Beta Mates

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Chapter 13

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Beckett’s P.O.V

“What’s up with you?” I question Julian who had been sulking all day, like full on pouting. It was weird to say the least.

“Nothing.” He drags with a sigh as his head shoots up, his eyes searching around the crowded hallways before the hope in his eyes deflates and he sighs again, dropping his head in defeat.

“I’ll cancel the trip.” I say making him look up at me in clear surprise. “I won’t leave you like this.”

“Like what?” He questions as he frowns a little.

“Like a damn zombie, you look like someone just slaughtered your entire family.” I say making his frown deepen.

“You’re not canceling the trip. I’m fine.” He says firmly as he lowers his head again. “Shouldn’t you be leaving anyway, they’ll be waiting for you back at the pack lands.”

Bet you it’s Aiden - Tobias whispers making me frown a little. It would explain things, he’s never been one to show his emotions but with a mate you felt everything tenfold, so he couldn’t even hide it.

You’re probably right. It’s kind of sad - I reply looking at my best friend’s shaky lip.

Not kind of. It’s sad - Tobias corrects as Julian wanders off down the wrong hallway, I was going to go get him but someone grabbed my arm pulling me away from him.

I didn’t have to look to know it was Emitt, the exhilarating shocks running through my body along with the deadly sweet scent that filled the air told me it was him.

Ever since Julian and Aiden’s speech about merging the packs, we’ve been more open. We talk in view of others as nothing more than new friends since we were both to be the betas of the new pack. I couldn’t touch him like I wanted to, which was beyond torturous, but I could talk to him more now, a lot more.

Emitt basically throws me into his car when we finally make it outside. It was the only free we both had at the same time, right before lunch and we used the time throughly.
Emitt climbs into the backseat after me before attaching his lips with my own making me hum in delight at the buzz it sent through my body. He kisses me hungrily as he straddles me, burying his fingers in my hair as he rubbed himself against me with soft moans.

“What’s up with you? Slow down.” I say pulling back a little, my member pulses as I watch him bite his bottom lip with reddening ears and soft pants.

“I need you.” He whispers making my heart thump a little. “I really need you.”

Before I could get a word out, his lips are back on mine and his hands are running up and down my abs. My eyes flutter shut when he runs over my nipples, I regain control of my loose body when I hear him unbuckling my pants. I grab his wrists before he could get to my harden member knowing if he did we wouldn’t stop.

“Emitt...” I call a little breathless. “Does this by chance have anything to do with the trip?” The pout on his lips answered the question. “Emitt..”

“I don’t want you to go.” He whispers with pained eyes that makes my heart squeeze itself. “Just stay here with me.” He begs with clear sadness lacing his words.

“It’s only a couple of days and I’ll be right back here with you.” I say with a warm smile, pressing a light kiss to the corner of his lips.

“Can’t I come with you?” He begs desperately making me frown. He didn’t know the full details of the excursion because I didn’t want him to know I was going with my parents. If I could avoid the three ever meeting, I would.

“No.” I say firmly making him whine in clear frustration. He goes to move but I keep him in place, I try to cup his face but he turns away from me making me sigh. “Emitt it’s only three days.” Nothing. “Don’t be like this, you’re being unreasonable.”

“Is it unreasonable to miss you?” He mutters quietly, his eyes catching mine briefly. “We’ve just never been apart.”

“I know love.” I say rubbing his cheek with my palm as his lips become a little wobbly. “Emitt, it’s only three days.”

“I know.” He says shakily before hugging me tightly making me chuckle in surprise. “But I’ll still miss you Beckett.”

“I didn’t know you could be so a-”

“Needy.” He says with a scoff as he holds me tighter. “I can’t help it.”

“I was going to say adorable.” I say chuckling as I pull him back a bit before kissing him slowly, he hums in delight as he slowly loses himself to the insatiable pleasure a simple kiss gave the both of us. “And I’m going to miss you too baby, very much.”

“Show me how much.” He whispers with lust dripping off of his tongue. “Show me how much you’ll miss me.” He drags seductively as he leads my hand to the bulge in his pants, I squeeze him without a second thought making whimper beautifully.

We need to go to the pack - Tobias warns as our kiss grows more aggressive along with our rough groping of each other. I push him out of my mind as I unbuckle Emitt’s pants as his beautiful green eyes search mine, he gasps with widening eyes when my hands grip his member. I smile to myself as he bites his lips, his moans still grinding their way through lips as I stroke him the way he loved it. I’d come to know Emitt’s body very well, every inch of it was beautiful and I loved unravelling him completely when he was at my mercy.

