Beta Mates

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Chapter 12

Emitt’s P.O.V

Male mates.

Two male mates. Two Alpha Mates. What on earth will happen to our packs?

My mind is a scrambled mess as I try to wrap my head around what just happened. It remains a mess even as Beckett walks me back to the rest of the pack members, even when we renter the hall. I look at Aiden when I sit down where I was before the big revelation, he was siting next to Julian and both their faces were stole cold. Emotionless and rigid. No sign of interaction between the two, like if they weren’t mates. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what happened when we all left. But I knew he wasn’t happy.

It broke my heart really. Aiden had been my best friend for as long as I could remember and I vowed to myself to be by his side even before I found out I’d be his beta. I was determined to help him through it all and I did. Even when he came back from his trip and was no longer the Aiden I knew, I still was there for him because no matter what version of himself he was. He was still my Aiden. My best friend. I thought that I just had to make sure he’d make it to his eighteenth birthday and he’d be fine, that his mate would take it from there and I wouldn’t have to worry about him being alone because he’d have his mate. I didn’t know his mate would be Julian. The guy he despised more than anyone else on this entire planet.

I couldn’t even focus on my own ceremony, I don’t think anyone could anyway. As I became beta my mind wasn’t filled with joy, it was filled with worry on what was to come for my friend. He cheered me on yet I could see the pain behind his dark shades, he was screaming joyfully for me but yet I couldn’t help but feel as if he was holding back tears.

The ceremony comes to an end eventually but nobody really cared about who was the new beta or selsa or an elder now, we all cared about our alphas, both of them. Before I could even approach Aiden, he was rushed out the door with Julian by their fathers while their mothers did damage control on the crowd. Encouraging us to enjoy the planned celebrations, somehow they managed to convince people and soon we were all making our way to the woods that were beautifully decorated. Something I’d been working on for months but couldn’t even enjoy properly. My eyes scan for Beckett but I only catch a quick glimpse of him being led away by his parents I assume, he mouths a sorry to me but I didn’t get what he had to be sorry for.

“What a shit show.” Isabel says propping down in the seat besides me as I watch people dance and talk while snacking a bit. “I was not expecting that.”

“Me neither.” Mickey says sliding into the seat besides her making her frown at his presence, probably because the two didn’t know each other.

“Can you believe it two men? Mates!” She exclaims making Mickey and I watch each other nervously, we have always feared how people would react when they found out about us, but what about Aiden. How would people react to him? “Isn’t it glorious?!”

“Huh?” Both Mickey and I say at the same time as we stare at her in disbelief and shock.

“I never dreamed that it would happen but the Moon Goddess has finally adhered to my wishes.” She says smiling up at the sky even though the sun was out not the moon. “It’s amazing really.”

“You don’t have a problem with it?” Mickey questions cautiously with a raised eyebrows.

“Besides the fact that the other guy is Aiden, of course not. I love it in fact.” She says with enthusiasm that makes me smile to myself, I wish people would react this way to me one day. “I wonder what they’re talking about right now.”

“Probably the packs.” I whisper as I glance across at where they were. “What do you think will happen to us? No Luna?”

“Import one, I don’t know.” Isabel says sarcastically. “I’m in the same boat as every one of you, we’ll just have to wait and see.”

And wait we did. The entire night to be specific. Not one peep from either of them. Nobody had seen them since the ceremony and nobody had a flying fuck what was going on. It was morning now and I had absolutely no idea what had happened. Their fathers made an appearance about them talking through things and that they were staying in the Alpha suit of our pack.

I didn’t know what to do. Do I go up and check on my friend? Or do I mind my own business and wait for him to come to me? I groan as the thoughts control my mind while I keep throwing around a ball, lying on a couch in the pack house living room that Aiden and Julian were on the top floor of probably arguing the night away if they were even alive.

“Just let me in!” I let the ball roll away as my mind registers Beckett’s voice right away. I jump to my feet as I follow the source and scent until my eyes land on him and Isabel at the front door of the pack house where they were being blocked off.

“What’s going on here?” I ask making the men stand down as they all turn to face me, I bite my cheek hard to stop myself from smiling at Beckett when I see him. It was always hard to pretend like we were nothing more than strangers in public, especially when I wanted him to hold me and tell me everything would be okay.

“Beta, these Black Moon Pack members are demanding to see their Alpha. But we have strict rules from Roger and Micheal to not allow anyone up to the two, especially outsiders.” The warrior growls making Beckett grind his teeth as Isabel clenches her fists.

