Beta Mates

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Chapter 11

Beckett’s P.O.V

“I’m scared.” Emitt mumbles into the phone. It was the night before the coronation and we’d been talking for hours now, yet it felt like only minutes.

“Everything is going to be fine.” I say reassuringly yet I barely believed my own words.

We were going to die. We were all going to die.

I thought that everyone who was talking about our eternal doom was being a tad bit dramatic.
But then the fight broke out last night.

The packs’ Lunas held a small event for all the ranking wolves and all those who’d be taking their positions last night. A sort of passing on the torch dinner before they actually did it at the coronation.
Things were looking up with Aiden and Julian being seated on the two far ends of the massive table leaving no room for them to possible get at each other’s throats. But of course, they found a way.

By the time they shifted and abandoned their fists for their claws, the room was thrashed, furniture beyond repair and both sides trying to calm the two down. My attention was on Julian of course, but, every now and then, I’d let my eyes slip Emitt’s way to make sure he was okay. Emotions I didn’t recognize but ones I didn’t disapprove of either. Moments like that it really did make me think we were mates, that split moment where I payed more attention to my boyfriend than my future Alpha.

Wait, boyfriend....

“Hello!” Emitt shouts into the phone bringing my attention back to him.

“Yeah. I’m here sorry, zoned out for a second.” I say rolling onto my back.

“It’s fine. It doesn’t seem real Beckett.” He whispers into the phone, his voice so clear it felt like he was right beside me. “I’ll be the beta of the Dark Woods Pack this time tomorrow.”

“And you’ll be an amazing one.” I confirm.

“You too.” He says supportively, the enthusiasm in his voice bringing a smile to my lips. “I know you’ll go down in the books for sure.”

“You’re too kind Emitt.” I whisper letting my fingers run over the crumpled sheets where he’d usually be. “But I like that about you. That along with your quirkiness.”

“Stop!” He squeaks adorably probably balling himself up in embarrassment. “You don’t say stuff like that over the phone you dork.”

“I’m sorry.” I say sliding off the bed when the doorbell rings. I run down the stairs smiling widely at Emitt’s cute little squeals as I continue to compliment him with only the truth. Opening the door, the color drains from my face when my eyes land on my mother and father.

“Beckett.” My mother says crisply while eyeing my phone.

“I have to go.” I say into the phone, hanging up before he could respond. I stuff the phone into my back pocket before I step aside to let my parents into an empty house that just got much colder.

“What are you doing here?” I ask in a state of shock, the image of my parents before me after so long incomprehensible to my brain.

“It’s why are you here, Beckett.” My mother corrects while dragging her finger along a low table before rubbing off the dust that collected. “And is that any way to speak to your parents.”

“Must we remind you that it’s your coronation tomorrow, by the looks of it you’ve forgotten.” My dad comments, referring to my phone call and the fact that they hadn’t found me rehearsing a speech or something. “Where is Jackson?”

“He’s working.” I reply much quieter than I intended as I watch them survey the house.

“As always.” My mom comments. “Does he work so much that he can’t clean his own house? This place, you live here?”

“I have no where else to go.” I say through clenched teeth.

“Don’t be foolish Beckett, you know our residence is empty.” My dad says sitting in Jack’s chair.

“Exactly. Empty. At least here I have Jack.” I reply making them both scoff. They disapproved of Uncle Jack like they disapproved of everyone who wasn’t above their own status. And owning a diner like Uncle Jack did was at the bottom of the barrel for them, if it wasn’t for my stubbornness they would’ve never allowed me to ever be near him. Believing he’d ‘taint’ me.

“Enough of the matter. We’re here now.” My mom says turning to me after she finished giving the house an evaluation. “Come here.” She whispers with open arms and a wavy smile.
This is what always got me in the end. That look they’d give me. The one that broke through their masks that they wore so well. The one that reminded me of who I knew them once to be. The one they gave me that I’m sure I returned to them. The look that showed how much we missed each other. Truly.

