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Chapter 29

Emitt’s P.O.V

I groan in pain as I shift on my bed, my head pounding abusively at my skull, punishing me for last night’s decisions.
I didn’t even dare to open my eyes, the sunlight would only blind me.

“Morning.” I hear Beckett whisper quietly, him knowing to be quiet because of my hangover only made me love him all the more.

I peak my eyes open slowly as the light came crashing in, I steadily adjust until I’m able to see Beckett sitting on the edge of the bed in front of me with a glass of orange juice and a pill.
I take both without instruction, happy to try anything to make this hangover go away. When I’m done I give it back to him, he gives me a smile before leaving the room to probably put the glass away.

What the fuck happened last night?

Looking around the room for clues, I realise I’m in Mickey’s house. Strange. The plan was to go back to Beckett’s so I can give him his gift. His surprise! Looking down I realise I’m in new clothes which means that either I did everything drunk or I didn’t do it at all. And if I didn’t do it, then he cleaned me up and saw the sexy underwear.

I beat myself up internally hating myself for being so dumb to get drunk like that with him. His first party and I was a goner, I couldn’t even begin to put together the images that flashed through my mind.
Beckett walks in again, a smile still on his lips as he gently pushes me back into the bed before pulling the blanket over my shoulder.

“Sleep.” He instructs with a soft kiss to my forehead.
I don’t protest or question it as my eyelids become heavy and i find myself drifting off into darkness without even trying.


“Should I call them?” I hear Mickey ask as I make my way to the kitchen.

From the sky outside, it looked to be midday and my hangover was nothing but a numbing annoyance in the back of my head.

“You still haven’t told me what happened.” Beckett replies making my ears peak up with interest as I walk into the kitchen making both heads turn my way. “You’re up.”

“Thanks to you.” I say giving him a quick kiss before leaning into his side as he slides an arm around my waist. “What were you talking about?” I ask looking to Mickey who looked stressed, a look he hardly wore. He looks at Beckett nervously before returning his attention to me.

“I found my mates last night.” He says making my eyes widen in surprise as my heart fills with joy and my lips spread upwards in a wide smile. I run to my friend hugging him tightly, squeezing the life out of his body as I jumped around with him swinging in my arms like a doll.

“Where is he? Who is he? What’s his name? Blonde or brunette?” I question all at once when I finally put him down only to realise I was the only one who looked happy at the news.

“I said mates Emitt.” He says slowly. “As in two of them. My mates are two guys, twins.”

That sounds messy - Chris interjects before I can even think.

“Two guys?” I repeat as he nods slowly. “Brothers.........twins!”

“I know.” He groans rubbing his face into his hands. “Isn’t one enough? Is this the Moon Goddess’ response to me calling her a bitch for years?”

“Why would you call her that?” Beckett asks slightly frowning.

“Because she’s a sick bitch!” He responds before flipping off the sky. “She put Aiden and Julian together, two people who hate each and then you and Emitt, and you can’t even go outside holding hands and now me with two Satanic twins.”

“Satanic twins?” I question in confusion with knitted eyebrows. “What are you talking about? What happened last night?”

“That’s what I’d like to know.” Beckett replies as both our eyes land on Mickey who looked just about ready to bury himself in a hole. “Did they hurt you?”

“No!” He says quickly before sighing. “Last night after partying with some guys who didn’t even realise I was a guy, I wen-”

“Mickey!” I shout looking back to see if Beckett heard him.

“He knows about the cross dressing.” Mickey says rolling his eyes at me, I look back at Beckett expectantly but he looked normal as always. “And he’s cool with it, or so it seems.”

“I am. I think you’re a beautiful girl when you dress like one and a handsome guy without it.” Beckett replies kindly making Mickey’s cheeks flush before he mumbles a thank you. “Now continue.”

“So I needed to use the bathroom and I didn’t want to risk anyone seeing a chick whipping out a dick so I went upstairs and everything was fine. Until I came out and someone was waiting to go next, it was one of the twins. I felt it immediately, my wolf was going crazy and my heart was racing like mad, he did too, we were staring at each other and I felt something I’ve never felt before and I knew it. I knew we were mates.