“Okay easy guys.” I say calmly. “Why do you need to see Julian?”

“Is that a real question? He’s my Alpha and my friend and I haven’t seen him since the coronation when he got mated to his enemy. I’m worried.” Beckett says in clear annoyance that I knew wasn’t pointed at me directly but the entire situation.

“Is it urgent?” I ask trying to keep up the stupid Beta act. I was already small and if my warriors thought I couldn’t hold my ground against another beta they’d never follow or listen me.

“Not necessarily.” He mumbles through clenched teeth.

“Then you’re not going up.” One of the men say childishly making me growl at him for interjecting, he immediately lowers his head as I look up to Beckett.

“I’m sorry but instructions were set, from Roger too so it’s not just my pack.” I say trying to sound diplomatic as I apologize severely through my eyes hoping he’d get it.

“Please Emitt. We need to see him.” Isabel says stepping forwards slightly.

“Don’t you want to see Aiden too?” Beckett questions pulling on the strings he knew were weaker. I was dying to see my best friend and make sure he was okay and I knew I couldn’t but opportunity was staring me dead in the eye.

“Fine.” I say turning as I motion for the two to follow me ignoring the protests of my men as we make our way up the thousands of steps the complex held.

“Thank you.” Beckett says as he walks besides me sending me a weak smile that I happily return.

“You think they’re still alive?” Isabel questions as we approach the final floor.

“Doubtful.” I comment at the thought of having to help clean up the broken furniture and scrub the blood stains off the walls. “Bet you they’re ripping each other’s hair out.”

“Aiden probably cut Julian’s hair in his sleep.” Beckett says making us all suck in a breath, if he did that Aiden was as good as dead.

I take a deep breath as we stand in front the two large black doors that represented the only room on this floor. The Alpha suite. Sound proof and massive.

I contemplated knocking but decided against it knowing they’d probably be at each other’s throats by now.
I dig a bunch of keys from my pocket as I search for the right one before shoving it into the thin hole and turning the knob.

The two follow behind me as we enter the apartment to be met with the sound of soft pants that make us all frown as we follow the sound before freezing when my eyes land on the scene before me.


I stare at the my best friend’s back as he pins Julian to the wall, who’s legs were wrapped around his waist as he ground himself into the guy who was moaning and panting for the world to hear while Aiden licks and sucked his neck making me gulp when I pick up by hanging jaw. The two so deep in their scene they didn’t even realize we were here.

Was this really Julian and Aiden? The two people with a deadly hatred for one another dry humping on a wall??!?!!

“What the hell....”
Aiden freezes as he turns his heated glare towards us, his eyes widening when they land on me and Isabel and Beckett.
He keeps his hands on Julian’s ass as he holds him there, both of them looking at us in complete and utter shock, panic running rampant in Julian’s while Aiden looked more annoyed at our prescience.

“It’s the mating bond.” Julian says with slightly colored cheeks that fade when his usual stone cold demeanor takes over.

“Yeah, we can’t control it.” Aiden adds lamely as Julian nods in agreement, like if he wasn’t still in the guy’s hands with his legs wrapped around him and hickeys lacing his neck.

I call bullshit

Aiden reluctantly puts Julian down as the two turn to face us with neutral faces like if my entire world hadn’t just been shaken with what I just saw.

“Why are you guys here?” Julian asks fixing his clothes as he tries to hide his hickeys with his hair.

“Just checking up on you.” Isabel answers with a honestly worrying smile as we sit down in the living room. The three of us on one couch as we watch our friends who looked slightly angered at our presence.

“Do you want water?” Julian offers awkwardly.

“Sure.” I say trying to make the situation less awkward.

“Where are the cups?” Julian asks Aiden in a whisper we could all here.

“Why would you offer people something you can’t provide?” Aiden spits in annoyance making Julian’s eyes flare.

Oh God.

“Because I’m trying to be hospitable. Something you clearly can’t do since you’re a little p-”

“Okay!” I shout loudly with a wide smile. “One second thought, Im not that thirsty.”

They shoot each other spiteful glares as they sit on the couch opposite us with absolutely no space between them, it was slightly comical if I’m being honest.

“So what do you want?” Aiden asks breaking the deafening silence which occupied the room for quite some time.

“We just came to check on Julian, we got lost and he helped us.” Isabel says still in a state of shock was amusing to see as she struggled between celebrating and freaking out as she pointed to me. “The pack is worried with their new alpha being gone the first night.”