Without hesitation, I hug my mom tightly her arms immediately wrapping around me. I close my eyes as I enjoy the feeling of my mom this close again, there was clearly a gulf between us that had formed over the years but I still treasured moments like this.

“Get in here.” My dad says once my mom releases me making me chuckle as I crash into his bear hug. He was always much bigger than me and left me no room to put up a fight.

I knew they were working hard all the time, their jobs being very important for the pack to even function. So when they started changing I didn’t complain, when they stopped coming home a couple nights of the week I didn’t complain, when they started missing birthdays I didn’t complain. And I still didn’t. I wouldn’t.
They worked day and night for me and the pack and if that meant I lost my parents a bit in the process then I’d have to live with that and work extra hard to make sure I could show them that it wasn’t in vain. That I would be something for them.

“Are you ready for this?” My mom asks seating me down on the couch with her.

“Yes.” I say truthfully yet she raises an eyebrow suggesting otherwise. “I’ve been ready since I was eight, you made sure of that.”

“And I’m happy that I did.” She replies with a proud smile that defied her words. “I’ll be watching tomorrow.”

“You’ll be there? At the coronation?” I ask in surprise glancing between my parents.

“Well we didn’t travel so far to see you for a night and leave.” My dad says chuckling as if it was most ridiculous idea he’d ever heard, like if there wasn’t I time when he once would. “We’re staying for the week.”

“That’s great.” I say with bubbling excitement. I open my mouth to say something but the buzzing of my phone makes me stop as I slide it out quickly to decline the call, I hesitate slightly when I catch Emitt’s name. Seeing all the worried 42 messages he’d sent made my heart squeeze itself with guilt.

“Put the phone away Beckett, its rude.” My mother comments bringing my attention away as she slips back into his icy persona.

“I need to make a call.” I say standing to my feet but her hand latches around my wrist tightly as she stands with me.

“Beckett. We’re talking as a family. Don’t waste this time, this is important.” She says slowly as her eyes study me closely.

“Well they’re important too.” I say unconsciously gesturing to my phone as I think about all the things Emitt could be conjuring up in that mind of his at why I wasn’t reply or answering his calls. “Now if you’d excuse me.” I say pulling my hand away as I go to call him back.

“I hope you aren’t seeing anyone.” The words make me stop as I hold my phone tightly in my hand. “Beckett, you aren’t involved with anyone are you?”

“No.” I lie fearing for their reaction.

“If you’re going to lie control your heartrate.” My dad says icily as he stands to his feet as well, making his way to my mother’s side so they stood as a pair I knew I couldn’t face alone.

“What’s wrong with seeing someone?”

“Don’t be an idiot and show it.” My dad snaps. “You’re a beta, with a mate out there. You’re going to be eighteen next month and y-”

“Three months.” I growl clenching my fists. “I’m going to be eighteen in three months.”
I catch the guilt flash through their pained eyes but it goes as quickly as it appeared.

“It doesn’t matter. You can’t get involved with anyone so soon.” My dad says brushing off the topic.

“Why not?!”

“Because you’ll find your mate soon and then what happens when there’s a stray wolf wandering around sadly for you?!” He shouts angrily. I push the words away knowing that if I took any truth in them it’d affect Emitt and I.

“Well I don’t want to find my mate!” I spit angrily, not letting myself regret my words for a moment as their faces contort in horror.

“You won’t be Beta if you don’t get your mate.” My mom spits harshly.

“I’ll be beta tomorrow.” I spit back.

“Not if I can stop it.” She growls making my eyes widen in surprise.
Would she honestly try and take away something like being beta of the pack from me?

“You won’t be able to.” My eyes trail to the source of the voice basically popping when they landed on Julian. He was panting slightly as he ran his hand through his long shiny hair with deadly blue eyes. “I’ll be Alpha and I won’t have anyone else as my Beta.”

“Julian?” My mother questions in confusion as he closes the front door behind him.

“That is my name.” He says sarcastically.

“You don’t understand what B-”

“I don’t need to understand.” He says coldly walking towards the pair that were clearly intimidated by him like most were despite the age gap. “Beckett will be my Beta and there’s nothing you or anyone else can say to change that.”