Before I could say anything his brother popped up and I felt the same thing, the same burning skin and racing heart. I didn’t understand it. Why I felt it for both of them? I thought maybe because they looked the same, but then they both called me their mates so I knew it was both of them.” He says running his hand through his hair. “They took me to the bedroom to talk and I agreed, but once we were on the bed they were on top of me. I mean, I suppose it was my wet dream come to life but it was still scary having one hold my hands while the other started groping me. It didn’t feel right.”

“Then I came in?” Beckett asks and Mickey nods quickly. “That doesn’t make them satanic or evil Mickey.”

“What do you mean?!” I ask in utter disbelief. “They were going to attack him.”

“They were going to mate him.” Beckett says with a sigh making both Mickey and I respond with a ‘huh?’ . “Mickey, were their eyes glowing?”

“Yeah!” He replies quickly.

“They probably just lost control a bit. It happens a lot to mates when they first meet, not everybody is like us who dated before or like Julian and Aiden who hated each other even after mating. They’re normal mates who see their mate and instantly love them like they should, they probably were just overwhelmed by the emotions. That happens a lot to wolves.”

“I didn’t think of that.” Mickey mumbles as his eyes fill with fear and he visibly started to panic. “Oh my God, they think I hate them! That I’m afraid of them!”

“Yeah probably.” Beckett mumbles making me hit his arm with a scowl attached. “No they don’t. They gave you their numbers remember?”

“I’ll call them now.” Mickey says grabbing his phone before digging into his pocket for a scrap piece of paper and dialing in the digits. “Wait!”


“I’m a guy.” He says quietly. “I was dressed like a girl last night, what if th-”

“They know you’re a guy Mickey. They called you a ‘he’ and you said they groped you, they would’ve felt something.” Beckett fills in. “Now call them damn it.”

We sit around the phone that Mickey put in the middle of us, his finger hovering over the call button. He takes a deep breath before pressing it, he puts it on speaker and jumps into my arms, I hug him tightly knowing from personal experience that he was shit at situations like this.

“Hello! Mickey? Is that you?” An eager voice blares through loudly after one ring.

“Is that him? I want to talk to him too! Put it on speaker!” Another voice shouts in the background. After some scrimmage, the phone settles and they both say hello again waiting for Mickey to reply. I nudge him extra hard as he fiddled with the hem of his shirt.

“Hi.” He says eventually making me smile proudly.

“We’re so sorry mate! Last night, I don’t know what happened. I’m sorry if I scared you, I j-just I couldn’t stop...”

“Me neither. I saw you and everything became a bit blurry. I’m sorry.” The other finishes desperately.

“It’s fine.” Mickey says after a while, the sighs of relief on the other side completely audible. “I was just a little scared.”

“Sorry.” They chime in together making me smile, they sounded kind of adorable.

“I don’t know your names.” Mickey says nervously as he clutches to the phone now instead of me.

“I’m Nicholas.” One fills in.

“I’m Christopher.” The other says right after. Telling them apart was going to be a bitch, good luck Mickey. “When can we see you?”

“Umm.” Mickey looks at me nervously and I give him two thumbs up. “You can come to my house, I’ll give you clearance to come through the pack.”

“Okay!” One shouts happily. “Send the pack name and address and we’ll be there soon.”

“Okay.” Mickey replies with a smile gripping his lips.

“We can’t wait to see you Mickey!” The other chimes making my heart soar. “See you soon.”

They hang up and Mickey quickly texts them the new pack name along with the address and makes a call quickly for clearance before resting his phone down and turning to us.

“They’re coming.” He says with wide eyes. “Here.”

“We gathered that much.” I reply with a chuckle. “You’ll be fine. Don’t you dare even start panicking.”

“Okay. Okay. I’ll just clean the patio.” He says nervously.

“You don’t have a patio.” Beckett says with raised eyebrows.

“Mickey calm down and go take a bath or something.” I say as he made his way out the kitchen. I turn to face Emitt, letting myself stand between his legs as he sat on the kitchen stool. “For whatever I probably said or did last night, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. I was drunk.”

