BxB one-shot smut

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My bully

Ethan: 5,10 black hair,light brown eyes, tan skin, 18 yrs old,has a girlfriend named Kyle

Toby: 5,4, 17yrs old,dirty blonde hair, big green eyes, pale skin, is openly gay

Daddy kink and some good ass slapping and a little of dirty talk
Toby P.O.V
I'm sitting in science in the front of the class waiting for the teacher to come in. As I was lost in my thoughts I hear the door open, I asome it was the teacher but I was wrong. So wrong. It was the one and only Ethan. He was my personal and favorite bully( note the sarcasm if you couldn't tell.) The thing about Ethan is that he doesn't bully me for being gay, honestly I don't know why he bully's me he just does.

Ethan and his 2 friends that are in this class with him sit in the back as usual. The teacher walks in, Mrs.Dotson.
"Ok class today we're going to be doing a group project of 2. I choose your partners so when I tell you, your partner there is no switching. This project is due in two weeks so you'll have to work outside of school." "Daisy and Marco, Jose and Justin, .... Toby and Ethan......"
"You're kidding right, I don't want to be partners with HIM" Ethan says.

"I don't care if you don't want too" she says as the bell rings. As I was walking to my next class someone grabbed my wrist. I look who it was and it was Ethan and he looked angry.
"After school meet in the back of the school, we're going to your house" he says as he walks away. I roll my eyes at him as I continue to walk to my next class.
It was the end of the day I was walking to the back of the school to meet up with Ethan. I walked around the corner to see Ethan and his girlfriend Kyle arguing.

I turned around so they wouldn't see me. After a few minutes she walked past me angrily,they probably broke up. Again. I walk up to him. I didn't say anything cause it'll probably make him more mad. He grabbed my wrist and led me to his car. He opens the passenger seat and I say thanks,he didn't say anything. He got in the diver seat and I told him my address. We got to my house I told him parents aren't home. We went up to my room, he sat on my bed while I sat on the floor and we started to work on our project, well more like me, doing the project.

3rd person P.O.V
As Toby was working on the project, Ethan's phone range he picked it up and he saw that it was Kyle. He answered, while he was talking to Kyle, Toby got an idea. He started to palm Ethan on the crotch. Ethan groaned.
"What the hell do you think you're doing"says as he puts Kyle on mute.
"I don't know what you mean.......daddy" Toby say with an innocent face and voice. He continued to palm him faster. He could feel Ethan get hard. So he decided to go further, he unbutton and unzipped Ethan's pants so he was just in his boxer. He the also took off his boxer and Ethan's dick shot up. Toby smirked as he places his hands on Ethan dick.

He slowly started to move his hand up and down.
"I'll call you back later Kyle" Ethan said as he hangs up quickly. He moans as Toby's hand go up and down. Toby started to lick Ethan's dick from base to tip. He then proceeded to do that over and over again. He then put his lips around Ethan's length and started to bob his head. Good thing that Toby gag reflex. Ethan grabbed a hand hull of Toby's hair and thrusts into his mouth. He moans sending shivers down Ethan's body.

P.O.V Toby
I get up from his crotch so I was face to face with him he leans in and so do you. Our kiss was passionate at first but then is started to heat up and the kiss was filled with hungry. He pulled my into his lap. As we were making out I started to grind on his length. He groans into the kiss. He takes off my shirt and places his lips on my jaw and moving down to my neck. I moaned as he found my sweet spot. He continued to suck on it leaving a hickey. I take my pant and boxers off while kissing him.

"Get on all four." I do as I'm told and he on all four. He puts his finger to my mouth.
"Suck" he said. So I start to suck on his finger. I move my eyes to him, to see his head back and eyes close. He pulls his fingers out of my mouth and slowly starts to push it in. I whimper at the pain. Slowly starts to thrust his finger in and out of me. He then adds two more digit in me and I moan loud. He starts to go faster and deeper. My breaths are short as he twisted his finger in my tight hole. I turn my head "I want to ride you daddy" I say biting my lip. He then puts his back up against the wall.

I crawl on to his lap and he lines himself to my hole and I slowly push it in me. I throw my head back as I was still going down. As he was all the way in me I stay there so I can adjust to his size. I put my hands on his chest and start to bounce up and down. He puts his hand on my hips.
"You like my dick in you, you little slut" he says as he slaps my ass.
" yes!! I love being daddy's little slut!!" I moan out. He tightens his grip on my hip and pounds into me. Moans and skin slapping full the room. I bent down to kiss him. He pulls out and I whine at the lost of pleasure.

"Be a good boy and get on all four, for daddy" he says. I go on all four. He slams into be causing me to moan in pain and pleasure. He then slaps my ass a couple time,probably leaving a red hand mark.
"You're so tight baby fuuck" He puts his hands on my member and starts to stroke it. I moan as he pulls out of me again and slams back into me. He continues to pound into me.
"F~faster!! Harder DADDY!! Oh FUCK right there mmhm" I moan. I cum on the bed sheet. I grip the bed sheet as his thrust go harder and faster. I can feel my walls tighten more around his dick. His last thrust,he cum in me. He lays next to me, both panting.

"We should do this again baby" he says kissing me.
"I would love that daddy" I said falling asleep on his chest, his arms around my waist.

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