Beta Mates

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Chapter 16


Christopher’s P.O.V

I should’ve said no. I should’ve just stayed put in the safety of Emitt’s stupid head. But no, I had to fall for those eyes when he looked at me. He looked straight at me, how was I supposed to say no to him.

“It’s nice to finally meet you.” He says, his voice was deeper than Beckett’s, sexier. It sent my mind for a swirl as I stared at him forgetting to answer. “Christopher?”

Don’t say my full’s hot

“It’s n-nice to meet y-you too.” I stutter out as I mentally abuse myself for being so obviously nervous.

“You can relax around me.” He says softly, his eyes never leaving my own as his arms snake their way around my waist reminding me that I was straddling him. My eyes dart down in fright as my ears heat up once again. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.” He says retracting his hands much to my dismay, I tried to tell him he wasn’t but the words stay glued to my tongue.

We sit in silence as we stare at each other. As much as I wanted to say something I couldn’t, I didn’t even know where to start. I was an antisocial freak, I didn’t know how to start a conversation. The Moon Goddess blessed me with this opportunity to talk to Tobias, the wolf I’d been crushing on for way longer than Emitt was on Beckett and I was wasting it because I couldn’t get a fucking word out.

“If I really am troubling you, you can bring Emitt back.” He offers making my eyes widen with a growing sense of panic.

What? No!

“I’m sorry I forced you out.” He apologizes as he goes to lift me off of him.

You didn’t! Where’s Alex when you need him!!

I swallow my big bundle of nerves that filled my body as I grip his shirt tightly before pressing my lips to his. I keep my eyes shut tightly not wanting to see his reaction as I kiss him gently before pulling back as quickly as it came.
Opening my eyes I find him staring at me in bewilderment as I feel color flooding my cheeks. I bite my lip nervously as my grip on him tightens.

“You didn’t force me out.” I whisper, my voice barely audible as I flick my eyes up to look at him. “I wanted to see you.”

I don’t have time to register what’s happening as his arms find their place back around my waist letting him pull me into his chest while his lips attack my own viciously.

“Hmmm!” I hum into his mouth as he starts moving his lips against my own, leading the kiss with me following timidly. I was so glad I wasn’t standing since the electricity that ran through my veins at the connection made my entire body week. It was my first kiss after all, my heart was racing faster than ever before as he pulled me closer to me. I try to keep up but I was quickly falling behind as my excitement got the better of me, my entire body buzzing as Tobias pulled me into him some more. Grinding me against him, our nipples rubbing against each other’s through the thin shirt fabrics. “Can we ummhmmmm.... T-tob..” I say trying to catch my breath but he doesn’t give me a moment’s rest as he swiftly kept reconnecting our lips.

He turns us briskly, with me lying on the bed as he positions himself between my legs making me squeak in surprise as he reattached his lips to mine. I try to stop him but his tongue pushes it way into my mouth, caressing my tongue gently with his own as he pressed his member to my own making me jump in surprise. Emitt and Beckett may have done things like this but I wasn’t read to, I wanted to wait, I didn’t even know Tobias this well to be doing something like this with him. So when his hand grazed my member, I found the strength to push him away as I pulled myself into a ball on the far end of the bed.

I bury my head in my arms as I try to regain control over my body that was burning up as Tobias pants heavily from his side. His eyes catch mine as he slowly comes to, his eyes shining like they once were, no longer blinded by lust.

“I’m so sorry Christopher.” He says running his hand through his hair as he looked at me. “I don’t know what came over me.”

“It’s fine.” I whisper into my arm as I try to stop myself from avoiding his eyes. I really needed to work on my social skills, all I wanted to do right now was crawl into a hole and die.

“It’s not.” He says apologetically as he looks at me, his eyes making my blood pump as his gaze broke through me with ease. “It’s just that, you... you’re so.....”

“What?” I question as he makes his way back over to me slowly trying not to scare me off.

“You’re so fucking cute, I lost control.” He says making me blush as he kisses my nose lightly.

To say I was surprised would be an understatement, I didn’t think he’d like me just because Beckett did. He didn’t even know me. We didn’t know each other at all, strangers looking into others’ relationships. As usual I let my mind overthink the situation, I’m dragged back to reality as my stomach growls loudly enough to wake up the entire neighbor. I go to hide myself in my arms in complete and utter embarrassment but he stops me.

“I can’t cook so what do you want to order in?” He asks with a bright smile like if my stomach hadn’t just roared like Mufasa a second ago. “Pizza? Chinese? What you thinking?”

“I can cook.” I offer making him smile proudly.

“Then it’s settled.” He says jumping to his feet before stretching out a hand for me. I take it carefully as he leads me to the kitchen with a smile still gracing those soft lips, their taste still lingering on my lips


“Are you a secret chef, this is amazing!” Tobias stretches making me smile as he devours the simple pasta I made for him.

“Thanks.” I say with a weak smile as he finishes the food, grabbing his plate along with my own.

