Beta Mates

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Chapter 18


You guys know how I’ve been trying to get a name for this book series, I asked for suggestions and someone said The Mated Series a while back. I like it, it’s simple.

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Beckett’s P.O.V

“I don’t want to.” Emitt groans as he eats his food while sulking.

It was lunch and we were sitting together at a table in the dead center of the room, I can’t even bring to words how amazing it felt to talk to him freely without having to worry about who saw us. I swear Julian and Aiden becoming mates had to be the best thing that ever happened, thanks to them we appeared as new friends and could hang out in public whenever we wanted. Yeah it was still a pain that I couldn’t touch him how I wanted to, but I was grateful for just this.

“Why not?” I question as I take a bite from my burger.

“Because as I’ve said numerous times Mr. Stone, I don’t watch horror movies.” He grinds out as he chews his food extra slow trying to be serious while I tried to calm my body from how excited I got when he called me Mr. Stone. “I’m too chicken and that’s okay.”

“I’ll be there to hold your hand donut don’t worry.” I tease making him scowl which just looked cute to me. “Oh come on, I have a great day planned and that’s on the list.”

“Can’t we watch some other movie and watch a horror some other time? When I’ve at least had time to mentally prepare myself?” He says dramatically making me roll my eyes with a sigh. “Curse me if I want to spend our two month anniversary not shitting my pants.”

“Okay fine, we’ll watching something else but in due time you’ll be watching a horror movie.” I say firmly while he gives me a fake smile to show his enthusiasm to the promise. “So I’ll pick you up on Saturday night from your house and the-.”

“No!” He snaps aggressively making my eyes widen in surprise while his fill with clear panic. “Sorry, but you can just get me from Mickey’s house.”

“Why don’t you ever let me go to your house?” I question narrowing my eyes at him, this wasn’t the first time that he’d shut me down instantly at the mention of me going to his place.

“Is that a serious question?” He asks raising an eyebrow as he sips his drink.

“Yes because we don’t have to hide anymore, as far as everyone’s concerned, you’re my friend.” I say gesturing to the people all around us who didn’t even glance twice at us, us being together apparently normal now. “So as your friend, can’t I come over.”

“But still..” He groans as he plays with his fingers nervously, something tells me this ran a bit deeper than just going to his house. “I’ve never had friends over to my house.”

“Mickey.” I offer but he shakes his head no. “Aiden.”

“Never.” He states making my eyes basically roll out of my head. “He respects my wishes of privacy and I hope you will too.”

“What’s so bad in there that I can’t see?” I question feeling a little worry if Emitt was living in a less than pleasant environment.

“Nothing. Just no, okay?”

“Nope.” I reply standing my ground making him growl lowly. “I’m coming to pick you up like a proper date.”
The word ‘date’ sways him a little, I could see it in his eyes.

“Oh my fucking god, fine. But you’re not setting foot into the house.” He says before picking up all his things and walking away angrily while I just wave him off with a smile.

Emitt and I have been dating for the last two months and they’ve been the most spectacular months of my life. I never had a dull moment with him in my life, never a moment when I felt alone because he was always waiting with a welcoming smile. Thanks to our friends becoming mates, were together practically all the time.
Sometimes I’d just sit in the little donut shop and watch him work which he hated since I kept taking pictures of him and teasing him. Other times we’d just meet up for a run and find ourselves in a less than appropriate situation in the middle of the woods.

Sexually, our relationship hadn’t grown. Not that I didn’t want it to, quite the opposite actually. Like if being a teenage guy wasn’t enough, being a werewolf amped up my....aggressive tendencies. With Tobias whispering in my ears, I found it hard these days to drag my eyes away from his little ass or not attack him whenever he bit his lips or blushed a beautiful red.

What I wouldn’t give to see that shade of red on his as-

“Okay that’s enough.” I mumble to myself as I collect my things before leaving the cafeteria, no place in mind as I walked through the halls.

I stop in my place once my eyes land on Aiden and Julian who were in a heated make out session. Their moans filling the space as they attacked one another like fucking animals, Aiden was groping Julian all over especially his ass while Julian whimpered in his grasp.
I back away uncomfortably hoping to leave unseen as the two scramble their way into a classroom still in their hot scene. I turn around trying to erase the sight from my mind but fail miserably as the sound of a door slamming behind them along with loud moans fill my ears.

