Beta Mates

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Book #2: The Mated Series Emitt Smith, one of a kind party animal with a knack for making people love him instantly. A sweetheart with a filthy mind, Emitt is loved by all, especially in his pack as the future Beta, living life in complete bliss except when it comes to a certain blonde guy. Beckett Stone, loyal friend with a heart of gold, adored by all of the female species, he's earned a reputation of a lovable jock. His sole purpose in life is to please his parents by being the amazing Beta they want him to be and to find his mate. Two packs merged, equaling two betas. How will they add up? Especially when they find out they're mates. (UNEDITED: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK)

Romance / Fantasy
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Author's Note

*alarm blaring in the background*

It’s been ages motherfuckers, I’ve missed y’all. If you knew to the fam, welcome welcome.
Just some quick things I want to say before getting into the book;

1. It’s a bxb book. I got to say it because some humans are clueless. This means dick and dick action and in my books, there’s a lot of that😅

2. This is book two to a series that is yet to be named, first book being Alpha Mates, you don’t have to read it to understand but I recommend you do if you’re new.

3. No hate comments. I had none in the other book and I don’t want any here. Keep your negative shit to yourself and leave if you are uncomfortable with my work.

4. Unedited, mistakes will slip in. Feel free to correct me if you see them.

5. If you’re an incoming Inkitt reader, my books were uploaded from Wattpad, so lots of author’s comment refer to Wattpad - they’re just too many books and too many chapters for me to weed out every

6. This book is different. You may love or hate the plot, hoping you love it. Hopefully, it’s equally as good as the first one or even better.

7. I miss Aiden and Julian.

8. Do not fetishize gay men. There’s a difference between enjoying some smut and a love romance, and put men in a ‘sex box’.

That’s it. Thanks for picking up the book and thanks to those who stayed with me after the first one.

Hope you enjoy,
Byeeeeeee humanssssss

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