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Chapter 22

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Beckett’s P.O.V

“The morning patrols this week will be a mixture of members from both packs.” I announce making everyone break off into separate conversations, clearly not pleased by the news. “I know it will be difficult seeing that you won’t be able to communicate through one link, but we have to learn to work together.” This silences them as expected, since that first scout trip of the land between the packs that Aiden lead a couple ofmonths ago, the pack patrols had been done from one pack or the other, never together. But if we were to be one pack, we’d have to learn to work together.

“I’ll be leading an open training session in an hour, first come first serve is all I can say space wise.” Emitt says besides me making smiles grace the faces of most people, I’d attended one of his sessions a couple weeks ago and I will never do it again. People with death wishes, such as warriors, were more than ecstatic at this news.

“All those who are involved in the construction of the new pack house, we ask that you work extra hard and spare the project any time you can. It’d be a nice surprise for our Alphas to find the house completed when they return from their trip.” I say kindly, everyone nods in agreement at this. Aiden and Julian had been really trying at the whole two alpha thing and no one had opposed to their little trip when Julian informed the leaders of the pack, I knew right about now they should be arriving at the resort. No doubt Aiden must be kissing Julian like mad at the surprise. “I think that’s it.”

“All those involved with the rogue hunt with The Greenwood Park, see Roger after the meeting.” Emitt reminds as everyone pours out of the hall leaving the two of us standing on the stage. “You did great.” He says with a proud smile as we face one another.

“Thanks, you too.” I reply resisting the urge to pull him into my chest. “I wish you weren’t doing a training session today of all days.”

“I didn’t know that when I was booking it that it’d be our anniversary.” He says apologetically with an adorable pout that made it so much harder to keep my hands off of him . “Happy anniversary by the way.”

“This is probably the hundredth time you’ve said that for the day.” I say with a smile walking off the stage with him as we make our way out of the large hall that I’d be returning to soon.

“I never pictured myself being in one of those nauseating relationships that celebrate every little milestone.” He grumbles making me frown.

“You’re the one who wanted to!”

“That’s because there probably won’t be another.” He replies making my eyebrows knit together in confusion. “Never mind.”

“Emiit, wh-”

“Hey Isabel!” Emitt says cutting me off on purpose as he greats Isabel who was leaning against the outside wall patiently, we’d have to talk about this later.

“Hey, you guys were taking forever to come out.” She says with a smile that went against her words.

They’re not really out yet - Tobias says snickering in my head, I push him away as I focus on what she’s saying instead.

“I was wondering if I could help with the training session.” She says to Emitt as the three of us start walking together.

“I thought that went without saying.” Emitt replies laughing, she replies with a wide smile.

“What have you been up to?” I question realising that I’d been spending so much time with Emitt since the coronation that I haven’t spent much time with my second best friend.

“Not much. Sleeping, eating, reading and stalking Julian and Aiden, the usual.” She replies with a light shrug. “I joined a photography club, that’s fun.” She adds. “I went to London last weekend, saw a concert with some friends and did some shopping.”

“That sounds fun.” I say feeling more than horrible for not knowing this already, we used to tell each other things the minute it happened. But things had changed a lot when I met Emitt and now I was seeing the effect it had on my friendship.

“You want to do something tonight?” She asks me as we slow down. “Have an Izzy and Becky night like we used to. Me, you, sweet chilly popcorn, a few cans of Redbull and reruns of How I Met Your Mother.” She says with a laugh that makes me smile, that truly sounded amazing, she knew how much I loved that show. She watches me expectantly as I look to the ground guiltily, I knew I couldn’t, I had plans with Emitt and I couldn’t just throw them away. When my eyes return to her chocolate brown ones, the light fiddles away as her smile fades slowly as well .

“I’m sorry, but I can’t. I already have plans.” I say allowing my eyes to return to hers.

“Oh, okay.” She mumbles rubbing the back of her neck. “That’s fine.”

“I’m sorry Izzy, maybe some other time.” I say quickly but she just shakes her head.

