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Chapter 26

Beckett’s P.O.V

“Do you want to go somewhere with me after school?” I question as Emitt unbuckles himself with a blank face.

“I’m meeting Mickey, so no.” He says glancing at me. I sigh as I watch him gather his things before he turns to face me, I lean in to kiss him but he turns his head so my lips connect with his cheek instead. I kiss it nevertheless before pulling back wanting more. “Bye.”

“Bye.” I whisper as the door slams in my face. I groan loudly after a moment of silence as I grip the steering wheel tightly.

Emitt was mad.

He so irrefutably mad at me that it made Tobias whine painfully whenever he gave us the cold shoulder. He wasn’t avoiding me or even ignoring me which made it so much worse, he talked to me but with no joy, no emotion. Plus, he didn’t allow any intimacy between us which was killing me more than I thought it would.

I couldn’t be mad at him for it though. My unwillingness to open up about my parents was creating distance between us that I wasn’t fond of at all. But how on earth could I tell Emitt that my parents were apparently homophobic when we were in a homosexual relationship, it’d kill him. He was only now starting to really open himself up more and smile more, the information would tear him apart.

After Emitt left my house that day, Jack told me my parents called him about arranging a trip to scout for my mate as soon as possible. They heard that I hadn’t found my mate and were quick to act on the information that they found undoubtedly embarrassing. Most high ranking wolves did these mate trips after a couple months, not after a week. But leave it to my parents to act immediately.

I didn’t know what to do. Of course I couldn’t go on a trip to look for a mate that I already had, but I couldn’t tell them about Emitt. They’d hate me and I wasn’t ready to take that on, as much as they’d changed, I still loved them. They were my parents and I knew they sacrificed a lot for me. Before Emitt came along all I ever aimed to do was please my parents, but with a mate they’d probably want me to reject, it was proving to be difficult.

Jack didn’t have any solutions for my dilemma. He knew how much I cared about my parents and how much I love Emitt as well, his only words of advice was to choose the one who truly loved me.

I knew he meant to pick Emitt. He’d made it perfectly clear over the years that he had an extreme disliking towards my parents, especially my mother. He claimed it was her infectious ways that changed my father, but I didn’t believe that. They changed together, but he said different. He always said that if it came down to it he’d always have my back, no matter the situation and was happy to take me in. I truly appreciated it but I wasn’t going to disown my parents for no reason.

So I didn’t know how to mend the broken bridge between Emitt and I.

My souls leaves my body at the alarming knock on my window that takes me by complete surprise. I look out with shaky eyes to find a laughing Julian who was doubled over heaving in amusement.
I tried to catch my breath while he continued to laugh loudly, the sound filling the entire car park, I get out the car when he was recovering.

“You scared the shit out of me.” I say nudging him angrily.

“Sorry Beckett.” He says giggling as he slings his arm around my shoulder making my eyes widen in surprise. He seemed to hate it whenever I touched him so this was truly surprising, I don’t comment though and just walk with him still smiling widely while nodding lightly to those who greeted us.
Ever since Aiden and Julian started dating, Julian’s popularity had blown up. Not because people were now noticing him, because he was suddenly approachable with Aiden. He was no longer snapping at people but smiling at them, which really was a big change.

“Why do you look so glum?” He questions as we walk through the halls.

“Family troubles.” I say making the smile instantly leave his face.

“What they’d do now?”

“Nothing to me but it’s affecting me.” I say making both our faces contort in confusion as I tried to disifer my own words. “I have to hide something from someone because of them and I don’t know how to fix it now.”

“I think I understand.” He says as we stop at our lockers, I switch out some books while he just thought on my words for a bit. “There’s nothing you can do. You’re not comfortable talking about your parents and they’ll just have to accept that. But if you want to make an effort, food.”

“Food?” I question glancing his way.

“Food.” He says nodding. “It’s the way to everyone’s heart. Just explain why you can’t open up with their favourite food on standby.”

“Thanks Julian.” I say laughing a bit at his advice. “Who would’ve thought, Julian Heil, relationship consultant.”

“Whatever.” He says closing his locker when the bell went off. “I hope to meet this person soon, they have to be something to twist your heart like this.”
I don’t comment as I realise that Julian’s going to be on my ass now about this.

Dragging my feet to class, I start thinking about how many cinnamon sticks I’d need for the talk I’ll be having with Emitt.


“You can’t just show up here.” Emitt whispers harshly as I sift through the menu of his donut shop.

