BxB one-shot smut

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The bad boy and the not so innocent nerd

Xander- 5'10, Tan skin, has tattoos on upper body part, brown eyes, 6 pack, 18 years old

Leo- 5'4, very pale, skinny, light brown hair, freckles, 17 years old,
Xander POV
As I was driving to Leo's house to work on a project for English, I noticed the houses in his neighborhood. They were literally mansions, I mean, I knew his parents were rich but I didn't think they were this rich. I pull up to his house. I knock on the door, a couple seconds later he opens the door. He lets me in.

"Holly shit dude, your house is massive. The fuck do your parents do?" I ask looking around. Shit, maybe when he's not looking I can steal something but like I mean it's not like he's going to notice. We head up the stairs and enter his room. Anyways we start our project, not even 20 minutes in the project I'm already bored.
"Can we take a break I'm bored." I say getting up and walking to my backpack. I bring back my backpack where we were sitting and start to look for the weed that I brought.
"Want a smoke?" I ask him while taking out my bong and my water.
"Umm....can you not smoke in here please." He says innocently.
"The fuck do you think you are. If I want to smoke then I'm going to smoke." I smirked, lighting up the stem.

" Well I'm going to go to the kitchen real quick." He get up and exits the room. I get up and start to snoop around his room cause there is no way someone is that innocent in this generation. I check his desk. Nothing. I check his drawers. Nothing. I decided to check his closet, nothing in the front so I check all the way in the back and I was shock to say the less.

As he enters the room and looks at me, his face goes even more pale than his natural skin.
"H-how did y-you find th-at." He says while trembling a little and looking down.
"Oh this little old thing was in your closet or did you not know it was there." I said smirking, walking closer to him. I look at the very sexy/cute clothing on the bed. As I kept looking at it I got an idea.
"Why don't you try it on for me?" I said putting my hand under his chin so he's looking at me with his eyes.
"Do you really want to see in that, that bad." He said. I can always tell that the cute, innocent that people always see wasn't true.

"Yea, I want to see your perfect ass in those and fuck your until you beg for me to stop." I whispered in his ear, he moans slightly. He slowly makes his way to the bed and pick up the cloths, walks to the bathroom and closes the door. I'm not gonna lie when I say I want to fuck, I mean it. I hear the door open and he comes out. As I look him up and down I notice a tattoo on his left side. I smirk and walk my way towards him. He looks up at me with lustful eyes. He then walks past me and takes my bong and lights it up.
"I knew you weren't as innocent as you seemed."
"Who can be, especially in high school" he laughs. I sit on the edge of the bed.

He then sits on my lap.
"How do you want me to fuck you. Slow and gentle or hard and rough? Hmm" I put my hands on his hips, massaging them softly.
"I want you to choke daddy, I want you fuck hard until I can't cum anymore." He says, grinding down on my dick. I started to kiss up his neck, making my way to his lips. I flip us over so he was on his back and I was between his legs. I pull away and kiss down his chest. I made it to his crotch and lick his dick over the the panties.

He moans lightly, pushing himself upwards a little to get more. I use one hand to hold down his hips.
"Move again and I won't let you cum"
I said kissing his inner thighs.
"Yes daddy." I smirk. I ask for the lube and he said it's under the bed. I grab it and put some on my fingers. I put my finger in his hole, not waiting for him to get adjusted, I start to move them. I curl my finger, pre-cum leaks a little from his cock.

Who knew I would be fucked by the schools bad boy. But I mean I'm not complaining. He's fucking hot. He curls his fingers hitting my weak spot. I don't why but my mind wasn't really focus on him or his touch, it's not that he's not good, hell, he was the fucking best at it. My mind was kinda slipping away until I felt a slap on my thigh bring me back to reality. I moan.
"I really appreciate it if your mind was on me and not on someone or something else." I couldn't say anything so I just nodded earning me another slap.

"I need words baby or else I'll have to punish you or maybe you want to be punish. Do you?" He says moving his finger fast.
"Y-yes daddy! Fuck r-right there!" I moan, not bothering to answer his question. He stops moving, I whine needing more, wanting more.
"You didn't answer my question and those who don't answer, don't get a reward. So let me ask you again and this time I want an answer. Do you want to be punished?" I wanted to see what he'd do so I just nodded my head again and again, reserved a slap on the thigh, I moan loving the pain.
"Answer me or I'll leave you here."
"Yes daddy! I want you to punish me" I beg him. He smirked shoving his fingers back in me, moving them mush faster and harder than before.

He takes off his cloths and see his tattoos. Maybe it's just me but boys with tattoos are a big turn on. I watch as he pulls off his underwear. He's definitely more bigger and thicker than any other boys that I've had. I uncontrollably move, so I was right in front of his dick.

I look up at him and he raises his eyebrows waiting fo me to do something. I suck on the head, making him moan lightly. Knowing that I couldn't take all of it in my mouth, I only take what I can and use my hands for the rest. I start to bob my head.
"Fu-ck baby. Can I fuck your mouth?" He asked. I nodded my head. He grabs the back of my head and pushes his dick all the way down my throat. I look up at him, through my watery eyes to see him looking at me, biting his lips. He comes in my mouth, shooting it down my throat, making me swallow it.

He grabs on of my legs and put it over his shoulder. He lines himself up and slowly pushes in. Once he's fully in, he only lets a couple second pass by before slamming into me.
"A-ahh!!" I moan as he slams into me. I arch my back, gripping the bed sheets.

I feel his hand go around my throat, giving it a squeeze. That send me over the edge and I have a dry orgasm. As I try to calm down from my orgasm, he doesn't let me instead he fucks me even harder.
"W-wait daddy! I j-jus-t came." He doesn't listen to me and raps his hand around my dick. That simulates multiple orgasms. He finally stops for us to be able to catch our breaths.
"That wasn't far daddy. I was the only on who came." I whine. He pulls out then he flips us over so he was on his back and I was on top of him.
"Then ride me if yo want to make me come" he says. I bite my lip. I slowly start to move up and down. My back facing him. My moans weren't as loud as they were when he was fucking me.

"Come on baby, if you go that slow I'll never cum. Do you want me to help?"
"Yes please daddy" he grabs my hips and doesn't waste time and fucks me hard but slow.
"F-fuck daddy! Mmhm!"
"You like that, you slut"
"Yes daddy. I love it when you bound into me!" I moan.
"Get on your hands and knees." He says. I get on my hands. He then again lines himself.

He grabs a hand pull of my hair, bringing my head back.
"I-I'm gonna cum." I say bring on hand down to my cock.
"Fuck me too" I feel him pull out.
"No! Daddy I want you to cum in me, please!" I beg, moving myself backwards, putting his dick back in me.

"I bet you beg for other guys to cum in you, don't you, slut?" He whispers in my ear fucking me nice and slow.
"No. D-daddy's the first one, I swear. Please daddy fill me up your cum." I beg moving faster on his dick, wanting his cum to fill be up. He starts to move and a couple minutes later he comes in me.

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