“It’s fine Beckett.” She says plastering a smile back onto her face. “What about you Emitt? You want to watch a movie or something?” The guilty look on Emitt’s face makes her frown in realisation.

“I’m sorry, I’m busy too.” He mumbles not letting his eyes meet hers.

“Both of you?” She mumbles with a frown as her eyes look everywhere but us. “O-okay.”


“No, it’s okay. Ummmm, I’ll see you at the training Emitt. Bye guys!” She says running away before I could stop her.

“I hate lying to her like this.” I groan running my hands through my hair. “I barely talk to her anymore.”

“I’m sorry.” Emitt replies with worry clear in his voice as he rubs my back gently.

“I feel horrible.” I say looking at him from the corner of my eye. “And Julian is with Aiden now, she has no one. How did I not see this before?” I groan as I run my hands over my face.

“We can cancel tonight if you want to spend time with her.” Emitt offers. “We don’t have to go out.”

“No, I can’t do that you.” I say but he shakes his head. “Plus, I’ve made plans. I want to spend tonight with you.”

“But Isabel ne-”

“I’ll figure something out, but tonight is for us.” I state cutting him off, he looks at me with a slight frown but nods after a while.

“I have to get ready for my session.” He says glancing around before pressing his lips to mine quickly. “I’ll see you tonight, Ash Woods right?”

“Yeah.” I say with as smile as I watch him run towards his house.


“Hey.” I say when Emitt runs towards me, he crashes into my arms kissing me with a hum of satisfaction as his legs ring around my waist.

“I’ve wanted to do that all day.” He states once he pulls away, his eyes twinkling with excitement. “Oh, hi.”

“Let’s go.” I say resting him on his feet as we walk to my car which I parked not too far away. Once inside, I set out on the dirt path that let to the highway, one of my hands on the steering wheel and the other on Emitt’s thigh, our fingers intertwined.

“Do I at least get a hint as to where you’re taking me?” Emitt asks turning to face me as a smile creeps it’s way onto my lips.

“Will you give me one about where you’re taking me tomorrow?” I question glancing across at him.

“Absolutely not!”

“Then, there’s your answer.” I reply chuckling at the pout that takes his lips. “Don’t worry.” I say bringing his hand to my lips as I kiss it lightly. “You’ll love it.”

“Okay.” He mumbles quietly, I could see him blushing from the corner of my eye making me smile proudly. I loved teasing him way too much. “Can we play twenty one questions?”

“I’m pretty sure I already know everything there is to know about you.” I state making him raise an eyebrow as I take a sharp turn leading me onto the highway.

“No you don’t.” He says scoffing.

“So are you not a adolescent male who’s favorite color is pink and enjoys playing with sex toys, espe-”

“Shut up!” He shouts quickly, the color flooding his entire face as he retracts his hand from my own. “I hate you!”

I can’t even try to apologise since my entire body was shaking as I laughed loudly, the car swerving slightly as I grip the steering wheel, my body hunched over it as I continued to laugh. Emitt wasn’t so amused as he pulled himself into a ball facing the window, an angry pout taking those soft lips. I eventually am able to pull myself together as I turn down the road leading to our destination.

“I’m sorry.” I say still chuckling lightly, he just shifts more so that he doesn’t have to see me. I decide to leave him since his anger would blind him from seeing all the signs that would give away the surprise right away.

Once I park in front of the entrance, the large sign saying where we were I say nothing as I unbuckle my seat belt before turning to my still very angry donut.

“Emitt...” I call with nothing but joy in my voice, he doesn’t look my way as he stays silent. “Emitt.” I call again, poking at his sides, he squirms a little but just swats my hands away in response.

Sighing, I unbuckle his seat belt before lifting him up with no problem before sitting him in between my legs as I snake my arms around his tiny waist.

“You know I was just kidding.” I whisper as I nuzzle my head into his neck. “I love that you like pink and if my memory serves me right, I loved playing with your toys as much as you did. Now there’s nothing to be embarrassed about Emitt, it doesn’t matter if you like pink or purple or if being tied up turns you on, I still like every little thing about you. Okay?”

