Beta Mates

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Chapter 27

Emitt’s P.O.V

I was so excited for this party I was literally shaking in my seat.

It was Friday, last period and time was dragging along extra slow just for me. God knew I wanted to get out and get ready since it was a costume party and if Beckett and I weren’t matching I’d shoot someone. It’d take time to get ready and I needed out. But of course, life loved to find new ways to fuck me over.

“Someone’s excited.” Crystal comments making me glance over at her, she’s smirking as she watches my fidgeting body in amusement. “Either that or you’re on some good shit.”

“I’m excited.” I say with a laugh. “It’s been a while since I’ve went out.”

“Damn straight!” She says bringing a bit of attention to us that we ignore. “I’ve missed my party animal. They just haven’t been the same without you there.”

“That’s sweet but you don’t recognize anyone by your sixth cup so don’t pull that.” I say making her chuckle in amusement. “What are you going as?”

“What are you talking about?” She asks with a raise eyebrow as she chews her gum.

“It’s a costume party Criss.” I say using my nickname for her.

“Oh really?” She says in dulled surprise. “Guess I’m going as Crystal Marsh.”

“Of course you would.” I say rolling my eyes. The bell rings to my surprise allowing everyone to run out like wild animals, I resist the urge to follow and walk beside Crystal as we made our way out of the school. “Don’t you want to know what I’m going as?”

“Nope.” She says popping her gum bubble as she turns a corner, leaving me alone with a bit of a pout.

“Emitt!” I swirl on my heels to find Russell jogging towards me with a giddy smile. “Why are you still here bro?”

“On my way out.” I explain as he slings his arm around me bringing me into his chest. “What about you?”

“I’m trying to find Crystal.” He replies, his eyes searching for the beautiful, punk princess that seemed to not have one shred of attraction to the scruffy fuckboy.

“She took a turn down there.” I say making him stop suddenly, in turn making me stop. “You know she might just like you if you were....I don’t know, a bit less of a pig.”

“Ouch.” He says as he slowly walks backwards. “I’ll try, see you tonight.”

I laugh as I watch him sprint down the hallway to chase after the girl he’d been in love with since middle school, too stupid to treat her better.

“You know I don’t like when he gets so close to.” I jump in surprise as Beckett wraps his arms around me, snuggling his head into my neck. Luckily no one else seemed to be around as he growled himself into me.

“Sorry.” I mumble as he scrapes his teeth against my mark making me shiver, a reminder that I was his. I had to hide the large bite mark under sweaters and scarves or I’d be found out soon enough.

“I won’t warn you again.” He growls telling me he was serious this time, not that I was playing any games. It’s just something Russell has always done and I never thought twice about it.

“Okay, I’ll drop the games. But Russell is just a friend Beckett, he should be fine like Mickey right?” I question as we start making our way out the school.

“Mickey’s gay.” He says making me frown.

“Shouldn’t he be more of a danger since he’s attracted to guys unlike Russell.” I say making him think for a bit before shaking his head.

“Nope. I like Mickey.”
The reasoning making my frown deepen as my eyebrows knit together.

“And what would you do if Aiden did the same thing?” I question as we make our way to his car.

“He’s mated. It’s fine.” He says which was reasonable.

“I like you being all....grrr! with me. But I talk to a lot of people and me not touching anyone of them is unreasonable Beckett.” I say as we slide into the front car seats.

“I know.” He says with a frustrated sigh as he sits back into the leather car seat.

“What’s going on up there?” I say poking his head lightly.

“I’m just a bit scared of the possibility of us falling apart.” He reveals making me frown, after all the talks he gave me about never separating he pulled this on me. “It’s just that you’re not mated to me yet and you don’t feel what I do for you, well not to the extent I do. So it’s a bit scary to see you with other guys.”

I stare at him for a while before slapping him, not too hard so the expression on his face was an overreaction. I pull him in by his shirt collar and kiss him roughly, letting my tongue dominate his as I lead the kiss with ease. Pulling away like if it never happened while he tried desperately to catch his breath.

“Beckett, I’ve been obsessed with you before you even knew my name. Now that you’re mated to me, you’re only now reaching the same level of love as me. When I bite you, I’ll be ahead again. I’ll feel it to a much greater extent than you do, so what you just said was slightly offensive.” I say as he watches me in astonishment. “I’m the one that should be worried not you. I’m the one who’s afraid of losing you, I’m the one who should be growling all over the place. I’ll always love you more, so you have no right mister.”

“Okay.” He mumbles after a while making me smile contently as he starts up the car and pulls out the school’s parking lot. “I’m getting ready at your place right?”

“Yes!” I exclaim with excitement as I remember the party that was no doubt going to be epic. “I can’t wait for you to see our costumes.”

