Beta Mates

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Chapter 25

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Emitt’s P.O.V

“What does it feel like?” I question looking at Beckett with eager eyes as he ran his hand through my hair as we laid tangled with each other on his sofa.


“The bond. Me being your mate? Is it different than before?” I question truly intrigued, I watch with envy as his eyes sparkle with excitement as he pulls me closer.

“It’s so much better.” He all but moans as he palms my cheek. “Just touching you makes me go crazy and your scent is stronger now, sweeter. Everything is sweeter. Every inch of you. I kind of know what you’re feeling, even if you may not say it.”

“That’s because you can read my mind!” I say with a scowl that only makes him smile.

It’d only been a couple of days since we found out we were mates and we were slowly learning more about each other as a mated pair.

For one, unlike when Aiden and Julian became mates, we didn’t have to be in the same room. It apparently was a rare trait amongst mates so I wasn’t mad that it didn’t develop between us, we were already bound by the hip. Another thing is that Beckett could read my mind through our link, of course I couldn’t do the same yet because I was yet to mark him, it was a royal pain in my ass.

Beckett and I had no reason to hide our relationship but yet we still were, I was more than ecstatic to claim him as mine to everyone when it sunk in that he was my mate but he didn’t seem so eager. He seemed scared, worried of others reactions and I in no way blamed him for it, I was scared too, about how Lucy in particular would see me now. So to buy us some time, I made up some bullshit excuse about waiting until my birthday, this way we’d be able to get our thoughts together on how we’d come out to our friends and family.

There were only two people who currently knew we were mates.

Mickey. Obviously.

And Beckett’s Uncle Jack.
It wasn’t a choice, he stumbled upon us on our tenth round on Beckett’s birthday.


“F-faster Beckett!” I moan loudly as Beckett begins teasing me, grinding himself into me instead of thrusting himself into me like I wanted him to.

“Patience mate.” He groaned in my ear, licking it slowly making me leak with need as I whimpered at the mention of the word mate. It turned me on more than anything he was doing to my body and he knew it.

“Hey Beckett!” The door swung open suddenly making us both freeze as Jack looked at us with wide eyes, my ass puckered in the air with Beckett buried into me to the hilt.
Jack closed the door as quickly as he opened it making both our erections lower as Beckett pulled out of me, throwing on his pants before running after his uncle. I wasn’t mad at him, we hadn’t talked about our family knowing yet so obviously he was probably freaking out. I didn’t think I should follow incase he was reacting badly, so I just covered myself with the thin sheets before listening discreetly from my spot.

“Jack!” Beckett called desperately, I didn’t know where they were in the house but it sounded like Jack was leaving. “Can we talk about this?”

“Sure, when I come back in three hours.” He replies making me frown in confusion. “Is that enough time for you and your mate? Or do you need more? Damn, you young people amaze me, I was never that lively. I’ll see you in five then, Emitt you wait too.”

He left with that, while I gripped the sheets tightly wondering how on earth he knew I was listening. Beckett returned shortly after with a confused look on his face as he approached the bed after locking the door this time.

“Are you okay?” I ask quickly wrapping my arms around him as he sat on the edge of the bed.

“Yeah, he didn’t even look mad or disgusted.” He mumbles with knitted eyebrows.

“Isn’t that a good thing?” I question as I drape my arms around him, tucking my head into the crook of his neck as he rubbed my arm soothingly.

“Yeah, but what would he want to talk about.” He mumbles with a sigh, I press a kiss to his cheek making him shiver slightly, something I realised he was doing a lot today.

“It makes no sense worrying over it, you won’t know for a while.” I say sliding off the bed as I position myself between his knees. “I’ll take your mind off of it.” I whisper tugging his shorts down.

“Oh g-god..” He moaned throwing his head back as I took his length into my mouth.

