Beta Mates

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Chapter 30

Beckett’s P.O.V

I pant heavily as my vision slowly clears and I come to as Tobias pushes back allowing me to regain control over my drained body.

What the hell happened?

My eyes focus on the body below me only to find Emitt lying under me motionlessly making me eyes widen as I look at his cum drenched body. I pull myself out of him only for cum to leak out of his hole followed by something a bit red.

Is that...i-is that blood?

I quickly flip him to see his eyes shut making my heart pound against my chest as panic immediately floods my body.

“Emitt!” I call shaking him a bit, he was breathing, but very softly. The fact that he was not responding in any way was making me even more scared.
Did I continue even after he passed out? Why was there b-blood?

I pick him up carefully before rushing to the bathroom where I fill the bath quickly while rubbing his cheek gently as I study his soft features.

“Baby.” I whisper desperately, wanting to seem him open those beautiful, green eyes so I know he’d be okay.
He doesn’t respond or even move, he just laid their in my arms like a lifeless doll, the sight of him making guilt flood my body as I stared down at him.

What did I do.....

Once the tub is full, I put him in carefully, getting in behind him as I gently clean him be extra careful around his bum that was slightly swollen making me heart tighten as a bit of blood seeped into the water. I clean him quickly before getting out with him, drying his carefully before placing him under the sheets that I changed after dressing him.

I stop myself from getting in with him as I stare down at him. I couldn’t trust myself to lay with him right now, I lost control and hurt him. I hurt my mate.
I grip my hair tightly with an angered groan as my eyes slowly filled with tears as I kneeled down beside the bed.

“I’m so sorry Emitt.” I whisper kissing his hand that was cold to the touch. “I’m sorry.” I repeat over and over again, like a broken record as I die at myself into the chair far away from the bed not trusting myself in the slightest.

I’m sorry.....


“Ughhh!” I hear Emitt groan as he stirs to life making me sit up in my seat as I watch him from afar, refraining from going to him.

“Emitt.” I call nervously as he shifts a bit under the sheets.

“Ow.” He comments when he tries to sit up making Tobias howl in pain, pain that we caused him to feel. “Hey.” He says when his eyes find mind.

“How are you feeling?” I ask worriedly as he accepts defeat and just lays in bed.

“Like I got gangbanged.” He says with a chuckle. “I’ll be fine by this afternoon.”

“I’m sorry Emitt.” I mumble with guilt lacing each letter.

“It’s fine. It was amazing!” He says barely registering my words as he twirls the sheet fabric between his fingers. “Why are you so far away?”

“I can’t come closer.” I answer making him freeze as he looks towards me as best as he can from his position.

“Why not?” He questions with a growing frown.

“Because I hurt you.” I say diverting my eyes. “I can’t trust myself to b-”

“Beckett shut the fuck up.” Emitt groans making my eyes widen as I look to him. “You fucked me so good I’ll be using last night as my masterbation material for probably the rest of my life. You were so good that I passed out, that’s amazing. So stop this bullshit and come over here.”

“I c-can’t.” I stutter after a while as I hug my knees, this just makes him groan angrily.

“Beckett, come here and cuddle with me.” He commands with a voice that I didn’t recognize, when I don’t move he growls in vexation. “Right now Beckett.”

“I’m sorry.” Is all I’m able to muster as I look at him with eyes swelling with unshed tears.
How could I lose control like that? Hurt the person I love, even if I didn’t mean to, I still did it.

“Fine.” He growls before flipping the sheets over exposing his legs. I watch him in confusion as he sits up whimpering and wincing as he did so.

“Emitt stop!” I say standing to my feet but not daring to go any further. “You can’t move yet.”

“Well if you won’t come to me.....then I’ll just have to come to you.” He grinds through clenched teeth as he stands up, I rush to him when I see his legs give out, catching him before he could hit the ground. “Yay, your here.” He says before wrapping his arms around my neck tightly.

I lay him back down carefully without another word, when I try to leave he tightens his death lock around my neck forcing me to stay still.

“You’re not going anywhere. You’re going to lie here and hold me or I’ll just keep getting up.” He instructs making me groan as I pull myself away with him as the tears pool out of my eyes.