“You didn’t do anything wrong.” Beckett says with a smile as he palms my cheek that I happily lean into. “You were a perfectly good drunk.”

“Thank you.” I reply chuckling a bit. “How about Julian? How was his first party?”

“You don’t remember do you.” Beckett says laughing a bit while taking out his phone. “There’s videos everywhere, this is just the one Isabel sent me.”

I take the phone he handed me to see Julian with a microphone in his hand blaring out Fuck School and Buzzkill Aiden. The sight makes me laugh loudly as the once so serious guy turned into a wild party boy because of a couple of drinks.

“Isabel said on the way home a branch knocked him out the car.” Beckett says once I hand him back to phone.

“How does that even happen?”

“I don’t know.” He replies chuckling before pressing his lips to mine. I hum kissing him back lightly before pulling away a bit, but we just end up kissing again. “I will never get enough of you.”

“Same here.” I reply kissing him hard, letting my tongue drive itself into his mouth where our tongues dance together. We both hum in contentment as we slowly pull away from one another, our lips brushing slightly sending those toe curling vibrations throughout my body. “I’m sorry I didn’t get to give you your surprise last night.”

“Me too.” He mumbles as he presses a light kiss to the side of my mouth. “Make it up to me some other time.”

“Why not now?” I question letting my eyes meet his.

“Because Mickey has guests coming, his mates and I rather not leave him alone with them downstairs while I fuck you upstairs.” He replies making my member pulse a bit. “I rather not let them hear your beautiful moans.”

“You’re suck a sweet talker.” I groan before pulling away from his grasp knowing if I didn’t we would probably end up having sex on the kitchen stool despite his words.

“Come on. Let’s get ready to meet these two.” He replies with a wide smile.

------not showing much more of those three. It’ll be in their book.
Be prepared ----

“So Mr. Smith.” Beckett muses as he runs his hand through my hair, my body coiling against him. “Are you excited for your birthday?”

“Of course I am. I get to claim you as mine finally. Mine.” I say with a smile looking up at him. “I’m ready. To tell everyone. Aiden, Julian, Isabel, my parents, Lucy. Everyone. I’ve spent too much time worrying about how they’d react to us that we haven’t enjoyed being together fully.” I say letting out an exhausted breath. “I rather lose a bridge than lose you.”

I lean up to kiss him but pause when my eyes trail over his face, slightly frowning as he laid there making worry fill my chest.

“Do you not want to?” I question carefully.

“No. I do. I’m just scared.” He says avoiding my eyes. “I’ll always be scared no matter how long we wait, but we just have to rip the bandage off.”

“If you’re not ready, I ca-”

“We’re not waiting any longer. When you stand on that stage on Friday I want you to show everyone that I’m yours and you are mine.” He replies with contagious excitement. “Shout it out, scream it. Jump off the stupid stage if you wish. I don’t care. Once you end up sleeping in my arms, then I’m happy.”

“I love you Beckett. Everything about you. I love you.” I say staring into his eyes, our hearts beating together, our fingers intertwined like our souls and mates.

“I love you too Emitt.” He replies before kissing me as we quickly. Our lips pressed against each other’s firmly as I let myself slowly slide on top of him. The kiss easily becomes more heated, our hands following as we searched every inch of each other’s bodies with our fingertips.

“Can we?” I ask breaking the kiss as I slide down his body to plant kisses along the nape of his neck, desperate to have more of him, taste him completely.

“Yes.” He replies with a slight growl as I pull his shirt above his head revealing his glorious body. I let myself plant kisses down his chest, pushing forth my love each time my lips connected with his skin.

Unbuckling his pants, I slide them down along with his underwear letting his erection spring free. I take him into my mouth without hesitation, wrapping my lips around his tip teasingly before taking his entire length to the back of my throat.

He groans his satisfaction as I slowly raise my head before swallowing him
whole again, taking my time to taste him completely. His moans and grunts pushing me harder to please him, I wanted him to enjoy every second of pleasure I could give to him.

