Beta Mates

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Chapter 9

Beckett’s P.O.V

I immediately raise my head when Emitt’s scent trails under my nose lightly, the scent that I seemed to be infatuated with making my entire body buzz with excitement as my feet carry me towards him without permission.

I hadn’t seen him for the past two days and I had absolutely no idea why he just disappeared. No, that’s a lie. I saw the hurt and disappointment in his eyes when I basically forced him to leave, but I had to, nobody could ever find out about our relationship. Uncle Jack knew he was there, walking out of the house seconds after Emitt ran away, I told him he was just passing through and he allowed himself to believe it.

I tried calling him but it took me a while to realize his phone was in his bag which was in my house, that’s when I saw the name he had me save as. I didn’t know really how to react to all the tongue and eggplant emojis, but I laughed for some reason.
I couldn’t go and visit him, and his friend Mickey had no idea why he locked himself in his house, so I was left wandering the halls of the school with my own thoughts of regret.

When I catch a glimpse of the top of his smooth hair walking slouched amongst the people making up the crowded hallways, I all but run towards him as my eyes find themselves stuck to him alone. My heart was racing a hundred miles an hour and Tobias was pushing me ever harder to get to him, the need to have him in my arms increasing.

When he’s in arm reach, I pull him into a side closet before closing the door and locking it quickly. My entire being tingling as I finally lay eyes on the face that made my whole world shake.

“Where have you been?” I question immediately pretending like I hadn’t forced Mickey to tell me where he was.

“Home. I wasn’t feeling well.” He whispers, barely meeting my eyes. His green eyes not as bright as I know them to be, a bit dull now, he looked tired, in a form of pain I couldn’t recognize.

“What’s wrong?” I question rubbing his cheek with my palm, he doesn’t lean into it like usual but jerks away slightly instead. He stays quiet, his figure slouched reflecting the depressed atmosphere that he carried. “Is this about what happened when you came over?” He just sighs as his eyebrows knit together in clear frustration. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to kick you out like that, it’s just that t-”

“It’s not about that Beckett.” He drags with a strained voice, cutting me off. “It’s nothing.”

A frown develops on my own lips as I study him a bit more, his eyes slightly red with bags dragging them down, his usually wide smile replaced with a flat line of sadness.

“Why were you crying?” I ask making his eyes shoot up to mine in surprise, I pull him in a little closer as a strong wave of misery bounces off of him. “Emitt, what happened?” His lips start wobbling slightly as his eyes fill with unshed tears that make my entire world crumble as he hugs me tightly before he starts wailing into my chest. “Emitt, please tell me what happened. Did someone hurt you?”

The thought alone of someone laying a hand on my Emitt made my muscles tighten as I clench my jaws tightly, I knew he was strong but there were those who were stronger.

What would I do if someone hurt my Emitt?

“They’ll hate m-me.” He sobs into my chest as I rub his back soothingly while resting my chin of his head which was perfectly tucked into me.

“Who’ll hate you?” I question.

“E-everyone. My parents, Aiden,” He cries out before tightening his grip on my shirt, I hug him with a mind running rampant in confusion. Why would anyone hate Emitt? He was probably the most likable guy on the planet and he was so damn adorable it hurt sometimes. Aiden couldn’t live without the guy, the way he talked about his sister I simply couldn’t imagine a girl like that not liking Emitt, as for his parents, he rarely talked about them so I couldn’t be the judge of that.

The bell rings loudly disturbing our moment as Emitt pulls back from my arms as he tries desperately to stop his tears that kept flowing like a broken faucet. He rubs them desperately with light and quick sobs as he tries to collect himself, the whole thing making my heart ache with need. Need to see that smile again, need to see him happy like he should be.

“Let’s get out of here.” I say with a weak smile as I rub my thumb under his eye. “Where we can talk about this properly, okay?” He studies me for a bit before nodding slightly, I wait until there’s nobody else in the hallway before tucking him under my arm and leading him out of the school as quickly as I could. I’d have to make up some reason later as to why I ditched Julian and Isabel, mostly Isabel, Julian wouldn’t care.

Once we’re in my truck, I look across at Emitt to see him already buckled in and looking out of the window. I grab his chin, turning him towards me before taking his lips with my own. Making sure to kiss him slowly as I try to convey how much I cared for him through the kiss, but of course it wouldn’t be us if I didn’t bite his lip a bit making him moan a little in excitement he couldn’t help but feel. The sound always made my world blur as a wave of lust took over me in that moment. I pull away before pressing another light kiss to his lips, looking up at him, my eyes meeting his shocked, slightly dazed ones. I make sure to keep the distance between us small as his breath fans over my lips teasingly.