“It’s not a game Emitt!” I snap standing over him. “I hurt you! Don’t you get that! Don’t you get how that makes me feel to be the source of your pain! I-I don’t even remember when you.....when you passed out. I kept going and I didn’t stop.”

“And that’s okay Bec-”

“It’s not okay!” I say crying above him as he stared at me. “You were bleeding. There was blood Emitt.” I reveal making his eyes widen in surprise before softening a bit. “I made you....I did that to you...”

“Would you rather it be someone else?” He asks after a while.

“What?” I question sniffing a bit.

“Because if you weren’t the one fucking me to that point, it’d be someone else, so would you rather it be someone else?” He questions seriously while I stare at him dumbfounded at his words. “Beckett you lost control, it happens. It happened to the twins and it happened to you. Tobias is probably just a bit stressed because I haven’t bitten you yet and you’re instinct took over for a bit that’s all.” He says grabbing my hand tightly.

“But g-”

“No buts Beckett.” He says with a smile. “It hurts more you rejecting me like this than the pain in my ass.”

“I’m not rejecting you.”

“I know but that’s what it feels like.” He says calmly, his mature nature taking me by surprise a bit since he was usually the one crying. “Now I’ll love it if you’d please just lay here with me you slobbering mess.”

This makes me smile for the first time as I wipe away my tears, I eventually slide in next to him letting him immediately attach himself to me. I hug him gently, handling him as if he were glass, he didn’t say anything though and just sighed, his eyelids becoming heavy as he slowly drifted away.

“It was good Beckett.” He whispers before falling asleep before me.

What would I do without you.....


“I’m going to kiss you every single time I see you and we’ll fuck in every classroom!” Emitt says with beaming eyes as we walk towards the dining hall.

Today was his birthday. He’d turned eighteen finally and was having his ceremony, we already knew we were mates so this was more of a coming out ceremony if you asked me.
He was beyond excited from the moment he opened his eyes this morning making me realise just how much I’d kept him cage up before.
I made him his favorite breakfast and let him open all twenty gifts I got him, he ripped them apart with ease before going home to spend the day with his family as he should.

Now it was time for the ceremony and we were both ready. Ready to just let go and love one another openly without having to watch over our shoulders or hold back in public. We could finally be us, together.

“An-and then in the park, wait no that could be problematic. Unless! We go at night, wait no that’ll be a bit dangerous.....though that could be interesting..” Emitt said as he continued to rant about his plans for us. “....the cemetery sounds like a no to me unless you really w-”

“Emitt.” I say cutting him off before he could continue. “We’re here.” I say making his eyes look to the side to focus on the large building as he takes a deep breath.

“This is finally happening.” He says shaking his leg a bit as his smile widened. “’ll be mine.”

“I’ve always been yours Emitt.” I reply with a smile as I palm his cheek not caring if anyone saw, they’d know soon enough. “Always.

“I love you.” He whispers making me smile.

“I love you too donut.” I whisper before kissing him quickly. “Now let’s get this over with.”

He rushes into the room before I can, not bothering to go through the back door. I follow after him chuckling a bit to find the room already full with all the girls who were at my own ceremony plus Emitt’s family and our friends. I walk to the front row wanting to be the first face he saw once he opened those big green eyes.

“We are gathered here today to w-”

“Okay no.” Emitt says stopping the elder when the ceremony started and he began his speech. “I don’t need to hear all this bullshit, just open the roof thing so everybody can go home.”

“Okay then.” The elder says with a sigh before making a hand gesture to open the roof. Emitt closes his eyes while playing with his hands behind his back, even though we already knew the results I knew he’d still be nervous. Probably thinking that in someway or some form everything would fall apart, but it wouldn’t.
It never would. Not with us.

Julian and Aiden stand on the stage as alphas had been doing for generations at ceremonies like this, Aiden was smiling knowingly while Julian looked like he was about to shit himself. He and Emitt were becoming closer and I could tell he was worried about him despite the slight cold shoulder he still sent his way occasionally.

I watch my mate without daring to blink as the roof opens and the sunlight rests on his beautifully smooth skin that I already knew every inch of, his eyes closed as he soaked it all in, his scent surrounding me as I unconsciously took a step towards him. The sunroof closed and Emitt ran towards me, barely even opening his eyes before he jumped off the stage and into my awaiting arms, pressing his lips to mine like we’d done a hundred times before. Except this time, I felt complete, shockingly terrific, alive and loved. I felt everything all at once as our mouths moved against each other, drowning out the whispers around us as I held my love tightly as he did me.