“Julian I-”

“I have to talk to Beckett now so if you’d please excuse us.” Julian says cutting them off making all our eyes widen in surprise. “Alpha business, you understand.”

“Yes..” My dad drags before he takes my mom’s arm and they exit the house with boiling rage.

“Are you okay?” Julian asks once they’re out of earshot, his eyes filling with an unfamiliar concern.

“Yeah. How did you know to come?” I question as we walk to the living room.

“My father told me they were here and I knew what damage they could cause if unsupervised.” He comments as he studies me for signs of ‘damage’.

“Did you run all the way here?” I ask carefully as I squint my eyes to study him.

“It didn’t take long.” He comments brushing it off like if he didn’t just do something humane.

“Julian, this house is the furthest in the pack lands. We’re basically on the boarder.”

“So was I supposed to leave you alone? If so, I won’t come next time.”

“No.” I say with a growing smile as I look at my best friend. “Thanks. I needed that.” I say before hugging him before he could jump away. I expected him to push me away like he often did, not liking contact too much but he surprisingly hugs me back.

“Just this once.” He mumbles as I tighten my grip around him.

You’re the best Julian.

I know - He replies through the link making us both laugh.


I wake up to the sound of my annoying alarm that I don’t remember setting. I groan loudly as I let my hand search aimlessly for the loud device. I switch it off without looking, doing it enough times to do it in my sleep, literally.

Just when I’m on the verge of falling asleep once again, the alarm blared loudly making me growl in anger as I pick it up and throw it at the wall praying it was broken. It’d be a probably for future Beckett if it was broken, present Beckett wanted to sleep and that’s what was important.

I fall back asleep without anymore issues, my phone presumably broken.


“Beckett!” My Uncle Jack shouts making me groan once again, couldn’t I be left alone to sleep until I had to go to the coronation. “You’ve got a visitor.”

“Tell them to fuck off!” I holler back in annoyance. My sleepy time was being deprived from me and I would blow if this continued.

“They’re heading up!” He shouts. Useless. He was fucking useless. “I’m going to help set up for later, behave!”

I ignore the sound of soft footsteps heading to my room as I try to roll myself into my sheets. There’s a knock on the door but I ignore it, another follows that I ignore as well, when it creeps open I roll my eyes in annoyance.

“Beckett...” A voice that I immediately recognize calls making me basically jump out of my bed to see Emitt.

“What are you doing here?!” I ask quietly despite the fact that we were the only two in the house as I rushed towards him.

“I’m s-sorry but y-you weren’t answering my calls or texts.” Emitt stutters as his eyes search my body throughly to see if I was okay. “And last night y-you just hung up and I didn’t hear f-from you again.” He says with eyes that become slightly glossy as he looks at me with pained eyes making my heart fill with guilt as I pull him into my arms.

“Please don’t cry baby, I’m sorry.” I say holding him under my chest as he clenched onto me tightly.

“I thought.......I d-don’t know, I thought s-something happened to you. Or y-you were mad at me. Did I-I do s-”

“You did absolutely nothing wrong, don’t even consider that. I’m sorry, I was going to call you back but I forgot. This is on me, I’m sorry.” I say as he pulls back slightly, his face clear of tears thankfully with a weak smile offered to me.

“Okay....” He says letting out of breath of relief before his eyes widen in shock. “I can’t believe I came here like this. Beckett I am so sorry. I wasn’t thinking, I should’ve snuck in at least o-or h-”

“It’s fine Emitt. It’s fine.” I say shushing him as I palm his cheek a little. “No harm done.”

“I’m sorry.” He mumbles quietly as he looks down at his feet.

“Baby, don’t be.” I reply making his eyes shoot up to my own as his cheeks take flame. “What?”

“N-nothing.” He stutters his eyes avoiding mine as I smile to myself. “It’s just you called”

“Do you not like it?” I question teasingly knowing he loved it, his bright green eyes find mine immediately as they show clear panic.