End of Flashback-------------

When Jack returned, he just wanted to congratulate the two of us and apologise for barging in. He was unbelievably nice and supportive, saying that he knew we were fooling around since the beginning. He also advised Beckett to wait a bit before telling his parents which he eagerly agreed to, every time I questioned him on it, he’d just shut me down. It was worrying but I didn’t want to push him to talk about something that clearly made him uncomfortable so I left it alone reluctantly.

“Lunch is ready you two!” Jack shouted making me immediately jump to my feet as Beckett followed behind with a faint smile as I dragged him into the kitchen.

“It smells amazing Jack.” I comment making him smile widely, we’d grown closer speedily now that things were out in the open and he’d taken a fast liking to me.

“Thank you Emitt, someone never says that about my food.” He replies glaring at Beckett who just scoffed as he plated our food along with his own. “But that’s okay, I have you now.”

“Whatever.” Beckett groans dragging me to the dining table with him.
Mates were always very possessive, especially newly bonded mates, but Beckett was on a whole new level. He didn’t like when I wasn’t in the same room as him, he didn’t let anyone touch me except Mickey and he was always somehow pleasing me, discreetly if need be.


It was my dream come to life and I loved every second of his new possessive qualities that I found incredibly hot. To piss him off, I’d get friendly with someone in school I knew was touchy and when they’d inevitably hug me or sling their arm around me, it made me shiver how he’d punish me after separating us forcefully. I think he knew I was doing it purposefully at this point but he didn’t comment, he was enjoying the sexual punishments as much as I was and I knew he didn’t want them to end either.

So when he pulled me into his lap for us to eat, one arm wrap around my waist tightly, I did nothing but smile as we ate. I didn’t need him to feed me, though I wouldn’t be opposed to it if we did.

“Good to know.” He growls in my ear making me frown.

“Stop reading my mind!” I grumble angrily as Jack sat at the table with us. He in no way disliked our intimacy and in fact encouraged it, he knew we couldn’t be like this outside, so he often told us to just be ourselves that it was a safe space and he constantly reminded Beckett how much he loved him, though it was usually in a mean way. He was a nice guardian and sometimes I forgot about Beckett’s parents, this man was more of a parent to him that they appeared to be.

“Sorry.” He says even though I knew he’d do it again.

“So what are you two’s plans for the day?” Jack questions politely.

“Well Aiden and Julian are returning this afternoon and we’re going to surprise them with the new pack house.” I answer with a wide smile, I was so proud and happy for the two, they mated and now we were all one, big, happy pack. I wish I was there to hug and tease Aiden afterwards but unfortunately I couldn’t. I’d do it today though, he finally found someone he could love with his whole heart and I was so happy for him.

“Okay, I’ll be working late in the diner today.” He says making Beckett tense slightly, I knew he wished he could spend more time with his uncle but he was still grateful for the man who worked hard for the both of them. “Beckett, I have to tell you something.” He says making both of our eyes raise to his at the sudden seriousness in his tone. “In private.” He finishes glancing at me apologetically.

“Emitt’s my mate, you can say it in front of him as well.” Beckett says making my heart flicker as my body warms quickly, I couldn’t help the smile that tugged at my lips.

“It’s about your parents.” He clarifies making Beckett’s hold on me tighten as his heart raced, a wave of obvious fear spreading.

“Emitt could you give us some time.” He whispers making my eyes widen as I turn to him.

What happened to me being his mate?!

I knew there was something going on with his parents but I wish he’d trust me enough to open up about it a little bit, like I’d done with my parents. I told him a little and I thought he’d do the same by now, we’ve been dating for two months and I had no knowledge what so ever on these people.

“Really?” I question in disbelief as I turn to look at his guilt stricken face. “Okay.” I say standing to my feet as I make my way to the staircase to wait in his bedroom.

“Can you....leave, please.” He strains making me stop in my path as I turn to face him, boiling rage making its way to the surface.

“You’re kicking me out.” I state in anger as he avoided my eyes. “You think I’ll listen in on your conversation? I wouldn’t Beckett.”

“Emitt, please.” He grinds out making me shake my head in complete shock.

