Beta Mates

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Chapter 28


Beckett’s P.O.V

I send Emitt a nod through the crowd as he stood two rooms away from me with two beer cans in his hands. He makes his way to me, shuffling through the crowd towards our little group.

We’d been here for an hour now, I was with Emitt’s friends who I’ve seen around but never actually talked to. The loudest of the group being Russell and Crystal, though it was really just Russell hitting on the clearly not interested girl.
Emitt drops on the couch besides me with a smile as he hands me my beer making me smile as I resist the urge to pull him into my chest.

“So where is Aiden?” Russell asks Emitt after giving me a cheeky look, Emitt said it was because he was just cautious of me since I was new to their usually private group.

“On his way. Should be here any minute.” He answers quickly before looking around at the space.
The party had only just begun, it felt more like just hanging out with friends but Emitt promised that it’d get much crazier pretty soon.

“So how did you guys become friends all of a sudden?” Crystal asks eying me suspiciously. “I’m pretty sure you hated each other for years.”

“That was Julian and Aiden. I had no part in that feud.” I say with my hands up in surrender. “Now that they’re over it, we just started talking.”

“Just like that.” She says with a raised eyebrow. “Nothing more to it?”

“Nope.” Emitt says popping the p. The girl clearly wasn’t buying it but luckily before she couldn’t say anymore as Emitt jumped up hollering for Julian and Aiden who just walked in accompanied by Isabel.

They make their way over to us with costumes that honestly put our cop ones to shame though I’d never tell Emitt that, it’d break his little heart. They were dressed in suits, Julian’s a bit messy and loose while Aiden’s looked crisp and tailored, with make up that looked like the skeleton ones you saw all over the internet, accompanied of course by Aiden’s signature pair of black shades.

Isabel stole the show from them a bit, her lean figure was perfect for her slim fit, golden dress with make up that was a little overpowering but it had to be since she was playing Nefertiti. I could see guys’ eyes trailing her as she walked towards us though she didn’t give one a second look.

“You guys look sickly amazing.” Emitt says with a wide smile as he sits back down besides me, Aiden smiles widely at the compliment, taking his own seat in an empty armchair while Isabel laid herself down on some welcoming twins. Soon enough, Julian propped himself comfortably in his mate’s lap, looping his arms around his neck while Aiden hugged him tightly. The sight caused a slight pang in my chest as Aiden buried his nose into Julian’s neck, inhaling his mate deeply. I was jealous. Jealous that I couldn’t do the same with Emitt like I wanted to or even just kiss him, he was mine and deserved to be loved and treasured not hidden away. Which was exactly what I was doing because I was afraid of my parents reaction, this was no one else’s fault but my own.

“Who is that sexy thing?” Russell says pulling me out of my line of thoughts, I follow his eyes to find them directed at Julian who looked unbothered while Aiden looked like he was about to kill the guy.

“That’s Julian.” Isabel fills in making the boy’s eyes widen considerably, he blinks a few times before rubbing his eyes while studying my blonde friend.

“Holy shit! When did that happen?”

I zone out from there as I circle the foaming alcohol in the bottle between my fingers. I didn’t drink, I didn’t find the taste of alcohol or the affect of it appealing in the slightest so I just watched the liquid swirl. I didn’t like parties much either, I rarely went out and when I did it was to the mall or movies with Julian or Isabel. It simply wasn’t my cup of tea and I was going to tell Emitt that when he told me he wanted to go to a party but the sight of his dazzling, green eyes looking up at me as he raved on about how excited he was for a costume party that we could go to together, I couldn’t bare the thought of being the cause of that light smoldering from his eyes.

I understood his joy, we didn’t go out together much, only as much as new friends would appear to and as a result, we spent most of our time together in the confines of my house or Mickey’s. I knew how much this party meant to him, along with the matching part, so I refused to complain or even show reluctance, going along with whatever he requested. I posed for every picture he demanded and smiled back every time he sent a beaming smile my way.

“Are you okay?” Emitt whispers leaning into me a bit, I couldn’t help but sniff him quickly, taking advantage of the chance to be so close to him.

