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Reunion( cellmate pt 2)

This isn't how jail sentences go but to make them not old I've shorten them.
Mason, age 25, got out at the age of 24
Jacob, age 27, got out the age 27
POV Mason

It's been a full year since I've been out of jail and a full year since I haven't had sex. Instead, I would just use a dildo to satisfy my needs since I didn't have Jacob. But he's getting out this Friday, and for what reason I don't know. I would always visit him and I would send him pictures of me in sexy outfits or of me with a dildo up my ass.

I was currently with my friends that I meet around the time that I got out. We were at the park having a picnic.
I was laying down while the rest were sitting.
"What are you guys doing this Friday, Mason?" My friend Leo asked, looking at me. My whole friend group goes quite as they look at us. I give them a weird look.

"Why?" I asked, curiously. Of course, I was gonna say no, but I just wanted to know what he was going to say.

"Do you maybe wanna go on a date with me on Friday, we can go watch the new movie that's coming out?" He asked. Leo has been hiding on me for the past 5 months, though I've told him multiple time that I have a boyfriend. He just chooses not to believe me because he hasn't seen him with me at all, and also cause I have no pictures with him.

In fact, my friend group doesn't believe I have a boyfriend, they always ask when they can meet him, but obviously, I didn't tell them that he's in prison for murder. They constantly try to get me together with him, but I keep say no.

"Can't I have to go pick up my boyfriend from somewhere." I simply say.

"Oh come on. You're just saying that, so you don't have to go on a date with him. And if what you are saying is true, then where are you picking him up at?" Ashley questions. I decided fuck it I'll just tell them, so they get off my back.

"Fine! I'm picking him up from jail. There you happy!?" I say, giving them a forced smile. They all had big eyes.

"Wait, how did you meet him then if he's in prisons?" Sammy asked.

"I'm meet him there when I was 20, and he was 22."

"What were you in jail for? And him?" Leo asked. I hesitated before answering him, knowing that this could ruin our friendship.

"I... was in there for attempted murder, and he's in there for murder," before they had anything to say I add something else quickly.
"It was for a good reason. Mine was cause I was tired of my moms abuse, and he's in there cause he killed someone who did absolutely terrible things to his sister." I say fast. I put a hand over my chest to catch my breath. They didn't say anything for a minute.

"As long as you didn't kill someone for fun, then I really don't care." Sammy shrugs. But before anyone could say anything, I get a phone call from a number I don't recognize. I pick it up.

"Hey baby. I always knew pink was your color."

"What are you talking about?" I say, looking around confused. He let out a light laugh.

"Got out early. Turn around." He says hanging up. I get up and turn around and find him walking towards us. I run up to him, wrapping myself around him. He puts his hands on my ass to support me. We pull away and kiss, he slightly squeezes my ass, I let out a small moan. I pull away and get off him.

"God, I missed you so much." He said, slapping my ass.

"I missed you too." I say, walking to my friends.

"Guys, meet my boyfriend, the guy that I've been telling you about for the past 5 months." I say annoyed.

"So who's the guy that's been hitting in my boyfriend?" Jacob says, looking around until his eyes spot Leo who is making it quite obvious. He walks up to him.

"You ever hit on my boyfriend again you'll be added to my body count and not the sex kind. Got it?" He says with a smile. Leo nods at his words rapidly. I bite my lip, trying not smile. It was hot seeing him jealous. I drag Jacob out of there, apologizing to them. We were in his car heading to my house. Well, it's technically his cause he paid for it, but since I've been living in it I've been calling it mine.

An idea just popped in my head. I smirk as my hand reaches down my skirt. I let out a small moan as I rub myself through it. He didn't seem to notice, so I rubbed myself harder, this time I let out a louder one.

"What do you think you're doing, babe." He said annoyed.

"I don't know what you mean, daddy?" I say as I continue to rub myself. He grabs my wrist with one of his hands, not taking his eyes off the road.

"Stop touching yourself or else you'll be punished." He says.

"I don't have to listen to you!" I say, pulling my hand away. Of course I knew this was going to make him bad and be more rough with me, but I don't mind at all. He parks to the car in the driveway and walk to my side and pull me out. As soon as we get in the house, he slams me onto the door, holding my neck in his hands. I let out a gasp.

"Is this what you want? Huh? Want me to throw you around like the bitch you are?" His hand makes its way to my skirt, rubbing me hard.

