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BxB one-shot smut

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Romance / Erotica
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Best friend

Andrew; 5'11, brow eyes, black hair, toned body, tanned skin, is straight (or so he thinks he is.)

Elijah; 5'5, blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, pale skin, openly gay, has a crush on his best friend Andrew but he doesn't know.
P.O.V Elijah
It's Friday night and I'm on the couch cuddling with my best friend Andrew. I always had a crush on him but he doesn't need to know that. Anyways we're watching a horror movie which I hate and he knows that but he but it on anyway. At first I was like this isn't that bad but then this bitch came out of nowhere and it scared the shit out of me. I jumped and hid my face in Andrews chest and that bitch laughed at me.
"It's ok, the scary part is over" he said and chuckled

"It's not funny" I pouted and looked at him with puppy eyes
"You look so cute when you do that face" he said
"Thank you my good sir" I said with a laugh.
"I could just eat you up" he said as he pinched my cheeks. 'I wish' I thought to my self.
I ended up falling asleep on him.
I woke up next to someone, I looked up and saw Andrew sleeping. Aww he looks so cute. I got up carefully, not wanting to wake him up. I walked to the kitchen and saw a note on the fridge.
'I will be gone for three days,I left money on the counter and your sister went on a trip with her friends so you'll have the house all to yourself so no party's. If I find out that something happened to the house I will kill you. Take care. Love you.'

Love mom

' I should ask Andrew if he wants to stay.' I walk over to the couch to see Andrew awake, on his phone.
"Good morning" I said, making him jump a little
"Morning" he said looking over at me and then kissed my cheek. I felt my face heat up so turn around and made my way to my room to change. Oh my gosh he kissed my cheek. I changed and brushed my teeth and went back down stairs and sat on the couch.
"So my mom is going to be gone for the next three days and my sister is on a trip with her friends so do you want to say over" I said
"Sure" he said with a smirk and when he has a smirk on his face that means he's up to no good. And I was right. Because he attacked me and started to tickle me. I fell and now was laying on the couch with his legs straddled me and he continued to tickle me.

"S-stop please stop" I said laughing. He stopped but he didn't move, he just looked at me and he was getting closer. He stopped when he was an inch away from me, then I felt soft lips on mine. I kissed him back, we made out for about 5 minutes until he pulled away and started to kiss my neck. I moaned when he found my sweet spot, I can feel him smirk. He continued to kiss,nibble,bite, and suck. He sat up and took off his shirt and he did the same with me. He started to kiss my neck again and his kisses trailed down to my chest and my torso. Letting small moans slip from my mouth. He picked me up, I wrap my legs around his waist as he walks to my room and laying me on my bed. Kissing my neck, chest and torso.When he was at my waistband, he took my pants off so I was just in my boxers with a boner.

He looked up at me with lust in his eyes. He crawled up to me until his face was next to mine.
"I've wanted for so long" he said with a husky voice. And let me tell you that turned me on so much. He went back down to my crotch. He kissed my inner thigh as his hands went into my boxers and was stroking my member. He went slow at first but he picked up speed and I moan load, he then takes my boxers off so I was completely naked. He licked my dick from base to the tip. He swirled his tongue around until he took me in his mouth. He started to bob his head fast I moan loud to let him know I'm almost coming.

I moaned his name as I cum in his mouth, he swallows my cum.
"Fuck baby you taste so good" he says
He came back up and kissed me. This time he kissed with more hunger,more rough. He pulled away.
"Let me see that pretty ass of yours baby,get on all four" he said. I did as I was told and got on all four. He spreed my cheeks and his face was in between them. I turned my head to look at him.
"What ar- OH FUCK" I moan as his tongue enters my hole. He tongue went in and out of me. After a couple of minutes he stops. He put three fingers close to my mouth and I knew what he meant so I sucked on them making sure they were covered with my saliva. He took them out of my mouth and he traced my hole with his finger.

"This is going to hurt but it'll feel good soon" he whispered in my ear. He placed small kisses on my back while pushing his finger in me. I whimpered cause it hurt but the pain soon went away as I start moaning.

"F-fuck faster" I moan and his finger thrusted faster into me. He added another fingers in me and it hurt but it went away as he starts to scissor his fingers.
"FUCK that feel so good mmmm" I moan as he adds another finger. He pulled his fingers out and I whine at the lost of pleaser. He get on his knees and lines him self up at my hole. He slowly pushes in me. When he was all in me he stayed there to let me adjust. I nodded to let him know that he can move. He slowly started to thrust into me.

P.O.V Andrew
I slowly start to thrust into him.
"Fuck baby, you're so tight" I said as my thrust start to even out.
"p~please f~ oh shit right there" he moans out as I hit his prostate.
"Use words baby boy" I said
"FUCK ME FASTER HARDER" he moans out. I do as he says. I completely pull out of him and he whines until I slam into him and his load moaned fill the room with skin slapping as I pound into him. I pull out and turn him over so he was on his back and I slam into him and thrusting hard and fast. I started to jerk him off following the same pace as my thrusting.

"I~I'm clo-AAHH" he moans as he cum's all over his stomach and chest. My thrust started to get sloppy.
"Fuck I'm close too" I said as I go faster and harder into him. I was close so I started to pull out of him.
"No, I want you cum in me" he said
After a few thrust I cum in him.
"I love you Elijah" I said as I lay next to him.
"I love you too" he said as he get up to get clean and I do as well.

As you guys may know, WEBTOON bought wattpad and is deleting like 90% of their smut book so just in case mine gets deleted I have another platform to write in. But I will still be posting on wattpad so if you want to check it out then my username is the same: allnamesataken.
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