Beta Mates

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Chapter 19

Emitt’s P.O.V

I’m going to kill myself.

I’m going to open the window, jump out and kill myself.

I don’t even dare to look at Beckett who was now seated besides me, a space filled with vibrators and dildos separating us. I’ve had so many fantasies in my life with all these things in the same room including Beckett but just not in this way, never in a million years would I have thought that Beckett would catch me masterbating.

“AGHHHH!” I scream in frustration as I stand up making Beckett immediately look at me. He was blushing, the embarrassment he felt wasn’t even close to what my heart was dealing with. “You must think I’m a freak now.” I say laughing like a psychopath as I grabbed my hair. “Finding me on a bed filled with sex toys like a pervert, masterbating away too busy to even hear you coming up the stairs. Yeah well, I guess I’m pretty fucked up. You probably want to break up with me right? Who wants to date a sex crazed maniac who masterbates with a dildo up their ass. No one. Who lies to you to come here and fuck myself? Yeah well it’s not my fault I’m horny all the time and I just want to have you mount me but you haven’t and it’s been two months and I’m dying over here. But it’s okay, so whatever. Fuck I’m rambling. I’m going to jump out that window. Please kill me!” I shout finally before dropping into a ball and hugging my knees as I pant heavily.

Beckett watches me with red cheeks that just made me feel even worse as he scratched his head uncomfortably. He doesn’t say anything for a long time as he just looks at me, thinking probably about the best way to break up with me.
After what feels like an eternity, he hesitantly picks up one of the new vibrators as he examines it carefully before looking at me.

“So, umm, you’re into this kind of stuff?” He asks gently as I look at him slightly perplexed.

“Yeah.” I mumble knowing I might as well tell the truth, there was absolutely no way I was getting out of this one. “I know I’m weird you don’t have to rub it in.”

“You like the pain or something?” He questions uncomfortably as he picks up the leather whip I bought on a whim.

“No.” I say standing as I take it away from him before I stroke it gently. “I’m not a masochist.” I state as he looks at me expectantly for an answer. “I just like trying new things, I’m open to stuff.”

“So all this....” He questions referring to the bed of sex toys.

“Experimental, for the most part. Don’t knock it til you try it.” I joke lamely as I chuckle to myself before the room is once again filled with uncomfortable silence as I throw the whip back down on the bed. He doesn’t say anything and neither do I, afraid that the wrong words might send him running, which I thought he would’ve a long time ago.

“And you want me to use these on you?” He asks steadily as he tries to wrap his head around my sexual interests that have unfortunately been brought to light.

“That’d be the dream.” I say nervously as I play with my hands behind my back. “I know this is all a lot and I don’t blame you if you ran, but just please don’t tell anyone.”

“I’m not leaving Emitt.” He says standing suddenly, his body moving to me until he was easily hovering over me. “And I’m not going to break up with you because of this.”


“Do you want me to break up with you?” He says with a light chuckle as he raises an eyebrow, I shake my head no quickly. “I’m not ending what we have because you like to stuff like this.”

“Really?” I question in disbelief, I probably jumped out the window and this was all a coma dream or some shit because I was too stupid to kill myself properly.

He nods before he wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me in for a kiss. I hum in his mouth in surprise at the sudden action as he drives his tongue into my mouth before caressing my thigh, grabbing it roughing as he raised one of my legs making my squeak in surprise. He was leading us undoubtedly as his tongue dominated mine without even trying, our bodies heating up as he drops my leg before grabbing my ass firmly. I moan into his mouth as my eyes roll in pleasure as he continues to knead my ass while his tongue attacks me viscously, our bodies rubbing against each other’s as I unravel in his grasp. I thought this was going to be a quick kiss but things were heating up undoubtedly fast.

He lifts me suddenly making me yelp in surprise as I wrap my legs around his waist, my arms draping over his shoulders as his kiss grew more aggressive. Biting my lip, I moan as he walks us over to the bed, lying us down in a clear section as he mounts me not breaking the kiss for a moment. Our tongues dance in sync as he runs his hands up and down my frame while pressing into me. My member was rock hard at this point and my head was a fog machine, I couldn’t think clearly blinding by a form of lust that was new for me.

He sits up suddenly, his body still position between my legs before he pulls off his shirt.

Holy fuck! There’s a river in my pants.

He smirks at my reaction as my eyes trail down his body, fuck he looked delicious. He directs my hands to his abs making me moan lowly as I drag my hands around his body slowly, his eyes flood with clear desire as I let my hands drift around his waist, pulling at the back of his jeans as I sit up slightly. With a low growl he reattaches our lips, dragging me up as I sit in his lap, my hands searching his broad back aimlessly as we slowly lost ourselves to the addictive rush we got every time we touched.

