BxB one-shot smut

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The new femboy (part 1)

Levi: 5'4, likes to wear girl clothes, big hips, bubble butt, full pink lips, creamy beige skin, blue eyes, dads rich.

Alec: 5,11, toned body, caramel skin, captain of the football team, player unless he's interested in someone

Just saying this is a long story.


Levi POV
Hi my name is Levi I'm 18yrs old. I just moved to New Jersey. I start senior year tomorrow and I like to wear girl cloths because they look good on my body cause I have curves. Anyways im not that worried cause from what I've heard from people that in the school they don't judge you for being gay or anything like that which is good because I don't feel like dealing with assholes.

It Wednesday morning and I'm not ready to go to school. I fucking hate learning. Anyways I'm getting ready for school. Once I'm done I go down stairs to see my dad in the living room siting on the couch.
"Hey dad"
"Hey kiddo" He said "Ready for a school"
" yea"
"Well you better get going or your going to be late"
"Ok bye dad"

As I was entering the parking lot at the school everyone was staring at me or rather my car. I had a black Ferrari. I got out of my car and everyone's mouth was hanging. I walked to the school building and once I enter the school everyone eyes where on me probably because I had girl clothes or I'm new. I got a few cat calls but I just ignored them.

Alec's POV
It was Wednesday morning and I was at school with my friends, Micheal, Steven, Travis and Jake. Sitting on the stair that lead up to the second floor.
"Did you guys hear that there's going to be a new kid today, I heard it was boy" Jake said
"Bro I bet it's an ugly ass nerd" Steven says
"Well I guess we'll find out soon" as Jake said that the hall way went quit. We look who they were staring at and our jaws were hanging. It was a cute boy about 5'5 he was wearing a over sized blue hoodie, denim shorts with cuts on the ass area but you couldn't see his, he had black short under them, and he had black converse on. And let me tell you his body was fucking hot.

I decided to call him over.
"Hey, baby boy come here" I said Loud enough for him to hear me. He pointed at his chest and gave me a questionable look. I nodded. He walked his way over to me and my friends.
"Hi" he said in the sweet voice.
"Why don't you take a seat" I said
"Where?" He asked
"How about my lap"
It took him a couple of seconds to decide then he sat on my lap straddling me and putting his hands behind my neck.

Levi POV
I sat on his lap and put my hands behind his neck. He put his hands on my thighs.
"Could be help me find the office please" I said while running my finger up and down his chest.
"down the hall to your right" he said
I slid of his lap and said thank and walked to the office. I walk into the office and see the front desk and an middle aged woman behind it.
"How can I help you dear" she said
"Hi my name is Levi Miller I'm the new student" I said with a smile
"Oh ok let me get you, your locker number, lock combination, and your schedule." She said typing into the computer. When she was done she handed me my locker number and the combination and my schedule. I walked out of the office and I turned around the corner and saw the boy that called me over.

"Hey baby boy" he said with a smile on his face "My name is Levi, know that, that's done I have to go find my locker" I said as I was going to walk away but he grabbed my wrist lightly.
"Don't you want to know my name" he said
"No, not really cause I think you'll like daddy better" I said while biting my lip
"Fuck" he groaned
"Know could daddy help me find my locker and my classes please" I said
"Sure let me see the paper" I gave him the paper and he started walking to the lockers, I followed behind him. He found my locker and to my luck it was right next to his. He looked at the paper again.
"Guess we have every class together" he said with a smirk

"Guess we do" I said with a smile" the bell rang and it was first period was about to start. I followed as he walked to first period. We walked into class and everyone was staring at us. I just ignored them and walked to a set in the back of the glass and he, I should probably as for his name. Anyways he followed and sat to the seat next to me.
"Ok what's your name cause I'm not going to call you daddy all the time" I said with a smirk
"The names Alec" he said
"Well Alec nice to meet you" I said
As we talked for couple minutes the teacher came into the class
"Good morning class. Today we have a new student. Can you please introduce yourself please." Mr.Rodriguez said I got up from my seat.

"Hi my name in Levi I just moved here from New York" I said as I was introduced myself I felt someone stare at my ass and I knew it was Alec. After I introduced myself I sat back down.
"Can I have your number" he said as he faced me
"Maybe I'll give it to you during lunch" I said with a smile
"Fine" he said

Lunch time came by fast. As I was walking to the cafeteria with Alec on the side. I saw my best friend from New York, his name is Ray but I call him Ray Ray. When I saw him I smiled at him and ran toward him.
"Ray Ray" I said as I jumped on him wrapping my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. He put his hands around my waist to support me.
"Hey Levi" he said with a smile
"Hi what are you doing here"
"Can't I come to visit my best friend"
"Yea, YeA" I said as I go back down. I turned around to see the whole school looking at us. I just ignored them and grabbed Ray by his hands and lead him to the cafeteria. When we enter we sat at a table in the back. I sat down and Ray sat I front of me.

We were talking until a girl came over.
"Hey hot stuff, wouldn't you rather sit with me than,with this f*g" when she said that I let out a whimper as she said that last word. Ray must have noticed.
"Just so you know I wouldn't sit with a bitch that disrespect other so no I don't want to sit with" Ray said with annoyance in his voice. After he said that the girl stood there, shocked and anger held her face. She stormed off. We went back to talking and then someone else came, like fuck can't these bitches leave us alone. I looked who it was and I saw Alec.
"He Alec" I said with a smile
"He Levi" he said as he sat next to me
"Who's this?" Ray asked as he looked over to Alec

"Ray meet Alec, Alec meet Ray"
"Hey" Ray said as he held his hand out, Alec shook it. We talked until the bell rang. Ray told me he has to go back to New York today, I was sad but I know I'll see him soon.

I'm sitting in English with Alec sitting next to me. I was paying attention in class and writing down notes until I felt a hand on my inner thigh. I looked down and saw it was Alec's hand. I didn't pay any attention to him and just went back to listening to the teacher. I felt his hand go higher, he was right under my crotch.I let out a little whimper, not to loud for everyone one to hear but loud enough for Alec to hear. Alec then squeezes my thigh hard.

"A-Alec" I moan out quietly
I looked at Alec and he was looking at me with a smirk, before turning around he winked at me. He moved his hand so it wasn't on my inner thigh but on top of my thigh, I closed my thighs.

The bell finally rang. I got up and was about to walk away when someone grabbed my wrist, I look to see it was Alec.
"You sill haven't gave an me your number" he said with a smirk
" I don't know, do you deserve it after what you did to me in class" I said with a smile
"Please can I have, I won't do it again" he begged
"......fine....." I gave him my number and walked to my next class.

It was after school. I got my phone out to text my dad that I was out of school because I know he won't be home. As I was walking to my car I heard someone call my name.
"Hey Levi" I turned around and saw Alec.
"What do you want" I said trying not to Spain's rude
"I wanted to know if you needed a ride" he asked. I laugh but only in my head so he wouldn't hear me.
"No I'm fine, I have my own car"I said as I walked to my car
I turned around to see Alec jaw drop, I winked at him before going into my car and driving away from the school and heading home.

I got to my house and I saw nobody here so I checked my phone. I saw a text message from my dad.
'I won't be home until Friday night, I left money so you can eat out. Love you.'
I sighed and walked into my room and changed into something more comfy. I changed into a matching pj. I wore a light purple cropped shirt with grey shirt shorts on.

After I changed, I went on my phone and was scrolling through Pinterest. I got a text and saw it was from an unknown number.


Hey its Alec
What are you doing
Nothing just in bed
Want to come over ;) my dad isn't home
Sure 😏
(Random address)
Ill be there in 20 minutes

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