Beta Mates

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Chapter 20

Beckett’s P.O.V

A smile forms on my lips as I run my hands through Emitt’s soft, dark chocolate brown hair. He hums slightly in his sleep, pulling himself closer into my chest as he slings one of his legs over me. My eyes refuse to leave him as I look at his sleeping form, the thin sheet fabric only covering our waists. His skin pressed to mine, the contact absolutely sensational.

Never in a million years would I have imagined myself doing half the things I did to Emitt earlier. But once I started I couldn’t stop, especially when he kept looking at me like he wanted me to push him further and harder. It was surprising as hell and a bit awkward to find out his sexual interests at firsts, but never once did I think about leaving him because of it. Emitt was unusually insecure about our relationship, something I’d have to work on fixing and soon.
Sliding myself away from his grasp silently, I tug on my boxers and jeans before heading downstairs for some water.

“Well hello there.” Mickey teases as he watches me walking into his kitchen, a mug to his mouth while he wiggled his eyebrows before putting down his phone.

“Hi.” I say feeling completely embarrassed that I did such things in his house, I didn’t even hear him come in. I wonder if he came in much earlier or only just now, hopefully the latter.

“Thirsty?” He questions as I pour myself a cup from the jug in the fridge. “I would be to if I did half the shit you guys just did.”
I almost spit out my water as he laughs hysterically from his kitchen stool, so much so that he almost falls off of it. I feel my cheeks take a bit of color as I avoid eye contact with him, feeling completely embarrassed and ashamed.

“You’re so lucky I’m the only house in this area.” He says still giggling while I drink the water quickly, desperate to leave his presence sooner than later. “So you found out about his secret?” He says making me slow down as I look at him.


“You’re taking it surprisingly well.” He mumbles with knitted eyebrows that clears after he studies me for a while. “Well that’s good, have fun for me.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, why does he, um, do it here?” I ask awkwardly which just makes him smirk.

“He can’t use half of his little toys without moaning like a little slut, he can’t do it in his home so I let him use my house. It’s only me here and I rather him enjoy himself here than have to put away a piece of himself. He’s my best friend so I don’t mind.” He replies with a shrug of the shoulders while I watch him with wide eyes in surprise. “I know Aiden’s his best friend and will always be. But he’s still mine, Emitt’s literally the only person I have.” He says a bit quieter as he drops his eyes. I felt truly sorry for him, Mickey never talked to anyone else and his whole family was killed, he really did only have Emitt.

“Well, add me to that list.” I say circling the kitchen island before giving him a friendly hug. “I’m your friend now too.”
He stays quiet as he hesitantly hugs me back before tighten his grip.

“Thank you.” He mumbles against my chest. “But please let me go before I get a boner, you’re shirtless and I’m gay.”

I let go immediately backing away a bit as he gives me a grateful smile before going back to drinking his hot chocolate while scrolling through his phone.

I jog back up the stairs making my way to the room, I reach out to open the door but it swings open before I can. I look down at a panicked Emitt who was only in his tight, light pink boxer shorts that were making me way too excited on first glance, I didn’t even see them when I was tearing his clothes off. He relaxes once he sees me, I enter the room as he steps back before closing the door behind me.

“I thought you left.” He mumbles letting out a breath of relief as he hugs me, resting his head on my bare chest, his heart slowly calming as I hug him back.

“What do I have to do to get it into your head that I’m not going to leave you.” I reply as he looks up at me, resting his chin on my chest. I press a quick kiss to his lips before pulling away. “Now let’s get you back to bed.”

“So how was it.” He asks after we returned to our position of him cuddling into me, while he drew circles with his finger on my chest.

“How was what?” I question pretending to be ignorant.

“Ya know, using the stuff.” He says shyly as he begins to clam up.

“What stuff?”

“Beckett!” He groans slapping my chest as he props himself up on his arm, a frown plastered to his face. “I’m not joking!”

“Alright, alright.” I say chuckling as I rub his skin gently to calm him down. “I liked it.” I say watching his features slowly soften. “I really liked it.”

“So does this mean....” He questions as he runs his hand up and down my chest. “We can maybe, ummm, do this m-more often.” His eyes finally meet mine when he finishes, nibbling on his lip nervously. “If you want to.”