“Julian what the hell is going on?” Beckett says in clear frustration. His little quiet act out the window. “Nobody knows what the hell is going on. You disappeared since the ceremony and both your dads are brushing away any questions. We don’t even know what’s happening between you two, are you going to mate or reject each other?”

“I think what we saw earlier answers that question.” I say snickering to myself, but they all just shoot me glares that tell me to shut it.

“Everyone is just really confused.” Isabel says calmly as she tries to keep the peace. “We need to know what’s happening.”

“Firstly, we’re not rejecting each other.” Julian says glancing Aiden’s way for a split second while my eyes roll out my head. “We’re going to merge the packs.”

Okay, what the fuck am I on and where can I get more?

Did he just say merge the packs? - I scream in my own head.

I believe that’s what he said. Is something wrong with your ears? - Chris groans lazily, I decide to ignore him as I focus on the situation in front of me.

“I’m sorry I thought you said merge.” Beckett says laughing. “Because that would be totally insane to merge two packs with more than five thousand people in each.”

“That’s exactly what we’re going to do.” Aiden says sitting forward as he pushes his shades back a little. I stay in a state of shock as the two look at us casually as if their plan wasn’t completely mad.

“Call a meeting this evening, for both packs.” Julian says towards Beckett and Isabel not realizing the command struck a cord within me too. He was my Alpha now too. “We’ll have it here, I want everyone here at seven on the dot, not a second later.”

“But wh-”

“You wanted us to explain right?” Aiden asks with a raised eyebrow. “We’ll sort everything out so just call the meeting.”

We all agree to the instructions before leaving the suite uncomfortably, jumping a little when they slam the door behind us. We make our way down the stairs in silence as our emotions remain in a state of paralysis.

“I’ll spread the word to our pack.” Isabel says as we reach the front doors of the pack house again, she’s immediately led away by some warriors who are to make sure she leaves our lands with no trouble. They come to Beckett but I sho them away.

“I’ll take him.” I say before walking pass them not waiting for a reply as Beckett follows me quickly. Once we’re out of earshot, I let out a breath of relief before turning to him with a shy smile. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too love.” He whispers as we continue to walk with an infuriating space separating us. “I wish I could hug you but....”

“I know.” I reply quietly, suddenly hating every member of my pack for being so close that I couldn’t hug my boyfriend. “I’m sorry that I didn’t come last night. It’s just that with every that happened I for-”

“Emitt, it’s fine.” Beckett says reassuringly as we approach the pack gates that lead into his own lands. “Don’t worry about it, we all had things on our mind last night.”

“Do you think they’ll be okay?” I question nervously as he looks down at me.

“I don’t know Emitt. I really don’t.” He replies with unsurely making me all the more nervous. “But they’ll make it through. That much I know.”

“I’ll call you later.” I say with a weak smile as he backs away from me slowly.

“I don’t want to talk over the phone.” He says with a devious smirk. “Sneak out tonight, meet me near the south border line, Ash Woods.” He says biting his lip as I smile back at him.

“Okay.” I say with a shy smile. “I’ll see you then.” I say giving him a small wave as I seesawed in my toes.

“Bye love.”


Gang of Youths - Magnolia (listen, listen if you can. It’s better to read with the song)

I shift when I’m sure that the area is clear as I look around for Beckett. It was almost ten and I was beyond nervous as to where he was taking me. He was very vague of the details when he sent me a text earlier, I think we may be going on a date.

I look down at my outfit skeptically. I was wearing some dark, grey skinny jeans with a light pink shirt and some dark converse I threw on. I knew my outfit was a mess but it kind of worked, or at least I thought so.

I jump ten feet out of my skin as Beckett runs his hands across my collarbone. He laughs loudly at my reaction while I try to settle my racing heart, turning to face him I feel my member pulse when I study him.

He was in a lovely white v-neck, a black leather jacket and jeans that fit him just right with his hair slicked back perfectly. I swore I was leaking already just thinking of licking his entire body throughly.

“Hi.” I say quietly as he closes any space between us before kissing me passionately. I kiss him back with a warm heart as he lifts me off the ground a little before setting me back on my feet. “You look great.”

“Thanks.” I squeak licking my lips that he was staring at a little as our eyes danced between each other’s eyes and lips. “You look sexy.” I say without thinking before my senses flood my mind all at once. “I mean! Y-you look g-good. With the l-leather and t-tight jeans. Not that there’s a-anything wrong with tight j-jeans! You pull them off really w-well, especially with that ass. I meann!”