“Okay.” He mumbles to himself after a little while. Over the last two months, I’d learnt how to deal with Emitt when he had these little moments of self doubt or even in some cases, hatred. I don’t know what made him think that I’d break up with him if I knew more about him, but I was working on it slowly and one day I’d get him to love himself completely.

“Now give me a kiss.” I instruct. He peaks up at me from the corner of his eyes, before turning his head a little to give me a light kiss before pulling away. “A proper kiss.” He kisses me again, this time his lips move against mine slowly, his tongue sweeping over them a little. I open my mouth for him, he slides his tongue in as he searches my mouth thoroughly, his tongue dances with my own before he retracts it, pressing another light kiss to my lips before pulling away.

“Good boy.” I commend nuzzling my nose into his neck again, inhaling his addictive scent of strawberries and raspberries. “Now are you ready to go on our date?”

“Yes.” He mumbles with excitement seeping it’s way onto his tongue.

“Look up.”

He stretches forward a little bit before his eyes widen as the lights invade them, the large Walt Disney sign sparkling in the sky with a lit castle in the background. I rented the place for the two of us tonight since Emitt seemed to have an obsession with Disney movies, I was still catching up.

“Y-you brought me t-to Disneyland!” He shouts as he stutters over his words, his green eyes stuck to the sign as he looked through the car window with a racing heart I could hear thumping away.

“Hope you like it.” I say with a smile as he turns to face me, his eyes shining as he kissed me again, this time not as slowly but much more heated as his lips moved against mine with something I couldn’t quite put to words. He tries to thank me but his words come out incoherently, so I leave him to it as I take us out the car, holding his hand proudly as we walked towards the park with Emitt still stuttering a thank you.

Play song

We walk into the park with all the buildings, along the lovely lit roads open with an attendant in each, I was happy to see this since I basically emptied my wallet to pay for this.

“Wait, are we the only ones here?” Emitt asks stopping us in our path, I nod making his lips wobble as his eyes become glossy. “Beckett, this is too much!”

“No it’s not.” I say kissing his hand. “I’ll do anything for you donut.”

“How did I ever score you?” He asks after kissing me quickly.

“I ask myself that all the time.” I reply making him smile widely. “Now what do you want to do, we have the place for the entire night.”

“Even the rides?” He asks with a high pitched squeal.

“Yeah, every single one.” I say making him dance on his toes as he jumps into my arms kissing me again.
If I knew he’d love it this much, I’d have done this a long time ago.

“The carousel ride first!” He squeals as I put him down, his intertwines our fingers before rushing over to the horses that were clearly for kids but I wouldn’t comment, it’d only upset him. “Can we ride on one together?” He asks the young woman who was the attendant for the machine.

“Sorry hun, but you two would probably break the thing.” She says sweetly making Emitt’s smile waver.

“I’ll sit on the one right next to you, how about that?” I offer making him nod eagerly as he rushes on. “Have you never been on one of these before?” I ask as we sit down on the horses opposite each other.

“No. My parents never wanted to take me and they wouldn’t let Lucy take me when we were younger.” He mumbles, before I can say anything to try and cheer him up, the ride starts moving and his eyes immediately lights up after a small squeal of surprise, escapes his lips.

I watch him with a smile never leaving my lips as his lips stretch widely in a blinding smile, his eyes sparkling under the machine’s light as he reached his hand out for mine. I grip it tightly without a second thought as the horses go up and down making him giggle in excitement as our hands do the same.

“No hands, Beckett look!” He says excitedly as he realeases my hand, I just smile at him as he giggles while balancing himself with no hands. “I’m doing it! Beckett!”

“I see.” I comment as he looks across at me, his bright eyes making my heart thump harder in my chest as he smiles widely, that amazing laugh bubbling up his throat.

God, Emitt what are you doing to me.