“I’m fine. Why?” I reply with a smile.

“You’re quiet.” He mumbles with a slight pout. “And you haven’t drank your beer.”

“Emitt you do know that I don’t drink right?” I say with a slight chuckle as his eyes fill with regret that didn’t need to be present.

“I forgot! I’m so sorry.” He says grabbing the beer from my hands a downing it way too quickly. “Do you want water? Or juice? Pizza? A pickle? M-”

“Emitt, calm down.” I say laughing at his suggestions that wandered away from liquids to solids. “I’m fine.”

“You’re not.” He groans as he unconsciously leans onto my shoulder, I don’t say anything because I don’t want him to move and no one even seemed to noticed. “You’re eyes aren’t like they usually are.”

“And what are they usually like?” I question in amusement.

“Big and bright, enthusiastic, happy.” He lists before sitting up much to my disappointment. “Why don’t we play a game?” He suggests making me groan a little, this sounded like a bad idea but he didn’t wait for a response as he announced his intentions to the group. “We’re playing dare!”

The group chats about it for a bit before finally beginning. The game was simple, like truth or dare without the truth part, just a whole bunch of shitty dares that were actually amusing when you weren’t the one doing them.

“Drink water from the toilet bowl.” Some boy dares me making me groan in disgust. This is what I get for leaving the house.

Emitt follows behind me closely along with some others who were planning to witness me performing the revolting act.
I walk into the closest toilet, grimace written all over my face as my eyes search the unsightly bathroom.
Disgusting was far too generous a word to describe the bathroom, revolting as well.

I groan as I look down at the greenish water I was expected to drink, Emitt’s eyes fill with worry as I take a small step towards the death trap. I knew there was no way out of this so I didn’t bother making up some elaborate plan that would result in something I wasn’t keen of imagining.

“Woah! Who’s that?” All heads turn to the direction of the voice, soon enough all the people who followed me rush out the bathroom, leaving only Emitt and I.

“What happpened?” I question stepping away from the toilet, eager to escape before they could return.

“I don’t know.” He says with a slight shrug, we follow the path the others took. Soon enough my eyes land on the source that saved my life. It was a girl.
A girl I’ve never seen before, she definitely didn’t attend our school, I would’ve noticed someone so entrancing.

A small girl with brown straight hair, wearing an appealing, white dress that seemed to be made for her with fluffy angel wings poking out of the back. She was smaller than Emitt I think with bright, brown eyes that stole everyone’s attention.

She was an angel.

A nervous angel. The attention shining on her seeming to make the poor thing a fidgeting mess as she seemed to be contemplating an early dismal of her presence.
Before I can make a move towards her, Emitt’s already at her side giving her an extra friendly smile as he gave her a gracious hug. The interaction shocked me to say the least, I knew Emitt was an extremely social little thing but I thought I knew most of the people he knew by now. He’d never mentioned the beauty and it was a bit worrying to me, I couldn’t help but feel the slight jab at my chest as I watched the two walk towards the bar. Emitt’s hand pressed gently on the center of her back.

The attention slowly faded away from the girl though there was still a few eyes trailing her, the lustful kind of course. I didn’t want to be the annoyingly jealous boyfriend so I left the two to their own devices, deciding to question him later about it. I return to the couch I had left the others at only to find the others still playing their game.

I plop down in my previous spot, listening but refusing to play. Emitt returned after a while, the girl no longer by his side, he gives me a bright smile before joining in the game with enthusiasm.

It doesn’t take long for Emitt along with all the others to become overly drunk as the game got out of control. Julian was dragged away by Aiden for more alcohol, that surely wouldn’t end well. I’ve never seen Julian drunk but something told me it wasn’t going to be pretty.

“I want to dance.” Emitt announces with an adorable giggle as he wraps his arm around my neck.

“I don’t dance.” I state rubbing his cheek, nobody around us was sober enough to realise and the party was filling up rapidly.

“It’s just swaying and jumping and moving those perfect hips.” He slurs slightly making a smile tug its way onto my lips. “If you don’t then someone else will dance with me.”