“Beckett.” Emitt moans as he goes to reach for my erection but I stop him. “I want y-you to feel good too.”

“It’s fine baby, enjoy this.” I say kissing his neck, nibbling on the skin a little making him moan graciously as I give him a teasing squeeze that makes his moans bellow out.

“Ahhhh!” He moans as I press my thumb along his head that was dripping as he shivered breathlessly on top of me, sending out waves of need that I was happy to quench.

“You’re beautiful.” I whisper in his ear before biting it making him whimper as he thrusts himself into my hand a bit.

“I-I’m gonna.. ahhh.......B-Beckett!” He squeals before emptying himself in my palm, whimpering with shivering skin as I continue to stroke him letting him ride out his high completely. I clean us up quickly, though Emitt was still in a bit of a daze by the time the bell rang for lunch.

“Are you okay?” I question with growing concern as I cup his face in my hands.

“I’m fine.” He mumbles as he slowly comes to, my eyes catch the time on my watch making my heart sink when I realise that I’m royally fucked.

“I got to go love.” I say making Emitt’s eyes immediately flood with tormenting sadness.

“On second thought, I’m feeling a bit dizzy.” He says trying to keep me in place when I go to move from under him.

“Come on.” I say with a slight chuckle.

“Can I at least drive you to the pack?” He groans desperately.

“We both know you’d drive us to a hotel if I allowed you to.” I say making him grumble profanities under his tongue.
I slide from under him as I grab my bag before exiting his car and head towards mine as he follows behind me quickly. I roll down the window once I’m buckled in with a roaring engine. “Be good donut.” I say giving him a smile that he tries to return.

“Okay.” He mumbles with teary eyes. My eyes widen in surprise at the sight, I knew he didn’t want me to go or to be separated but I didn’t think it was this bad. I look around a little before pulling his shirt down before kissing him, I relish in the warmth it projected throughout my body as he hums in delight.

“I’ll be back before you know it.” I whisper against his lips before giving him another quick peck. “Bye baby.”


He steps away from the car as I drive away, my eyes catching his small figure in the remove mirror as he wiped some tears away that made me want to turn around but I stopped myself.

He’s being a tad bit dramatic - Tobias mumbles making me growl aggressively at him.

He’s just an emotional guy - I reply defensively as I speed down the back roads of our town towards our pack that held my surely mad parents. I’ll miss him too, it’s only a few days but I-I

You can’t imagine not seeing him everyday, I know - He mumbles with an agonized tone that surprise me, he faded away before I could question him on it.


“How hard is it to be on time Beckett?” My mother growls as I run into the house that they were not surprisingly already waiting for me in.

“A teacher kept me back.” I lie running upstairs for my small travel bag before returning to them as my parents walked angrily to the car, following behind them I jump into the backseat. “I still don’t see why I have to go.”

“Because we have to clean up this mess and having the Beta present at this meeting will be beneficial.” My father groans angrily as he drives out of our packs lands and sets course onto our long journey.

“You still haven’t told me what this mess is or why there’s a meeting being held with the Werewo;f Council.” I reply as I watch them tense slightly in their seats making me frown. When no answer comes, I groan in annoyance before stuffing my ears with my headphones as I look out the window with thoughts that only surrounded Emitt. My body screaming slightly at the pain I felt as the distance between us continued to grow.

Just three days.


I look around with alert eyes as I study the different werewolves that flooded the Dreider Land that this meeting was being held at. It felt more like a conference with representatives like my parents being led to their rooms where they’d be staying for the next few days. Moments like this I realise how much the werewolf world had evolved from simple talks in the woods to fucking conferences.

I may just be a little bitter towards the whole thing because this is what my parents did instead of spending time with me. They went to packs and meetings like this one as diplomats of our pack, negotiating and settling petty feuds that weren’t that major for the alphas to be concerned with. Being in their world for just a few days would not only be sickening but an eye-opener.

“Beckett stop letting your mind wander.” My mother growls making my head snap towards them as they walk quickly to Goddess knows where. I follow behind them like the lost kid I felt like, we ended up stopping at a house that the Dreider Pack provided for us, it wasn’t one of the largest packs or even high ranked but it had an unnecessary amount of land that allowed them to provide space for werewolves in meetings like this one.