“Take your clothes off.” He growls, his eyes glowing momentarily making Chris whimper slightly as he looked at us with what others may fine scary but to me was incredibly hot. I don’t waist another second as I take my shirt off, he pushes me back down on the bed before he tugs off my pants and underwear leaving me completely exposed.

His hand immediately wraps around me making me arch my back as I gasp at the phenomenal feeling as he stroked my already leaking member.

“Ah!” I moan lowly as he squeezes me teasingly, I let my hand slide into his own pants, he takes in a sharp breath as I start stroking him. I let my other hand wander down since one wasn’t enough.

“Hmmm. That’s good baby.” He groans as he thrusts himself in my hands slightly before lowering himself to suck on my neck.

“Ahhhhhh!” I moan loudly when he starts nibbling on my skin, his hand still stroking me skillfully. “Beckett! I-I’m gonna cum!”

“Not yet, hold it.” He instructs calmly as he squeezes me a little making me whimper as he dragged his tongue up my neck. “Good boy.” He commends making my heart beat faster as he strokes me even faster, my member leaking with need as I try to control myself.

“P-please! I can’t hold it!” I moan as I thrust myself into his hand as he does mine.

“Fuck!” He groans as we both release at the same time, we continue to stroke one another riding out our orgasms as both our cum covers my chest completely. The sight of Beckett panting above me as I dragged out every last drop made me hard again within seconds, he looks down at my erection in surprise while I just blush wildly.
He chuckles before kissing me hungrily as he rubs the tip of my very sensitive head making me all but scream as I arch my back severely.

“B-Beckett! Oh my goddd!” I squeal as he pushes my waist down to keep me in place as he continues to play with my member making my eyes roll as I clench the sheets tightly below me. “Stop! Or I’ll c-cummm agahhhhhhh!” I arch my back even more as streams of cum shoots out of me, my body shivering as he continued to stroke me to completion.

I fall back on the bed, my body laying completely open as I panted heavily, my thoughts a complete mess. My hooded eyes find Beckett’s, he was staring at me with something I couldn’t really explain, his eyes glowing here and there as they trailed down my naked body. He fingers gently run over my legs making me bite my lip as electricity runs through me at the touch. His fingers make their way up to my waist where they linger momentarily before grasping it firmly making me gasp as he pulls me body suddenly closer to his. My eyes widen in surprise as he lowers his mouth the my chest, licking all the semen off of my skin slowly, not once letting his eyes leave mine. Once again, my member rose at attention as he continued to extremely sexy act, once he’s finished he presses kisses back down my skin all the way down to my member where he nibbles around at my thighs making me whine with need. He continues to tease me as his hands trailed every inch of my body making my member leak once again, already desperate for release.

“Oh my god!” I mumble as he takes my member into his mouth, my eyes roll as he starts stroking me with his warm mouth. My mouth remains open as moan after moan escaped my lips, clenching the sheets tightly I try to hold back my pending orgasm as he tightened his lips to suck harder. “F-fuck Beckett.” I moan as I unconsciously start thrusting myself into his mouth, he lowers his head when I thrust up making my eyes roll back in absolute pleasure. “Ahhhhhhh!” I scream out when his fingers pinch my erect nipples, making me leak like a faucet as he dragged his tongue up my length. “B-Beckett, don’t stop! Please don’t stop!”

He hums around my member in response making my eyes flutter shut as I release without warning straight into his mouth, he gags a little bit but swallows it all before licking me clean while I stare at him was dazed eyes filled with lust.

“Warn me next time.” He mumbles before kissing me again, allowing me to taste myself on his tongue for a bit before he pulls away. I thought we were done but he removed his pants and underwear revealing his very large member.

“I’m sorry.” I say under my breath as I push myself up a bit, resting on our knees we kiss each other once again. Beckett’s arms holding me close to him as we kisses hungrily. “Let me make it up to you.” I say seductively against his lips once we break for air, he doesn’t say anything as I lower myself down slowly until my ass was in the air and my lips were wrapped around his big cock.

“Mhmmm!” He groans as I swallow his length slowly, making sure to arch my back for him as I bobbed my head up and down his member slowly. I trail my tongue up his length before swallowing him whole again, using my hand to fondle his balls. “Aghhh, that’s good. That’s really good.” He moans as I flick my eyes up to look at him, he was biting his beautiful lips as he looked down at me with a predatory gaze that made me shiver. I hum around his length as I keep the eye contact, quickening my pace as I drag him closer and closer to release. His hand finds my hair which he grips tightly making my member leak at the action while my heart raced with excitement.

“Just like that. Nghh!! Yesss!” He growls his eyes glowing brightly as he pushes me down further which I happily accept. He thrusts himself into my mouth roughly as he starts fucking my mouth full throttle, I find myself leaking with need as I grab his thighs for support. He drives himself a little deeper every time as his member hits the back of my throat, I hum around him as I tighten my lips making him moan loudly as he leans over a little.