I wasn’t kissing Emitt my friend, lover or boyfriend.

I was kissing Emitt.

My mate.

Emitt presses himself into me so hard that I topple over leaving us on the ground kissing one another hungrily as he ripped off my clothes with need emitting off of him in strong waves.

Right here. Right now. - Emitt declares through our link, his lips never leaving my own.

But what about th-

I don’t care about them. You’re mine and I want you in me right now - He growls before tearing his lips away from mine so he can slip off his shirt. He throws it somewhere my eyes can’t follow before tugging off his jeans and underwear as well.

“Come here.” I growl pulling him back into my lap as our lips collide again, I dive my tongue straight into his mouth as he rushes to unbuckle my pants. Unzipping them quickly while I stroke him the way I knew he loved it, rubbing the tip a bit hard and stroking his shaft tightly, he moans on top of me as his toes curl behind him in pleasure.

“I need you now.” He moans as he strokes my leaking member as well.

“I have to prep you.” I state as I slide my hand around his ass to meet something already there.

“I’m efficient.” He says simply as he pulls out the dildo I didn’t even know he had in there. Before I can respond or even question him, he lowers himself down on my erection slowly making my eyes roll back in pleasure that made me see stars every time. “Mhhhmmm!” He groans as he starts grinding his hips, he didn’t even take time to adjust before he started bouncing on my cock, sucking me dry with that right hole.

“That’s it.” I groan gripping his hips tightly. “That’s it baby.”

“It’s b-better than before.” He moans throwing his head back as he continued to stroke me with his dripping hole. “So much better!”

“Emitt...” I moan as he looks at me with lustful eyes that make Tobias scratch at the surface to get to him.

“F-fuck me Beckett.” He groans pressing his lips to mine.

Fuck me too! - He says through our link.

I grip his ass firmly before slamming myself into him, meeting him with thrust after thrust hitting his prostate everytime. He gripped my shoulders tightly as he searched my mouth thoroughly with his tongue, mapping out every inch of it as we lost control together.

He pulled away letting me see his eyes that were glowing a bright green that took my breath away, he growled loudly before pushing me back into the floor and holding my wrists above my head as he began fucking himself with my cock.
I didn’t complain or fight him, allowing myself to relish in the undeniable pleasure that he was roughly giving me.

“I’m close Emitt.” I want throughs staggered breathes as he continued to growl and moan above me.

“M-me too!” He screams as he lowers his head to my shoulder, extending his canines before sinking his teeth into my skin making me cum instantly as both pleasure and pain flooded my system. He does the same, spazzing a bit as I filled him up while he pumped his own seed out, letting part of him flow into my bloodstream.
He retracts his teeth eventually before licking the mark clean making me shiver as I hardened inside of him.

When he sits up again I’m finally able to see his face again only to find his face laced with tears as he sobbed above me.

“What’s wrong?” I ask sitting up as I take his face in my hands.

“You’re my mate.” He sobs making my frown a bit in confusion. “You’re really mine. I never thought that, that I’d ever get you. K-kiss you or even be with you. But now...” he says while his fingers hovered over my mark, “’re really mine Beckett.”

I hold him to my chest as he continues to cry above me, I flip us gently before pulling out of him slowly and sliding myself back in. Knowing words couldn’t convey my emotions or response, I’d have to show him, show him that he meant the world to me. I didn’t rush it or do anything I knew drove him made, I just made love to him.

“Emitt.” I call sliding back in as he gasps a little with tears still racing down his cheeks. “I’m yours.” I say before sliding out again. “Completely. Undoubtedly. Faithfully. Yours. Forever. I’ll always be yours.” I say as I look deep in to his eyes. “I’m yours and I will never stop loving you.”

“Beckett.” He cries, his call not one of need or lust. But one of joy, I could tell as he held my face in his palms.

“I love you Emitt Smith. Every part of you. I will love to my very last breath.” I say not letting my eyes leave his as I continued my loving thrusts.

“I love you too.” He cries before kissing me passionately as the tears continue to flow out his eyes along with one of my own.

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