“What do you say about us going for a run?” He asks once he returns from washing the dishes making the smile fade from my lips.

“Like with my legs?” I question before I could stop myself making him laugh loudly as his pearly whites came forth.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been in control, what about you?” He says pulling me from my chair as he leads us out the house into the back yard.

“It’s was by choice.” I state as he stretches while the cold afternoon air brushed my skin. “I don’t like getting out much.”

“Come on. We’re wolves.” He says with a devious smile as he takes his shirt off revealing his mouth watering abs that made my pants tighten.

“Y-you don’t n-need to undress to shift.” I stutter as watches me was an amused grin.

“I know.” He says as he tries to close the space between us, every step he takes I take one back as he gains on me like his prey. “Let’s play a game.”

“I don’t like g-games.”

“You’ll love this one or at least I will.” He says seductively making me gulp as he backed me into a tree. “It’s simple, if I catch you before you reach the waterfall opposite Ash Woods I get to do whatever I want with you.”

“And if I get there first?” I question biting my lip as he brought his face lower to my own.

“You won’t.” He growls making my nerves completely vanish as I raise an eyebrow to the challenge. “So what do you say?”

“Good luck.” I say before pushing him so hard he tumbled to the floor as I shifted and set off into the woods at full speed. I smile to myself when his howls are heard not too far away as he starts chasing after me.

Ash woods was about three miles away give or take, I’d ran further on my worst days and Emitt had always been extremely fast. I was praying that I inherited his speed and agility as I dashed through the woods, avoiding boulders and branches the literally appeared out of nowhere.

I could hear Tobias gaining on me and it was somehow thrilling, the chase. He said he’d do whatever he wanted to me, what did he mean by that. I let my curiosity along with my wolffish hormones get the better of me as I forced myself to slow down.

I brace myself for impact as Tobias tackles me to the hard floor, making us roll over several times before we settle with him lying on top of me. He licks my nose and then my fur which was a bad idea since I was ticklish, I try to escape from him but he doesn’t let up.
We both shift as he continues to tickle me, my laughter bursting from my lips as he basically tortures me.
He stops eventually allowing me to catch my breath as he stands up much to my surprise. He grabs me suddenly, throwing me over my shoulder as he makes his way briskly to the waterfall I had spent the majority of the day at already, well Emitt did.

“Strip.” He instructs, setting me on my feet once we’d arrived at the beautiful natural fountain that was magical in some form as the water glowed under the fluorescent moonlight.


“I won the bet.” He says discarding his own pants as I turn away shyly, some things I couldn’t allow myself to see. “We can stay in our underwear if you want.” He says from behind me. I nod hoping he’d see and that I wouldn’t have to say anything, I peak over my shoulder once I hear a loud splash in the water only to find him swimming away unfazed.

I take off my shirt reluctantly along with my jeans before dipping my foot in the water, smiling when I had found that it was warm. I slip in, letting out a content breath, forgetting about my surroundings, I dive deep under the water. Swimming around a merman that I knew were real, resurfacing with a wide smile.

“I take it you like to swim?” Tobias asks making me smile as I float on my back.

“Love.” I stretch as he swims around me. “It’s so calming.”

“What else do you like to do?” He questions as his voice travels in different parts of the small pool like area.

“Not much. Sleeping about covers it.” I say feeling myself relaxing with his presence.

“I love to sleep. Oh look at that, we have so much in common.” He marvels as I stand to my feet, laughing at his comment as we swim to each other.

“And we both have green eyes and are beta wolves, soul mates.” I joke following his lead, he laughs with me but stops a bit as he looks at me with pained eyes. “What’s wrong?”

“I pray every night that you turn out to be my mate.” He confesses making my eyes widen as I look up at him completely surprised. “I know we’ve only just met but with you, everything feels so....”

“Right.” I finish for him as he cups my face with his palm.

“Yeah.” He comments softly. “I know we feel everything so much stronger as wolves, maybe that’s why but I can’t help the fact that my feelings for you and Emitt are growing stronger with every passing moment.”

I stay silent with nothing to say from his revelation as he lowered his lips to my own. The sparks were instantaneous along with the buzz in my toes as I pushed myself higher to kiss him more. He keeps it slow and steady, kissing me softly as our lips moved against each other’s perfectly. Like they were made for each other.

“I love these lips.” He comments pecking me again and again, biting them at one point making me whimper. The sound causes his eyes glow with lust that I knew was directed towards me, it takes him a minute to regain one hundred percent control, but he does it. “I want to get to know you better, if you’d let me.”

I pretend to think on it for a moment even though my answer had been decided as soon as he asked.

“Me too. I want to get to know more about you.” I confess, proud I was able to get through it all without stumbling over my own words.

My words make his dazzling eyes fill with joy that I was mirroring as he pulled me into his arms, our wet chests rubbing pressed each other’s as he teasingly ran his hand down my back making my shiver.

“I’m going to have so much fun with you.” He whispers promisingly.

Oh boy



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