I press a kiss to the top of Emitt’s head as he snuggles himself into my chest, we were walking through the roads after spending hours doing just about everything this place had to offer. We played small games, we went on all the rides, we went on a Ferris Wheel, we even met Lilo and Stitch and other charters I didn’t recognize.
We even let Chris and Tobias out to have a good hour to themselves, Tobias always came back boasting about how perfect Chris was after they’d spent time together. He was a cocky bastard but it still made me happy that he seemed to like Emitt and Chris as much as I did.

“Did you have a good time?” I question as we reach a gate that overlooked the entire park, we were not too far from the castle that look amazing in the sparkling sky.

“Better than good. This was the best night of my life, thank you so much Beckett.” He whispers as he turns to face me. “Thank you so much for everything.”

“I’d do it all again to see you this happy.” I say making him smile as I pull him into my chest, letting him wrap his arms around my neck. “You better get ready for the amount of things I have planned for us.”

“What do you mean?” He says with a light frown.

“For the next few weeks to come, months...” I say feeling suddenly a bit shy, “.....years hopefully.”

“Beckett.” He drags visibly withdrawing a bit but he doesn’t move.

“Don’t tell me that we may not have those, cause it’ll make me angry.” I warn making him bite his lip as he diverts his eyes. “Why can’t you just have faith? Emitt, even our damn wolves like each other, we are going to be mates, so stop doubting it.”

“Can you blame me?” He whispers right after me, his eyes meeting mine. “You’re birthday is in a couple of days Beckett, you’ll find you’re mate and there’s nothing guaranteeing that that’ll be me.”

“The way I feel about you says more than enough.” I say with growing frustration. “Plus the fact that we know that there can be two male mates now changes things, look at Aiden and Julian.”

“We aren’t Aiden and Julian Beckett.” Emitt says withdrawing his arms now as he takes a few steps back running his hands through his hair. “I wish I could just have faith like you can but I can’t. My birthday is another two months away and if you stand on that stage on Thursday and kiss some girl in front of me....” He stops as his eyes fill with tears. “I can’t go through that Beckett. I c-can’t.”

“You won’t.” I say softly, my heart breaking as his lips wobble.

“You don’t know that!” He shouts back tears streaming down his face. “You don’t know that you’ll look at some girl and instantly love her and t-that I’ll become nothing but an old fling o-or a friend in your eyes.”

“Emitt..” I strain stepping towards him.

“That you won’t l-look at me the way you do now, that y-you won’t wake me up with a kiss b-because you’ll be kissing someone else and I’ll be left to put myself back together.” He finishes as he wipes away the tears, sniffling to himself as he tried to calm himself. I pull him into my chest as he continues to sniff, low sobs leaving his lips “There’s nothing to say t-that’ll we’ll be together. That’ll you be my mate.”

“How about the fact that I love you.”

He stiffens as he quickly draws his head back up to look up at me. His watering eyes now wide as he searched my eyes to make sure he heard me correctly.

“I love you Emitt.” I repeat with a weak smile as more tears leave his eyes before his sobs turn into full on wailing as he cries in my arms. The fireworks I requested go off making me groan internally, I didn’t know whether this was the best timing or the absolute worst.

I rest my head on his head as he continues to cry into my chest, my eyes looking up to the beautifully lit sky as I rubbed Emitt’s back gently. The firework show finishes after a good thirty minutes and Emitt is still crying in my arms, I didn’t really know if it was a good thing or not. I just told him I loved him so it didn’t really look like a good one, but I bit my tongue and refrained from asking.

He stops eventually, raising his head again to reveal his puffy eyes, tears still rimming his eyes as his frowning lips wobbled in their place.

“I l-love you too.” He says shakily, my heart was racing with joy though the knitted eyebrows that were matching his frowning lips made me a bit worried. “I love you so I s-swear to God if you aren’t my mate, I’ll kill you in your s-sleep.”

“Okay donut.” I say chuckling as I press my lips to his, he kisses me back immediately making Tobias howl with joy. I pick him up, swinging him around as our lips moved perfectly in sync along with out hearts.

I love you so much Emitt Smith.
My soon to be mate.

Teared up writing this,
Not gonna lie.

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