“I thought that went without saying.” I say seriously making his eyes light up with joy. “Though I’m new to all this so you’ll h-”

I don’t get to finish my sentence as he presses his lips to mine, my eyes widen in surprise as he drives his tongue into my mouth before climbing on top of me. I kiss him back happily as I slide my arms around his little waist, my hands settling on his cute ass that I give a little squeeze making him moan into my mouth.

“We should stop.” I say breaking the kiss as I keep my hands on his ass, kneading it a little despite my words.

“O-okay.” He stutters as he squeeze my shoulders a little with an intake of breath when I start nibbling on his collarbone. “Mhmm.” He groans as he grinds himself against me, making me clench my teeth as I tighten my hold on his ass before flipping us over.

We’re not stopping.


“Why are you smiling like that?” Julian asks making me snap out of my daze as I look to him, finding him watching me with a suspicious gaze.

“Nothing.” I say quickly as I tuck away the lovely memory of Emitt trembling on top of me in the back of my mind for later. “So what do you want?”

“Why do you assume I want something?” He questions nervously.

“Because you called me out for lunch.” I say resting my face in my hands.

“So, lots of people do that.”

“Not you. You hate eating out in the day time for reasons that escape me and you hate spending more time with people that necessary.” I say as he twirls his straw around his untouched lemonade. “Plus you haven’t taken a sip of your lemonade which is unheard of.”

“I need you help.” He blurts out suddenly, his eyes showing clear panic as he shifted uncomfortably in his side of the booth.

“Never thought I’d hear you say that.” I say with a smile that he doesn’t return or even seen amused by. “Oh shit you’re serious.”

“I’m not the type to joke around now am I?” He says in clear annoyance as he pushes his hair out of his face.

“Sorry, what’s this about?” I question drinking my own cup of lemonade.

“Aiden.” He says with clear love coming out of his tone but I don’t think he realized that. “Well Aiden and I. Me and Aiden. Us.” He finishes with a frustrated groan.

“Julian take it easy.” I say in surprise as I watch my usually emotionless friend crumble before my eyes. “Lets go from the beginning alright?” He nods before taking a deep breath.

“Well to understand this you should know that Aiden and I are in heat.” He says nonchalantly while my eyes roll out of my head and my body combusts. “Both of us.”

“You’re in what?!” I shout hysterically as I stand to my feet while Julian’s eyes search the small diner for onlookers.

“Beckett shut up in my restaurant!” Uncle Jack shouts making me immediately retake my seat, suddenly feeling like a middle schooler again when he’d scold me for climbing on the tables.

“Remind me to never tell you anything.” Julian mumbles under his breath.

“I’m sorry b-but how else was I supposed to react?” I whisper harshly. “You’re in heat! Men don’t get those Julian.”

“You don’t think I know that!” He groans as he runs his hand through his hair. “You don’t think that it’s freaking me out too! Especially since all I want to do all the time is find Aiden and suck his d-”

“Okay! Okay!” I say cutting him off before he could finish that word. “I don’t need the details.”

“Sorry.” He replies as he runs his hands through his hair. “That’s not even the problem, you know when mates are in heat all they want to do is.....ya know.”

“Yeah, but you guys have been together for months what’s the problem?” I question with knitted eyebrows made with confusion. Julian immediately diverts his eyes as he gulps down his lemonade with a racing heart and that’s when it clicks. “Oh you guys haven’t...”

“” He replies shyly, a light red taking his cheeks as he shrunk into the shiny leather.

“Why not?” I question in disbelief.

“I don’t know Beckett. Maybe it’s because we’re two straight guys who are now not so straight because of the Moon Goddess and are figuring things out.” He says sarcastically. “Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that up until a few months ago I hated Aiden and jumping into bed with him isn’t the first thing on my mind.”
I watch him with wide eyes as he pants slightly before ordering another lemonade, he drinks it all in one go before looking at me with tired eyes.

“Well, do you want to now?” I question making him frown. “Time has passed and you like him now right? So do you want to now?”

“Y-yeah.” He stutters as the color growing on his cheeks. It was weird seeing Julian like this but I found it better not to comment or think on it too much, it’d just embarrass him and I didn’t want that when he came to me for help.

“So what’s the problem?”