"Ahhh!!" I moan, throwing my head back. I nod my head, mumbling a yes. He smirks and pulls his hand away and pick my up, so I had my legs wrapped around his waist. He walks to one of the rooms and lays me down on the bed. He kisses me roughly as he takes off my clothes.

He kisses down my neck and sucks on it rough. He made it to my nipples, biting and pulling them until they turned red.

"Can I suck you off, daddy? Please." I say, biting my lip. He sits on down on the bed and I get on my knees. I undo his belt and I take off his underwear and pants. His dick was right in front of me and I felt excitement. I immediately deep throat it, loving the way his cock pulses in me. He gets a hold of my head and doesn't hesitate to fuck me in the mouth.

"Fuck baby, just like that!" I look up at him with watery eyes. His head was back as he moaned in pleasure. I hollow my cheeks and suck him harder, soon he comes in my mouth and I swallow. He pulls my head back by my hair.

"Get on the bed and spread your legs open." He says slapping my face, not hard but hard enough for it to sting a little. I moan at the burning feeling. I get on the bed and spread my legs. He comes up to me and slaps the inside of thighs a couple of times.

"Daddy!" He smirks as he gets the lube that was sitting on the desk. He lubes up his two finger and rubs my hole with them. He then puts both in and starts moving them in and out.

"Fuck!! Just like that, daddy!" I moan out throwing my head gripping the sheets. He comes to my face and kiss me. His tongue makes its way in my mouth. His tongue overlaps with mine, mixing our saliva together. He then puts in another finger and starts to slam them in. My eyes go big, and I scream in pain and pleasure.

"Daddy y-you’re to rou-gh! Fuck!!" I say, trying to stop him from going any harder, but he pulls my wrist above my head.

"Isn't this what you wanted you dirty slut. Didn't you want me to fuck you rough? If you really want to stop then, say the safe word, otherwise shut up and take what I give you." He says chocking me. I soon come all over my stomach. He pulls out his fingers.

My thighs were shaking none stop, and I was breathing heavy. I felt some thing warm around my dick. I look down and see him giving me a blowjob. I then felt his finger back in my hole, thrusting in and out. I put my hands on his hair, pulling it.

"I'm gonna c-come." I say pulling his hair tightly telling him I'm coming. I come in his mouth and he swallows it.

"You ready baby?" I nod. He lines himself up to my hole and slowly pushes himself in and waits until I'm comfortable.

"Y-you can m-move." He doesn't waste time and pulls out, then slams back in.

"Damn you're tight." As he continues to pound into me, I felt him hit my prostate multiple time making me scream in pleasure.

"Choke me daddy!" He does what I say and brings both his hands to my neck, wrapping them around it. He doesn't put that much pressure.

"Harder daddy." He smirks, putting more pressure. He starts to pound into me and the harder he does, the more pressure he puts on my neck, making me moan loud.

"You like it when I choke you hard as I fuck you in the ass, you whore?" He says, removing one of his hands from my neck and slapping me across the face.

"Mmhm!! I love it, daddy! I love the way you fuck me hard!" My eyes roll back, and I have a dry orgasm. He pulls out and flips me over, so I was on all four. He slams back into me. He grips my hip with one hand and the other pulls my hair. After awhile he pushes my head down. He slaps my ass until it's red. He hits my prostate but this time harder.

"Fuck!! Rig-ht t-here!!" I say backing myself up more on him. He hits it again.

"You like it here, huh, you little bitch?" All I could do was moan and moan.

"Fuck, I'm gonna come, baby!" He says, going faster.

"Me too daddy! I want y-you to come on me, please." He then again pulls out and flips me over. He starts to choke me again. My eyes roll back as I come all over my stomach. He pulls out and comes all over my stomach. He bends down to kiss me after boy he pulls away. He takes his finger and scoops up a bit of my and his come. I open my mouth as it drips from his finger, and I swallow it.

We went for another 3 rounds. The next morning I woke up and saw that I had bruises on neck, thighs, ass, and my cheek.

I know I know it's been awhile. I’ve been going through something, so I wasn't really in the mode to write, but now I'm back ....... Maybe. Since it's almost Christmas break I will maybe get 2 or 3 one-shots out, but I can't promise it. I hope this lived up to your expectations from the last one shot.

Bye ☺️👋
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