Beta Mates

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Chapter 24

The following program contains scenes that may make you cross your legs. Proceed with caution.

Beckett’s P.O.V

We crash into my room with Emitt’s legs wrapped around my waist and my hands firmly on his ass as we kiss roughly. Our lips hungry for each other as our tongues dance with each other, our bodies aflame. I shut the door with my foot as I walk us to the bed, the sounds of our moans loud and the waves of need could be felt a mile away.

I’ve done far more with Emitt than just kissing but as mates it felt better than anything I’ve ever felt in my entire life. It sent my body crazy with desire, every single time he tugged on my hair and ground himself into me, I’d lose myself for a bit.

I throw him on the bed before climbing on top of him, laying myself down over him as we continue to kiss, his scent attacking me from every angle along with his thin fingers that searched my frame desperately. We sit up together, he helps me tug off my shirt before doing the same with his own, he straddles me without a second thought, his fingers finding their way back into my hair as he tugs my head back driving his tongue deeper. I moan in his hold as my hands knead his ass as he kept grinding himself into my already hard member.

I let my hands run up his back, loving the feeling of him shivering because of my touch. I dig my hands into his jeans, grabbing his ass firmly with both hands as I pull him into me making him whimper slightly.
I had a feeling we were going too fast, rushing into something that we should appreciate more but Emitt and Tobias were both pushing me forward and that thought slowly left my mind as I pushed him back down before tugging his pants off.

Before he can move, I slide my lips down to his member that was pressed beautifully against his tight underwear. Looking him straight in his eyes, I run my tongue along his fabricated shaft making him whimper with need as I denied him of immediate pleasure. I spread his legs apart as I take him into my mouth, cupping his balls through the underwear making him shiver as he gripped the sheets desperately.

“Beckett please.” He moans as I lick his tip, I continue teasing him until the fabric is wet with his own precum and he’s trembling with desperate pleads.

I tear the underwear off, driven by my own need for him, I immediately take his member into my mouth. He moans loudly in satisfaction while I hum around him, he tasted better than I remembered, sweet, everything about him seemed to become sweeter.
Licking his length completely I only suck him a few times before he erupts into my mouth without any warning but a high pitched squeal. I swallow it never the less, loving the taste of him before making my way up his body with kisses before meeting his lips again.

“Did I tell you to warn me before?” I whisper against his lips before flipping him onto his stomach and slapping his ass. He moans loudly as he pushes his ass up after for more, I position myself over his legs so his ass was perfectly displayed for me. I smack it again making him shake as his member leaks as his skin reddens from the impact.

I spank him a few times before leaning over his back, not wanting to do too much of that for our first time, we’d have plenty of time later to do that in the future. I plant kisses up his back before nibbling on his neck, my canines aching already. Inhaling his scent deeply, I rub my clothed erection against his ass while worshiping his skin with endless kisses.

“Ahhh!” He moans loudly when I bite his ear, tugging on it slightly while I grip his waist tightly, grinding myself into him. “B-Beckett..”

“Yes mate.” I mumbled against his neck, making him shiver at the word as I licked his skin slightly.
I wanted to have all of him. Drown him with my own scent, mark him as mine and nobody else’s.

He is mine, all mine.

“More.” He moans out making a growl slip through my lips as I stand up off the bed. Unbuckling my pants as he turns onto his stomach for me, his body extended perfectly as he panted heavily. Sliding one of his fingers into his mouth, he uses to other to stroke himself, his gaze never leaving me as I slowly get distracted and forget about undressing. He slides his wet finger down to his entrance, rubbing against his bud for a bit before sliding it in with an enticing moan. I watch him completely bewitched as he starts fingering himself while stroking his dripping member.

“Ahhhh!” He moans out as he rubbed his own tip teasingly. “Beckett, help me.” He groans out sexily making my eyes glow as Tobias pushed himself forward with a hungry growl that I struggle to push back as I step out of my underwear.

Sliding on top of him, I take his lips in mine as he retracts his hands allowing our naked bodies to grind against each other. The skin to skin contact making me leak slightly from the sparks that erupt through my body. I slide my fingers into his mouth after parting, he sucks them eagerly, his eyes stuck to mine as our erections rubbed together.

I retract them before placing them at his already prepped entrance, sliding in two of my fingers as I nibbled on his collarbone. He arches his back with another delightful moan.
He unravels before me in no time as he grinds himself down onto my fingers moaning uncontrollably as he trembled in my hold. I felt better than ever before to see him lose himself because of me, it wasn’t me making my boyfriend feel good, I was pleasing my mate and it felt phenomenal.

“N-now.” He stutters when I’m up to three fingers. “Fuck me.” He growls with eyes that glow with my own, even though he hadn’t mated to me yet Chris was no doubt feeling the bond a bit and it was starting to affect him.
I sit up, positioning myself between his legs before I look down at him to make sure he knew what I was doing.

“Are you sure?” I ask as the crazy, sexual momentum slowly fizzled away. “I won’t be able to stop, I’ll mark you. You’ll become mine, so are you sure?”

“Beckett Smith.” He groans sitting up to meet my lips. “I’m already yours.” He says kissing me quickly before lying back down. “So, will you please fuck me? Please?”