“Wait, we’re matching?” He questions with a raised eyebrow making my smile evaporate. “Not that I don’t want to, but wouldn’t people think into it a bit?”

“They’ll be too drunk too and besides, I picked something casual.”

“Okay then, we’ll see.” He says doubtfully, probably expecting me to have chosen some elaborate costume but I made sure to keep a lid on my can of gay while I shopped for us.

“You’ll love the little gift it comes with.” I whisper suggestively as I rub my hand up and down his thigh. “Just for you.”

“You need to stop or we’ll crash.” He warns making me giggle as I retract my hand.

He’s going to love it.


“This isn’t too bad.” Beckett says looking down at the costumes I bought for us. “They’re unusually realistic and a little cheesy, but not bad.”

“Why thank you.” I say proudly before handing him his and pushing him towards the bathroom. “Hurry up, I have to style your hair and Mickey has to do some touch ups.”

“Touch ups?” He questions with a frown.

“Yeah, now go one.” I say before stripping out of my clothes once the door was closed. I run quickly into my closet, since I had a room in Mickey’s house. I grab the bag I shoved in the back corner, slipping on the tight black underwear that hugged my ass just right smiling at the zipper in the back along with the cute collar tie before scrambling to put on my costume.
Beckett walks out the bathroom just as I finish making my mouth water as I watch my sexy man.

The uniform was tight, like I wanted it. His muscles were bursting out of the navy blue shirt which was covered in the middle by a fake, bulletproof vest that had S.W.A.T printed in bold to the letter side. Around his waist laid a belt with handcuffs, a baton and a gun holder that was empty but still sexy. My eyes wonder up to the main attraction. His was chewing gum casually with a smug smirk on his lips, his eyes hidden behind the dark shades, I felt a shiver run down my back as I looked at the scrumptious human being. He walked over to me slowly, the leather, army boots being squashed under his feet with each step he took.

“You look so good.” He whispers lowly once he’s hovering above me with eyes filled with lust. I barely register his words too entranced by the level of sexy he was delivering as his hands grazed the fabric of my tight black shorts. The lustful atmosphere paired with the insanely attractive cop attire made me want to jump his bones and forget about the party. “I almost don’t want you to go out like this.”

“Why not?” I question slowly regaining control over my body. I look down at the outfit now worried that I looked bad, mine was the same as his except I didn’t have the vest and instead of trousers I had shorts. It wasn’t too short to be suggestive, they looked pretty normal on me but if you were a wolf looking at your mate, I was a snack.

“You look too good.” He growls as he grabs the back of my neck, peppering wet kisses down it as his other hand grips my member tightly making me moan lowly as I try to keep up. “Too good for anyone else to see you.”

“You too...mhmmmm.” I mumble my eyes shut as he sucked on my mark, my member hardening under his grasp as he groped me. “They’ll want you.”

“But only you can have me.” He says before locking his lips with my own and walking me into the wall, my back slamming against it roughly making me groan in his mouth. It stung a bit but it was so thrilling that the little sting was almost pleasuring.
Our lips move in a heated dance, our tongues connecting us as the rough scene unraveled quickly. Before I knew it, my legs were wrapped around his waist and his hands were gripping my ass firmly. Our clothed members were rubbing together, the rough thrust he delivered as he drove me into the wall made my erection leak as I moaned into his lips.

“I hate to be a cock block but I need to do touch ups before I start on my own makeup so stop fucking and come to my room.” Mickey shouts loudly from the other side of the wall making us break the kiss as we planted against each other. “Little horn dogs....” He mumbles before walking away.

“We’ll finish this tonight?” Beckett questions stupidly while still panting.

“Of course.” I reply kissing him quickly again as he puts me down. We fix ourselves and adjust our boners as best as we can before leaving the room to go to Mickey’s.

Opening the door, I watch Beckett’s reaction carefully, Mickey’s room was an explosion of gay. Posters of his favourite pop queens everywhere along with two large closets overflowing with clothes and a makeup table that he used way too much. Every inch of the room was pink, I had a lot of pink in mine but Mickey had too much.

“Welcome to my palace.” He says with wide arms, surprisingly Beckett doesn’t react at all. No smile or frown, dull or bright eyes. Nothing.

“Thank you for having me.” He says graciously making Mickey smile widely. I was happy that Mickey was able to find a friend in Beckett, I wanted him to have other people to talk to besides me. “Now what are these ‘touch ups’?”

“Just a little bit of makeup to make you shine. I swear its barely anything, just a bit like they give singers or news anchors.” He explains to a skeptical Beckett. “You don’t have to but you’ll go from looking like a God to thing?”

“That sounds amazing.” I reply encouragingly while Beckett just laughs but agrees to it anyway.