“N-no. I don’t mind.” He says quickly making me smile as I take his lips with my own. He hums in delight as I kiss him hard, loving the electrifying buzz that ran through my body from the feel of his perfectly soft lips moving against my own. He opens his mouth without being told letting my tongue slide in with ease as I let my hands trail their way down to his waist as he tip toes to pull me down more to him. Our tongues move in sync as we try to get more of the other, my emotions getting the better of me as I lift him with a sudden hunger for him.

I smile against his lips as I crash him into the wall, grinding into him roughly as he moans into the kiss, his hands grasping my hair tightly as I attack him ferociously. He moans beautifully as I dominate him easily, him submitting perfectly as I transport us to the bed.

“B-Beckett....” He moans not knowing how crazy it drove me every time he moaned my name. I rip his shirt open without thinking making him squeak a little as he immediately covers his chest with his arms while his cheeks light up and his eyes go wide. “M-maybe we should slow down.”

“No.” I growl. My voice deeper than usual as Tobias urges me to continue, pushing me on as I slowly loosen my grip on the restraints I was trying to keep on myself. “Move your arms.”

“I d-don’t want to.” Emitt stutters shyly as he sinks into mattress, I was a bit worried I was scaring him but the bulge in his pants begged to differ.

I grab his wrists roughly, pinning them above his head before I start peppering kisses down his chest, letting my other hand trail his smooth skin gently.

“B-Beckett.” He moans beautifully as my mouth makes it way up to his collarbone, sucking on it aggressively I push his arched back into the mattress as I start squeezing his member through his jeans. “Nghhhhh.”

I somehow manage to pull myself away from his delicious skin as I tug down his tightly fit jeans. He pants breathlessly below me with eyes drowning with lust as I stare down at his mouth watering form, I didn’t think I’d be this excited to have him lying like this for me. I mean, I’d had a couple of dreams resembling this scene in front me, but I brushed them off not wanting to think about them too much and now I wanted nothing more but to make them a reality.

I hover over him, my eyes connected to his as I slowly start palming him, the thin fabric wet already. He was panting, eyes fluttering shut every now and then when I’d reach his tip and mewling perfectly when I’d suck his neck and he’d shiver below me.

“M-More....” He begs after a while of me teasing his leaking member, I smile to myself as I grip his shape over the fabric before running my finger up his length slowly. “Ahhhhhh!”

I wanted to taste him. Lick his length that I’m sure was sweet. Then suck him dry. But I don’t think I was ready for that, I may react differently and it’d hurt Emitt more than I could even bare to imagine.

So instead, I rip his underwear off leaving him completely exposed. His body was toned with faint abs that were hard to see but I liked that, he had muscle but it wasn’t too visible. His body was beautiful to watch, every part of it made my member pulse with excitement.

Before he could complain, I take his member in my hand and stroke him steadily making a loud moan escape his lips as he buckles into my hand.

“Ahhhhhh!” He screams when I pick up the paste, his squirming form exciting me more than I could ever imagine. He shivers below me as he clenches the sheets tightly when I suck on his collarbone again, determined to leave a mark. “Yesssss Beckett!”

I take his lips with my own as I stroke him faster, squeezing his member every now and again making him moan loudly as he leaked in my hands.
I pull back letting my lips reach his erect nipple that I lick gently.

“Ahhhhhh!” He screams at the action, pulsing in my hand. I look up at him to see him completely unraveled, his glossy eyes drowning with need and lust. I suck on the nipple hard before biting it viscously. “F-fuck!”

I nibble on it before transferring to the next one as I continue to stroke him, loving how he became so beautifully undone from my touch.


“Yes love.” I whisper in his ear before tugging on it with my teeth making him shiver below me.

“I’m nghhh....I’m gonna ahhh!” He squeals before streams of cum shoots out of him before they land on his chest.

I look down at him with a painful erection as I stare at his naked form, his chest covered with his own essence and his member slightly twitching as he opens his eyes.

“How was that?” I question pressing a light kiss next to his lips.

“Amazing.” He says with a huff as he sits up to capture my lips, I let him take control as he drapes his arm around my neck and kisses me lovingly. I tried not to think about the fact that he was completely naked because if I did I’d probably take it much further.

