Beta Mates

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Chapter 23

So, this alien accidentally popped a muscle in her neck or cracked it the wrong way, I don’t even know. Point is I can’t move my neck to the right without wanting to die more than usual. I need rest, a lot of it, so after this update I may not be able to post for a while.

We’ll see. Sorry!

(Wrote this listening to Fall Apart by Post Malone)

Emitt’s P.O.V

Opening my eyes, I immediately shut them praying desperately to the Moon Goddess with all my heart that I could go back to sleep.

Today is Beckett’s Awakening Ceremony.

The thought alone makes Chris whine as he balls himself up in my mind while I do the same thing physically.

Today would be the day that I’d lose him.

Tears rim my eyes as I try to push back the incoming waves of useless emotions. I was trying really hard to believe that we’d be mates, we’d spent the last few days in absolute paradise with one another but today the reality sank in. And I wasn’t ready.

He wouldn’t know who his mate would be until the actual awakening ceremony and I was grateful for this so we could spend these last few hours together.

“Are you up?” Beckett says jumping on my back, the joy evident in his tone as he kissed the corner of my cheek while the rest of my face stayed hidden in the pillow. Taking a deep breath I push away all my intruding thoughts, plastering on a smile in place of my frown and turning to face him.

“Morning.” I mumble as he smiles back at me. Those dazzling green eyes making my heart beat faster as I looked at his dazzling face.

“I went for a jog so I have to take a quick shower but I made breakfast for you, help yourself.” He says kissing my cheek again before discarding his shirt as he walked into the bathroom before I could wish him a happy birthday.

I leave the bed reluctantly as I make my way down the stairs and into the kitchen, wearing nothing but my boxer shorts and fuzzy socks. Beckett’s uncle was quite literally never home so it allowed us to do what we pleased, if not Mickey always offered his abode.

Sliding onto the chilly bar stool, I immediately start stuffing my face with the pancakes and sausages he made for me. I finish right when he walks into the kitchen, I immediately jumps off my stool before running to him and kiss him with everything I had, hoping he’d feel just how much I loved him by the kiss.

“Happy Birthday Beckett.” I whisper against his lips once we part.

“Thanks love.” He replies with one of his golden smiles before picking me up making me squeak a little in surprise, he rests me on the kitchen counter, positioning himself between my legs. “What do you want to do today?” He questions as his eyes stay linked to mine, making it so much harder to pretend like I didn’t want to cry. He hadn’t mentioned the Awakening at all and I think that was for my sake, I’d break down if he did.

“Can we just stay here? Together in the house.” I question sheepishly hoping I wasn’t asking too much of him.

“That sounds perfect.” He says pressing a quick kiss to my lips once again. “You want to watch a movie or maybe we ca-”

“Can you just hold me?” I say diverting my eyes when I feel them welling up at the thought of not spending late nights watching movies with him like we’d always done. “Can we just go back to bed?”

My voice was a bit shaky but he didn’t comment on it. He didn’t say anything. He just pressed his lips to my cheek, letting them linger there for a moment before picking me up and walking us back to his room. I clench his shirt tightly as he made his way up the stairs steadily, my hold on him probably suffocating. He laid me down before sliding under the sheets with me, pulling me into his chest as I curl myself into his hold. Inhaling his intoxicating scent deeply, I bring myself closer to him not wanting any space between us.

He doesn’t say anything when my heart started beating loud enough for the both of us to hear, not when my first sob broke free, or when my body starts shaking as I clenched onto his shirt fabric tightly nor when I cried my heart out into his chest. He didn’t say anything. He just held me close as I broke down in his arms.

“I love you.” He whispers, pressing a kiss to the top of my head.

I don’t reply. I couldn’t. But I didn’t need to, he knew I loved him too.

I’d keep loving him until I had no more of myself to give.


Beckett’s P.O.V

“It’s time.” I say reluctantly to Emitt.

We spent the morning with me holding Emitt which I didn’t mind at all. I knew however scared I was at what results today’s ceremony may hold, Emitt was much more scared. So I didn’t get mad when he started to cry nor did I try to comfort him, nothing I could say to him today would calm him.

