Beta Mates

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Chapter 7

Beckett’s P.O.V

“Emitt.” I say approaching him as soon as he entered the school.

I didn’t care who saw, I couldn’t keep going on like this. I missed him so much and if he wouldn’t answer my texts or calls then this was the only solution left.
He continues to walk in a fast pace not even acknowledging my presence, each step pushing the knife deeper into the hole I felt without him.

“Emitt!” I groan loudly grabbing his arm, he pulls away quickly as he stops and glares at me. His eyes burning holes into me as people around us go quiet at the little exchange. “Can you please talk to me?” I beg ignoring all the annoying spectators, I didn’t care about them right now, I cared about him. He continues to glare at me when, for a split second, his hard front he’d been wearing for the past few days broke showing the pain I’d caused him before he walks away.

I let out a frustrated breath as I watch him leave not looking back liked I’d hoped he would. I lean against a locker, closing my eyes as I try to settle my disturbed body, it was like he’d reprogrammed me to function with only him and now that he was gone, I was lost.

The sad part was, I didn’t even know Emitt that well yet my entire world had been flipped upside down since the first day I met him and now that he wasn’t in it anymore I...I-I didn’t know what to do.
I couldn’t talk to my friends about it, even Isabel didn’t how deep our relationship seemingly ran and Julian wasn’t even an option. So I was left wallowing in my own regrets and despair.

It’s been almost two weeks and I miss him so much, his sweet smiles he’d send to me, his cute laugh, the way he’d crinkle his nose when he’d laugh, the way his skin felt against my own....

I miss him...


I swirl my fork around my plate as I play with my food, I zone out of the conversation Isabel was having with herself as Julian groaned once or twice to appear interested.

I keep my eyes trained on Emitt who was seated next to Aiden, he was smiling but he wasn’t really. His eyes catch mine making me heart stop as I sit up a little, they gloss over with pain before his eyebrows knit together as he frowns and looks away. Moving his body so he was no longer facing me, making me groan internally as Tobias whines a little.

“What’s wrong?” Julian asks suddenly making my head shoot up, my eyes only landing on him, Isabel nowhere to be found.

“Where’s Izzy?” I ask looking around.

“She left, a long time ago.” Julian drags as he squints his eyes at me. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Why?” I ask barely meeting his eyes.

“Beckett.” Julian calls, I raise my eyes to his slowly expecting to see boredom but surprisingly find him looking at me with clear concern. “I was going to leave you to get over this sad thing you’re going through, but it’s actually worrying.”


“I know you won’t tell me exactly what happened so summarize or something.” He says leaning into his chair as he crosses his arms. “I’ll leave it at whatever you say if you do, if you don’t I’ll start digging and you know I’ll find out everything if I do.” He warns making me sigh after a while as I decide to comply.

“There’s someone, they’re very special to me and I hurt them.” I start, glancing shamelessly at where Emitt was only to find his chair empty. “I hurt them really badly and now they won’t talk to me, and it’s killing me. I can’t think off anything else but then and I don’t want to, I want to fix it.”

“Friends.” He says before standing up and packing up his things. “Go to their friends.”

“What?” I ask as I frown watching him in confusion, there was no way in hell Emitt would ever say anything to Aiden.

“There’s always someone. Everybody has someone they talk too.” He replies before walking away with one final wave and a hint of a smile.

I groan as I lay my head into my arms on the table. Emitt wouldn’t tell anyone, he had many friends but the closest being Aiden. Well, Aiden and....that kid, the one who was in my pack. I saw him was Emitt whenever he wasn’t with Aiden.

What’s his name.....Mi-...Mih...


“Mickey.” I say trapping the small boy into a closet when school had ended, I managed to track him down and get his name, now I just needed him to help me fix my mistake.

“You got a good five seconds before my foot connects with your desirables.” He growls as he approaches me. “One, t-”

“Wait! Wait!” I protest immediately covering myself with my hands. “It’s about Emitt.” His eyes widen before a low growl leaves his lips.

“What do you want after what you did to him?” He growls aggressively, his eyes glowing as he forgets completely that I was his future beta. Any other day I’d put him in his place, but I needed his help so I’d suck up my pride.

“I want to make things right with him.” I say as he rolls his eyes. “I just don’t know how...”

“Let me guess, you want my help.” He says scoffing as he crosses his arms. “You don’t even like Emitt, don’t you think you’ve taken this game too far? You’ve done your damage, now leave him alone.”
The words cut deep, of course he thought that, that’s what Emitt still thought.

“I like Emitt, more than I should. He started off as a friend, a great one, but’s different. It’s killing me that I messed up, I hurt him and if I could take it back I would. I want to fix this, I really do, but I don’t know what to do.” I confess, I was surprised by my own words but I couldn’t hold back now. This was my last option. “Help me, please.”

