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Chapter 21

Christopher’s P.O.V

I groan in annoyance as I blink my eyes repeatedly, allowing myself to adjust to the bright room. Looking around, I realise that I’m in the donut shop, I groan in annoyance when I look down to find myself in Emitt’s donut apron.

Punishment I’m guessing.

Emitt had done this before, pushed me forward when I wasn’t listening to him, forcing me to interact with people. I didn’t like it so it was an effective disciplinary action.

“Hello Christopher.”
I jump out my skin from the whisper that brushed my ears as a cold chill ran down my spine. Turning around quickly, my eyes find Tobias smiling at me, I knew it was him since mischief sparkled in his eyes when he looked at me.

“Don’t do that.” I grumble as my heart rate gradually slows down. “What’s going on?”

“I just thought it’d be nice if we,” he says while pulling me into his chest, “had a little fun.”

“Tobias....” I strain cautiously with knitted eyebrows as he brought his lips to my neck, nibbling on my collarbone making my moan lowly as I arch my back into his chest. “W-what did you d-do?”

“Nothing love.” He mumbles against my skin as he makes his way up my neck making me shiver in response as I clench onto his shirt tightly. He continues to attack my weak spots causing me to slowly unravel as he drove his legs between my own, closing any space between us.

“Ahhhhh!” I moan loudly with wide eyes when he pressed his leg a bit higher, making something shift in my bum. I whimper slightly as he continues to push against me, making the toy drive itself in and out of me.

“I knew you’d love it.” He growls as I continue to whimper in his grasp, I was already leaking in my pants with a member that was straining against my jeans.

“T-Tobias..” I stutter from the rush of pleasure that was blinding me completely, taking away my sense and reasoning.

“Not so fast.” He says, stopping his teasing when I was about to cum. “You have a job to do.”

“E-Emitt is into t-this Toby, not me.” I say letting the name I called him in my head slip out, his eyes widen at this making my cheeks heat up. “Sorry.” I mumble wanting to hide in a deep well.

“No I like it.” He replies with a smile. “And Emitt told me that the toy inside of you right now was one that you forced him to buy.”

Emitt you stupid poophead!

“I can’t work like this.” I strain as my body starts to calm down, once I didn’t move I didn’t feel it as much. “With this inside me.”

“Why not?” He questions innocently, I swear if I didn’t like him so much I’d slap him and take it out. But I did like Tobias, I liked Tobias too much to not go along with just about everything he says. “So all you have to do is work for the two hours like Emitt does, simple. But if you misbehave and aren’t nice to the customers, I’ll have to punish you.”

The word makes my body tingle in excitement as I look up at him. What did he mean by punishment? Would he leave the toy in me all day or would he pull me over his knee and spank me? The thought alone made me bite my lip to stifle a moan.

“O-okay.” I stutter as I try to calm myself from the naughty thoughts that clogged my mind.

“Good boy.” He commends before kissing me lightly. “Now open up.” He slaps my bum before walking away, making me squeal as it shifts the toy deeper.

I string of not so nice words raced through my mind as I opened up the front doors for the small shop, I remembered this toy. I remembered wanting it desperately but I don’t remember why, it didn’t make sense to me.
It felt amazing nevertheless, rubbing against my prostate with each step as it filled me completely. It didn’t help that Tobias was eyeing me like if I was something he could devour, it was turning me on and that was making this all the more difficult.

Customers poured in not too long after, some just buying donuts and leaving. Others sitting down to eat it, I hated when they did this because they’d want a cup of coffee or something. Meaning I’d have to move around, which in turn caused the toy to move around. It was hard to keep back any sounds that crawled up my throat or to keep walking around with a smile like if I didn’t have a raging boner behind the apron.

“Can I get two strawberry donuts please?” A young man asks walking into the store with a bright smile.

“Sure, would you like a box or a bahhhhh!” I clasp my hand over my mouth while I use the other to stable myself against the register. Shutting my eyes tightly, my body shakes with pleasure from the vibrations that erupt from the toy. Unable to contain myself, I release soft whimpers behind my hand completely forgetting about the customer in front of me as my member leaked with need, my legs suddenly weak.

“Ummmmm are you okay dude?” The guy asks making me open my eyes to find him watching me with concern.

“I’m f-fine.” I stutter as I force myself to bag his donuts with shaking hands before giving it to him, he pays with straight change before leaving right when the vibrations stopped thankfully.

My eyes immediately drift to Tobias whom is sipping his coffee innocently. I immediately make my way over to him, ignoring the calls of a customer who wanted there fifth refill and was really pushing it.

“W-What was that?!” I whisper harshly as I look down at him.

“You tell me it’s your toy.” He replies with a blinding smile that sidetracks my anger momentarily.

“I didn’t do anything wrong.” I say quietly, I didn’t deserve a punishment though that felt like anything but.

“I know, but it’s no fun if you play the game perfectly.” He replies making me raise an eyebrow. “You only have ten minutes left.”

“But I don’t ngggghhhhh!” I bite my lip to the point where I draw a little blood as the vibrations start back harder than before.

“What was that love?” He questions innocently while I shake in my spot, my erection spouting out precum in my pants behind my thankfully long apron.

“S-stop it.” I beg as I grip the table so hard I felt the metal bending under my fingers. “P-Please Tobias.”

“Only because you asked so nicely.” He says switching off the vibrations letting me release a breath I was apparently holding. “Now get back to work.”