“I’m close baby.” Beckett moans as he thrusts himself into my mouth a little, the action making me moan around his length in ecstasy. I loved it when he called me baby. “Don’t stop.”

I direct his hand into my hair telling him to take control, I liked it when he was a little rough with me. He doesn’t hesitate as he pushes my head down while thrusting himself into my mouth, the action making my eyes water slightly as he continues to fuck my mouth while my member leaks with need. My body shook a little as I looked up at him through blurry eyes, the look of hunger and pure lust on his face made me tremble in pleasure.

“Swallow every drop.” He instructs before he delivers one last thrust as he shoved my head down his erection to the point that my nose was brushing his skin. I swallow it all as he empties himself down my throat while growling loudly in delight, I don’t move as he pumps every last drop into my mouth. Once he’s done he’s pulls out slowly allowing me to catch my breath a bit before I lick his length clean.

“Come here.” He commands pulling me away from his member, he takes my lips with his own once again. Kissing me roughly as the taste of his essence trailed my tongue. “That was amazing.” He compliments making me smile happily, I loved pleasing him however I could.

“Turn around.” He instructs before slapping my ass, I do as told, turning so that my ass in his face while my lips brushed against his member. “Don’t touch mine.”

“Why not?” I whine not liking the unusual demand in the slightest.

“Just enjoy.” He says making me frown, before I respond I feel his tongue probe at my hole after he spreads my ass with both his hands making me moan lonely.

“Ahhhhh!” I moan loudly as he dives his tongue into me, his wet muscle teasingly poking into and around my hole. Now I knew why he demanded that I bathed thoroughly earlier, I’m so glad I listened. “Ah!” My eyes rolling while he dives his tongue into my hole making my member leak upon his chest. “B-Beckett! So good!” I groan as he continues to search me thoroughly, my eyes find his erection as I struggle to support myself on shaking arms, it felt more like a punishment to have his length in front of me and I couldn’t touch it. Deciding against his instructions, I take his member into my mouth making him freeze in surprise as he jerks a bit in my mouth.

“I told you no.” He says once he pulls away from me, I ignore him and continue to work him with my tongue trailing his length while my lips stroked his slowly. “Fine.” He growls before slowly pushing one of his fingers into my awaiting hole making me moan around him.

I arch my back slightly as he slowly picks up speed, his tongue licking my leaking erection while his finger worked on me, soon joined by another of his. I suck him between my lips, trembling slightly as he went up to three fingers, driving them into my deeper and harder as he teased my length with his skillful tongue.

“I’m going ahhh, Beckett.... I’m cu-cumminggggg...” I feel my releasal building as he drags me to the edge, he pulls his fingers out along with his tongue when I was about to cum making my groan loudly at the stinging rejection as my body trembled on his. My teeth grinding together as my member strained for releasal that he refused to give me.

“You get to cum after me.” He growls slapping my ass harder than usual making my member leak as he pushed me onto my side before getting up from the bed to get that box I loved so much. “Listen next time and you’ll get to cum.”

My heart begins to pound against my ribs when my eyes land on the pink, leather thigh restraints that we ordered last week together. He was more excited to use it than I was and that was enough for me, the fact that he was accepting my strange needs and even trying them with an open mind made my heart beat for him.

“No blindfold?” I question as he walks back to me.

“No, I want to see every inch of this beautiful body.” He replies making my cheeks flush as I bring my legs up in position for him without being told. “Good boy.” He commends making me smile proudly. He hooks up my legs without much trouble before leaning back to admire me. In this position he could see every part of me easily and usually I’d be embarrassed but this was Beckett, my mate and my boyfriend, I didn’t have anything to fear with him.

(A.N. - Google search thigh restraints and the first diagram is how it works)

“Please.” I moan growing restless. “Quickly.”

He doesn’t reply as he lines himself up between my legs before slowly pushing himself into my head. I bite my lip to stop any whimpers from escaping my lips, as his member pushed it’s way into me, I felt both pleasure and pain at the action, it was amazing every time. Once he’s in completely, he gives me a moment to rest while his hands search my body that was exposed for him.

“Beautiful.” He mumbles to himself under his breath making my skin burn as his eyes touched me along with his fingers that were grazing along my skin teasingly.

