BxB one-shot smut

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Top: Jacob
Bottom: Mason
Daddy kink
Yes I know most of them have daddy kinks in them but I like it soo deal with it.
Jacob POV
It was 6:30 in the morning on a Tuesday. I was getting ready to go to work as a English teacher at a high school. And you may be wondering why someone handsome like me works at a high school? Well I couldn't tell you either but my time at my work is kinda fun. I get to mess around with my students but not in a disgusting way if that's what you were thinking. I get to listen to all the teen drama, it's funny how they fight for the stupidest reason and if you're going to fight, at least gets it on camera and show me but get good angles.

I arrived at the school around 7:30. School starts at 8 but a few kids get dropped off a around the time I come to school. I get everything ready for today's lesson. It was finally 4th period, which means that after this class is my lunch break.
"Mr. M can my friends and I spend lunch here on our phones?" Elliot asked.
"Sure but don't make to much noise." I say taking out worksheets to grade. It was 30 minutes in lunch when I get up to go the roam around the hallways cause I was bored.

As I was walking close to the cafeteria were students and staff were inside and a couple of students just outside the cafeteria I hear police sirens.
Well I'm fucked.
The principal and three officers come my way. I'll call them the three little piggy's.
"Jacob Moore you are under arrest for the murder of 3 people."
(A/N: I know this isn't how they do this in real life but just roll with it.)
I look at my students and they looked shocked. I trying not to laugh at their expressions.
"It took you guys a whole month to find me. You guys aren't very good at your job now are you." I laugh in their face with an evil smile on my face. Piggy #1 nods their head toward me, signaling piggy #2 to cuff me, he walks towards me taking out the handcuffs, as he reaches for my hands I take out a Randall Model 1
(Don't know if this enough to kill someone but pretend it does.)

And stab him in the liver. I take out the knife and drop it and kick it toward the cafeteria doors, everyone screams as it heads their way. He wraps his arm around the wound,but before he could fall I catch him. I put my mouth next to his ear.
"Say hi to you son for me." I let go of him and he falls forwards. Piggy #3 rushes toward #2.
"I need an ambulance at *** high school quick."
"By the time the ambulance gets here he'll be dead. You couldn't save him, just like how he couldn't save his son." I smile, walking toward piggy #1. He puts me in handcuffs.

I could feel everyone's eyes on me, I look back and everyone had disgust, shocked, anger, and most of all fear in their eyes.
I found it entertaining that the teacher they know and loved turned out to be a murder.
(Time skip until he's finally in jail.)

I've been in jail for about 6 months now and it's not so bad as everyone thinks. I heard that I was getting a cellmate today.
It was the afternoon on a Saturday when my cell door opens.
"This is where you will sleep. Jacob try not to kill him like you did with your other cellmate, please." The guard begged.
"Like I said before I didn't kill him, it was simply self defense." I smirk, moving my attentional the small boy. He closes the cell.
"What's your name?" I asked.
"So what you in here for?" I ask, my eyes following him as he walks to his bed and sits on it.
"Attempted murder. What about you?"
"For murder. Anyways how old are you, you seem young than me."
"I'm only 20."
"Oh you're only 2 years younger then me."
(Skip still night.)

Mason POV
Never in my life would I think that I'd end up in prison, but I'm not complaining cause I get a hot guy all to my self. He can fuck me any time, any day. Even though I've only known him for a day he seems kind and I've also haven't had dick in like 3 months and I'm dying here.

It's been a couple of week since I've been here and so far we've kissed but we never gone further , which I don't know why. But today is the today that I finally get the dick that I've been waiting for since I meet him. I plan to get fucked by him in our room during our free time which is in an hour.

The time has finally come. I finally get to get fucked after so many months. Jacob was on his bed laying down with his hands behind his head. I get up from my bed and walk my way towards him. Once I straddled him, he opens his eyes slowly.
"What can I help you with, baby boy?" He smirks, removing his hands from behind his head and moves them to grip my thighs.
"I was thinking that today you fuck me." I bite my lip, lifting up his shirt, revealing his abs.
"I can sure help you with that but first I want you to tell me how you want me to fuck you."

He sits up and moves so he was sitting on the edge of the bed with me still in his lap. I put my hand around his neck and put my lips to his ears.
"I want you to choke me hard as you slam your big cock in my ass telling how much of a slut I am and how I only belong to you, daddy." I moan in his ear, slightly moving my ass on his crotch. He grabs my ass and lifts me up, carrying me to the door, and slightly closes it. He sits back down and leans in to kiss me.

I kiss him back, having my hands in his hair, tugging at it slightly. He lays me down without breaking the kiss. He moves down to my neck, sucking on it, leaving hickeys that are visible. He takes off my shirt, then his and kisses his way down to my hips, he bites my right hip, making me moan and arch my back a little.

"Daddy!" I grip his hair.
"Does my baby boy like the pain?" He smirks, licking the bite mark. I bite my lip, nodding. That made him angry. He wraps his big hand around my throat, squeezing it hard, but not hard enough to cut my breathing.
"Come on now, use your words baby. If you do I'll give you nice reward."
"Yes daddy!!" I moan out.
"Now that wasn't so hard now was it." He takes his hand off my neck and takes off my pants and underwear. He licks his lips before soothing my thighs. He leans into my inner left thigh, giving rough kisses.