Just close your eyes you innocent child - Tobias whispers with clear gaiety in his tone.

I’m not innocent - I snap at him which just results in him laughing loudly as he rolled around in my head, his laughter never ending. I’m not!

You are though - He muses as he sobers up from his little laughing fit.

If I’m innocent, then what is Emitt - I joke. Emitt was an amazing guy with a shy side that made my heart swell, he was an angel if I’ve ever seen one.

It’s always the shy ones that are the kinkiest -Tobias warns making me grab my mouth as my eyes widen in shock of his words. Not that I have a problem with that, it’s hot.

What the hell are you talking about?!

Nothing. You’ll see in your own time. All I’m saying is that there isn’t a doubt in my mind that he’s a freak in the sheets - Tobias says fading away before I could respond if question him further.

He’s wrong. Emitt isn’t like that.


“Yeah he’s fine.” Aiden says as he tightens his grip on Julian’s thighs, he was lying on his back and was clearly unconscious.

This wasn’t the first time I’ve seen Julian like this. I never knew why until today with what I saw and all of a sudden it all made sense as to why my best friend would always end up half conscious.

“Okay...” I stretch uncomfortably.

“Yeah, I’m taking him home because we have some research to continue.” He says making me mentally vomit, Julian hums slightly as a smile laces his lips.

What. The. Fuck.

“Anyway, I need you to take Emitt home since he came with me today and we’re staying in Julian’s pack house this week.” Aiden says quickly barely giving me a second to catch one word as he throws out another.

“Okay.” I say without hesitation.

“Cool.” He says before walking away with my best friend dangling over his back.

With a shudder, I turn around and head to my car while dialing Emitt’s number.

“Hello.” He stretches as he pants on his end of the line.

“Hi. Where are you? I’m dropping you home today.” I say with knitted eyebrows as I listen closely.

“I’m g-going with Mickey, it’s fine.” He stutters out making my frown deepen, Emitt stopped stuttering around me a long time ago so what was happening now. “Nghh! I have to gooo bye!”

I look down at my phone in surprise as I try to piece together what just happened. Why did he sound like that? And why was he in such a rush that he hung up on me?
I call back but it goes straight to voicemail followed by a text that said that he really couldn’t talk and that he’d call me later. Even though I was thankful for the text, it still didn’t make any sense.

What are you up to Emitt Smith?


“Emitt you can’t be serious.” I groan as I follow him while he sped walk out the school.

“I’m sorry but I have to go.” He says as he rushes to his car where Mickey was already waiting at.

“Where?” I question pulling his arm back stoping him so I can talk to him properly. “Where do you two go? What do you do all the time? What is it that you’re doing that has you ditching me all the time?”

“Nothing.” He says like he has been saying for the past few days.

“You’ve been doing ‘nothing’ all week?” I snap a bit more aggressively than I intended making him flinch slightly. I take a deep breath as I rub my head in frustration. “I don’t think you’re cheating on me or anything but what the hell is it that you two do?”

“Honestly Beckett, nothing.” He says looking at me seriously. “We just stick in his house.”

“Then if you’re doing nothing, you can come with me today and do something.” I counter making him frown at the proposition.

“We have work to do.” He says lamely making me scoff. “Seriously Beckett, I can’t today.”

“Then I want you after school tomorrow.” I say leaving no room for discussion. “Just you and me.”

“I can’t, tomorrow I have work.”

“Tomorrow you have me.” I say firmly. “I’ll watch you work like I always do.”

“Beckett...” He groans uncomfortably, I knew how much he hated me watch him work.

“It’s what you get for abandoning me all week.” I say firmly as I glance back at his friend who was watching use with amusement. “Don’t you even think of backing out on Saturday.”

“I won’t.” He agrees as I let him go reluctantly, he gives me a grateful smile before heading over to Mickey.

