles at him. Lawrence just shrugs it off and puts his arms around his waist. Ellie decided to make the first move. He moves his butt side to side.

Lawrence grunts at the sudden movement. Ellie can fell Lawrence's semi-hard dick on his ass. So he decided to move it a pit further and grabbed Lawrence's hand and put it on his crotch. He leaned his head back so his mouth was next to Lawrence's ear. He started to move it up and down while letting out soft moan.


This was originally not going to be two part but I don't want this story to be longer than it needs to be so I'm going to be making a part two. I'll try to finish part two as quick as I can.
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