“You don’t trust me, do you.” I say shakily as his tenses at my words but doesn’t make a move to correct them. “Fuck you Beckett!” I shout trembling with rage as I grab my things quickly before leaving the house, slamming the door behind me as I made my way angrily to my house.

Stupid Beckett with his stupid head and stupid brain in that stupid head on that stupid Beckett!


“Hey!” Lucy greets me as soon as I enter the house, it shocked me a bit as she hugged me tightly, she barely left her room especially when our parents were home.

“Hey.” I say hugging her back, feeling a weight lift from my shoulders as her warmth surrounded me quickly.

“What’s wrong?” She questions pulling back to study me, she always could tell when I was mad or something was bothering me. When we were little she claimed that it was her super power. “Who do I need to kill?”

“No one.” I say laughing as I slip off my shoes. “I’ll do it myself if need be.”

“Are you sure?” She questions tilting her head slightly.

“Yup.” I say nodding making a smile grace her lips again.

“Come on, let’s watch the new episode of Riverdale.” She says eagerly dragging me to the living room.

“You have an obsession woman.” I say making her giggle as she plopped down on the couch.

“It’s not my fault Archiekins is so scrumptious.” She states as she scrolls through Netflix for her beloved series.

“True.” I say carefully making her head snap towards me questioningly. “What? I’m not blind.” She just hums looking away, I’d been slowly dropping more ‘gay’ comments around her to hopefully ease her into the idea of me being gay. I wouldn’t hide Beckett forever so I knew it’d be better to put the idea into her head rather than just dropping it on her.

“Who you think is the murderer?” She questions as the new episodes starts, our eyes already glued to the screen, the show sucking us in without even trying.

“Someone Archie’s mom hired.” I say in a duh tone that makes her hum slightly.

“I can see that, but I think he’s a total random.” She states making me hum as I digest the theory, it was possible but right now I was busy drooling over the new Reggie, Charles Melton was a total babe.

“Fuck, I’d suck on those lips all day.” Lucy groans making me laugh, we had no problem with each other’s sexual comments in any situation. Lucy was more like my best girl friend rather than my older sister and I loved it.

“They’re so pouty.” I counter making her scoff but she doesn’t reply knowing I was right. He was still hot either way so who was I to nitpick.

The episode continues with several moments of us screaming, gasping and ooo-ing as we watched it intently, we were holding each other’s hands tightly as it steadily came to an end, bracing ourselves for whatever bullshit the producers would throw on us at the very last minute.

“Oh Emitt, we didn’t realise you were home.” My mom says entering the room with one of her fake smiles as my dad followed behind her making me internally groan as Lucy stiffened visibly.

“Yeah, I just got in.” I reply barely glancing at them as I try to focus on the show.

“Well, you know our Alphas are coming home, shouldn’t you be preparing for them?” My father says making me squint a bit at how he said the word Alphas. They hadn’t said anything concerning Aiden and Julian being mated yet, I knew it was very possible that they hated the idea of two male mates but weren’t dumb enough to voice their opposition to it.

“There’s nothing to prepare. The house is done, we are going to greet them there.” I state trying not to laugh as Lucy turned up the volume to the maximum to drown them out.
The look on their faces showed that they wanted to shout at her, but their strong will to ignore their daughter as much as possible stopped them from doing so.

“Still you sh-”

“We are watching a fucking show Kelly!” Lucy shouts not taking her eyes off the show as I pulled the pillow up to stiffle my laughter that slipped out. “He said he’d greet them when they get back, so back off and let us watch the show.”

I could see the steam rising from my mom’s head as she glared at the back of Lucy’s head, her eyes glowing with rage as she struggled to keep her mask from slipping off, clearly wanting to say something or lunge at her from the looks of things. She took a deep breath instead and gave me a shaky smile before leaving the room with my father who was just shaking his head at Lucy who couldn’t be bothered.

“Who keeps a painting of their daughter above their head, that’s just creepy.” Lucy says as I bring my attention back to the television. The episode soon ended and we made our way to Lucy’s room knowing that I wanted to talk about that little exchange.