He starts to suck and bite on them hard. I try and close my thighs but it no use, he's holding them open with his hands. He licks the side of my dick before taking it in his mouth. I shiver at the warmth of his mouth. He bobs his head up and down in a fast movement.

"I-I'm gonna c-cum." He removes his mouth from my dick.
"Not yet. You'll get to cum when I tell you to." He kisses his way back up to my nipples. He flicks his tongue over my right nipple while playing with the other one. He the does the same with the other side. He leaves them red and sore. He brings his fingers to my mouth and tells me to suck.
I suck on them getting them nice and coded with saliva. He moves one of them to my hole and pushes it in, it slips in easy cause I prepared before.

"Did you play with your self before or did someone fuck you, you slut."
"I-I played with myself I swear." I moan as he slips in two more fingers.
"Good and you better keep it that way cause you belong to me and me only. If I find out you fucked someone else in or out of this prison then I'll kill them and fuck you till you can't remember anyone's name but mine." He starts to move his finger faster, hitting my prostate over and over again. Just his words alone make me want to cum.

I squirm around, he puts his hands in my hip to stop me which works.
"Daddy, please l-let me cum. I promise not to fuck anyone! Please daddy!" I beg him, needing to cum.
"Since you've been a good slut, I'll let you cum." I grip the sheets as I cum all over my stomach.
"Thank you daddy." I say, my hips and legs twitching a little.
"I'll fuck if you can make me cum." He takes off his pants and boxer and sits on the edge of the bed.
I get off and go on my knees I front of him.

I take his cock in my hand, moving it up and down while I suck on the tip. He grabs me jaw and forces me to look up at him.
"Put that fucking mouth of yours to work you slut or else I won't fuck you. You got that?" He smirk.
"Hmph I don't need you. I'll just go and get fucked by another dick." I say crossing my arms in front of my chest. He snapped. He stands up before he grabs me by the throat and brings me up to stand.

"Listen here you whore, every inch of your body belong to me, not you or anybody's. If I find out that you so much as think of another guy, then I'll lock you up from everyone but me. You'll only see me, touch me, hear me and smell me. Now be a good slut and suck me off before I hurt you and not in a good way. And trust me, I really don't want to hurt you. Can you do that for me?"
"I'm sorry d-daddy. It won't happen again I promise this time." He let's go of my neck and lowers me down to his crotch. I'm sure that you can see a mark of his hand on my throat. I take all of him in my mouth, bobbing my head up and down.

He takes my hair and pushes it more down, forcing me to take more of him. My eyes roll back as I choke. I love the how rough he is with me. His grip on my hair tightened, telling me that he was close. I suck harder, making him groan. He cum's in my mouth and I swallow it.

"Now can you fuck me please."
"Since you've been so patient I'll give you what you want." I move to the bed and lay down. He grabs the back of my thighs and pushes them si they were against my chest. He spits on my hole and his dick.
"This might hurt since we don't have lube so bare with it." He says before pushing the tip in. It burned a little but it was fine until he pushes more of his dick in. After awhile the pain finally went away and the pleasure started to build up.
"You can mo-" I didn't get to finish my sentence cause he started to thrust in and out of me.

He moves down and kisses me. I kiss him back, moaning into it. His hand makes it's ways to my neck, wrapping around it. It wasn't as hard as before.
"Choke me harder daddy!" I grab his wrist and put more pressure on my neck with his hand.
"You're driving me crazy." He smirks as he tightens a little bit more than before. His dick hit my prostate and makes me cum.
"Didn't I say that you'll cum when I tell you too?"
"I'm sorry daddy."
"A sorry won't cut it this time." He pulls out and I whine. He flips me over so my ass was in the air. He waste no time and shoves his cock back in me.

He slaps my ass hard a couple of time before griping it.
"A-ahhh!!" He puts his hands on my waist. I try to speak but every time I open my mouth moaning sound just come out.
"What do you want me to do?"
"Fu-ck me harder daddy please! Fuck me till I beg you to stop!" He thrust harder into me, making me scream in pleasure.

"Fuck baby I'm gonna cum." He moans as he fucks me faster and harder. At this point I'm trying to not slip unconscious. He finally cum's in me. I feel it dripping down my thighs as I my whole body twitches. I was about to fall asleep when he turns me around and lay me down. He goes in between my thighs and leaves a few more hickeys and bite marks. He strokes my dick as he's doing this.
"Can you cum one more time."
"N-no more daddy please. I can't cum anymore." I try and move him but I was to weak. His strokes get faster and I cum.
"No m-more p-please."
"You did so good baby." He kissed my forehead before I fall asleep.

Holy shit this is long. This is the longes chapter I've ever written. I'll be doing another one-shot of them reuniting when Jacob gets out of prison cause I have an idea. Anyways I wanted to thank you guys for ✨7k✨ readers. I’ll be writing more since summer is close so maybe expect more one shots.
These are the reasons why they were arrested.

Jacob was arrested because he killed his dad, his sister’s r*pist who is the the cops son and his friend. Jacobs sister committed suicidal a couple of days after what happened to her and the cop covered it up cause he didn’t want his son to go to jail. Jacobs dad knew about it but did nothing about it and told her that it was her fault that it happened to her.

Mason was arrested because he tried to kill his a*usive mother who he lived with. He tried to kill by crushing up all sorts of pills and putting them in her drink, but she knew about it cause she sat him and called the police.

See you later. Bye😊👋
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