I resist the urge to send him a glare knowing that if I did he’d just turn it back on, walking back to the counter, I serve everyone with a peachy smile that started hurting my cheeks. Throughout it all, Tobias continued to torture me with the toy making me lose myself in front of so many people that I hope I’ll never see again.

“You did so well.” Tobias commends as I close up the shop, locking the door quickly after cleaning up. “I didn’t think you’d ma-”

He doesn’t get to finish his sentence as I attach my lips to his, he responds almost instantly as he wraps his arms around me, kissing me roughly as I grind myself into him. My heart racing a mile a minute as he lead the kiss easily, making me whimper as he dominates me completely.

“Now Tobias.” I mumble as he starts planting kisses down my neck. “I need you.”

“Not here.” He warns as I clench his shirt tightly, kissing his skin lightly.

“Tobias.” I moan into his ear, licking it teasingly. He growls before picking me up driving the toy deeper inside of me. “Ahhh!” I moan as he leaves through the back exit. Walking quickly to my car, each step forcing the toy in and out of me making me whimper in his hold.

He throws me into the back seat of the car once we arrive before climbing in after me, his body hovering over mine before he kisses me again. I kiss him back eagerly as he tugs at my pants after unbuckling them, pulling them off along with my underwear. I lie beneath him as he sits up to look at me, my member standing tall underneath the apron as I pulled my shirt up to cover my heated face.

He slides down without a word, tucking his head under the apron as his mouth took me entirely, his warmth making me shiver as I moan loudly.

“Tobias!” I scream when he starts bobbing his head up and down, his tongue tracing my length as he spreads my legs apart. I whimper at the loss of the toy when he pulls it out but gasp in surprise when he starts fingering me instead. “Y-yes!”

He hums around me as he adds a third finger into my bum, I throw my head back in ecstasy as he continues to attack my body. Desire running through the both of us as he dragged me closer and closer to the edge.

“I’m going to nghhh!” I bite my lip as I empty myself into his mouth, my eyes roll back as he swallows it all. Cleaning me up before sadly withdrawing his fingers, I lie there exhausted and trembling slightly as I watch him with a fogged mind.

“I want you so bad baby.” He whispers into my ear as he grinds his clothed erection into me.

“We c-can’t.” I manage to say as he continues to worship my skin with kisses.

“Why not?” He groans in clear annoyance. “Beckett and Emitt don’t have to do it first, why can’t we?”

“Tobias, you know why.” I breath out making him stop as his eyes find mine. He knew I was right.

A lot of wolves didn’t do anything sexual until they met there mates, wanting to be completely whole and untouched for each other. They were exceptions who played around a bit and nobody judged them but it wasn’t done often, we were already pushing it with how much I’d allowed him to do to me.

“I don’t want anybody else touching you.” He states making my eyes widen in surprise. “You’re mine.”

“Tobias y-”

“I can feel it.” He says cutting me off. “I know you’re my mate, I know it. I wouldn’t feel this way about you if you weren’t mine. If I could mark you now, I would.”

I gasp a little at his words. It was a dangerous thought, if he marked me he’d be breaking our bond with our mates before we met. Yeah we’d go on happily ever after, but our mates, whomever they may be, would feel empty and alone for the rest of their lives.

“Don’t look at me like that, I won’t do it. You’ll hate me forever if I did.” He says sitting up and plopping down in the seat as I bring myself to straddle him, tugging at the apron to hide my nakedness.

“I could never hate you.” I say honestly as his eyes find mine once again. “Never.”

“I don’t know what I’ll do with myself if we don’t end up together.” He groans resting his head on my chest as he wraps his arms around me, letting out a frustrated breath. “I can’t picture my life without you anymore.”

“I never could.” I reveal, he probably wouldn’t pick up on the fact that I’ve been completely infatuated with him since day one and he was only now catching up.
I wanted him to be my mate more than anyone, the difference was that I came to accept that would never happen. Though the fact that Julian and Aiden turned out to be mates struck hope into my heart.

“How do you think Alex and Max are getting on?” I ask making him laugh as he pulls back slightly to look at me.
(AN - Alex and Max are Julian and Aiden’s wolves)

“Probably tearing each other’s throats out.” He laughs making me chuckle as he transfers his hand to my cheek, rubbing it softly with his thumb. “They never got along.”

“That’s an understatement.” I say making his smile grow.

“I don’t know why I didn’t feel this way about you then, back home.” He states as I lean into his palm, enjoying the warmth it brought to my body just having him touch me.

“We were young, kids in a sense. We weren’t thinking about things like falling in love.” I say making the mischievous glint return to his eyes.

“Are you saying that you love me Christopher?” He teases, his smile becoming a smirk.

“Wouldn’t you like that.” I whisper wrapping my arms around his neck.

“I would actually.” He whispers as his lips brush mind gently, the space between us slowly closing. “You are mine.”

“Once you’re mine.” I reply letting my eyes lift from his lips to meet his beautiful, dazzlingly green orbs.

“I already am.” He finishes before letting our lips slowly connect. We kiss slowly as we breath in one another, my heart beating to the same tune as his as our lips move against each other’s. We don’t deepen it or speed up our movements, we just kiss, loving claiming the others lips as ours.

You’re so stupid,
I already love you Tobias

I swear Chris is soooooooooo sweetttt. Waaaaaaaaa


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