“So what are you going as?” Beckett asks making Mickey tense a bit as he gathered the things he’d be needing.
Beckett was approaching a topic Mickey was very shy about and a bit embarrassed sadly.

He liked to cross dress. I found it amazing and actually beautiful when he summed up the courage to do it, but sadly they were many others out there in this world who didn’t see it the same way I did and he’s always been scared of admitting his secret hobby.
But he did go out into a nearby town sometimes while cross dressing, a treat to himself since no one would recognize him there, though it didn’t make sense cause you couldn’t even tell it was him when he did it.

When Mickey crossdressed, he looked hot! Like a stunning, little supermodel! So fucking hot it made me question my sexuality, to say he’d looked edible was an understatement. Tonight after a lot of convincing and motivation he’d decided to go to the party while cross dressing, it was the perfect cover since it was a costume party. If someone realised it was him, he could just say it’s a stupid costume, though if they didn’t he’d look like a hot girl in her Bad Nun costume.

“It’s a surprise.” Is all he says to Beckett who doesn’t question him any further. “Now, let’s get started!”


“I didn’t think it was possible but you look even hotter.” I say looking at my boyfriend after styling his hair as he sat anxiously in Mickey’s little make up chair. Mickey had pushed and prodded Beckett’s face to the point that he was harder to work with that a child.

“Thank you.” He replies questioningly as he stands up and stretches. “We should eat something, the party starts in a couple hours.”

“Exactly, you go on an empty stomach.” I say making him look at me.

“If you do that you’ll get drunk quicker.”

“That’s the point.” I say in a duh tone that makes him role his eyes, before he can reply Mickey starts pushing us out of his room.

“Have this conversation somewhere else. I have to start getting ready and it’s a long, long process.” He says while shoving us out of his ‘palace’, standing at the door he glares at us sternly, Beckett more so. “Do. Not. Come. Near. This. Room.”

“Okay.....” Beckett draws as he backs away from the room a little.

“Good, see you guys at the party.” He says with a cheerful smile before slamming the door in our faces.

“Is he okay?” Beckett asks as we walk away from the room.

“I’m fine!” Mickey shouts back making Beckett jump a bit in surprise.
We walk away quickly, settling in the kitchen because Beckett insisted on this stupid food thing that would no doubt make me puke tonight. But I didn’t argue too much since he was making tacos.

I sit on the kitchen stool watching Beckett cook in his cop uniform, a mixture of emotions taking over me at the sight, desire being the strongest. I was slightly ashamed at the erection that formed in my shorts while I eyed him cook, but it wasn’t my fault, he was just so damn sexy it was like he wanted me to cream my pants.
I bite my lip as he sucks on his finger after dipping it in the little pan to taste whatever it was that he was cooking, I shift uncomfortably in my chair watching him pull it out as he frowns a bit. He mumbles something about salt that I barely comprehended, he turned to the cupboards making my eyes drop to his ass, rubbing my hand over the tent in my pants as he stretched for something inside. I make my way up his body with my eyes, taking in every inch of the masterpiece, stifling a moan at the view of his back muscles flexing.

I can’t take this anymore.

I unzip my pants before dipping my hand into the tight underwear, stroking my member desperately as he looked deeper in the cupboard. It was weird to jerk off to my boyfriend when he was right there, this I know, but I was too far gone to stop. He turns around catching my eye before freezing in his spot, I don’t even shy away from the attention but look him straight in the eye as I tighten my grip on my leaking member.

“Emitt.” He says cautiously. “What are you doing?”

“Enjoying the view, I hope you don’t mind.” I say breathlessly with a widening smile.

“In the kitchen?” He says as he takes the fire off before circling the space to meet me. “That’s a bit much don’t you think donut?”

“Maybe.” I reply as he turns my stool to face him before standing between my legs. “You going to help me?”

“I think I’m just going to enjoy the view.” He replies making me scowl as he presses a light kiss to my cheek. “I’m kidding.” He says before lowering himself into a squat that almost made me cum. He pushes my hand away before taking me into his mouth without any warning making me eyes flutter shut as I grip the counter side for support.

“B-Beckett!” I moan loudly as he sucked me to completion. “Ahhhh!”

He hums around me, before licking my tip with his tongue while stroking my length dragging me closer and closer to the edge, he takes my whole length into his mouth right when I cum with a loud moan. He holds me in place as I ride out my eye-watering orgasm, I grip his shoulders for support when I finish, my legs suddenly feeling like jello.

“That was tasty.” He comments as he stands, I buckle myself up in a sort of daze, leaning most of my weight on him.

“Thank you.” I mumble after he kisses me lightly.

“My pleasure.” He replies before returning to the food after washing his hands.

“I’ll return the favor later tonight.” I promise making him smile at me with one of those smiles that made my heart flutter in my chest from the strength of the love I felt towards him.




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