“F-fuck Emitt! I’m going to cum!” He tries to pull my head back but I push myself deeper wanting to swallow every drop of him. He erupts into my mouth making me shiver with pleasure as he pumps his essence down my throat while moaning loudly. Once he’s done, I lick him clean before pressing kisses up his stomach all the way to his neck where I linger for a bit.

“Was the good?” I ask nervously as I continue to such on his collarbone making his breathing raged.

“It was fucking amazing.” He compliments as he raises my head to kiss me. He kisses me long and hard before pulling away reluctantly, his grip on my body never wavering. “I saw the way you shook this just now.” He growls as he grabs one side of my ass firmly making me whimper as he ground my leaking member into his half erect one. “And you’re dripping wet.” He whispers seductively into my ear making me moan as he continued to squeeze my ass roughly. “You want me to play with this?” He questions before slapping my ass making me moan loudly as precum pours out of my member.

“Y-yes...” I stutter as my body buzzes in excitement.

“We can use one of your toys.” He growls as I look down on the other side of the bed that was covered with my favourite ones and my new ones. “You want to?”

“Yes!” I say quickly, unable to hide my excitement at the thought of Beckett using one of these on me.

“You pick.” He instructs, running his hand up my back making me shiver as I close my eyes getting lost in pleasure. “Now.” He says as he smacks my ass making me jump a little.

I crawl over to the other side, making sure to raise my hips extra high to give Beckett a good view. He groans from behind me as he strokes himself, his hand caressing my ass gently making electricity run from my toes straight to my cock. I look around at the toys, loving all so much and wishing I could use all at once, I settle on the medium sized vibrating dildo and the set of nipple suckers.

“These go on my ummmm.....they go on my nipples.” I say shyly, I was nervous to use them since I bought them on a whim today and it was also hard saying all this to Beckett. I look up at him expectantly as he takes the toys from my hands before examining them a little.

“You really like pink.”
Is all he says making me smile a little, he always managed to wash away my nerves without even trying.

“It’s my favorite color.” I reveal deciding it was about time that I told him the smaller things like that.

“Good to know.” He says before pushing me down roughly, within a second he’s on top of me again as he gives me a couple of quick pecks before sitting up once again. I watch him with a racing heart as he looks at the nipple toys a little.

“You just put them on.” I mumble as I direct him, he follows my hand as he puts them on but they just slip off each time. “Probably bought the wrong type.” I say in disappointment.

“They just need to get a little hard.”
Before I can question him, his tongue is circling my left nipple while his fingers tease the right. I watch him moaning lowly as he works skillfully on my nipples, switching his tongue between them here and there.

“There.” He says proudly as he sits up once again to look at me, I pant slightly with heavy eyes as he stares at my erect nipples. He flicks one side without warning making me moan loudly at the pleasure that shot its way straight to my member. He smiles to himself at the reaction before placing the nipple suctions on making my eyes roll as the toys immediately get to work. “How is it?”

“G-good!” I stutter as my hands search around a bit while I squirm slightly before my hands wrap around my shaft. “Ahhhh!” I moan loudly as I stroke myself quickly with one hand while tugging my balls teasingly with the other. The toys were driving me crazy, it felt like two guys were sucking on my nipples at the same time and it felt beyond phenomenal. My eyes find Beckett’s as he watches me with glowing eyes, I leak in my hands at the attention as I jerked myself off. His tongue runs over his lips as he watches me stroke myself like a wolf in heat. “Beckett!” I moan never breaking the eye contact, he growls at the mention of his name as I stroke myself even faster. The way he was looking at me, like if I was a meal, something for him to devour, it made me want to cum for him. “Beckett!!!!” I moan loudly as I drag myself over the edge, cumming yet again as Beckett and I continue to look at one another. I ride out my orgasm in complete ecstasy before I settle with ragged pants shivering at my own touch.

“That was beautiful to watch.” Beckett growls as he runs his hands up both my thighs making me shiver in response. He swipes up all my essence with his fingers before stuffing them into my mouth making me suck on them, I hum around them as I clean each one thoroughly. He pulls me up before lying down and dragging me down on top of him.

“Ass up.” He instructs sending a shiver down my spine at his tone, I do what I’m told immediately, excited to have him use the dildo on me. He pulls it between our faces as he pushes it into my mouth, I suck on it was ease, looking at him intently while he just smiles up at me. His fingers flick at the nipple suckers making me moan loudly as I almost drop the dildo but he keeps it in place, I tremble on top of him as he pushes the toy further into my mouth before flicking the suckers teasingly again making me leak with need as tears fill my eyes.