I’m cut off from my rant when Beckett presses a quick kiss to my lips before laughing clearly amused by my panic attack.

“Thank you.” He says simply before he intertwines our fingers and starts walking.

“Where are we going?” I ask after regaining control of myself.

“You’ll see.” He says looking back at me with a smirk.

What are you planning Beckett Stone.....


“This doesn’t seem like my scene.” I say skeptically as I look through the car window while people rush past us with deafening screams as the music inside blasted.

“Says the well known party animal.” He says with a chuckle. “It’s a concert Emitt, you’ll love it.”

“Doesn’t seem like my type of music.” I counter as I listen to the loud drums and electric guitar.

“Me neither, but I heard this is fun.” He says with enthusiasm. “You go to a concert showcasing random bands and you enjoy yourself.”

“I don’t know.”

“Nobody will be here that knows us and we can have a great time Emitt.” He pleads with large puppy dog eyes that make me melt completely. “Pwease.”

“Oh my goddess fine you evil, sexy, adorable man.” I growl angrily before pulling him to me by his shirt, kissing him hungrily before parting us. “Let’s go.”

We walk in after Beckett gave in tickets that he said he’d been saving for some time. Apparently tonight they were only featuring a band called Gang of Youths, I’d be lying if I said there stuff wasn’t good. It really wasn’t my type of music but I’m sure by the end of the night it would be.

“This seems more like a festival.” I comment to Beckett as I look around at all the food and drink stands.

“It’s a weird mix.” He replies with a wide smile as he taps his foot to the song which chorus was picking up.

“You want to dance?” I question going against everything I knew and stood for. I hated dancing, I only enjoyed it when I was liquored up but Beckett seemed like he really wanted to.

“Yeah!” He exclaims with excitement. He drags me deep into the large crowd that had formed around the stage as the music blared loudly from all sides.

Beckett and I start dancing and pretty soon I lose myself to the intoxicating atmosphere of carefree people who were just enjoying the music. I smile widely to Beckett as we dance together, being as friendly as we wanted, I danced on him without having to worry who saw. He does the same as we let go of everything that was stressing us out.

Tonight was about us. Not Julian. Not Aiden. Not Isabel. Not the packs or our parents.

Just us.

Beckett lifts me up without permission, setting me on his shoulders as he jumps up and down to the music like many guys had done with their girlfriends. I suddenly realises how fucking short I was when the entire stage became clear, he continues to jump despite my warning of me breaking his neck. Soon I give up and focus on the insanely magnificent band that was giving it their all for their fans.

“Kick some fucking ass!” I sing along, now knowing the lyrics of the chorus pretty much by heart.

“It’s not so bad is it?” Beckett comments making me scowl slightly.

“It’s great thanks.” I say as the music starts up again. He puts me down allowing me to dance as crazily as I pleased as I jumped around, ignoring those who stared, those who cheered me on. All I cared about was the guy in front of me that was smiling happily at my enthusiasm as I jumped all over the place.

“Alcohol!” I shout loudly at him. “Everything better with alcohol.”

“Or worse.” He comments as I roll my eyes before dragging him away to the nearest keg my eyes found. “Be careful.”

“Do you know who you’re talking to?” I question as I approach the keg, people cheering me on as I smirk at Beckett. “Watch and learn amateur.”

I do a perfect handstand with no help as I chug the foaming liquid as if it were water. I keep going smiling slightly as people scream their support for me to take it further. I slowly spread my legs open as I continue to chug making them go even crazier as I eventually settled with a split in the air. I step off once I’m full as I make my way to Beckett, giving people high fives on the way.

“Impressive.” He comments as he chuckles while I wrap my arms around his shoulders.

“You should be grateful to have such an amazing boyfriend.” I say with a wide smile as he snakes his arms around my waist.

“Boyfriend huh?” He asks with a chuckle making my smile grow wider.

“Yes boyfriend. You are mine.” I growl as I stare up at his dazzling green eyes.

“Once you’re mine.” He comments making me giggle happily.

“Always Beckett Stone.” I reply as I pull myself closer to him. “I will always be yours.”

“Same here Emitt Smith.” He replies his lips brushing mine teasingly. “I am yours. Forever yours.”

I smile widely as he takes my lips with his own. Lifting me off the ground as I fold my legs back like they did in the movies, he spins us around as the music blasts around us my heart soaring with so much joy I thought I’d cry.

I think I’m falling in love with you Beckett Stone. If I’m not already in love with you.





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