“You can move.” I say once I’m ready. He pulls himself out a bit before thrusting back inside, he does this carefully a few times with groans that showed clearly he was holding back so I wouldn’t get hurt. Soon enough, the pain becomes nonexistent and the only thing I feel from his member sliding in and out of me, is pure ecstasy.

“Ahh!” He moans with me as he grinds his member into me, the feeling nothing short of blinding as his cock filled me completely. “You feel so good baby.”

“Faster!” I moan making his eyes glow, he leans down on his hands before he beings thrusting himself into me at an accelerated pace. His thrusts desperate and rough making moan after moan bellow out of my lips as he fucks me greedily, sucking on the place his mark shown. “Beckett!”

“Not until I do.” He growls before pulling out and turning me so that my head was pressed against the bed while my ass rested in the air waiting for him. He slams himself back into me without warning literally taking the breath out of me as he stayed still with himself buried into me to the hilt.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” I moan which each perfect thrust he delivered, his member hitting my prostate each time, the need to cum growing greater and louder as he fucked me into the bed. He flips me again after a while, letting me rest on my back. I stared up at him with blurred eyes.

“Take all of it.” He growls into my ear once he leans down so his arms rests on either side of my head. “Every inch.” He growls aggressively making my member leak as he slammed himself into my awaiting hole repeatedly.

“B-Beckett!” I moan whimpering slightly as he drove himself into me mercilessly, the action so good I thought I’d lose my mind as my mind went blank with only desire lacing my thoughts. “Cumming!”

“No.” He snaps but I can’t hold it anymore and streams of cum escape me spraying his chest with my load as my hole clenched around his member. I whimper as I ride out my phenomenal orgasm that was making me shake in my restraints, pleasure flooding my body without permission.

Beckett pulls out bringing me back to reality as he watched me thoughtfully making me realise that I didn’t wait. He’d probably punish me, the thought made my member pulse with excitement as I imagined all the things he could do to me.

My eyes widen as he leans back before taking his member into his palm, stroking himself slowly as his eyes remained glued to mine. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him as he continued to please himself, his eyes drowning with lust as he moaned at his own touch. I try to move towards him but quickly I’m reminded of the restraints that keep me in place, unable to get any closer. I frown as I try again and fail miserably, he simply smiles at this as he continues to stroke his length knowing that I wanted to touch him.

“Beckett..” I call desperately, I didn’t even care about my own erection, I just wanted to please him.

“Yes?” He answers breathlessly making Chris whine with need.

“Put it inside me.” I groan shamelessly.

“You’ll just cum without me.” He replies making me frown as he uses both his hands to grip his length.

“I’m sorry.” I say desperately. “Fuck me. Beckett!”

“No. Next time listen.” He snaps as he visibly approaches completion, he should be feeling that inside of me.

“Please Beckett! Please!” I beg desperately but he ignores me as he gives himself a few more strokes while thrusting himself into his hands before cumming onto my leg with beautiful moans that caressed my ears. I panted feeling breathless myself, just from watching.

“Next time listen to me.” He growls when he finishes cleaning me up by licking his essence off of me.

“Okay.” I say quickly, wanting more of him as my member strained painfully for releasal.

“I won’t fuck you anymore today.” He says making me whine loudly as I wiggle against my restraints. “Punishment.”

“I’m sorry.” I say quickly as he stands again, fearing that he’d leave but he just picked up one of the smaller dildos from the box before returning to me. He slides it in with ease after lubing it up before putting on the vibrations making my eyes roll, though it did feel heavenly, I still wanted him more.

“Since you want to cum so much, we’ll just have to make sure to get every last drop.” He states as he takes my member into his mouth making me moan loudly as he sucks me with tight lips.

“I’m cumming!” I warn, the vibrations too much for me along with his amazing lips. He swallows every drop as I jerk into his mouth, emptying myself with loud moans that drown out all the other sounds in the empty house. “Beckett!” I moan loudly when he turns up the vibrations making me leak into his lips.