“I have to go.” He mumbles after breaking the kiss making me groan with disappointment, he was in my lap with some of the sheet covering him a little.

“Can’t you stay?” I question sliding my hand under the sheet as I grab him ass firmly making him shake on me as his eyes flutter shut with a low moan.

“N-no..” He answers as I transfer my hand to his already erect member. “We just....”

“I know.” I whisper as I stroke him extra slow, if he was going then I’d enjoy myself while he was still here. “Touch me too.”

His hands find my jeans like a magnet as he pulls down my zipper and tugs my pants down a little before taking out my erection. He looks at it nervously with a thumping heart before he starts stroking me making me growl at the insane feeling of his hands surrounding my member, the bolts of electricity rushing through my entire body.

“Good boy.” I whisper in his ears making him grow harder as we continue to stroke each other. “Do you like this?” I tease, circling his tip with my thumb.

“Y-yes.” He strains as he thrusts himself into my hand. I look at him lustfully as he moans lowly with heavy eyes, his face so fucking hot as he silently begged for more.
Looking at his neck, it was peppered with marks I left making me smile proudly. He was mine, only mine. I bite down on his collarbone again making him moan loudly as I start stroking him faster.

“Ahhhh!” He screams as his hands slow down around me, not that I minded too much though it’d have consequences. Seeing him this way was more than enough. “B-b-becknnnghhh!”

“You’re so beautiful.” I whisper in his ear making him shiver as he leaks in my grasp. “So fucking perfect.”

“S-stop.” He begs, his member growing harder with each comment.

“I love the way you moan my name. It’s perfect coming from you. Your beautiful moans. Those lips.” He shakes on me as he clenches to my shoulders, I stroke his faster feeling him drawing closer. “And that face. Looking at me like you want more. What is it exactly that you want?”

He grinds out as I chomp down on his ear.

“Want me to bite you? Kiss you. Lick you.” I comment I drag my tongue along his ear making his buckle as he moans into my ear.

“B-Beckett....I’m g-gonna.” I grip his member tightly when he was on the verge of releasing making tears spring from his eyes as he shakes above me. “Nghhhh! Stop it!”

“You were supposed to touch me too.” I comment surprised at my own actions, but I just wanted to tease him some more.
His shaky hands meet my member that he strokes quickly, I kiss him aggressively as we bring each other to new heights. Biting his lip, he lets me into his mouth as I let my tongue dominate him completely. Tasting him fully as our hands work on each other.

“Good boy. That’s great baby.” I comment as he continues to stroke me. He moans suddenly while his member pulses making me realize he loved when I complemented him.

“Ahhhhh!” He moans when I squeeze his member, peppering kisses up and down his neck.

“Don’t slow down.” I growl as he starts losing control of himself, squeezing him tightly he moans loudly before stroking me quickly once again. “Good boy.” I comment feeling myself drawing closer to the edge as I watch his dazed form shaking on top of me. The sight alone made me leak.

“Can I-I nghhhhh pleaseee cum?” He begs shaking like a leaf on top of me. I didn’t know why he was asking but I loved it, it was hot.

“Wait.” I growl making him whimper. The sound alone made me leak. He was so damn perfect it was unbelievable. He strains visibly to control himself making me smile as I purposefully stroke him faster making him whimper again as he squeezes me while buckling into my hands.

“Beckett p-please!” He begs tearily as I quicken my hand movements. “Ahhhhhh.” He screams when I take him nipples into my mouth again. Biting on it I pepper kisses up his jaw before I lick his lips teasingly.

“Cum baby.” I command as I release along with him. He screams loudly as I drag out every last drop from him, while he moans beautifully on top of me while shaking like a leaf. We eventually come down from our high as Emitt pants breathlessly on top of me, his eyes rolling a little.

I may have taken this too far.

“I really have to go Beckett.” Emitt says after taking a shower and cleaning himself up. I groan as I lie on my bed trying not to look at him since he was only in a towel and I lost control once already. “I snuck out to come see you. I have to go, Aiden’s going to want to do some crazy stuff for her last day of freedom.”