He stopped crying after a while but we didn’t move. We just stayed in that position neither of us saying a word, just enjoying the other’s warmth. We only moved when the time of my ceremony was approaching and I needed to get ready, even though my parents wouldn’t be there, they had eyes everywhere and I’d be dead if I looked anywhere below their standards.

We took a long shower together, kissing slowly as we memorized each other’s lips and now the dreaded moment was here and Emitt looked on the verge of tears already though he was clearly trying very hard to keep a straight face.

“You want to walk over together?” I suggest carefully as I stood at my front door. I’d have to be there on time since they took these things seriously, obviously not nearly as important as Aiden’s and Julian’s. Mine wouldn’t contain my whole pack, just friends, Uncle Jack and all the eligible girls who’s parents along with them were praying for me to be their mate. It wasn’t me being cocky, the same thing would happen to Emitt since we were Betas.

“I’ll come in a bit.” He whispers, his voice barely audible as he twirled his foot behind him while rubbing his arm behind his back. He was nervous and it was making me nervous too. “I just need a minute.”

“Okay.” I say taking one last look over of him, I turn to open the door but he stops me as he pulls me into his arms, smashing his lips into my own. He kisses me passionately, the love evident as he lead the kiss in every possible manner before pulling back and resting his head against my own.

“I love you Beckett.” He whispers, his lips brushing mine as we panted slightly. ”I love you so much.”

“I love you too Emitt.” I reply as he slowly settles back down, retracting his arms from around my neck. I withdraw reluctantly, giving him a weak smile before leaving the house.

I walk away from the house forcing myself not to turn around, he’d be in the hall too so there was no need to. I make my way to the hall with a thumping heart, I hadn’t thought much about the possibility of Emitt not being my mate since I was certain he would be.

But what if he wasn’t?

Tobias howls in discomfort forcing me to push away the oncoming thoughts about anyone else, there was no one else on this planet that fit me like Emitt did. He understood me, he made me smile when I was sad and filled my lonely heart without even trying. There’s no way he’s not my mate.

Entering the hall, I walk in from the front entrance, immediately met with the faces of all the people attending. Like expected, it was filled with mostly girls who were all dressed up with welcoming smiles on their faces. I walk through the path they create, making my way to the stage calmly, my eyes catching Isabel and Uncle Jack who were in the front row along with Mickey who gives me two thumbs up. I smile down at them as they smile at me encouragingly.

My eyes catch Emitt who enters lastly right when they closed the doors, his eyes red and puffy, he cried again. I wanted to go hug him but I restrain myself as an elder walks on stage, Emitt walked forward a bit yet staying in the back area of the crowd. My eyes reluctantly drift away from him when the elder stands in front of me.

“We are gathered here today to witness The Awakening of our very own Beta, Beckett Stone. We wish you happiness and success with your mate.” The man says making everyone’s smiles grow wider, well everyone but a certain five two male I’m sure.

It was a simple process. They opened the roof, sunlight shined down on you and when you opened your eyes you’d be able to see your mate. I found it foolish in a sense seeing as we worshiped a Moon Goddess, but who was I to question tradition.

I take a deep breath, kneeling as they open the sunroof, I stared straight into it instead of closing my eyes as I soaked in the sunlight. Staring straight at the ceiling I make one last plead to The Moon Goddess.

I have never asked you for anything. Never. When my parents started denying me, when Julian resisted being my friend in the beginning, when I was twelve and couldn’t access my wolf like everyone else, when I was so lonely I thought about death. Not once did I ask you for help. But I’m asking you now. I’m in love with that boy and my life won’t be the same if he’s not in it every step of the way, so please......please, make him my mate.

Make Emitt Smith my mate.

I open my eyes when the sun fades away from me and the roof closes. I immediately stand to my feet as the elders move from in front of the stage allowing me to see everyone. Many were staring up at me with hopeful eyes but I was only looking for one person who I’d lost in the crowd.

I could smell them. My mate was in this room.

Strawberries and Raspberries.
Just like Emitt.