This makes me laugh as I bend down to kiss him again, unable to get enough of him. He buries his hands into my hair as he kisses me back, I pull back all too soon as I press my member against him. He gives me a nod and a smile that makes my breath catch in my throat as I push myself into him slowly.
His teeth clench together as he winces slightly, it makes my heart squeeze itself with an aching pain as I push a bit more in. When his eyes fill I stop hating myself for causing him pain, he however glares at me with eyes of fire that tell me to continue. I follow the silent command as I continue to push myself in until I’m buried into him at the hilt. My eyes flicker back in pure ecstasy at being inside him like this, inside my mate, my Emitt. It took everything to not slam straight into him as I watched him carefully, I lean forward to kiss him before he cries out in pain making me immediately stop as I sit up again.

“What? What?” I say panicking slightly as he clenched his teeth tightly.

“You w-were pushing in.” He grinds out making guilt flood me immediately as I try to keep myself perfectly still. “Now you look constipated.” He says with a chuckle as a smile tugs on the corner of his lips.

“Stop.” I grumble feeling my cheeks flood with color.

“Sorry.” He says still giggling, he stops when he catches the look on my face biting his lip tightly to contain his laughter but it bursts out shortly after. “I’m sorry. We’re having sex, I need to be serious.” He says to himself as he tries to keep a ‘serious’ face but starts giggling again, I can’t help but smile, I wasn’t even angry at him, if anything I was happy.

“I love you so much.” I say smiling at him as his eyes connect with my own, he smiles back warming my body entirely.

“You can move.” He says making the lust return immediately as the smile fades away.

I pull myself out slowly, watching him carefully as I push myself back in. He winces a bit but nods for me to continue, I continue with the slow careful thrusts for a bit before the pain drifts from his eyes as he releases his lip he was biting tightly, replaced quickly by pleasure as he moans softly.

I steadily pick up the pace, holding his legs in my hands tightly as I thrusted my hips inside of him. My eyes roll back from the amazing feeling as I find myself moaning along with him, his body making my mouth water slightly at the sight of him moaning uncontrollably, his hands at the side of him as I thrusted myself in and out of him.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” He moans which each thrust as I feel myself leaking, his tight hole dragging me closer to the edge.

“Fuck.” I groan as I drive myself in deeper, my thrusts becoming rougher and faster as I let my animalistic needs take control. I drive myself in deep slamming myself into his quivering hole loving how he clenched down on my member, dragging me closer to the edge without even trying.

“Ahhhhh!” He moans loudly when I hit the spot in guessing, his mouth parting widely along with his eyes as I slammed myself into that spot repeatedly. “Beckett!” He screams making me growl as I release his legs that he wrapped around me as I leaned to meet his skin. I push his neck up as I licked it, growing hungrier for my mate. “Nghhhh!” He grins out when I start nibbling on the inner crook of his neck, my thrust growing faster and wilder as my canines descended. “B-Beckett, I’m going t-to cum!” He screams as I feel myself getting closer to the edge. He moans loudly as he empties himself onti his chest, trembling beneath me as I sink my teeth into his awaiting skin.
He tenses slightly as another moan leaves him along with more streams of cum as he came again. I cum with him, my teeth still in him as I emptied myself inside of him as he continued to cum with uncontrollable moans. We ride out our moans together in pure ecstasy as we slowly become one.
I retract my teeth, licking it clean which causes him to whimper, I sit up slightly to look at it. I smile proudly at the mark that showed he was mine, the feeling of completion flooding me as he continued to tremble beneath me with faint whimpers.

“How was that?” I question pressing light kisses up his neck.

“Amazing.” He moans as my lips take his once again, loving the taste of him. “You are amazing.” He finishes making me smile as I feel myself harden still inside of him. “Aren’t you a bit excited?” He teases making me smile as he flips us suddenly, leaving him straddling me.

“Again?” I question in surprise as he rest his hands on my chest, lowering himself completely with a moan.

“Obviously Beckett.” He moans as he starts bouncing on my cock. “Until I can’t go anymoreeeee!”

“Goddess you’re amazing!” I groan gripping his waist tightly as he rode me for all that I was worth. He stops to grind himself into me making my eyes flutter shut. “Oh my god.”

“Mhhmmm!” He grinds as he clenches down on me making me leak inside of him, I open my eyes after a while to find him smiling proudly as he continued to drag me closer and closer to the edge.
He seemed to be enjoying controlling my reactions like I did him.

I can’t let that happen...

Gripping him firmly, I start thrusting myself into him after sliding my legs up a bit for support. He immediately unravels as he moans loudly, his eyes shutting tightly as his cock bounced on my chest while I drove myself deeper and deeper into him.

Just looking at him made me want to cum. His back was arched beautifully, his eyes slightly tearing with delicious moans continuing to pour out of him, he was drooling a little which I found hot as he gripped his hair firmly with one hand while he kept his fingers hooked in his mouth with the other as we dragged each other closer and closer to the edge.

“Ahhh!” He screams when I take his member into my hand, stroking him skillfully as I continued to thrust myself into him. “Beckett!”

“Cum for me baby.” I instruct making him erupt into my hands as I do into him, we moan together as we ride out our orgasms with me stroking him to completion as he ground himself into me.

“T-This seems like dream.” He mumbles against me as he lies down on my chest, panting heavily as we both try to regain our energy. “I’ll kill myself if this is a dream.”

“It’s not.” I mumble in amusement. “There’s a mark to prove it.” I say making him smile as he sat up to look up me.

He leaned forward, gripping my shoulders with his hands as he kissed me happily, our tongues moving cohesively as the heated slowly built between us again. I let my hand slide down to his ass, thrusting inside him slowly making him whimper, his lips parting from mine.

“Yes!” He moans taking my lips in his as we started another round that was followed by another and another until he literally couldn’t go anymore and neither could I.





I love you alllllllllll

Until next time,
Byeeeeeee humanssssss

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