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Beta Mates

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“So what have you been up to?” Aiden asks me as sips on his water.

“Not as much as you.” I say making him chuckle. “I’m good.”

“We don’t talk as much as we used to.” He says giving me a weak smile which I return. “I guess that’s my fault.”

“What are you talking about?! We don’t need to talk everyday to be best friends.” I say shoving his shoulder a little. “Plus we’re adults now, with little kids running around playing adults. Little angels.”

“You pronounce demons really weird.” He says making me scowl as he smirks, his eyes lighting up with amusement. He’d stop wearing those shades a few years back and it was nice seeing him like this, having a conversation without looking into total darkness. “Look at us, we have kids! We’re so fucking old.”

“Speak for yourself, I’m fresh as a daisy.” I say making him scoff. “Don’t complain because your man isn’t keeping you youthful.”

“Excuse me.” Julian says draping his arms around Aiden’s chest from behind as he rests his head on his shoulder. “I’ll have you know that I’m doing a fine job thank you.”

“So easily offended.” I say making him smirk before he lays a big one on Aiden who hums happily at the contact.

“I’m just possessive.” Julian says with a wink before walking back to the grill, leaving us alone on the steps of the backyard of their house as people swarmed the busy space.

“You guys still amaze me.” I say as Aiden rips his eyes away from his mate and back to me. “From enemies to lovers.”

“We’re more than that.” He says with a growing smile. “I guess you had it easier, you guys were in love from day one.”

“Yeah..” I draw as we continue our conversation, he runs off after a while when someone calls him leaving me seated alone as I sip on my beer.

From day one? Ha!

Our story had fucking mountains not bumps, we weren’t in love from the moment we laid eyes on each other like everyone thought. Goddess, it was so much more than we were given credit for. When I think about half the shit I went through, I’m surprise I made it out alive.


Let me take you back, before Aiden and I were parents, before Isabel was making mangas and was only reading them, before Aiden and Julian fell in love, before the packs merged.
Back to highschool to be precise, before Beckett even knew I existed.

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this is like a nice little teaser to hold you until the chapters come out in like 4/5 days.


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