This makes my heart beat faster with hope as I search the crowd desperately for him, though the girls who were pushing themselves forward in case I couldn’t see them just made it harder.

“Sometimes we don’t find them on the first day.” An elder says drawing my eyes to his, I’m about to respond when I hear the doors opening. My head immediately snaps towards the source, catching a glimpse of the top of Emitt’s dark hair as he left the building.

Mate! - Tobias howls in excitement at the disappearing view of our mate.

I almost scream out in joy as I try to register the information while Tobias pranced around joyfully in my mind, cheering ecstatically that he never doubted it. My legs move without my permission as I follow my mate’s scent, Emitt’s scent.

Emitt Smith is my mate. Emitt is my fucking mate!

I leave the hall ignore the calls of my uncle with only one person in mind, I had to find him. I follow his scent that was so much stronger now, sweeter, it made me want to bathe in it. I run towards him, he ran out of there probably thinking the worst.

I take a sharp turn that lead deep into the woods, he probably shifted. Shifting without a second thought, I let Tobias lead me as we followed his scent desperately, running faster than ever before crossing pack lands somehow. His scent grew stronger, we were getting closer. I shift back when my eyes catch him on a small cliff top that overlooked the extensive woodlands. As I ran towards him, my heart thumped so hard I thought I’d break my rib cage, he senses me coming as he turns around, when his eyes catch mine my heart immediately freezes, caught by his powerful gaze.

Was Emitt always this beautiful?
Looking at him now I couldn’t believe he was my mate, he was gorgeous. Bright green eyes that paralyzed me with beautiful smooth skin I’d worship with kisses tonight and a small frame that I’d memorize. His teary eyes make me snap out of my daze as Tobias howls in pain at the sight of him crying, I hated to see him cry before but now, it felt like my heart was being torn out. I detested it.

“S-sorry I ran like that.” He stutters wiping his tears away, his voice sending a shiver down my spine, it was so smooth and alluring I wanted to listen to him all day. “Did you f-find her? Let me w-wash up and I’ll c-come say hi. I j-just need a f-few minutes.”

Of course he thought that, he couldn’t feel it. He couldn’t feel the pull like I could, the one that was making me wake towards him, picking up speed which each step.

He looks up at me with worried eyes before I pick him up crashing my lips straight into his. The feeling of his soft lips against my own sending electricity throughout my body as I moaned into his lips. He doesn’t kiss me back but I kiss him anyway, giving him everything I had, letting my lips move against him as the taste of him sent shivers down my back. I pull back only when I run out of breath, resting him on his feet but keep him in my arms as he looks up at me in utter shock, his face seemingly frozen.

“Didn’t I tell you to have more faith,” I say pushing the hair out of his face, ”mate?”

The word seems to break through to him as his eyes fill with tears like they seemed to be doing so much lately. He jumps into my arms, kissing me with tears streaming down his face as I held him tightly, my arms wrapped around his waist as he folded his legs behind him. I spin him around a smile lacing my lips as we kissed passionately, our emotions getting the best of us as the exhilarating joy took over us completely. I come to a stop as he slides down to his feet, I keep kissing him pressing forward, making him lean back but I support him from falling as he kept my lips attached to his. We straighten up before parting sadly, he sobs with teary cheeks though a large smile was plastered on his face as he laughed beautifully, the sound making me ten times happier.

“I love you.” He sobs resting his forehead against my own as he continued to cry, though I knew they were happy tears. I’d heard the words many times before but now it made me feel so complete, he accepted me and I swear it made Tobias cry though he faded away before I could confirm it. “I love you, I love you. I love you so much.”

“I love you too donut.” I say quickly, coming out automatic without a second thought as I pressed a quick kiss to his lips. “Now let’s go.”

“Where?” He questions in confusion as I pull at his arm.

“Home. We’re going to complete the mating process.” I say looking back at him quickly to make sure I didn’t scare him, instead of finding eyes filled with worry at the thought of having sex, I find joyful ones as he runs in front of me, dragging me now.



Finally, am I right?


I’m going to start putting the music I listen to while writing, cause that song fucked me up I cried twice and I’m not even on my period

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