“Go on.” She says flopping down on her bed as I closed the door behind me.

“That was fucking amazing!” I shout since our parents left soon after leaving us home alone, she just laughs as she turns to face me. “You totally almost broke her.”

“I’m almost there, she won’t be able to just smile it off.” She says with a smirk. Lucy like me had grown fed up of our parents, pretending to be something they weren’t and so she started to try and break their mask one step at a time ever since they decided to ignore her existence.

“It was a bit rude though.” I mumble making her roll her eyes as she shifted on the bed leaving room for me to sit down.

“I wasn’t the one who started this.” She says making me frown at her. “Well this yes, but you know it’s their fault.” She says making me nod as pain slowly injects it’s way into her usually stone cold eyes.

“Do you still love them?” I ask quietly as she turns so that I wouldn’t see her face.

“Yeah.” She mumbles. “They may hate me but their still my parents, I love them.”

“Maybe we can t-”

“No Emitt.” She says shutting me down quickly. “Any chance of us being a family again was destroyed when I made my decision.”

I don’t say anything as I rub her shoulder softly hoping the action would calm her a bit. We stayed in comfortable silence with me rubbing her comfortingly until she fell asleep, I made my way out her room quietly before tip toeing my way to my own room.

Putting in my code before entering the room that I was slowly bringing back my decorations, Beckett was helping me feel more comfortable with myself whether he knew it or not. Since he found out about my toys and didn’t run away disgusted, I brought back out my fairy lights, and when he said he didn’t mind the pink, I slowly took out the rest of my decorations again. He made me love myself again and I’d be eternally grateful to him for that.

Speak of the devil and he shall appear, I think to myself as my ringtone for Beckett blasted loudly in my room. I reject the call before turning my phone off, I hadn’t had a moment to think about what he did earlier and I wasn’t quite ready to just kiss and make up like he may want.
I let myself drift away in thought until my comfortable bed took me into a deep slumber with Beckett dancing around in my thoughts.


I smile brightly as I dance on my toes, I was inside the pack house with Beckett and Isabel and Aiden’s car just pulled up outside. I knew I was excited to see my friend but I didn’t realise just how much I missed him until I smelt him. I almost ran outside but I kept myself in check as I waited for him to enter instead.

“Emitt can we talk?” Beckett whispers quietly making the joy leave me momentarily.

“Not now.” I grumble before smiling widely when the door opened revealing the newly mated pair.

As soon as the door closes I lose the little control I had over myself running to my best friend and hugging him tightly, he lets out a breath in surprise as I squeezed the living daylight out of him while inhaling him deeply. Chris missed his friend Max as well and I missed my Aiden. I’m suddenly ripped off him making my eyes widen in surprise as Julian growls at me with glowing eyes making me gulp nervously as he surely stabs me repeatedly in his mind before sliding an arm around Aiden.

“Sorry.” I mumble truly apologetic for being so stupid to not realise that newly mated wolves were very possessive, I was reminded of that as Beckett pulled me behind him protectively without thinking. Nobody seemed to notice the fact that he had a low growl of his own that I don’t think he realised he was emitting himself.

Ha, emitting - Emitt. Emitt emitting......that’s funny

“Nobody’s moved in huh?” Aiden asks as the two walk around the space a bit.

“Well we wanted to wait for you guys.” Isabel says happily as we followed behind them.

“Are you guys moving in?” Julian asks turning to look at the three of us.

“Doesn’t make sense with our birthdays coming up, actually Beckett’s was a few days ago.” Isabel says eagerly making me tense as everyone turned their attention to him, while he just smiled weakly.

“No mate?” Julian asks in shock with obvious concern for his friend.

“No.” He answers making everyone frown a little, well everyone but Aiden, he just narrowed his eyes at him.

“We’re going to check out our suite.” Julian says after a while pulling Aiden into an elevator

“We have an elevator.” I hear Aiden say with excitement as the doors closed and they went up with clear joy.