“I can and I did.” I state letting my eyes meet his. “Now, either you come with me after this or I bother you for your entire shift.”
If looks could kill I’d be in a cell in hell by now with a demon poking its way into my ass.

That was disturbingly specific - Tobias whispers making me internally nod in agreement.

“Fine.” He grumbles before shoving me out of the shop, I smile proudly at myself for achieving this since I’d been trying for a couple days now to get him to come out with me. I should’ve known coming to the store was the quickest way, he was unusually stubborn about it but I finally had him in my grasp.
His shift would end in half an hour so I call Pizza Hut to get started on the ten boxes of cinnamon sticks that I’d have delivered to my house.

Julian was right. I wasn’t comfortable talking about my family to anyone and Emitt would just have to accept that instead of basically forcing me to. I could understand where he’d be mad at me, but there was nothing I could do about that except explain the best I can and hope that we could work through it.


“How was work?” I ask as Emitt pulls himself into my car.

“Fine.” He answers as he buckles himself in.

The drive is long and uncomfortable as silence fills the space. I really hated it when Emitt was mad at me, especially now that he was my mate, it made me feel almost sick and a bit difficult to breathe, I needed to fix this as soon as possible.

“Can we make this quick I have a lot of wo-”
He stops short in his sentence when the front door opens and the scent of cinnamon sticks invades his nose. His legs move before I can think, I find him in the living room after locking up already halfway through one box.

“Help yourself.” I tease making him blush as he slows down a bit to eat his food. “I’ll talk, you just listen and eat okay?”

“Nuh prumbleim.” He says through a full mouth making me chuckle in amusement at how quickly his mood changed when it came to food.

Julian, you genius.

“Look Emitt. I know you’re mad about me not telling you what’s going on between my parents, and I understand that but I’m just not willing to open up about that.” I start as his eyes refuse to meet my own. “My parents and I don’t really have a great relationship right now, once upon a time it was different but they’ve changed. I still love them though, no matter how much they change, I’ll always love them.” I pause to take a breath as he watches me, listening intently while still eating his food. “I’m just not comfortable talking about the problems that develop in my family, that deal with my parents. It took my years to talk to Julian about it and we’ve only just started dating, were mates I know but that’s only just happened Emitt. You can’t really expect me to tell you everything just like that.”

“I don’t.” He says wiping his mouth desperately. “I know that you won’t, but I’d hope that one day you’d tell me.”

“I hope so too but I don’t know, I can’t give you a definite answer but I will if I feel comfortable enough to in the future.” I say making him nod a bit. “But you can’t force me into doing something that I’m not comfortable with.”

“I didn’t mean to force you.” He says quickly, the pain clear in his eyes as he moves a bit closer to me.

“But you were.” I say making him tense. “When you ignore me or give me the cold shoulder for not doing what you want, you’re punishing me Emitt and that’s not fair.”

“I’m sorry Beckett.” He says grabbing my hands. “I wasn’t......thinking, I didn’t know. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s fine but you can’t do this every time we argue or disagree. You can’t keep running away or shunning me.” I say hoping that we wouldn’t have to go through this again anytime soon.

“Okay.” He says quietly, clearly feeling embarrassed. I could here the hateful words he was sprouting to himself making me frown as I pull him into my arms. “I’m sorry. I just g-get scared, t-that you’ll go.”


“I know. I k-know I shouldn’t. But I do.” He says with a sigh gripping my shirt tightly. “I’ve liked you for so long and I just can’t believe that your my mate.”

“What do you mean?” I question curiously, he and I have only known each other for a couple of months. He tenses slightly as his heart beats erratically making me frown, I lift him by his chin forcing him to look at me.

“I’ve liked you for a long time Beckett.” He reveals as his cheeks become slightly tinted, I open my mouth to question him but he beats me to it. “I won’t tell you how long so don’t ask, but I’ve liked you before you knew I existed and I’m gay.”

“Wow.” I say a bit shocked at the revelation. “I’d assume were both gay seeing that we’re in a relationship.” I say with a chuckle but he just shakes his head.

“Yeah, but you only found out through me recently, I’ve known for years.” He reveals making my eyes widen in surprise. “Gay werewolf in hiding.” He says chuckling as I palm his cheek as an effort to comfort him.

“I don’t mean to run away every time something looks scary, but it’s just difficult completely trusting that someone I thought was unattainable in now attainable.” He says with a weak smile. I lift his chin slightly before connecting my lips to his, kissing his slowly as our mouths move against one another’s. He hums in contentment as the shockwaves make their way through my body making me smile as we slowly part.