“Did I hurt you?” Beckett quickly questions at the sight of my blurry eyes as he immediately stops teasing my nipples and removes the dildo from my mouth much to my dismay.

“No.” I say wiping away the stupid tears. “It happens sometimes, in situations like this.” I say trying to reassure him but he didn’t look convinced. “I’m fine. It was good. Really good. See?” I say hinting towards my leaking erection.

This seems to convince him as he presses this toy against my awaiting hole. I’d used the smaller one earlier when he caught me, so this one shouldn’t have an issue sliding in.

“Spread your ass.” He drags as he bites his bottom lip. I rest my head on his chests as I stretch my ass happily, he looks at me carefully before he pushes the head of the toy in. There’s a little sting in the beginning but once the heads inside the rest slides right in as he pushes it in slowly and carefully. There’s a slight sting that remains when the entire thing is inside, he waits patiently for me to adjust while he presses light kisses to my head.

“Go ahead.” I say after a while, within an instant the toy is pulled from my ass before it’s slammed back in.

“Ahhh!” I moan loudly at the action as he pulls it out slowly again before driving it straight back into me. “Ah! Ah! Ah!” I moan with each thrust of the toy as it hits my prostate repeatedly. “It’s s-so good!” I moan against his skin as he continues to assault my quivering hole. “Right there! Yes! Yes! B-Beckett, oh my god!” I moan as he hits the spot that makes me see stars. “C-can I cummmm?!” I drag once I feel myself getting closer to the edge.

“Cum for me Emitt.” He growls making me squeal as I empty myself all off his chest while he continued to fuck my ass with the toy. I ride out my orgasm shivering above him as my arms drop to the sides of my body.

“Did you like that?” He questions as he pulls my body up, leaving the dildo deep in my ass.

“Y-yes...” I moan not fully there as he kissed my lips viscously.

“Good.” He comments before flicking the switch that made it vibrate. I scream out in surprise as the vibrations attack me completely, the toy lodge perfectly in my hole. “Lean back.” I watch him watch watery eyes pleading for him not to make me but he doesn’t waver. I sit up slowly, each movement making the toy go further up until I was sitting in his lap and the toy was rubbing right against my prostate making me drool slightly through clenched teeth. “Stroke us both.”

“I c-can’t...” I moan as I take his member into my hand, afraid to touch my own. I’d cum so many times that my dick was so sensitive I knew I wouldn’t last if I touched it.

“Do it, now.” He says calmly as he smacks both sides of my ass making me moan loudly as I leak slightly at the action.

“F-f-fuckkk!” I scream once I take both of members into my hands while the dildo drives itself deeper and deeper into my ass, the vibrations sending me crazy. “Ahhhhhhhh!” I moan out when he turns the vibrations higher and flicks my nipple suckers again, my movement become sloppy as I try to keep up with the attack on my body.
Sensing this, Beckett flicks my hand away as he take both our members between his hands and stokes us together, our erections rubbing against each other’s.

“I’m goisuh to cas.” My words come out incoherent as I verge my releasal. He stops stroking us both making me whimper from the neglect as he transfers his hands to my nipples, pulling off both the suckers before rubbing them in. “Ahhhhhhhhh!” I scream from the mixture of pain and pleasure that erupted through my body. “S-stop! Plefysh!”

“You ask before you cum.” He growls as he rubs them in gently until there was only pleasure. I’m still trembling when he takes our members into his grasps once again, stroking us both aggressively as the dildo rubs against my sweet spot.

“I canntyh! B-Beckett!” I moan aimlessly as he quickens the pace, dragging us both to the edge. “C-Can I pajuh chujn?”
My words didn’t even make sense but he knew what I was asking yet he ignored me.

“Fuck yourself with the dildo.” He groans in his own pleasure as he pulled me back down a little, still stroking the both of us. I whimper at the instruction as I try to control myself from releasing immediately, sliding my fingers into the little ring at the end of the toy, I pull it out my ass slowly before shoving it back in.

“Ahhh!” I moan loudly as I pull it out again before slamming it directly against my prostate while Beckett watches me intently still stroking us both.

“Faster.” He growls as he squeezes the both of us as a warning.

“Ah! Ah! Ahhhhh! Ah!” I moan with each thrusts as I drive the toy in and out of my ass while thrusting slightly into Beckett hands. “P-Please! Aghhhhhh!” I scream as I try to keep myself from exploding. Beckett picks up the pace as I unconsciously do the same, thrusting the toy into myself deeper and faster each time.


That’s all it takes for me to release all over him as he does straight after me, riding out our orgasms I cry out loudly while tears stream down my face from the blinding pleasure. I fall into Beckett’s awaiting once he removed the toy as I mumble incoherent words before everything goes black.



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