“Okay.” I say in understanding as he looks around at his torn clothing.

“Can I borrow something?” He asks shyly as his cheeks take flame. I nod with a smile pressing a kiss to his forehead before I start searching the space for something he could wear. When my eyes catch the pink sweater I gave him once I smile widely as I hand it to him, his eyes light up at the sight of it as he immediately puts it on. I grip my fist to control myself as my eyes make their way down his lovely body, the oversized sweater slightly above his ass as he twirls his foot shyly.

“Maybe you should go back like that.” I tease as he picks up his jeans. “Nothing below.”

“Beckett!” He squeals as his swats my arm in disbelief while I just laugh.

“I’ll see you later?” He asks standing in front of the door now sadly fully dressed.

“I will be at the coronation yes.” I say sarcastically making him roll his eyes.

“I mean.” He stresses as he slides his arms around my neck, tip toeing as he watches me lustfully. “Can I come over after to return the favour?” He says gesturing to my bottom half.

“I’d like that.” I whisper before giving him a light peck that turns into so much more so quickly and before I know it he’s in my arms and I’m kneading his ass.


“Are you ready?” I ask Julian as he dresses for the event that was finally here, I should already be in our pack’s meeting hall but instead I was here checking on my best friend.

“That’s a stupid question, of course I am.” He groans as he buttons his shirt, when I give him a look of seriousness he sighs before continuing. “Yes Beckett. I’m ready.”

“You’re going to be a great alpha. I knew it from that day in the diner.” I say making his eyes widen as they soften a bit, a small smile tugging on his lips.

“Thanks Beckett.” He says quietly. “For everything.” I smile at his rare showcase of emotion before I tug his shoulders in and hug him tightly.

“I can’t wait to meet the girl who’s going to be able to put up with you.” I say making him groan as he pushes me away while I laugh. “I wonder who will warm that icy heart.”

“I’ll see you there.” He says turning towards the mirror. He didn’t have to say it, I knew how he felt. He was beyond ecstatic to meet his mate, Julian was obsessed with the idea of having someone who was made for you. A perfect fit, you’re other half. He’d always loved the idea of meeting his soulmate, and today he finally would.

“Yeah.” I say before patting his shoulder and leaving his house after giving his parents a wave who call up for him to leave soon after.

Entering the hall, I sneak my way into my seat, ignoring my parents’ angry stares for being late and instead smile back at Uncle Jack who gives me a big thumbs up before flipping them off.
My eyes find Emitt’s, he’s sitting on the other side of the room, front row. He smiles nervously which I quickly return and give him a reassuring nod.

“I’m going to be fucking amazing.” Isabel whispers next to me.

“I know.” I reply watching the devilish glint in her eyes. She was too excited to have so much power in her hands as one of the Selsas of the pack. (Selsa - head of warriors and shit like a commander. Not Salsa)


Silence falls over the room as Julian and Aiden walk onto the platform that their fathers were already waiting on. Isabel and I send him big smiles with thumbs up for support.

I look up proudly at my best friend who was hanging onto each and every word of his father’s. When the elders walked on stage for the transaction of power I feel my heart racing in anticipation. Aiden and Julian kneel with their father’s doing the same in front of them, the elders surround them performing the customs our packs had been practicing for centuries. I catch a glimpse of Julian’s eyes glowing brightly as he stands up along with Aiden. I feel an electric current run through my body, a new connection.

A new connection to my Alpha.

His father tackles him into a hug before raising his arm up making us all jump to our feet as we cheer for our new Alpha. Aiden’s people do the same, the whole room filled with screams and unbelievable joy that was overflowing in each and every member. I feel my eyes become glossy when Julian smiles.
He fucking smiled. He was happy and that’s all I ever wanted for him, to be happy.

“Alright people, moving on swiftly time for The Awakening.” Micheal announces making the crowd quiet down.