“I love you Emitt, I’m not going anywhere and it’s time you realised that.” I say looking into his eyes, our lips still brushing slightly. “I’ll tell you everyday as much as you need me to because the only way we’re sepearting is if you leave me.”

“I wouldn’t!” He protests quickly making me smile at his eagerness.

“I know, so doesn’t that mean we’ll always be together?” I question making him smile steadily grow.

“I suppose.” He whispers mischievously. “I love you too.”

“Good, cause you’re all mine.” I say giving him a quick peck before lifting him suddenly as I stand up and make my way to my room. “Now, time for you’re punishment since you decided to ignore me for so long.”

“My cinnamon sticks!” He whines as I make my way up the steps with him slung over my shoulder. “I said sorry.”

“And you’re forgiven, but you still need to be punished.” I say smacking his ass making him whimper as he suddenly goes question. His erection that was poking at my collarbone told me quite clearly that he was excited. I rest him down on the bed, instructing him to strip as I grab the box under my bed of toys that I’d taken from his personal collection.

“What are you going to do?” He questions with excitement dripping from his tongue as he laid on the bed, his erection standing tall making me smile proudly. He blushes at this attempting to cover it a bit. “Emitt.” I warn making him slowly retract his hands, he knew I didn’t like when he hid any part of himself from me. He was beautiful, every single inch of him and I hated not seeing it all.

“I’m going to have fun.” I say as I take out a dark blue, silk blindfold. He gulps at the sight of the fabric as I approach him slowly, he turns without hesitation allowing me to tie it around his head. “Too tight?”

“No.” He whispers making me smile, I turn him back, laying him down before returning to my box. I smile happily as his heart rate picks up a bit, his other senses active as tries to figure out what I’m going to do.

We’d done so much that it was hard to come up with something new. Looking through the box quietly, my mind decides to listen to Emitt’s thoughts, his mind was no doubt running rampant with sexual desires as he waited for me.

Is he going to tie me up? To the ceiling?! That’d be nice, but he doesn’t know the knots, it’ll bruise. I don’t mind. Oooo! Will he use the vibrating dildo? Or the nipple clamps?! Or the whip! I want the whip! O-or edging! I want to be edged! Fuck, I need to stop or I’ll cum. Would that turn him on or freak him out?

I chuckle to myself as I pull myself away from his mind. He’d mentioned edging briefly once before I think, that’s the one were I extended the time he’d cum. Basically a lot of teasing, dragging it out. That sounded nice, I liked seeing him whimpering and trembling. The thought of him leaking in precum and begging me desperately, makes the prospect of edging him definite.

Resting the box on the other side of the large bed, I take one of the short cut ropes before tying his wrists together. I did a loose knot so it wouldn’t bruise, but it was tight enough to hold him, I tied it to the above bedframe making his heart race even more. Once I’m satisfied, I slide down to connect my lips with his, letting myself lay on my side next to him so his body was still beautifully exposed. He kisses me back eagerly, following me blindly, once he’s entranced in our kiss, I let my hand wrap around his member.

He jumps slightly at this making me smile against his lips, I continue to kiss him, letting the exchange grow rougher as I stroked him annoyingly slow. His content hums soon turned into aggravated groans as he thrusted himself into my palm making me quicken the pace. He moans in my lips, enjoying the quickened movements as he thrusted himself into my palm a bit more. His lips break free from mine every now and then with desperate moans, but I’d quickly reconnect them each time.

“B-Beckett!” He moans into my lips as I nibbled on his bottom lip, gripping his leaking member a bit tighter. “I’m going t-to ahhh!”

I drift my hand away slowly as he desperately thrusted into the air, his moans turning into desperate whimpers. His heart threatens to break his ribs as he whimpers desperately, his body shaking slightly along with his erection. He pants heavily trying to recover from the attack I just made on his body, not giving him a moment’s rest, I slide myself down allowing my tongue to trace his erect nipples lightly.

“Nghhhh!” He grinds out as I teasingly circle his right nipple, before stretching my hand over his chest to flick the other. I let my tongue trail over the nipple, licking it a bit before sucking on it as I twist the other gently inbetween my fingers. “B-Beckett!” He moans loudly, his cock throbbing as I bit the nipple while squeezing the other, making his moans bellow out loudly as precum spurts out of his member.

“Look at you.” I tease letting my leg slide over his own to stop him form twisting and turning like he’d been doing, his cock desperately seeking attention. “So impatient.” I growl using my knee to rub his erection, this makes him whimper as I nibble on his nipples.