“No.” He says pushing past me and heading to the door before stopping. “I won’t help you, because I can’t run to Emitt who is currently wandering around in the woods just outside the school and tell him what you just did.” He says stressing some points more than others. “Just tell him how you feel.” He finishes before sending me a wink and shutting the door.

I smile to myself as I thank him through our pack link before rushing out the room and heading towards where Emitt supposedly was. I pick up on his scent as soon as I hit the woods, I rush towards him, letting my feet take me as fast as I possibly could go, with my following that intoxicating scent.

When my eyes land on his small figure looking up at the tall trees that towered above us, I tackle him to the ground, pinning his arms next to his head, he stares up at me with widen eyes as he tries to fight against me immediately. If I let him go he’d run and I couldn’t afford to let him do that.

“Isabel told me to become friends with you for her own reasons, but I only did it for my reasons.” I say quickly, as I look down on his squirming figure. “I wanted to get to know you, I really did. I didn’t know why but I wanted to get closer to you, and I’m so happy that I did.” I say truthfully, he stops fighting against me at the words as he looks up at me with shining eyes. “I love to spend time with you, more than I should and it’s confusing, but I’m not fighting it. I didn’t mean to ever hurt you, I would never hurt you.” I say caressing his cheek as I slide my other hand into his own. “I’m so sorry, I really am. I don’t know what else I can say to make you believe me but I hope you do.” I say finally, gripping his hand tightly as I lower my face to his, loving how his scent was bombarding me from all angles. “I miss you Emitt.” I confess as I study every piece of him.

His breathing becomes ragged as he looks up at me with his eyes darting around mine in shock. I smile down at him as I run my hand through his hair, sighing contently at the feeling of his body entrapped by mine. His eyes travel to our hands before they return to mine.

“I want to believe you.” He confesses after some time, his unfocused eyes and rapid heart beat showing clearly his frustration in making his decision. “But you lied to me. I don’t even know if I should.....what you’re saying is l-”

“True. What I’m saying is true. I still mean what I said before, I do want to get closer to you, know more about you...” I say trailing his cheek as he bites the inside of cheek doubtingly. “I’ll do anything you want, please Emitt. Believe me.” I beg as I look down at him desperately. “I miss my donut.”

He studies me cautiously, the pain I caused still evident in his large green eyes that capsized me without trying. My skin was ablaze feeling him so close, I missed having his body way too much.

“Okay.” He says finally making my heart erratic as my lips stretch across into a wide smile. Before he could finish, I pull him into a tight hug, my entire body rejoicing at the connection as I snuggled my nose into his neck, inhaling him deeply. I feel my control slipping as I continue to inhale his skin, my lips tempted to connect with the beautiful skin that coated him.

I meant what I said, I liked Emitt. A lot. More than friends, but now wasn’t the time to try and figure that out. I just got him back.

“Y-You have to stop.” Emitt says pushing me away as he stands up. “You can’t keep doing that or a-anything with the..ummm.” His cheeks take a bright red as he tucks his hands into his sweater, his eyes avoid mine as he twirls his door behind his back. Practically begging me to jump him right here and right now. “You said you’d do anything.”

“And I meant it.” I fill in quickly. “Anything.”

“No more t-touching.”

“Done.” I say without thinking.
Would I be able to keep a distance between us? I loved having him right against me, in my arms, feeling his skin against mine... my lips on...his..

“O-okay.” He says shyly as he looks up at me with entrancing eyes. No touching would be hard, especially when all I wanted to do nowadays was feel every inch of him.


This is going to end horribly


Me: Can you come over today?

Emitt 🍩: no

Me: Why not?

Emitt🍩: I just can’t

I sigh as he visibly goes offline. We’d made up over a week ago but it didn’t feel like we did, it felt like I dreamt up the whole day in the woods and we were back to him ignoring me. We hadn’t talked once since, I texted him constantly but he was always too busy to meet somewhere away from the eyes of our companions. So I was left watching him from afar which was making the whole no touching thing ten times harder.

Tobias and I were getting frustrated. He would nod to me in the halls at most but nothing more, no secret smile or little giggle. Nothing. He barely texted me back, with nothing but short answers that were starting to piss me off.

Me: You’re coming over today.

Emitt🍩: I told you I can’t.

Me: Be at my house by four or I’ll go to your house.

I turn off my phone, not waiting for a respond. It was a cruel threat but if things kept going on this way I’d lose my mind. I needed to talk to him, no I needed hold him, but talking would have to do.


“Hi.” I say enthusiastically as I open my door to find a slightly frowning Emitt who was clearly upset.

“Hey..” He stretches before brushing past me and entering the house, the brief connection sending bolts of electricity through my body.

“Thanks for coming.” I say as follow him attentively, Goddess knows how much I’ve longed to have him in my home again. The warmth he brought to it was irreplaceable.