“Please don’t laugh at me for this,” he starts as he looks at me for a bit before continuing, “but I want it to be special.”

“Special?” I repeat feeling my heart warming at how caring he became when it come to Aiden.

“Not roses and candles special but not in the Alpha Suite either. I don’t want it to be driven by the heat, I want it to be us. Just us.” He finishes, I couldn’t help the smile that formed on my face as I watch him seated nervously in his chair as he rubbed his shoulder.

Awwwwwwwww! It has a heart - Tobias swoons making me chuckle as I shush him.

“So you want help picking somewhere?” I ask cautiously not wanting to trigger an explosion somehow.

“No. I know what I want to do. I want to take him away for a few days, to a hotel or something, a little holiday for the two of us.” He says with a smile tugging on his own lips as he no doubt thought about his mate. “I wanted to go to the hotel down south, the big one that everyone talks about.”

“You said you want it to be special right, it’s not special if you go somewhere that everyone knows about.” I say making his eyes flood with panic as the life drains from his face. “There’s a resort a bit out of town, it’s far but it’s worth it, there’s a bunch of fun shit to do that someone like Aiden would love. I’ll send you the name when I remember.”

“That’d be great Beckett.” He says with a sigh of relief. “Can you and Emitt take care of the pack while we’re out?”

“Yeah, that goes without saying.” I say laughing as he chuckles a little.

“That’s the other thing, I know I’m going to miss your birthday. Your awakening too if you’re doing the ceremony.” He says guilty as he rubs the back of his neck.

“I have to, my parents refuse to have it any differently.” I say with a groan that makes his eyes flare with a fire that came whenever my parents were mentioned.

“If you want me to stay I will, I can do something else with Aiden.” He says seriously. “He may be my mate but your still my best friend Beckett and I’m here if you need me.”

“I appreciate that Julian, I really do, but it’s fine. I want you to go and spend those days with your mate, you deserve it.” My words making him smile widely as he stretches across the table to hug me, taking me completely by surprise as he squeezes me tightly.

Julian often rejected my affection, he’d barely let me hug him or even rest my arm on his shoulder so this was truly mind boggling.

“Aiden has changed you.” I say as we sit back down, he laughs at the statement as he plays with the ends of his hair.

“For the better?” He asks nervously.

“Yeah. He’s good for you Julian.” I say making him smile grow even bigger. “I’ve never seen you like this before Aiden came along. You look so...happy.”

“I am happy.” He admits as he looks out the window as Aiden’s car pulled up, he came to pick him up at two on the dot. He’d insisted earlier to the guy earlier when he dropped him off that he didn’t need to be picked up, that’s he’d be fine. But the look in his eyes now said he couldn’t be happier to his mate.

We walk out together after paying, Julian basically bursting at he seams as he tries to be calm as he got closer to his mate that was walking towards him with the same fake cool expression. Both drop the act when they were in arms reach as Aiden pulled Julian in his arms before kissing him slowly, Julian’s arms hops around Aiden neck as he kisses him back with a smile lacing his lips before the two part.

“Did you have a good time?” Aiden whispers as he tilts Julian’s chin up to look at him.

“Yeah.” He replies enthusiastically before the pair look at me. “I’ll see you at school Beckett.”

“Okay.” I say as Aiden gives me a small smile that was meant to be kind but with the shades of darkness and overall looming figure, it came off as cynical.

“Bye.” Aiden says with a wave before turning with Julian tucked under his arm as they walk to their car chatting.

The scene was actually heart warming. So much that it made me seek out my own lover whose shift should be starting right about now.


“Thank you very much.” I say with a smirk as Emitt rests my plate down with my three donuts and cup of hot chocolate.

“You’re welcome.” He replies through clenched teeth as he stomped away. He always threw a little tantrum whenever I came to watch him work, maybe because I teased him about his apron or because my eyes never left him, either or, it was cute.

I want to mess with Chris - Tobias whines.

What do you mean?

You got to fool around with Emitt and I want to do the same with Chris - He explains as we eye our little donut who was preparing to open the shop for the afternoon shift that was always busy on a Friday.

What did you have in mind?

You leave that to me, just get him to let Chris out for the shift.

This is going to be so fun

What is little Tobias planning?

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