“I could never hate you Emitt.” I whisper as I study him, his eyes fill with slight relief but mostly adoration I think. I kiss him again, this time much more aggressively as I let my hand caress his thighs before gripping them tightly as my tongue invades his mouth, tasting him completely as my body begs to get more of the flavor of him I missed so much. He moans into my mouth as he follows me blindly making me smile against his lips at how eager he was, I pull back panting slightly as he does before I sit back into my seat and start up the car. “You’re too sweet to hate.” I say with a smirk once I catch the glimpse of disoriented, heated form before I pull out of the parking lot and head to our first destination.


“This is so gooooddd!” Emitt stresses as his eyes roll back while he bites into his seventh cinnamon stick. I brought him to Pizza Hut since I knew how much he adored pizza. However, my brain basically exploded when I found out he’d never had the cinnamon sticks before, so of course I ordered him some, a box of twelve he was devouring at the speed of light.

“I can’t believe you’ve never tried them before.” I say chuckling at him, smiling contently at the light that took his eyes like they should.

“You know how old werewolves are always raving about the natural meals with the hunt or whatever, I get enough shit from my parents about being a pizza fanatic, I never had the balls to try anything else.” He reveals as he picks up his eighth stick.

“Well, I’m happy that I was able to enlighten you.” I say taking the stick from his mouth, his eyes widen in surprise as they follow their stolen food before the land on me with anger. He jumps forward as he bites the end of the stick, chomping down on it aggressively as he eats his way up the stick. He’s so focused on the food that he doesn’t even realise when his lips had reached inches away from mine, he swallows blushing brightly as he sits back into his seat looking into his lap shyly.

“Thank you.” He whispers quietly, receding into himself like he often did when we first met. He was more open since our first kiss, but I did like his shy side too. It made me excited for some reason and I always wanted to tease him because of it.

“No problem, donut.” I drag teasingly as I rub my foot against his leg under the table. He jumps in surprise before he visibly shivers from the touch as sparks flew between us, his eyes becoming heavy with need. “Are you ready to head out?”

“W-where are we going?” He stutters as I drag my foot a bit higher steadily.

“I got somewhere I think you’ll enjoy.” I say pulling my foot away right when I was about to brush his inner thigh. “I’m not going to tell you so don’t ask.”

“I wasn’t going to. I love surprises!” He exclaims with a gleeful smile that captures him completely.

“Noted.” I say before standing up. “Let’s go.”

“Ummm.” He stretches as he slides out the booth before watching me nervously. “Can I...get some for cinnamon sticks? I’ll pay for them.”


“I know I’m being a cow, but I really like them and I’ll be hungry again by the time we sit down in the car and y-”

“Emitt.” I say cutting him off as he watches me with a open mouth before shutting it tightly. He bends his head in unnecessary shame as he walks towards the counter only to be greeted with another box of cinnamon sticks I ordered for him earlier.

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” He says happily as he goes to hug me but stops himself looking around the restaurant carefully. “Wait until we get back to the car.” He whispers before skipping off towards the exit as I walk behind him with a smile not nearly as bright as the one he had.

That’s my little donut.


“Give it a chance.” I instruct once I see the disappointment drown Emitt’s pretty little face.

“I don’t know how I’m supposed to give the zoo a chance.” He grumbles as he leans forward to look through the car window, getting a bitter glimpse as I park the car.

“It’s simple really. You go in and you enjoy.” I say leaning over to press a quick kiss to his forehead but he jumps up just in time to catch my lips. “You little minx.”
I comment once he pulls away, he giggles mischievously before sliding out of the car before I could get my hands on him. I follow behind him as we make our way into the place that held some of the greatest memories of my life but he didn’t need to know that.

“What do you want to see first?” I question after we buy our tickets, keeping a more than annoying distance between us, shamelessly brushing our hands every now and then to relish in that indescribable rush that took over my body.

“It doesn’t matter really.” He says in clear boredom as he kicks around a stone, I sigh as I direct us towards the information board hoping something would catch his eye.

“Just have a look, please. There might be something that you like.” I say gently, he obliges as he lifts his head with a sigh, his eyes quickly scanning up and down the long list before they settle on one animal. Immediately filling with life, he bounces on his toes a little before he’s full on jumping with a smile so wide I thought his face would tear.

“Pandas!” He screams before grabbing my hand without a care in the world and dragging me towards the exhibition, I was one hundred percent sure he had absolutely no idea where he was going but who was I to disrupt his joy. “Why didn’t you tell me there were p-pandas?! I love pandas! I love them so much of my God! You know, this one time, Lucy took me to see a panda show, yeah, t-that’s a thing. Anyway, she got us VIP passes and I g-got to touch them and there were so soft! And I-I couldn’t stop t-......wait, where are we?”

“This way.” I say pointing in the direction, he doesn’t give me a chance to lead as his takes off again, his hand still gripping my own tightly. I find myself smiling happily as I look down at the hyperactive, little ball of energy that was Emitt. He was still raving on about Pandas and their fascinating biology, I wanted to listen, I really did but seeing him happy took all my attention.
He doesn’t even realize how cute he is.