“It wasn’t really up to me.” He comments making my smile slip a little. Of course he’s mad, I basically threatened him.

“I made lunch.” His body immediately turns to mine as his eyes fill with glee that made me chuckle a little. “Pizza.”

“My favorite.” He comments as he looks at me with excitement, seesawing on his toes a bit.

“You’re favourite.” I reply with a smile before stretching out my hand for him, he goes to take it but stops himself as he slowly tucks it into his pocket. I frown angrily when I remember his the stupid rule. “Sorry, I forgot.” I say before tucking my hand away as well and heading to the kitchen with him following close behind me.

We eat with scattered conversation that I enjoyed more than silence but not as much as the long talks we once shared.

“Is your uncle here?” Emitt asks as I put on the tv, he curls into himself leaving an annoying distance between us.

“No, he usually isn’t. He comes in the night after work.” I reply with a weak smile as he thinks for a moment.

“What about your parents?”

“Basically nonexistent.” I say with a weak chuckle, his eyes soften as he looks at me. His hand wanders onto my own as he gives me a weak smile, I was however more concerned with the rush I felt due to the connection. He blinks repeatedly as I grip his fingers with my own, only intensifying the feeling.

“B-Beckett...” Emitt stutters as I pull him in closer to me, my body wasn’t moving in its own, I knew exactly what I was doing. This was all me. He settles on my lap making me smile as I run my hand down his waist, studying his entrancing form, my lips eager to meet his own. “N-no..touching.”

“Why not?” I groan as I tighten my grip on him, unconsciously pulling him closer as my body screams for more of him.

“Because i-its confusing...” He says eventually as he manages to pull himself away from me, panting slightly as he stands up while trying to regain control of himself. “I told you to stop.”

“Emitt...” I call standing up as I watch his scrambled form.

“This is why I didn’t want to come here. I told you, but you didn’t listen.” He groans as he grabs his things and makes his way to the exit.
I quickly catch up to him as I slam the door shut from behind him just as he opened it slightly.

“Why is it confusing?” I question as I keep my eyes on his small form that was entrapped by me. “Tell me why.”

“Because....” He groans as he turns around to face me, his back against the door, his wide, lively eyes looking up at me. “You’re doing things that....make me feel...”

“Feel what?” I question, he looks away from me as he tries to slip away but I push him back into the wall. Keeping his body still with my own, I tilt his chin up, bringing him excitingly close to me.

“.....s-stop.” He begs as I bring my lips closer to his, his breath teasingly brushing mine.

“Why?” I ask as I grip his waist tightly, the small figure fitting perfectly in my hand.

“Because you’ll do something you’ll regret...” He warns as his bites his bottom lip slowly, his eyes darting between his and my own lips.

“What if.....” I stretch as I brush my finger over his lips, my eyes trailing them. “...I won’t........regret it.”
His eyes dart up to mine, widening considerably as he studies me intensely, his heart racing along with mine as the tension between us thickens.

Before I could say anything else, he pulls my collar down attaching my lips to his. My eyes widen as he shuts his, sparks fly between us like a wild circuit as I feel my entire being come to life. I quickly kiss him back though he was much further ahead of me, his tongue already finding it’s way into my mouth as he explores me thoroughly, not that I was complaining. He doesn’t even put up a fight as he lets me control the kiss, submitting completely as our tongues dance together. I push him into the door more, driving my leg between his as my hand grips his thigh tightly. He moans into my mouth while dragging his hands up my back making my toes tingle at the mind-blowing feeling only he could give me. The kiss slows down considerably as I try to capture the taste of him completely, my hands keeping his face in place as he dug his into my hair, tugging my hair forward aggressively. I groan slightly as he bites my lip as I slowly pull back, only letting it go when I wasn’t so close anymore.

“Holy shit.” He mumbles as he pants heavily, I smile a little at his reaction before sliding my hand into his and slowly pulling him back into the living room. His things slide off of him as he follows me with bright cheeks, saying nothing as he bites his lip.

He pushes me down once we’re back in the tv room before straddling me on the couch. I inhale deeply as he closes any space between us, letting his lips brush mine teasingly. I groan angrily while he just smiles mischievously, giggling a little, I rub his thighs slowly before gripping it tightly making him take in a sudden breath.

“So..” He drags sounding a little nervous though he was still looking at me lustfully as his hands trailed my abs, his eyes following his fingers before they flick up to my own. “Do you regret it?”

I wrap my hand around his neck before pulling him into a kiss, kissing him aggressively as my hand continues to caress his thigh, going a little higher each time. He dominate the kiss completely as he moans uncontrollably into my mouth, grinding himself against me letting me know just how much he was enjoying this.

“Does that answer your question?” I ask once we pull back for air. He just smiles before kissing me again as he throws his arms around my neck, kissing me deeply with a smile taking his lips.


Took way too long for them to kiss.


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