“You’re evil.” I growl standing up, taking him with me. He rushes us into the belly of the beast, a bunch of sweaty teens grinding and jumping to noise that couldn’t possibly be considered music.
I’d leave immediately if I could but the smile planted on Emitt’s lips as he danced around me kept me planted in my spot. Soon enough, I picked up the gist of what I had to do and started dancing with him.

I didn’t realize how much time passed as I got lost in the intoxicating rhythm of some of these songs along with Emitt’s hypnotically, beautiful eyes that never left my own. That was of course until I saw my best friend climb on a table with a microphone.

“Hello everyone!” He shouted loudly with an arrangement of giggles following after. The whole house roared back their welcoming in delight as we all looked to Julian. “Isn’t this fun?! This is fun! Right?!”

“Can I go?” Emitt asks looking up at me with wide eyes. “I want to go with Julian.”

“No.” I say holding him in place, I’d be damned if I let him get up their with how drunk he was. Normally I’d do the same for Julian but he had Aiden now and he’d make those decisions for him.

“Why not?!” He whines loudly making me groan.

“Because I said so.” I reply while giving his ass a warning squeeze that makes him jump a little.

“Okay.” He mumbles resting his head on me as I slung an arm around his shoulder. It was good that he was so obedient, it’d be troublesome if he wasn’t.

“When I say Fuck you say school!” Julian shouts into the microphone making my eyes widen in surprise.

“Fuck!” He shouts.

“School!” Everyone roars back.



Before he can continue Aiden gets to him, saying something to him that was drowned out by the loud music. Julian just pulled away from his mate before continuing with his task.

“When I say buzzkill you say Aiden!” He shouts making everyone, me included, laugh a bit while Aiden just frowns in disapproval. “Buzzkill!”

“Aiden!” I shout.



He soon falls off his little platform and everyone goes back to dancing while Aiden carried his mate away. I look down at my own to see his skin extremely flushed and his skin heating up a bit yet he said nothing, just snuggled himself into my side.

“Come with me for a bit.” I whisper before taking him upstairs into a bathroom that was much cleaner than the one I visited earlier.
I sit him of the counter before dampening one of the small hand towels a little before dabbing it against his heated forehead.

“That’s nasty.” He grumbles trying to move the towel away. “You don’t know who used that! Don’t put that on my face!”

“Emitt calm down.”

“You calm down. It’s hard to get pimple free skin, don’t fuck this up for me.” He growls pushing the towel away making me sigh as I step back in defeat. I lean against the way watching him wash his face a bit before looking back to me, some of the color had left his face so that was good.

“Beckett.” He slurs, taking small steps towards me.

“Yes.” I answer raising an eyebrow in question.

“You look really good tonight.” He says running his finger up my arm while licking his lips.


“I want to fuck.” He cuts in making my eyes widen in surprise as he presses himself into me, it kind of felt like he was on the offensive side today. “Will you fuck me please?”

“Anywhere but here.” I say quickly realizing that he was much drunker than I originally thought.

“Okay, the bedroom then.” He says misunderstanding my words.

“I mean anywhere but this house.”

“B-but.....” He stutters over his words as he plays with his fingers. “I’m horny.”

“You’re always horny.”

“More than usual.” He says quickly before grabbing my member through my pants making me jump in surprise as he presses my body into the wall with his own. “Please.”

“Emitt.” I warn as he begins to grope me teasingly.

“You look good Beckett.” He mumbles while nibbling on the ends of my ear. “Really good.”

“Not here.” I say finally finding the strength to push him away from me. I however push him too hard making him hit back into the counter top, he winces a little making Tobias whine in pain as my heart splits. “I’m sorry Emitt. I didn’t mean to push you so hard. I’m so sorry. Where does it hurt?”

“Nowhere.” He mumbles quietly, he lets me check him to make sure but doesn’t say anything, his eyes on the ground.

“Emitt.” I call, gently rubbing his cheek but he refuses to meet my eyes. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine.” He mumbles yet I knew it wasn’t. He was taking this way out of proportion and him being drunk didn’t help.

“You want to go home?” I ask lifting his chin slightly.

“No. I need a drink.” He grumbles before pushing pass me and out the door.