“Beckett look! Look! He’s waking up!” Emitt practically screams in my air, I slowly wake from my slumber checking the time to realize we’d been in this place for almost six hours.

When we first got to the stupid panda sight, we had to wait in a line for a whole hour. When we made it through that, we came across the wonderful sight of the panda. Sleeping! And it wasn’t even the whole thing, it was like his feet and his fat ass. Yet somehow, Emitt was fascinated by the thing as watched on with amazement. I somehow managed to drag him away to see other things which he enjoyed, penguins, lions, various birds, even giraffes. But in the end, despite my clear opposition to it, he dragged me right back to the sleeping panda to wait for him to wake up. And now the thing was finally awake and Emitt was seconds away from fainting.

“He’s looking at me! He’s looking at me! Oh my god! Beckett!” He screams jumping up and down as his hands stay glued to the glass along with the face I kissed regularly, making me question where that thing had been.

“Yes I see him Emitt.” I say calmly as I secretly snap a couple pictures of the panda that was strangely getting closer to Emitt who seemed on the verge of tears.

“He’s so beautiful.” Emitt all but cries as he leans against the glass.

We stay like this, Emitt raving about how amazing the panda was before a worker kindly asked to leave since the place was closing.

“Did you see his fur?! I just wanted to hug him!” Emitt screams with bursting excitement as I make my way down the highway, pulling into a Five Guys drive through. “And he was so big! And cute and adowable with his wittle furry bwelly! UGHHHH! He’s so fucking fluffy!”

“I know. I was there.” I comment before placing the order, Emitt yet to realize I was in one of his favorite burger joints.

“Why can’t you be that cute?” He groans making me chuckle as I drive to the next window.

“I don’t know. I’m cursed to look like this.” I say gesturing to my body that I knew he liked, and if he liked the way I was, then nobody else mattered.

“Some curse..” He says with a scoff as I take the food before heading out on the road again. “Oh, I love this song! Ohhhhhh sometimes, I get a good feeling. Yeahh! I get a feeling that I’ve never, never, never had before yeah I get a good feeling yeah!”

“Ohhhhhhh sometimes, I get a good feeling, yeahhhhh! I get a feeling that I’ve never, never, never had before yea. I get a good feeling yeah!” We sing together as I roll down the windows allowing the afternoon breeze to invade the car as Emitt dances in his seat. A smile takes me lips as we sing together loudly, ignoring the stares of passers by and laughing with those who sang along.

I stop at a nearby cliff top not too far from our packs, hidden behind layers off trees, deep in the woods giving an amazing view of the lands we loved. The sunset coating the tree tops lightly, pinks and oranges blending together viscously as the sun shined slightly as his faded below the almost golden clouds.

I hand him his food making his singing stop as I turn down the volume of the music. He shuts his mouth in shock as he looks down at the bag of still warm food.

“When did you...” He says before looking around. “Where are we? What the fuck is happening?”

“You’re so oblivious.” I say chuckling in amusement as I take out my own food. His cheeks fill with color as he closes his legs together shyly. “Don’t worry, I like that about you.” I say before taking a bite into my burger. He stares at me for a full minute before stopping only when I look at him in confusion.
I wish I could tell him how I really felt but I was too scared of losing him.

“Thanks.” He mumbles after we finish or food while rubbing his full stomach.

“No problem.” I say before getting out the car before going to his side of the vehicle. “Get out.”

“But I’m comfortable!” He groans angrily, I say as I lift his out carefully before resting him on my truck hood before sitting with him.
We cuddle together as the chilled air rushes past us, the warmth he brought making me smile contently as he nuzzled himself into my neck.

“Did you have a good time?” I ask finally as we watch the sun set together.

“Yes. I loved it all. Especially th-”

“The panda. Let’s not get into his fluffiness again.” I say making him frown a little.

“Thank you Beckett.” He says sitting up to look me in my eyes. “I don’t think I would’ve made it through today if it wasn’t for you.”

“Pleasure to be of service to you.” I say smugly making him smile a little. “I know you don’t want to talk about it, but I hope you know that I’m here for you.”

“I know.” He mumbles, his eyes filling with joy as his heart thumps loudly in his chest along with my own.

“I’d do anything for you Emitt.” I say rubbing his cheek gently, smiling when he leans into it. “Anything.”

He kisses me before I could get to him, humming in content we kiss happily as my arms slide around his waist pulling him into my lap. His arms resting on my shoulders as we kiss slowly, taking in every last drop of each other as our bodies buzzed in equal excitement only the other could give.
I smile against his lips as my mind fills with the thought of Emitt and the light he brought into my life already.
I wish I could spend my life with him, only him, all the time.

I wish he was my mate

Sorry I took so long. I know I know I’m horrible.
I’ll really try to start writing as much as I can.

Thanks soooo much for sticking around and reading.

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