“Come down in ten.” My dad says making me stop in my path to my room I planned to hide in for the majority of this little excursion.


“We need to talk, about everything.” He says ominously making me frown with budding concern at what he could possibly be talking about.

I head upstairs with several thoughts as I throw my bag on my bed before digging my phone out of my back pocket and scrolling through it quickly, ignoring all my notifications as I open my phone to text Emitt.

Me: I’m in Dreider Lands.

His response comes almost instantly

Emitt🍩: Is it as big as they say it is? (A.N - YOU ARE ALL FILTHYYYYY)

I chuckle at the question, I could practically hear the childish enthusiasm in his tone.


Emitt🍩: I miss you....

Me: I miss you too baby. I’ll call you when I can.

Emitt🍩: Okay. Night.

Me: Night lovee.

I switch off my phone with a smile lacing my lips as I jump in the shower to take a quick shower, I was so thankful that Emitt was in my life, he always took the weight off my shoulders without even trying.

I head downstairs reluctantly exactly ten minutes later not wanting to spend a minute more with the pair than I had to. I find them seated at a small table in deep conversation that fades when they hear me walk into the room. I sit down without being told as my eyes dance between the two cautiously.

“So what’s this about?” I ask getting straight to the point. My mother looks towards my father who nods his approval allowing her to speak.

“It’s about our pack.” She says crisply. “Our new pack. The joint one.”

“What about it?” I question curiously.

“Some packs are apposing the pair.” My mother says crisply making my frown deepen. Julian and Aiden had been getting nothing but positive feedback since their thrilling speech about joining the two packs. It took a little convincing on some ends but in the space that past, everyone that I knew had no prolem with their proposition so this made no sense to me. “And rightfully so.”


“What’s that supposed to mean?” I say with a voice lower than I intended it to be.

“It’s disgusting. Two men shouldn’t be mates. It goes against nature.” My mother spits making Tobias growl defensively for his alphas, both of them.

“They were put together for a reason, the Moon Goddess deemed it right, it’s not disgusting.” I growl defensively.

“I don’t know how it happened, they’re probably confused or a witch hexed them, the fact remains that it’s wrong.” My father growls with clear disgust seething through his teeth. “Lucky for us, we’re left to clean up the mess.” He finishes sarcastically, the word mess suddenly making sense as I listen to my parents in disbelief.

“Roger and Micheal sent us here to try and change their minds, for reasons that escape me they have no probably with the revolting situation.” My mother says running her hands through her hair with a frustrated sigh. “Of course we can’t, I can’t bare the thought of two male mates let alone defend it, that’s why you are here.”

“You want me to change their minds.” I say through clenched teeth as my fists roll under the table while they nod.

“At least you catch on fast.” My mother says with a smile that made me sick as she and my father looked ignorant of their own repulsive behaviour as they branched off into a new conversation. I open my mouth to give them a piece of my mind when my words stick on my tongue as realisation floods my mind.

If they felt this way towards Aiden and Julian, what would they think of me.

My heart races as a wave of panic floods me entirely, I never thought about how people would react to Emitt and I. I never really thought about how Emitt and I would come out to everyone, it never posed a problem. They’re were three main people in my life, Julian, Isabel and Uncle Jack.
Julian would probably accept it, he was mated to guy now and he was my best friend, I don’t think he’d ever judge me. Isabel would rejoice for the heavens and Uncle Jack was always an open minded guy who had told me once or twice about his experimental days in college.
Those were the people I thought about, the ones I knew would accept me. I just never thought about my parents.

As much as I despised them and the people they’d become, they were still my parents. My flesh and blood. I had several precious memories with them in my early childhood and I still aimed to please them. As much as they had changed I still loved them, they were my mother and father for crying out loud. The ones who gave up everything for me, including themselves.

Would they find me disgusting?

“Son, are you okay?” My mother asks with real concern as I find the air becoming thin.

Would they call me revolting too?

“Beckett!” My dad shouts as my world becomes slightly blurred, the room spinning slightly as I gasped for air. My ears ring loudly as my heart thumps away with building fear.

Is what Emitt and I have wrong?

“He’s .....panic attack.”
My father’s words slip in and out as my consciousness does with them. I feel my eyes shutting as my body becomes suddenly so much heavier as my body slowly falls into the tempting darkness.

Am I disgusting?

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