“I’m going to raid the kitchen.” Isabel sates much to my dismay as she runs to the pack kitchen leaving me alone with Beckett. My back was turned to him as I was still awkwardly looking at the elevator door while I felt him carefully make his way behind me.

“Emitt.” He whispers brushing my hip with his hand but I pull myself away knowing I’d lose myself to his touch. He looked a bit hurt when I turned to face him after I put some distance between us. “I’m sorry about this morning. I know you must be confused and angry, hurt even, I’m sorry for that. But I don’t regret it.”

“Are you serious?” I question in utter shock as he looked at me. “You kicked me out Beckett.”

“And I’d do it again.” He says making my eyes widen considerably as I let out a breath looking at him wondering if this was really Beckett.

“So you really don’t trust me?” I question with pained eyes that seem to crack through this wall he suddenly built up.

“I do. Emitt I trust you with my life.” He says quickly as he closed the space between us, taking my face into his hands. “But when it comes to my parents, I’m sorry but I can’t.”

I stare at him completely dumbfounded as I drag his palms away from my face taking a step back as worry flooded his eyes like they rightfully should. How could he just say that? A relationship was supposed to built on trust, I knew I still had things to tell him and I knew I would in time but his answer seemed so finite. Like he’d never share that part of himself with me and that hurt truthfully.

“Wow.” I mumble still in a state of shock at the words that left his mouth.

“I’m sorry Emitt.” He says looking away from me as he scratched at the back of his neck. “I understand if you’re mad.”

“Of course I’m mad.” I spit making him flinch slightly. “I don’t want to talk about this anymore.” I say walking to the couch where I plop myself down, diving straight into my own thoughts as Beckett stayed in his place thankfully.

Isabel returned soon after and managed to take my mind off of the bomb that Beckett just dropped. Soon enough Aiden and Julian returned deeply immersed in conversation.

“Done already?” I question as they walk towards us.

“Yeah, mind helping us move in? Most of my stuff is already boxed and Julian is already packed, I have no idea how he does it.” Aiden says awkwardly making me smile as we watch the two.

“No problem.” Isabel answers quickly. “I’ll get Julian’s, you guys do Aiden’s place.”

“Sounds good.” Julian replies and the two leaving the three of us. I offer my car and soon we’re driving to the old pack house. We make small talk but I don’t talk too much, not to eager to talk with Beckett now.

We worked quickly and soon enough we were loading boxes into the car making trips in and out the house, a full workout I wasn’t ready for. Aiden and I go back up for the last few which were in the study, my mind was up with the stars when I bumped into Aiden accidentally making me crash into the bookcase that still had a bunch of books in it.


I’m too lost in thought, cursing the bookcase in my mind to realise that the books were slowly toppling over to have a second go at my slightly bruised body. Before I could wrap my head around moving, Beckett’s body is suddenly hovering over mine as the first book falls hitting his back. I look up at him as he winces as the book continue to assault his back, but he stayed still covering me completely until the last one fell.

“Are you okay?” He asks quickly even though he was clearly in pain making my anger on our earlier argument leaves my mind quickly, concern taking its place.

“Forget me, what about you?” I say cupping his face completely forgetting that Aiden was in the room. “I’ll get an ice pack.” I say sliding from under him and running to this kitchen at top speed.

“So the fridge was empty, I went to the pack kitchen and there was too much ice to carry so I put it in zip lock. But I forgot about peas so I starting looking for those instead, but I couldn’t find it and then my ice disappeared. So I had to do the ice all over again.” I explain running back into the room as I sit Beckett up concern still flooding my mind as he looks at me with amusement.

“Thanks.” He says with a soft smile as I ice his back carefully.

I didn’t even notice Aiden leave with my mind filled with thoughts on only Beckett who was looking at me both happily and sadly knowing that our problems from earlier were yet to be resolved and that I was still angry.

“Not now.” I say when I see his mouth open, he shuts it quickly giving me a slight nod.

Stupid Beckett.


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