His hands trail their way up to my nipples which he rubs and squeezes knowing how sensitive they were, especially when my ass was being played with. It doesn’t take long for him to milk out yet another orgasm from me, the thrilling feeling flooding me entirely as my eyes rolled at his relentless attack on my body.

“I want you to cum from only your dildo.” He states after pulling away, he stares down at me with lustful eyes as the dildo continued to fuck me, the vibrations pressed right against my prostate making me drool slightly as my blurry eyes stuck to his.

“B-Beckett..” I moan as my ass swallows the toy, I wanted friction badly. To feel him slide in and out of me but once again, I was soon cumming before I knew it, my chest coated with my seed that Beckett licked up without a second thought before kissing me.

“What a little slut.” He moans against my lips making my eyes widen in surprise. I’d asked him to call me that once on a whim but he’d denied it saying he wouldn’t call his mate such a demeaning name but here he was not calling me a slut. Unless I’d heard him wrong. “You can’t stop cumming can you.”

“No.” I moan against his lips that were brushing mine teasingly, he wouldn’t let me kiss him, only rubbing those soft lips against mine as his hands caressed my thigh teasingly, the dildo still vibrating in my ass. “More please.”

“Of course.” He replies with a smirk before wrapping his hand around my leaking member. “You’re hard again?” He teases as he rubs his thumb against my tip making me whimper as my body shakes below him. “Slut.” The word makes me leak as he strokes me quickly, his hands squeezing my member expertly.

“Y-Yes!” I moan as he tighten his grip, dragging me quickly to completion as he takes my nipple between his tongue.

“Are you going to cum again?” He asks as he bites my nipple making me moan through clenched teeth.

“Yes!” I moan as I feel myself getting closer to the edge. He brings his lips to my ear which he licks before nibbling on the end making leak profusely as the vibrations become harder.

“What a slut.” He whispers making my groan through my teeth as my eyes tear up from the unfamiliar pleasure flooding my body. “Whose are you?”

“Yours!” I moan loudly as tears run down my cheeks as I’m dragged over the edge. “I’m yours!”

I moan loudly as I cum yet again, my body trembling violently as I ride out my orgasm with a blurred vision, shaking in pure ecstasy knowing I couldn’t go again, everything had become blurry and I couldn’t hear well when Beckett said something to me while unbuckling the restraints.

He lifts me up since I was still slightly dazed, my senses come back all at once however when I feel his member slide into me once again making me shake as I gripped his shoulders tightly. My body overwhelmed by the return of his warm cock that made me see stars.

“I cnsjf.” I try but my words don’t come out right as I look at him with blurred eyes.

“I said every last drop.” He says simply making my eyes widen in surprise as he began thrusting himself into my mercilessly, each thrust hitting my prostate making the tears spill over my cheeks.

“gdnjgfdg.” I don’t even register the fact that I was about to cum until it came out all at once while he pumped his warm seed into me. My moans jumble together as my teeth clattered a bit, the rush of the undeniable pleasure making me a moaning mess as he buried himself deep within me.

“You’re so sexy.” He growls before pushing me down on the bed thrusting himself into me without a break as he spread my legs widely for himself. I laid there taking each thrust gratefully as he drove himself into me deeper and deeper, I caught a glimpse of his glowing green eyes through my blurry ones as he pumped his seed inside me once again making me cum again as well. He sunk his teeth into my arm making my cum immediately as I moaned loudly from the sparks that erupted throughout my body from the action.

He flipped me again, pushing my head down roughly as he thrusts himself into me with deep growls that told me he’d lost control. His eyes with the growls accompanied by his unusual roughness were enough evidence. I knew my body couldn’t go on much longer because of the treatment as my eyes rolled as I came again and again as he fucked me relentlessly, unable to stop with the phenomenal attack he made on my body.

I knew this happened to mates sometimes and I didn’t blame him for it, though I already knew he’d blame himself whenever he came to again, I was too weak to do anything to stop him so I just took it. The pleasure and the pain that slowly seeped in, as the darkness took over with my eyelids becoming heavy, I only hoped that he’d find the strength to stop once I passed out.

If he didn’t my back would truly be fucked tomorrow.


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