“Y-Yes..” He stutters seemingly in a daze as I tease his balls, rubbing my knee against him to give him the friction he needed. “You’re going to make me cum.” He moans clearly not in his right mindset as I continued to tease his nipples, licking, twisting and biting them just right. “Beckett! I’m go-gongggghh cum!” He screams, I watch him intently knowing I could take him a bit further, I continue to tease him with my knee as his orgasm slowly rose. Just when he was about to shoot, I pull away both from his nipples and his member. “Nooooo!” He whines with a small mewl as he begins his slight squirms again, his breathing erratic as his member throbbed in the air.

He was growing desperate now, tugging at the rope as he panted heavily, precum running down his legs. The site makes me growl, my body filling with lust, wanting to make him go insane with the pleasure. I carefully press two of the nipple clamps to him making him moan loudly as he shivered from the painful pleasure. Lift his waist, I slowly drag my tongue up his member making him moan loudly as I clean him of his sweet precum.

“Ahhhhhh!” He moans loudly as I continue to circle my tongue around his length before making my way down, following the path his essence took. I take his balls into my mouth, gripping his waist firmly to keep him from moving. His whimpers were music to my ears as I continued to worship him, my eyes never leaving his panting form, he was sweating slighting and growing a bit restless.

“Keep still love.” I instruct before flicking the clamp slightly making him whimper as his body trembled in response.

“A-Again...” He stutters making me smile against his skin, I oblige by flicking the other. “Nghhhh!” He grinds out, he looked like he was about to cum so I grip the base of his cock tightly to stop him. He whimpers at the action as he visibly strained for release.

“Not yet.” I whisper teasingly before climbing up his body after taking off my own pants and underwear. I didn’t even have to mutter a word, he immediately took my member into his mouth with a hum of contentment. I don’t know why, but Emitt loved giving me blowjobs, not that I was complaining. He was unbelievably spectacular at them. I realised that he liked it whenever I took control of the way he did it, anytime I’d grab his head he’d moan happily around me, releasing several times himself whenever I was fucking his mouth so I’d have to be careful.

“Good boy.” I commend as he sucks me blinding, the blindfold making me undoubtedly harder along with the view of his hands being tied above his head. I look back to make sure his erection wasn’t too bad before I grab his head and thrust my member straight to the back of his throat. He doesn’t gag at all as I keep his head still, not making a sound I check back at his member to see it leaking again. Smiling at his eagerness, I start thrusting myself into his mouth, his lips wrapping around my shaft tightly as it ran over his tongue.

“Mhmmmm!” He moans around me making me shiver slightly as he takes my member without a complaint.

“You like this?” I question as I continue to fuck his mouth, his hums around me signalling a yes. “Want me to cum in your mouth?” I question making him hum again as he started squirming a bit, releasal no doubt crawling it’s way upon him. “F-Fuck!” I groan feeling myself getting closer. When I’m about to release, I pull out of his mouth and let moan loudly as I empty myself all over his face, I ride out my orgasm in pure bliss before looking down at him. His member throbbing with precum leaking out of him like a faucet, I clean him up quickly before taking his member in my hand after sliding off of him, stroking him purposefully slow.

“What’s wrong?” I question innocently as he trembles besides me.

“You d-didn’ my m-mouth.” He says shyly, Emitt was too embarrassed to say it out loud that he liked swallowing me. I don’t know why, I found it hot.

“Hmmmm, guess I didn’t.” I say still stroking him. “Why haven’t you cum yet?”

“Y-you won’t let m-me.” He moans as I rub my thumb over his tip. “Ahhhhhh!”

“Do you want to?” I ask as I quicken the movements again.

“Y-yes..” He groans, his breathing rising again as I flicked the clamps up and down while still stroking him.

“Say it clearly.” I urge him, dragging him closer and closer to the edge.

“I w-want to cum.” He groans out whimpering in between. “Can I p-please cum? Nghhhhhh!”


“Ahhhh! Beckett!” He screams on the verge of cumming but I pull my hand away before taking off the nipple clamps making his moans blend into a mixture of mewls and whimpers as he trembled desperately on the bed.

“Just not now.” I finish raising myself form beside him as I pick another toy to play with. “This is going to be a long night.” I say before letting myself into his mind to make sure he was okay to go on, the thought running through his mind making me smile.


I love them so muchhhhhh

I’m really happy that Beckett stood his ground and scolded Emitt a bit, he was starting to irk me.


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