The Awakening is what they called it when our eyes were ‘opened’ to see your mate, it was really just a beam of light shining down on you through the ceiling and after it passed and you opened your eyes you would be able to know who your mate was.
Most pack members just waited for it to happen on the day of your birthday but the higher ranked performed this ceremony. So in a couple months I’d be on that stage looking for my mate, but it wouldn’t be this extravagant.

Like clockwork the sun roof was opened allowing the sunlight inside, closing their eyes Julian and Aiden raise their heads to the ceiling, soaking in the sunlight on my skin.

“Open your eyes.” Roger says softly, Julian does as he’s told with eyes shining with hope.

Dear Goddess, please let him find his mate and may she be spectacular.

Julian wanted a mate more than anyone I knew. He talked about it when we were younger none stop, the only subject he would talk about. He grew out of it, but his eyes still shone brightly at the thought of one.
I just want him to have the world like he deserves.

His eyes scan the room frantically, girls of the pack stand a bit in hopes his eyes would catch theirs but he just brushes over them. My heart beats faster in panic when he looked at his father in clear concern, before he looked at Aiden where his eyes glued too.

What’s going on?

Aiden was doing the same thing he was, searching the room helplessly for his mate.

“This is impossible.” Julian says shakily making Tobias whine. Aiden looks at him before his eyes widen at the sight, his body tensing as the two stared at each other. He grabs his hair tightly as he starts shaking his head still staring at Julian.

“This can not be happening.” Aiden says squatting as he buried his face in his hands.

What on earth is happening?!

“Son, what’s wrong?” Micheal asks quickly sinking to Aiden’s side. Julian’s father does the same, touching his back as he looks at his son who was as stiff as a light pole, eyes still on Aiden.

“Julian.” Roger says holding his face gently. “What’s happening?”

“H-heee i-is my m-mate.” He whispers.

My eyes widen in shock as the whole room erupts in whispers, I look at my best friend in a whole new light of sadness.

Oh My God.

They’re both men. Two male mates. My eyes immediately find Emitt’s, his face resembling the panic we were all showing but there was hope in his eyes, a slight flicker of hope that I was sure I had in mine.

If they were mates then maybe Emitt and I.....

“But they’re both men.” Micheal says bringing me back to the current situation.

“Why is this happening to me?” Aiden whispers, his eyes not once leaving Julian’s.
There was no way in earth he’d be stuck with Aiden as a mate, the guy who bullied him for years and made his life a living hell. He didn’t deserve this. He deserved so much more.

“Leave!” Roger roars making everyone stand to their feet as we all leave reluctantly. I glance over my shoulder as I take one last glance of Julian hoping he’d come out okay from this.

Once outside, I ignore all the conversation of the topic and instead grab Emitt and take him into the woods. Everyone far too busy to even notice.

“Beckett what’s happening?” He says with darting eyes.

“I don’t know.” I reply as he starts pacing.

“Julian and Aiden....” He whispers biting his fingers. “But they’re both men. Two men have never been mates. Ever. I-it’s impossible.”

“Clearly not.” I whisper sinking into a low squat as I bury my hands into my face.

“This can’t be happening. T-those two..Aiden...he doesn’t deserve this.” He says with a broken voice that makes my heartache. I stand as I pull him into my chest, he was feeling the same thing I did and his mind was collapsing on top of itself.

“Everything’s going to be okay.” I whisper as he clenches onto my shirt tightly. “We’re all going to be okay.”

“Beckett.” He calls.

“Yes love.”

“If they’re mates. And they’re both men. Do you think....maybe, we...?”
He says shyly, the hope in his tone transparent along with the fear of my answer as he trembles slightly in my arms.
I lift his chin up as I look down at his scared expression that was disturbing his beautiful face.

“I fucking hope so.” I say before I kiss him with everything I had, hoping he’d get the message. The message that.

I was already falling for him

I loveeeeee Beckett omg.
I love them. Their relationship.

Ship name anyone????

I loved writing this and I love their perspectives on things.

Vote up if you liked and con please.
Thank you alllllll for reading. Love you❤️❤️❤️❤️

Until next time,
Byeeeeeee humanssssss

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