I waste no time getting in my own car as I pull onto the road as they leave the school following them discreetly. Leaving a three car distance between us so they didn’t see me.
I didn’t think Emitt was lying to me about whatever the hell he was doing but something was off and after waiting a couple of days for him to say something about it, I’ve run out of patience so I’ll just have to figure it out on my own.

This is like, creepy ex stalker boyfriend behavior you got going on here Beck - Tobias warns as I head onto the highway like the two did.

It’s not. I’m just seeing where my boyfriend is going and what he’s doing - I still frowning to myself as they take a turn into a road I didn’t recognize.

Right right. Cause that’s not stalker behavior- He says laughing as I scowl following the two.


I park two rows down from Emitt in the weird little plaza we were in. I’ve never seen or been to this place before and it looked a little sketchy yet it was crowded with people.

“You should really just tell Beckett.” Mickey says as he gets out of the car.

“I know but it’s not the type of thing you just say out of the blue.” Emitt groans as he meets his friend at the back off the car and they start walking. “Plus I have no idea how he’ll react, what if he dumps me?”

“I doubt it. He’s just as obsessed with you as you are with him. He won’t break up with you because of your tastes.” Mickey comments rubbing his friends back as they continue to walk, reaching too far for my ears to hear.

Follow them! - Tobias instructs impatiently, he was into mystery and all that time forcing me to watch NCIS made him think he was a detective or something.

He’ll smell me instantly - I reply watching the two enter the small plaza. We’ll just have to wait for him to come back out

What do you think he meant by tastes? - Tobias queries as he paces in my head.

Not a clue - I reply as I keep my eyes on the door waiting for them to return.

-------------spongebob voice-----------
One Hour Later

Ooo there they are! - Tobias shouts in excitement.

I sit up from my seat quickly, my eyes immediately landing on Mickey and Emitt who were both carrying a little box from Cinnabon and a large black bag, the plastic used so black I couldn’t see a thing inside. They both were wearing red cheeks that matched their heated necks, I watch them giggle to each other as they enter the car and drive out soon after.

I follow behind them, curious to see where their next destination would be only to be thoroughly disappointed when the trip ended outside Mickey’s house.

I parked further back so they wouldn’t hear the car, walking the rest of the way as I watch the house they were already inside.

Yeah now I feel like a stalker - I admit feeling dumb for following them all this way only to end up at their house like he said he’d be. Tobias just laughs in response.

Deciding to head home, I start walking away, stopping in my tracks when I hear the front door open. Turning around, I see Mickey leave the house with a backpack before jumping in his car and driving away.

I thought they had work to do - I murmur with narrowed eyes as I watch Mickey’s car disappear.

DU DU! DU DU DU DU DUUU! DU DU! - Tobias hums loudly the Law and Order theme song making me groan loudly as he starts laughing. Okay, I’m done.

I ignore him as I contemplate going inside or not. Wouldn’t I look like a crazy obsessive boyfriend if I showed up when he told me he was busy? I could just be being needy but something was up and I knew it, if I left now, it’d just bug me until I dealt with it.

I make my way to the house having absolutely no idea what I was going to say or do but I tried not to think about that as I walked up the porch steps. I go to knock but stop once I see the door slightly open, I knew Mickey didn’t care much for his lively hood but damn, at least close the door.

I walk in against my better judgement as I look around the surprising messy space that was overflowing with pizza boxes.

“Emitt!” I call looking around but there’s no reply. His scent attacked me all at once and I swear I almost moaned because of it, it was strong, very very strong. Without thinking twice I head towards him, following it like a leash as I go up a flight of stairs.
I frown a little when I approach a room in the back corner of the wide space upstairs that took a while to navigate, the sounds of moans makes me freeze as I stand outside the room in shock as I listen to loud moans that surely belonged to Emitt.
Immediately thinking the worst, I barge into the room without a second thought ready to kill whoever was laying a hand on my Emitt.

Imagine my surprise when I only find one person in that room. Emitt and I look at each other, my eyes freezing on him not sure what to feel while his filled with horror as he looked at me from under his leg. His ass was high in the air with a dildo in his ass and his hand wrapped around his erection that was quickly deflating.

Told you - Tobias whispers.

I swear, Tobias is my everything !!!

Oh and awkward.....

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