Bad idea.

I follow him quickly, so close to stopping him when he was at the stairs but stopped when I heard a small scream. It sounded like it came from one of the rooms up here, I turn to ask Emitt if he heard it too but he was already gone. I wanted to follow my mate but I’d hate myself forever if someone was in trouble and I ignored it.

I quickly make my way to the source of the scream to investigate, I could smell three werewolves, one scent I knew from anywhere.


Was he in trouble? The thought made my heart race as I came to the door, without thinking I twist the knob, opening the door, ready to save my friend. My eyes immediately find the twins that were with Isabel lying on a bed with the beautiful girl from earlier trapped between them, tears lacing her cheeks. But no Mickey. I could smell him in the room but he was nowhere to be seen.

Before I can even blink, the girl rushes towards me hiding behind my back, shivering slightly as her arms squeezed me in a death grip. This action makes both guys growl angrily as they come towards us making the girl squeeze tighten. The girl who smelt just like Mickey.

“Give him back.” One of them growls making my eyes widen.


I look down at the girl who was looking up at me with wide scared eyes that slowly became familiar as my eyes peeled away the makeup to find Mickey looking up at me.

“Mickey?” I question carefully, this makes him stiffen as he realizes that I know it’s him. Why was he dressed as a girl?

“So that’s your name.” One of the twins says bringing my attention back to them and away from my oddly beautiful friend. “It’s perfect.”

“Were they hurting you?” I question Mickey who shakes his head no though he looked scared out of his mind.

“We’d never hurt our mate.” One snaps defensively making my eyes widen.

“Say what now?”

“He’s our mate. Our perfect mate.” The other fills in like if it wasn’t weird that twins were mated to one person, and that person being a guy.

“What the fuck....”

“It’s none of your business, give him back to us.” One says with glowing yellow eyes.

“He’s ours.” The other finishes stepping towards us, this makes Mickey tremble as he whimpers quietly behind me. The action makes both boys eyes fill with regret as they look at him with pained eyes. “What’s wrong mate?”

Mickey doesn’t respond as he shakes behind me. What the hell did they do to him?

“I think you’re scaring him.” I fill in. I wanted to be much more aggressive but they were mates and that wasn’t something werewolves interfered with. They were made for each other and I didn’t even have the right to be standing between whatever conflict was developing between them, but Mickey was my friend and I’d be damned before I let him get hurt.

“Why? What’s wrong?” They ask Mickey, the look in their eyes along with the truth in their voice told me they were genuinely concerned. So why was Mickey so scared of them?

“How about I take you home?” I suggest to Mickey who nods quickly, this makes the boys panic as they look to me. “I’m already mated, he’s just a friend. Calm down.”

“We can’t just let you go with our mate even if you say this. You’re not even marked, you can be lying.”

“I’m not. My relationship is just complicated.” I say with a sigh as I remember that Emitt is probably running around naked by now.

“Still he’s o-”

“Please.” Mickey squeaks out. “I just want to go home.”

This seems to break through the boys’ determination as they look down at their mate with eyes filled with pain.

“Can we see you again? Soon?” One asks hopefully as they stare at Mickey.

“Yes.” He answers without hesitation.

“Just call us and we’ll come. Wherever, whenever. Any time.” One says as the other scribble down some numbers on a ripped piece of paper before handing it to Mickey who takes it quickly.

“Let’s get Emitt and go.” I say leading him away from the two who looked like they were getting their hearts ripped out.

“Thank you.” Mickey mumbles as I lead him down the stairs.

“No problem.” I say with a warning smile before giving him the keys to my car and directions to where I parked it before setting out to find my mate.

It didn’t take long to find Emitt, sitting in a tree singing happily while he drank a from a tube containing God knows what. Getting him down was the hard part, he was mad and wanted nothing to do with me, but with the promise to stop for some cinnamon sticks on the way home and some loving words he climbed down eventually.

Mickey kept Emitt in check as I drove us home knowing that the events of tonight would follow us into the next day. I was stressed, tired and hungry. Yet there was only one thing on my mind that mad me sad.

I’d never get my surprise from Emitt.

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